00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of the setback sports pod. On this episode, we're talking NFL schedule release and what it means for all 32 teams if we're going to have football, which even I think we are, so we're going to go with that mindset, that positivity, hope everyone had a great mother's day.

Stay tuned on YouTube for my gamers, Hollywood Brown tomorrow. Anyways, snapback fam. Let's get it.

Abe Granoff: The Baltimore Ravens select Lamar Jackson

to the

Jack: Philadelphia Eagles.

Brian put the jumper.

What up, fam? I'm your host. Jack settled from [00:01:00] snapbacks sports joining me today and as always, and some people have questioned, but he still is my long time best friend, a grant off a, what's going on

Abe Granoff: that's in the pipeline?

Jack: What's in the pipeline. That is

Abe Granoff: it, is it, it's the friendship still there.

Jack: Yeah. The friendship is there.

I think people, they might not have understood the hostility over the LeBron MJ argument, but that's, that's why we are friends. Uh, anyways, the NFL schedule was released last Thursday.

Abe Granoff: Well, there were sports yesterday.

Jack: That was their worst sports. UFC was fun. It fell asleep at like nine 30

Abe Granoff: watched the off until the Greg Hardy fight.

But, um, dude. Nevermind about

Jack: my fans is weird.

Abe Granoff: Listen, listen, listen. So I'm writing about it like my home group chat or whatever, like my friend's like, Oh, who's got a stream? Yada yada, yada. Just talking about the fights and one of my friends goes, dude, it's pretty cool. I can't really tell. There aren't any fans.

I'm like, wait, wait a second. So I hadn't had it on yet, and I turn it on. [00:02:00] And I'm like, dude, what are you talking about? This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Like I'm used to hearing Joe Rogan screaming at the top of his lungs at me, and instead I'm hearing the deep breaths of Greg Hardy, like, and they even send them a thing.

They're like those heavyweights. You can hear their deep breathing even more.

Jack: We have the conversation today when we were hanging out with the family. Does like what sport and let's try and frame it on football cause we promised we would talk NFL. What is, or what is the home field advantage become if there's no fans in the stadium this year?

Abe Granoff: I mean they say in Vegas, what is it? Three points for home field.

Jack: Yeah, but I'm not saying that in a vetting term. I'm saying in the terms of like home field advantage, the Packers have a great home field advantage. Eagles do. Okay. I was relaxed.

Abe Granoff: That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying like, I don't know. I actually do think that it plays into account that's like, I'm actually nervous about this year because there's no shot.

There's fans. [00:03:00] Let's just get that out of the out of the question.

Jack: You don't think a single NFL game is watched with fans? No. Shot. No shot. That one NFL game is watched with fans

Abe Granoff: with a full stadium, new shot, no shot.

Jack: I hate me. I don't know. That's it. That's that eight months.

Abe Granoff: I don't think that's that. Hot of a

Jack: take.

It's not that hot of a tick. It's just a bold statement to make him mad. I think it is. Okay.

Abe Granoff: I just think that unless there's a vaccine, which I mean, it's all he, he say she say right now, but like in, they're saying it's like around January and that's the first round of them. Dude, you cannot put 70,000 people in a stadium when you were just had a global pandemic for what's going on.

This is just nuts, dude.

Jack: I do not in seven months with the vaccine, you never know what Adam silver said.

Abe Granoff: So I mean, he's usually one of the more level headed commissioners other than forcing out what the Sixers were doing, ruining the entire process. But other than that, like he's [00:04:00] usually level-headed. Um,

Jack: but

Abe Granoff: who knows.

I mean, Cadelle listen. Would you rather take advice right now from Adam silver or Roger Goodell

Jack: for, I think like, I don't know. Adam suffers obviously the best GM because he understands, because

Abe Granoff: Roger Goodell eats M&Ms and

Jack: I do Goodell Goodell Goodell's not great, but a lot of the stuff he gets like jammed off of.

Seems to be like because he didn't make a hard decision on the Patriots for deflating a football. I don't know. It seems like little, well,

Abe Granoff: no, I think

Jack: like what's, what's bad about Roger Goodell besides the fact he makes $40 million.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I think the way he's handled certain situations,

Jack: like what? Like give me a single example cause I can't think of one besides the flake gate, which like, you know, I'm

Abe Granoff: talking more on the levels of like.

Tyree kill domestic violence cases. Stuff

Jack: that, yeah, that's the NFL. They have a more open policy. They're not as strict, [00:05:00] which I

Abe Granoff: like,

Jack: but that's not my point is I'm talking about when it comes to the game, like they actually did make the correct changes by making the game safer. Like they have advanced the game with the times similar to what Adam silver does.

So I don't think like

Abe Granoff: they're reversing the review of the passenger appearance.

Jack: Are they actually,

Abe Granoff: yeah, they're, they're not doing it anymore.

Jack: Well, it was brutal. Yeah. But, but that's a perfect example, is like, he kind of heard what everyone's complaining about. He did it. Even though I know the owners though, it's not necessarily just him, but he kind of tried to make the change.

He made the change. He proved that it didn't matter and whatever. I think he gets a bad rep because of like Barstool that's essentially my point.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean. Okay. I can see what you're saying in that aspect, but like,

Jack: like I, I preface it with us.

Abe Granoff: He's been getting booed at the draft for how long?

Jack: Exactly.

And it's become just a social thing, but

[00:06:00] Abe Granoff: sometime time for a reason. Yeah. Right. But I'm talking about. This, the, the NFL, the way it handles, it's like domestic violence policies that falls on the shoulders of the commissioners.

Jack: Totally. And I'm talking about the advancement of the game. I'm also saying all those fans Billingham, it's not for that reason.

Abe Granoff: It's become a stick.

Jack: Exactly. It's become

Abe Granoff: even bought into it this year.

Jack: Exactly. And he raised money. So over the past five years he's actually been, I feel like a pretty good commissure. That's just me personally.

Abe Granoff: Whatever. I don't want to waste breath, no home field advantage. What I wanted to say about that.

So it's funny, the schedule comes out and week one, I go Tampa Bay against new Orleans. The first thing I think of is, Oh, everyone's going to bet on Tampa Bay. I'm hammering new Orleans because I'm thinking, wow, they're at home and they're in the dome, and it like, I had took a step back. I'm like,

Jack: wait a

Abe Granoff: second, I gotta like think about that this year.

Like, yeah, they're in the dome. But there's nobody in there.

Jack: Yeah, so I think,

Abe Granoff: I think she does [00:07:00] have a big thing.

Jack: I think, I don't know. I think crowd noise can sometimes be slightly over it. It is a factor in some stadiums. Crime, right? Prime times. Momentum. Momentum is also a real palpable thing. They say you can't measure it and it's not real, but.

We know it's real, like whatever. I still think, well, maybe the home field advantage for some of those top home crowds gets diminished. I still do think there's a home field advantage. There's no doubt that one, the kicking game is massive advantage when you're kicking a home. You're practicing on your, exactly.

It's eight times a year. Also, you have the advantage there, and I also do think there is a comfort to just the pregame routine going from home. There still will be those. Advantages. So it's not

Abe Granoff: fully extinct. I mean, Jack, let me ask you a question. Do you get a better night's sleep in your bed or in the hotel?

Jack: I actually sleep better at a hotel in a nice, luxurious, clean room. That's just me personally.

Abe Granoff: You like hotel beds like that?

Jack: I love hotel beds.

[00:08:00] Abe Granoff: I also, I'm not going to lie, I am a huge proponent of

Jack: hotel beds. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: But like the travel aspect of it, like,

Jack: yeah, the travel is brutal. And that's what I'm saying.

The home field. A lot of players

Abe Granoff: though, it's important. Like you know their muscle issues, you and I don't give a shit.

Jack: This is true. So I think home field advantage exists. With that being said, game one of the NFL season, Texans go to Arrowhead. There's a little home field prime time, the defending champion chiefs open up against Houston.

I think Houston, I mean, I've looked through the AFC. When the schedules came out and I like to try and pinpoint whatever the AFC is, the chiefs,

Abe Granoff: wait a second. I have an

Jack: idea.

Abe Granoff: Okay, let's play some people's part now and then do it, and then do it before week one and see how much the lines change and how much different our thinking is and ride them both.

Jack: All right? So we want people to fly

Abe Granoff: week one [00:09:00] people's parlay right now as of what's today's date.

Jack: May 10th which is literally, and the chiefs game is September 10th so that's the lock. So for those who are just got into us during the MBA or somewhere else, it makes us feel bad. I make two bats. We put them together.

If we win, we give it back to the fam in the form of a giveaway. We went like, Oh, and 12 last year. I don't even think we went three and one today in, but new season we didn't even have any pet beets. I think we, I really do think we're do so. You can start it off. Are we putting the chiefs, are you even gonna pull up the lines cause there are

Abe Granoff: happens.

I have 2020 week one lines up on fan door right now. Sandal.

Jack: Alright. Alright. I think with the shout out bet online. But anyway. Alright. I am Ravens at home verse Browns because I think like we're going to revenge and just smoke them. But I actually think that Brown's could be solid this year, so I'm going to stay away from that [00:10:00] game.

One the schedule. I know there's one game I'm, I'm from that week. That's my actual lock. And that's, that's pun intended, cause it's drew lock at home against the Tennessee

Abe Granoff: Titans. Get out ahead of it right now. This is a Broncos podcast.

Jack: Well it's not Broncos podcast, but it's definitely a drew lock pot. So I'm going with the Broncos at home.

That's my first pick. Do you ever say,

Abe Granoff: are you going right to the last game of week? One month?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. We're going to sandwich it because someone has to pick the chiefs.

Abe Granoff: Oh, we have to do chief sections.

Jack: I feel like that's appropriate. All right. You can pick that one. Okay. I'm going to go chiefs, whatever the spread is.

I think they win by

Abe Granoff: points. Let me read you the spreads, right? Right.

Jack: Let me guess. Let me guess. It's probably 10 and a half,

Abe Granoff: 10. And what do you think the Broncos are?

Jack: I, they're gonna right now. They're probably, uh, I don't know if it's been better already. Plus one, they're going to close minus

Abe Granoff: three.

They're at minus two and a half.

Jack: Okay. There we go. So Broncos, by

[00:11:00] Abe Granoff: placing this.

Jack: Okay. Oh, you can actually place it.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I'm in New Jersey.

Jack: Oh, let's go. All right. Those are my two picks, Broncos at home to beat the Titans and I, while Abe's placing those first two, I want everyone to understand I am not bitter about the Titans.

They'd beat the Ravens fair and square. They ruin their season. That's all good. That doesn't mean that when you pay Ryan Tanner or $30 million and pay a two down running back a franchise tag

Abe Granoff: franchise, that's just one year though.

Jack: I, I understand that, but that is taking up $14 million of cap space that you could have actually used on a player that's worth it.

So that was an outlier of a season from Henry. The Titans defense wasn't that good. Asia Brown's a stub, but Tannehill is not going to be able to repeat that over the course of 16 games. This is. You're looking at the Titans as a potential, a JAG. Slash. Bear. So the Jags in 2017 they go to the AFC championship.

Bortles gets exposed. 18 the bears, you know, they lose to the Eagles on the double Dwayne, but they had a really good season. [00:12:00] And then Travis, he gets exposed. There's two teams out there this year. It's the Titans. And it's the bills. Those are my teams. The only issue is the Titans and Bill's divisions are so bad that I can't fully pin

Abe Granoff: that.

Nice little, Hey, get out ahead of it. Right now.

Jack: It's just, I'm waiting to see how the rest of the teams, how stood on is like actually going to start for the Patriots. I'm waiting to see everything come to fruition before I make my claim. You didn't

Abe Granoff: let me do that with the Niners.

Jack: What do you mean you're sucked up until the super bowl that happened and they should gone make your two packs or there's another good one on the board that's a lock.

Abe Granoff: Alright. I really like

Jack: the Panthers. Oh no, you're not a Panther. Oh, okay. I don't hate that

Abe Granoff: cause I at home against, I don't know.

Jack: You're a Bridgewater believer.

Abe Granoff: No, not yet.

Jack: I, you said you were,

Abe Granoff: I thought I call him [00:13:00] Teddy. No knees.

Jack: Well, you also called Teddy to Bubs, I think on your mood.

Abe Granoff: Um,

Jack: let me, alright,

Abe Granoff: let me do my other pick first and then I'll think about it.

I really think the Eagles might have six and a half in Washington. I think we only, I think the

Jack: skin's muddy lie.

Abe Granoff: I know you are, but I think the only thing that would be a good pick, Jack, I'm telling you, if there were fans,

Jack: why that would be an Eagles home game. The rising zone. Yeah. There's no logic there.

I didn't pick the Ravens. I'm not like you pick the Eagles for the people, for the people we're keeping this.

Abe Granoff: Behind closed.

Jack: I'll do a side bet for week one.

Abe Granoff: No, no, no, no. Behind closed doors. You think that's a lock, right? You go six and a half.

Jack: No, I think Redskins probably win that game.

Abe Granoff: Uh, yeah. Tom Brady can kick rocks.

I'm going to take the saints.

Jack: Oh, okay. Okay. So you're going, saints,

Abe Granoff: I still think the saints are the best team in the NFL.

Jack: Well, they have the best roster and they'll go 12 and [00:14:00] four but it doesn't matter. They'll choke in the playoffs. Alright. Number four of the people's party lie. Cause we owe the people a bat.

And also we got to talk about the schedule, right. And we're kind of stuck in week one. Do you need me to do it for you? It's, it's,

Abe Granoff: I mean, it's, I mean, it fits. Magic is playing and you're giving me six and a half points. He, the Patriots.

Jack: I mean, you're telling me you've got doubters on the Patriots. The dolphins.

And we eat them in Fox where a week. So you think they're coming back around week one? C'mon. Are you sure

Abe Granoff: about that or not? I know who you're thinking and I'm not taking the fight

Jack: start the season off. Right. You know, I don't

Abe Granoff: know why. I don't know why you're all in on the Vikings.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no. This is a strictly fade.

Aaron Rogers. Cause

Abe Granoff: the Colts. I'm taking the Colts.

Jack: Okay, that's fine. I'm taking

Abe Granoff: seven against the Jaguars. So let me repeat

Jack: that. What was it called? It's minus seven Panthers

Abe Granoff: minus one. I skipped the Panthers. I

Jack: skipped [00:15:00] out. Should we go with saints?

Abe Granoff: Saints minus four and a half Colts might have seven chiefs minus 10 Broncos minus two and a half.

Um, I'm gonna place this and we're gonna live with it, whichever way the lines move. And then we're going to place another one and we can't look at this one, and then we're going to, we'll probably remember it. You think we will. Uh,

Jack: I don't know. We'll remember it when it hits the account fat. So that is your week one people's probably like place four months exactly.

Before kickoff of the NFL season and hopefully kick off for the NFL season. Anyways, let's get on with this,

Abe Granoff: take it over under.

Jack: Well, let's get on with the schedule and we're going to start in Baltimore. The Ravens have the easiest schedule in the entire NFL. They leave the Eastern time zone a single time in week two to go to Houston and then don't leave.

They travel the least amount of miles. They also get to play the NFC East. They get to play. Excuse yourself. What excuse yourself he gets to play the NFC East. I would repeat that. I [00:16:00] will definitely be, I've seen North, they get to play the FC North who I actually think is going to be a little tougher this year.

They do have to play a first place schedule, but new England is one of those first place schedules. And they close the season Jaguars, giants, Cincy bass prime mates. Well, yeah, it could get shifted around

Abe Granoff: part. That is the interesting part of this whole thing because these contingency plans that Roger Goodell constructed in the lab, um, the first few weeks of the NFL year, if they could push that back a month and then they would play those games at the end of the year.

Which for the Eagles, we're starting out pretty easy, but let me ask you a question, Jack. So the Ravens have the easiest schedule and the MVP, the cover of Madden, yada, yada, yada. No excuse, right,

Jack: no excuse for what? Super bowl to go to the super bowl. To win the super bowl? Well, no, cause the chiefs are still the defending champs with the, with the reigning Superbowl [00:17:00] MVP.

So I would consider them the favorites. I would consider the Raven. Have no excuses to make the playoffs and B bowl or bust, what the season is. Subaru bus. That will be the mentality. There's no doubt about that. Obviously you have to watch the playoff game first or the bandwagon. We also have to, I want to make a note.

I think the Steelers unbiasedly will be the third best team in the AFC. I think of a top five defense. I think they have absolute weapons on offense. I'm still a big believer in Juju. They got James Washington, our boys smeller boy Conner, they have Deontay, uh, whatever his name is. That dude who can fly and big Ben is coming back.

I know he's old. I know he's injury prone. But flip a coin. If Ben stays healthy to me, they're the third best team in the NFC, and I genuinely believe that they can compete for the AFC North. Everyone thinks it's a lot. That's the thing. Now,

Abe Granoff: I third best team in the AFC is one of the tallest midgets. You know what I mean?

Like the AFC. Is that,

Jack: no. Well, they are, but I actually [00:18:00] think they're going to come out and be 12 and four and be like very, very dangerous.

Abe Granoff: AFC team.

Jack: I understand, but I like, they would smoke. Well, you play them and they'll kill you guys. Like they will. They will dismantle you guys. What week is that? That's me.

That's week five. Where's the

Abe Granoff: first say? How could you ever say dismantle.

Jack: They will dismantle you like 38 to like 13 they will just destroy you. So we

Abe Granoff: play, we play them, we fight, we fight in Pittsburgh.

Jack: Yeah. Like I said, they will dismantle you.

Abe Granoff: So is that back to back L's week five and six

Jack: well, you play, you play Browns.

You play

Abe Granoff: for the Eagles. Oh six we play you guys week six

Jack: Oh yeah. Well that's obviously gonna be, that's gonna be a bummer. I mean that just sucks for you cause it's going to be like you're going to have to wait four more years and we're going to get at least one title in between. So you have nothing to hold over

Abe Granoff: Jack.

[00:19:00] Let's get out of wild card weekend. Okay. Before you start talking.

Jack: Well, we didn't play wild card. Right, right, right.

Abe Granoff: Let's get out of the divisional round. Okay.

Jack: That seems like a reasonable goal that I would love to accomplish.

Abe Granoff: Let's get out of that and,

Jack: but I've had the calendar marked for week six.

Abe Granoff: Jack, you got it.


Jack: are going to, absolutely. You guys are going to be, can we talk about your schedule? It's still alright. You guys are going to suck this year. Why is that heritable? Why is that you aren't good? You're not a good football team. Why is that? Have you seen the burner count that hates Carson Lance? It's just so

Abe Granoff: funny.

Why aren't we good?

Jack: No. The one guy who replies to every big tweet is,

Abe Granoff: what's his name? Alex. Something with a bucket of numbers.

Jack: He's so annoying. He needs to be blocked. Like

Abe Granoff: I, you know who it is? Who is it. It's our draft

Jack: consult. Jaylen, it's Jalen hurts.

Abe Granoff: It's our draft consultant, Josh Mauer.

Jack: That's that him?

Abe Granoff: No, it's not, but it might as well be him. The way he thinks

Jack: about cars. I mean, the stats are pretty [00:20:00] funny,

Abe Granoff: but I want to answer my question.

Jack: Yeah. Why

Abe Granoff: are we going to be bad?

Jack: Um, why are you going to be bad? All right. I think you, you drafted a wide receiver, but you definitely didn't fix what was missing. You got like a 38 year old to Sean Jackson.

That's, that's cool. Um,

Abe Granoff: who running miles?

Jack: Miles Sanders could have a breakout year. I'm actually excited about that. He's, he's a really good player. Uh, well, it was a rookie. No. Yeah. He didn't know he played grave for rookie. He didn't have a, I'm saying he could, he could actually push into the conversation for top 10 backs.

He wasn't in that conversation this year. Okay. Uh, so I like Sanders.

Abe Granoff: So what you're saying is he could have a year where we should start worrying if my organization's gonna

Jack: pay him or not. Absolutely. Nothing makes me happier than eight and eight. And you guys looking to extend miles? We don't, we don't do that.

So why are you guys not going to go? I feel like you got older at a lot

Abe Granoff: of places. Who one gets old,

Jack: right? And the Lord [00:21:00] got older. The only, he got more experience. Watch your math. Only. The only influx of new talent is dairy slide, which is a big influx, obviously, but I just don't think you guys weren't very good last year.

You done? Yeah.

Abe Granoff: We improved every single asset of our football team, except maybe, I don't know if Jake Elliott, but Jake Elliot was solid. Um, I, yeah. But we improved literally every asset

Jack: of our football team. But do you hear? My point is

Abe Granoff: though, I don't, I don't

Jack: guys weren't, but you guys weren't good. That's my point.

Abe Granoff: So check, check, check.

Jack: You weren't, you can admit that. I know you made the playoffs and of course,

Abe Granoff: but do you understand what our roster look like at the end of last year?

Jack: Okay, so you're saying you're getting people back healthy

Abe Granoff: the entire roster.

Jack: The entire roster. Okay. So what are the key returning players?

Abe Granoff: Brandon Brooks broke his shoulder at the end of last year. Snap back. Um, fam. [00:22:00] Lane Johnson is getting healthy.

Jack: Well, he played then the

Abe Granoff: Sean Jackson

Jack: health, 38 year old DJ. Nice.

Abe Granoff: One of the fastest players in the NFL and

Jack: a decade ago. Sure. Okay.

Abe Granoff: Okay. He's still is the fault of the fastest.

Jack: What's faster, but whatever.

Alright, so, so where else, I'm hearing this line.

Abe Granoff: Molly, what about it? Leak? Jackson paid him all that money. Didn't play at all last year. Brought it, brought in Javan Hargrave improve there, beefed up the secondary. Obviously linebackers. Team never really looks to the linebacker position having, having in their entire history.

Jack: But slay. Yeah. So this is the one of the, Oh,

Abe Granoff: you don't even know about the kill Robbie Como. We're getting all them calls.

Jack: Your

Abe Granoff: gashing was one of the best slot corners in the NFL left.

Jack: Right? So this is the issue with the free agency and draft situation,

Abe Granoff: and we have Jalen hurts.

Jack: The free agency draft situation is obviously why everyone loves sports is because it [00:23:00] makes you believe, wow, if all these things pan out, this could be the year when in reality, like some teams.

Aren't going to be good, and that's the thing. We

Abe Granoff: have a winning culture already in place. You know what I mean? It's a good organization.

Jack: It is. It definitely is. It's just your quarterback's a perennial loser. That's all.

Abe Granoff: I'm not really sure that's fair to put that on him, but

Jack: okay. I mean, would you put it, would you flip it

Abe Granoff: and say what

Jack: that he's a winner?


Abe Granoff: would say. I mean, I wouldn't put any tag on him. You can't, but I don't think he's a loser. I don't think he's

Jack: a winner. Okay. So you just think he's a middle of the road guy that you paid. You paid a back steel to,

Abe Granoff: well, that's what you do. You pay your quarterback,

Jack: you have to, well, you should pay good quarterbacks.

You should pay all quarter backs. Anyways, Cowboys won the division. Uh, what else do you want to talk about on the schedule? Alright, so let's, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stop. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Um, I want to talk about the Rams logo because it is still [00:24:00] that bad.

Jack: It's not that

Abe Granoff: bad. LA, I'm looking at it right now because actually, you know what the, how bad it is because it came out the Eagle schedule and I thought for a second, wait, are we playing the chargers of the Rams?

Jack: I that makes sense.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. And it's the same. It is brutal. The one with the Ram with the penis for the nose doesn't look that bad, but the LA one. Brutal. Um, let's get the way you even get to go to the Eagle schedule. Ready? Alright. Go through the Eagle schedule for me. Alright. At Washington.

Jack: Uh, so I like to go through in twos because

Abe Granoff: I'll play.

Jack: Is that fair? You know what I mean? Cause it's like, Oh, they could win that one. They could lose that one. So I gave them a one on one.

Abe Granoff: Alright. I'm gonna play your game and you just, you go ahead at Washington home verse the Rams.

Jack: I think your one on one. Aye. So while we're, while we're mentioning that, I joked about the Redskins, who I actually think could be you, they've given you a little bit of problems and they've

Abe Granoff: added vision.

Everyone did.

Jack: Right? Of course. [00:25:00] So, and they seem close to beating you guys, right? Wasn't that the game where once made the throw to save you guys?

Abe Granoff: Uh, we had two comeback wins against them last

Jack: year. Yeah, exactly. So maybe they get over the top this year. What's my fear with playing in Cincy? But I think the Rams could be solid this year.

Personally. I think I say that

Abe Granoff: back to the schedule home verse Cincinnati at San Fran,

Jack: so into at Pittsburgh? No, seriously. That's two and four. Okay.

Abe Granoff: Home versus the giant home versus both. Our Thursday night home verse the giants, third Sunday night home verse the Cowboys.

Jack: I think. I'll, you can pick which Cowboys gave me one a when you're going to split with them.

So if you want to be a form foregone into the buyer, three and five you pack

Abe Granoff: will be three and five.

Jack: Oh, okay. I see you're getting a late season. It when in J row three and five

Abe Granoff: at the giants at the Browns,

Jack: four and six

Abe Granoff: home versus Seattle at [00:26:00] green Bay.

Jack: Six and seven. Wow. The two.

Abe Granoff: Those are just two teams.

You hate homers. The saints at the Cardinals, by the way, wait, before you say anything, there is no bigger lock in the Eagles schedule

Jack: that Arizona is a loss.

Abe Granoff: I'm losing out the card.

Jack: I know. I know. Seven, so six and eight. That's what I was going to say.

Abe Granoff: Verse Washington.

Jack: Yeah. Nate. Oh yeah. Yeah. Eight ate and ate and the Cowboys will squeak out nine or 10 and they'll win the division.

But Hey, keep your head up.

Abe Granoff: Do you think the NFCS will be identical to what it was last year?

Jack: Um, no. I think the Cowboys could easily get to 10 wins.

Abe Granoff: I mean, they were at what, nine last year? Come

Jack: on. No, they're at eight. We weren't that. We were at nine. So which well, how many wins do you want

Abe Granoff: me to go to the Eagle's schedule now?

Sure. Well, let me just preface by, and I don't think I'm wrong for this. I think I'm just a [00:27:00] fan. I have never once looked at my team's schedule. Maybe it's because I've been fortunate enough growing up that you,

Jack: cause you guys have a good team and organization

Abe Granoff: every single year, no matter what we ended up being, I would look and go, I don't see any way.

We don't win 10 games, at least.

Jack: Agreed. I mean the Ravens, we do the same thing. We look at it. I mean this year is obviously an outlier.

Abe Granoff: Okay? We won at the Washington Redskins win. Want it out and I'll do two at a time.

Jack: Two and a half. Bengals Niners for everyone just listening alone. I'm like, if you say four, no, you're just gonna lose all.

Like the Niners aren't going to be as good,

Abe Granoff: but there'll be four now.

Jack: Okay. All right. There we go at at five and one giants and Cowboys

Abe Granoff: six until

Jack: you're losing that home to the giants or at home,

Abe Granoff: we're losing one of them.

Jack: Okay,

Abe Granoff: six, by the way, I'm actually doing better because the first time I went to this schedule, I wrote in the group and I was like, it's so funny how these schedule [00:28:00] coming out and everyone's just like, when, when, when I wrote my group, I wrote in my group, I wrote in my group, I was like, I had to stop myself when I on the schedule when I got to seven now.

Um, where am I at?

Jack: Seven and one at the bar?

Abe Granoff: No, no,

Jack: no. We had two losses. Okay. Six into two. The by fire,

Abe Granoff: um,

Jack: at giants at Cleveland.

Abe Granoff: I'll give us two losses just to, because I feel

Jack: six and four. Really?

Abe Granoff: No, I just feel bad.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: Oh wait, no, those are wins because we got a tough stretch coming up.

Jack: Got it. Eating too.

Abe Granoff: No, those were one on one. Those are one,

Jack: seven and three. Seven at the add on green Bay. Alright,

Abe Granoff: should go one and one, but we could go out and tell.

Jack: Yes. Seattle always kills you guys for whatever is in,

Abe Granoff: we should go. I mean, it's just which route do these teams take next year? You know what I mean?

Jack: Those could be bad ones, but by the time the dumps

Abe Granoff: with them, Nope, not true.


Jack: you guys win six games this year. You could. Alright, continue.

Abe Granoff: I'll give us one on one since I'm a fan. Okay. Oh, and [00:29:00] two 1415

Jack: eight and six.

Abe Granoff: 10 and six

Jack: just as I plant when add Dallas. Wow. Okay. 10 installs.

Abe Granoff: We won one Dallas game. We lost the other, I don't know which one

Jack: is right. Okay, so ten six for the Eagles.

I just think that was

Abe Granoff: better. That was a, that was a generous 11.

Jack: That's a, that's going to be a typical Eagles schedule for you is you guys start out six and two go Jack, buddy. Four of your final form.

Abe Granoff: That didn't happen last year.

Jack: Alright, so. Other teams on the schedule who are your pig? One riser and one follower.

After seeing the schedule, after seeing the draft and after seeing free agency,

Abe Granoff: this is all right cause we're obviously, I do a huge

Jack: NFL preview. Yup.

Abe Granoff: One riser and one follower. I mean you can slap sucker across my forehead. I'm going to buy into the Browns. I've got to do it like. [00:30:00] Okay. One real riser, obviously.

I really do think Denver Broncos,

Jack: see, I'm big on the Broncos, but they're going to have to, they're going to have to play really well to get into the playoffs. The problem is

Abe Granoff: get a deep look at their schedule.

Jack: It's not as much a schedule, it's just their, their division is going to be tough. I think the chargers are going to be decent.

Abe Granoff: Oh, I don't.

Jack: I think they would be one of the worst. Everyone thinks we're going to be down there. I just think they're going to their rosters to complete it. It would shock me if they were that bad. Um,

Abe Granoff: yeah. I mean, I do not,

Jack: Denver gets listened to this schedule. I mean, this is a murderer's row, Tennessee who sucks Pittsburgh who is going to be good.

Tampa. The jets at home will be interesting. Well, I guess jets. It's funny, they play jets, Patriots, dolphins, that division three games in a row, but after the buy, so before the body at [00:31:00] Kansas city, and then they go to Atlanta at Raiders, which is division chargers, which is division saints at chiefs. I

Abe Granoff: remember that last year when we were at the NFL was going on and I was like, dude, every team sticks.

Yeah. I'm going through the teams right now. They all stick. I think they all got worse.

Jack: Like, that's not even a name anymore. The Patriot. Well, that's what I joked about when I saw the Raven schedule. We have a stretch, which is, we play in Philly, home versus Steelers by at Indy at noon.

Abe Granoff: Okay. Wait a second.

You did not, when you originally sent that that stretch to me, you didn't include it. Philly

Jack: admitted. No. I did. I did. I did not. I swear my life. I did. I swear.

Abe Granoff: If you keep going, I'm going to try and find it.

Jack: Okay. You can find it. I swear on my life. If I didn't, I genuinely meant to, because I said 10 years ago, imagine this schedule.

You go to McNabb Steelers. I have it. Okay. Maybe I did a bad crop job. What do I do?

Abe Granoff: Maybe I have a bad memory,

[00:32:00] Jack: but yeah, so the top teams, I think it's just a lot of average teams that are going to beat up on each other, which is going to make this last playoff spot. Each conference. Very cool. Like you're going to have, think about how many teams were in the race last

Abe Granoff: year.

Seven and 19 gets in the playoffs. They might, I

Jack: could easily see that by way of tiebreakers.

Abe Granoff: That stinks. That's why I don't like this. No.

Jack: You want to know why it's things. It actually doesn't stink for the, like that team. It stinks for the, to see that now doesn't get a buy. Although technically,

Abe Granoff: technically you can buy, you know the bias.


Jack: The bias. Huge. But. Would it be more beneficial to play a tune up game in theory during a playoff environment?

Abe Granoff: Ah, right. Yeah.

Jack: Cause if the Ravens had had the chin thinking about it, if the Ravens had had the chance to play the steel, so the Ravens beat the Steelers with RG three by 30 at home. Right.

If they got to play them again the [00:33:00] next week, we are the one seed. So it's not, you know, wouldn't have actually worked out. But they got into play the Steelers again and just smoked them. And, and Lamar got that first playoff, went under his belt. Like maybe this is a great opportunity for the Ravens to go to play the seven seed, and then Lamar gets the first w got the confidence and then we go and take care of, uh, my homes in Kansas city.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, definitely need to get a first play off. And that's pretty important. Um, in terms of your career, I'm hoping my quarterback,

Jack: I was going to say it was their shade being

Abe Granoff: no. I mean,

Jack: we're talking how big a believer in Kansas city area this year

Abe Granoff: as big as you could

Jack: be. Yeah. Like is that who you think goes back to the super

Abe Granoff: bowl?

Yeah, I mean, right, right away I think it's going to be Kansas city, new Orleans,

Jack: the most typical pick that you could obviously make.

Abe Granoff: Um,

Jack: there's no harm

Abe Granoff: and cause they're pretty much the best teams,

Jack: uh, stance on the Cardinals this year. [00:34:00] Because I know you're going to be all in.

Abe Granoff: No, I'm not. Because they kind of just neglected pretty important parts of football teams.

Um, that being the offensive line, and I don't know if I really trust that defense. Cool. It's great to have Deandre Hopkins and excuse me, and a good looking coach and Kyler Murray. But. Let's take a breath here. You know what I mean?

Jack: Kyla Marie.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, Jack, he's really good at football.

Jack: He is. He's the best player in the draft, but Kyla Marie could definitely take that.

Not Lamar Jackson Lee, but he'll be top five fantasy quarterback this year. No questions asked, but I think they'll lose games like 1545 like they really brought the big 12 there.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, you got to stop people. Um, I mean, there'll be, there'll be fun team to watch for, I don't think, I think, I think the bears can have a better year this year.

Jack: Hey, but that's, we're both in agreement. That's antiemetic. That's only a folds as the quarterback. [00:35:00] No, that's wrong with you.

Abe Granoff: Are you okay? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hear me out. I'm talking competing for the seventh seed,

Jack: right? I think the bears get in the playoffs.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, that's a Raj from last


Jack: So is that your riser?

You're just kind of walking around the question, pick a riser. Pick a faller

Abe Granoff: for is the,

Jack: I had

Abe Granoff: them.

Jack: It's fun radio

Abe Granoff: too. Minnesota.

Jack: Hmm. I'm not in that boat with Minnesota.

Abe Granoff: I know you're not. I know, I know. You're the exact opposite boat actually,

Jack: right? Yeah. Who's your riser? Um,

Abe Granoff: I just think Minnesota lost a lot on defense.

Obviously the last Stefan day. I'm talking to myself so I can pick on, uh, my riser. I could've picked the Niners. My riser will be the. It's too easy to pick the bucks, right?

Jack: No, you can pick the box. There's a lot of people out there who aren't [00:36:00] believers in the box.

Abe Granoff: I mean, I'm in on the box.

Jack: I'm definitely in on the box.

Abe Granoff: I mean, I think you're stuck there really. People out there that aren't on the box.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: There's, they had a solid defense last year. They just had a quarterback who was partially blind.

Jack: Yeah. It's tough. People go about doing this, if you can read now. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: People signs and license plates. Could you imagine.

Jack: People

Abe Granoff: how to align backer

Jack: people on their estimate, like how important turnovers are in football games. Like it's everything. Like you don't win football games when you lose the turnover battle and they pretty much lost it

Abe Granoff: every game. There was a, there was a, there was a tweet the other day I saw, damn, I wish I took a screenshot of this.

It was like, if you flipped. The result of every one score game that that team had that year. This is how the playoffs standings would have played out. And I think Tampa Bay was a one or two seed.

Jack: Right. And you know who is three and 13? Yup. Seattle Seahawks. And [00:37:00] that it's not, I don't know if that's my fault or close.

Abe Granoff: They're definitely regression,

Jack: huh? Close game regression. Oh, big time that my followers are, my followers are Seattle. Green Bay. Those are my NFC falls.

Abe Granoff: You just hate Aaron Rogers

Jack: really stinks. Seattle green Bay, and then my followers in the AFC. I don't know how fall yet. Like I said, the Titans. Well, new England, of course.

Abe Granoff: We're like, what do you think about new England?

Jack: I think

Abe Granoff: who thinks they can win the division?

Jack: Yeah, I actually do. Because like I was about to say, I think Buffalo is going, everyone's like Buffalo is the third best team in the AFC. They're going to easily win that division. I think Buffalo is going to get exposed just like the bears and just like the Jags the year before Josh Allen, like people make fun of Lamar Jackson for being a running back.

Which if you're still doing that, it doesn't affect me anymore. It just shows me that

Abe Granoff: check. You got a Madden franchise, you're sure to pick a playoff push with this

Jack: guy. I know, and it sucks cause John's our guy [00:38:00] mad him, but he can't like

Abe Granoff: you, Kim. Knowing Madden.

Jack: In Madden. No, it's fun to like say his name and when he has the big arm, but in terms of actually throwing, he's terrible.

He's so bad. He can't throw for, for Jack. So Josh out there. And that's what happens is like once these NFL coordinators get these quarterbacks on film and they're like, wait, if we pressure him and he has to make a quick, accurate throw, he can't. So they'll just kind of take advantage of that. So, uh,

Abe Granoff: I still think that.

You can, the bills will still have a side here. That defense itself?

Jack: Yeah. I think they get into the playoffs, but I don't think it's,

Abe Granoff: I think they had that playoff experience they had that year. They know what it takes now. I

Jack: think the bills are the odds

Abe Granoff: here to stay.

Jack: What are the bills? Odds to win the division?

I do have that.

Abe Granoff: I don't have it handy and pulling it up right now, but I would guess

Jack: like

Abe Granoff: are they favorite? I would say minus one 20

Jack: okay. I would love to have the other three teams. [00:39:00] Actually the jets, the jets, and the dolphins. And

Abe Granoff: so conference division winners. What division are they in the area if she used the AFC.

Wow. No. Okay. It's a pickup. The Patriots are, Oh, I don't know why I said that. The Patriots are plus one 20. The bills are plus one 30.

Jack: Hmm. Okay. Yeah. Or

Abe Granoff: the jets.

Jack: I'm not, I could be talked into the fins. Honestly. You could, but I'm not in on that because I hate Dean. So, um. I'm trying to look at Atlanta trash.

Carolina trash.

Abe Granoff: Oh, I think I'm backing on Atlanta too.

Jack: Really? They are do I mean, they love that every other year, but yeah. I don't know. Like I, I think I'm in on Philip Rivers. Why not? Yeah. Why not? India is a solid team, right? They have no really weapons. T Y Hilton.

Abe Granoff: Is he still on them?

Jack: Yeah. He's not trash.

He's just [00:40:00] Andrew Crow. And they got Jonathan Taylor, our boy, Marlin man.

Abe Granoff: They drafted a running back. Right, right. Forgot about that. They want, they got Michael Pittman in the second round. They lost

Jack: he Braun. Right.

Abe Granoff: I don't know how I feel about the constant share

Jack: who wins at division and that, that's the question then cause the Titans that that's why I can't say the Titans fully fall off cause they could win that division at nine and seven.

I can still, I can

Abe Granoff: see the text and stone it again. I mean, yeah. Deondra Hopkins changing that much.

Jack: Yeah. Yes, and they have to play, she says to play the first place schedule, which means they're weak. Listen. All right, dude. Listen to our first four games. At Kansas city verse the Ravens at Pittsburgh and then the Vikings.

That's not fun.

Abe Granoff: Okay. Maybe not the Texans,

Jack: their schedule does get much more inviting. It's, but like if you're Oh and four would say, honestly, could be. Then you play the Jags at Titans [00:41:00] claim that

Abe Granoff: two years ago the coach started, well, one in five and went on to

Jack: let Andrew luck.

Abe Granoff: They did have Andrew Locke.

Jack: I miss that guy.

Abe Granoff: This is all, if football happens, what shape? I think it will. I hope. I mean to say what I truly feel because it's pretty depressing, but

Jack: I think it definitely happens. There's no doubt in my mind we played football without fans. I don't actually, Jack

Abe Granoff: Jack, there's no shot.

Jack: There's fans for the whole season.

I don't know. I, I don't think yes is going to be tough, but I don't think people understand. So two months ago, clever,

Abe Granoff: clever people are, or how fast,

Jack: no. Coronavirus two months ago really like. What

Abe Granoff: Corona virus,

Jack: I don't know what you're doing. So coronavirus two months ago was really like starting and two months later, we do have active sports.

This is four months to game one and then seven plus months. We are [00:42:00] going to get a vaccine. Hopefully. I just, I'm more hopeful than doubtful.

Abe Granoff: We don't have team sports where you have to travel

Jack: like that. I understand, but this is only two months in and it happened right away. The more

Abe Granoff: time passes all power to you.


Jack: it just sounds like you don't want there to be an Eagles Ravens game with fans at it because you know what will happen.

Abe Granoff: I mean, I think we can all agree that you would prefer if there were no fans at an Eagles Raven's home game.

Jack: I would love if there were fans.

Abe Granoff: You sound ridiculous.

Jack: Why? I would love to go and watch us,

Abe Granoff: but for the Ravens sake,

Jack: what about the Ravens?

The, there's, you

Abe Granoff: already said in the beginning of the podcast, it's a home field advantage.

Jack: It's relative.

Abe Granoff: What does that mean?

Jack: That's a kind of a home.

Abe Granoff: On that note, the last dance is happening soon, so I have a date with my couch

Jack: Jack. They don't even have, let me look this up. I genuinely need to know your home wreck.

I've said

Abe Granoff: this. [00:43:00] We haven't had a good record the last two years.

Jack: Exactly, because you're not good, Jack.

Abe Granoff: Jack,

Jack: let me see if I can pull this up,

Abe Granoff: bro. We have more playoff wins in you and

Jack: God.

Abe Granoff: Oh, that doesn't want to go. I can say it.

Jack: What's that? Have to do with anything

Abe Granoff: and we have more jewelry.

Jack: What's that have to do with anything?

Abe Granoff: Winning the super bowl.

Jack: We're talking about home field advantage.

Abe Granoff: I'm just talking about the Eagles and the Raven does the whole, as an organization, yeah,

Jack: we have a better organization. Um, home record, home record, home record. I just see win-loss nine and seven, nine and seven. 13, three, seven and nine. Seven and nine.

Two of them. You guys are so is that when the

Abe Granoff: iPhone five S was out,

Jack: that was 2016 and 2015 with. The Pederson.

Abe Granoff: Doug's first year in Carson's rookie year?

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Okay. Where

Jack: was I to watch these the last time we played? Yeah. Go for it. Go for it. Get outta here. Snap [00:44:00] back fam. Let us know what you think of your team's schedule, and if you want a prediction on their records,

Abe Granoff: hi, I'm for the MJ propaganda

Jack: doc, or we can learn.

Oh, I found

Abe Granoff: you're the one that posted

Jack: about talk to them

Abe Granoff: winning a world series.

Jack: I didn't believe it. It was just a question.

Abe Granoff: You're the one that posed the question.

Jack: Right? And what is the answer.

Abe Granoff: The answer is no, but I'm sure there are people. Why

Jack: not? Why not?

Abe Granoff: Because he didn't play baseball. He's, I wasn't good at baseball.

Jack: Right. So, so that,

Abe Granoff: that's the answer.

Jack: So, so no one said he had to be the best player on the team.

Abe Granoff: Jack, he didn't even make it into the major league.

Jack: Right. And the question was, if he stuck with it, could he have gotten it? How do you know that? Okay. How do you know that

Abe Granoff: if LeBron James went to the NFL instead of the NBA, do you think you'd have more Superbowls than Tom Brady?

Jack: I don't know. Six is a lot, and I wasn't [00:45:00] asking what he have. Six Brooks

Abe Granoff: one world series is a lot to,

Jack: is it,

Abe Granoff: can we get out of here?

Jack: Hold on. I'm pulling up 19 what year did he do do that?

Abe Granoff: 95 90 no, 94 95.

Jack: Uh, I can't even, Oh, wait. Here. Team has said, let's see if they had a good year in those years. The white socks.

Yeah. Which would have made it harder. I

Abe Granoff: had a good year because they had good players and there's a reason he's not on the

Jack: team. Exactly. Exactly. But if he had stuck with it

Abe Granoff: in his thirties,

Jack: in his thirties, they did go to the, I

Abe Granoff: understand what you're saying because of the prep, because of the documentary and how much of a competitor he was.

Jack: Exactly right or welcome better.

Abe Granoff: What year was that? Like

Jack: 94 95 that's when we went to play baseball, so in 96 they went 85 and 77 that's pretty good. I guess we'll never know. Alright, fam, hope you enjoyed your mother's day.

[00:46:00] Abe Granoff: Happy mother's day, especially with Luca

Jack: down chicken and I'm not. I'm cutting this off.

Goodbye. Please.