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[00:00:00] Jack: What up stepped back fam, welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we talk our players, really not going to show up to Orlando. Also Jamis Winston with the quote of the century saying he's pretty much the best quarterback in the league. New segment called what the hell is this internet graphic?

And then Thursday's ranked. We are ranking things that just don't make sense in your life. And then obviously a special one minute appearance. From Eagle sin for what? The puck snapback fan let's get it. The Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson, I'm arranging his own. All you every year.

drought, Brian, put the jumper

pump out. What up [00:01:00] fam I'm your host Jackson from sandbox sports on Snapchat. And snap back and chatting and joining me today and as always my cohost and longtime best friend, a grant off Abe. What is on your mind today?

Abe: What is on my mind tonight? Um, I think we really need a good episode because what's on my mind is the shit dinner that my mom just made.

Jack: Jesus, you just threw her under listen,

Abe: listen. So usually she's great. She knows what she's good at. She knows what she's bad at and she doesn't deviate. She's actually a good cook. But today, every morning I go, mom, what's for dinner today. She goes, I got this new thing and that's red flag, number one, red flag, number one, red flag.

Number two. You like London broil, right? Like the steak.

Jack: I mean, in theory, yes,

Abe: this is, this is Turkey, London, broil.

Jack: Nah,

Abe: she's like, so she's like. She's like I had this last time when I wasn't at the house and I think I overcooked it, but I talked to the butcher and now we [00:02:00] know how to cook it. So I'm like, yikes.

All right, here we go. So she pulls it out. It looks alright. And then it was just absolutely awful. It wasn't anything her fault. It's just like, just, wasn't a good cut of meat. Um, you know, like she knows what she's good at. She knows what she's bad at. Sometimes in life and sports, you can't get cute. Like, I know you disagree with this, but Pete Carroll on the one yard line in the super bowl.

Second down, got a little cute. Threw the ball, lost the Superbowl. Didn't run it with Marshawn mom, if you're listening, which I don't know if she really listens. Um, I hope not for this episode, but no more Turkey, London, broil. Actually, she doesn't need to listen to this to hear to know that I laid it

Jack: into toe.

Oh, I lay in bed,

Abe: but I need a good episode. I ended up bounce back.

Jack: Alright, good app. We're going to start off with the

Abe: hard you have to wait. What'd you have for dinner.

Jack: We had a. Parmesan chicken, not chicken Parmesan, Parmesan chicken with [00:03:00] brass.

Abe: Probably good, right?

Jack: Yeah, it was really good lead topic for today.

We were really excited. The MBA was coming back and now James Dolan is probably telling players like, screw it. Like don't show up for the playoffs or whatever was about to end. So there are rumors that some players might not want to go to Orlando. What, what is happening?

Abe: Who do you think these players are?

We know one is a Joe Ingles, right? He said that months ago, he's like, if the NBA comes back, I am literally abandoning this country maybe for other reasons, but I'm not playing basketball on these conditions. All right, Joe, we didn't know. You felt that way.

Jack: We'll take it easy, but it was all for the love of the game.

Abe: Um,

Jack: I mean, I wouldn't want to get into that locker room with go bear and spider and, and everything. Conley's a headcase right now. Cause he can't hit her shot.

Abe: Could you imagine like, like how much, if one player didn't show that like a team has a chance let's take, [00:04:00] let's take Boston. And they just maxed out Kemba and Kemba decides not to show, but he has to share a locker room with Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown and all these young guys going down the line.

That could ruin a locker room going forward. If a guy just doesn't show when their team had a legitimate chance this year,

Jack: Kyrie Irving is probably campaigning for the nuts not to go to Orlando, just so he doesn't go. Because remember there were the rumor, not rumors there's reports that Kyrie and Katie had a dump for the year, but Kyrie could potentially join the team as like a not, but yeah, in support, he's probably like, I'm not no way, no way.

Abe: I don't think it is smart for anybody to ever. Listen to anything. Kyrie Irving says

Jack: that's a, that's a fair statement. Unless he comes on the pot, I'll give him, I'll give him his

Abe: time. No. Then we need to discuss the whole flat earth thing

Jack: flat. I mean, listen, ranked later is things that don't make sense to you in

Abe: life.

Okay. So my number three, you want to start now is Kyrie Irving, just in general.

Jack: We're just, [00:05:00] we're saving it for that. Um, well, what do you think will happen? Do you think? Like

Abe: it's I find it, I find it hard to believe that these. These high level players like that are making a lot of money are in the center point of their franchise.

Aren't going to show up. And then when you get down to the bench guys, like maybe they're like, no, I'm not risking that. Like I don't get good

Jack: know, they're more likely to show up than the big guys, in my opinion.

Abe: I think that they're pressured to show up if the big guy show up, of course, but let's think about it this way.

How does COVID affect free agency?

Jack: I'm like, well, you could take the Dinwiddie approach and just raise your own contract yourself.

Abe: Yeah. That didn't last long. Um, but if someone got COVID

Jack: yeah.

Abe: Do you think a team would be less likely to max them out?

Jack: I don't think so.

Abe: We commune

Jack: system. I don't know. I'm hoping the next take advantage of the market.

If that does happen, we actually have, this is [00:06:00] really exciting name and I haven't told you this yet. We have a guy on the premises of ESPN, worldwide of sports. Who's when there is a snapback fam member pod listener who has been playing the pod over the loud system in Disney every day for his team, as they continue to set up.

Abe: Okay. In that case, Al Horford, please evacuate the premises Al Horford, please evacuate the premises.

Jack: That's good stuff. So that's really exciting.

Abe: Brown. Please evacuate the premises. Brett Brown, please evacuate the premises.

Jack: Now do it in your Trump voice because that it might sound real. If it's over the loud speaker, this is eight.

Hold on. You're

Abe: the only one that thinks this is good.

Jack: No, I think it's great. But the listeners will tell us if it's good or not attention, attention to everyone. This is a tremendous,

Abe: tremendous event.

Jack: Well, you're going to need the following people who have done a remarkable job, a [00:07:00] remarkable job

Abe: must I say we

Jack: are going to need them

Abe: to leave the premises Al Horford, tremendous, tremendous basketball player.

You just haven't cut it. I it's hard to, it's hard to do it in

Jack: that voice

Abe: and do it like that. But like, if I was doing it in somewhat like, um, The United States has on the Corona virus in an absolutely remarkable way. We could have gone in the direction of China. China is an awful country. Oh, wait. No, I don't want to say that.

What do we have Chinese listeners?

Jack: I love China.

Abe: It's just, you know, Trump's around when you can hear him just say China,

Jack: we have someone on the ground. So right now, not right now, but after the episode and for everyone listening, I want you guys to brainstorm and think about the best way we can use this, whether it's behind the scenes stuff or whatever it is, there's gotta be something amazing. So shout outs are, dude, I'm not looking

Abe: at here.

You're looking at this the wrong way, [00:08:00] whoever this is, how do we get there? How do we

Jack: get in the bubble? Nah, trust me. I know what the right way to look. Like, that's what I've been thinking about. The whole page snap app was built on like real, it was real sports built on experiences going to games. Like if the entire country was watching from home and it was just me and you like front row filming on our iPhone, put it this way.

Abe: What if we gathered the entire snapback fam and we convened in like, Tampa, you know, maybe say hello to Brady, and then we just storm the bitch storm, the castle storm, Orlando, first the bubble, and then we're there. What are they going to do? Not play.

Jack: They would be like, alright guys, go sit over there. Just be six feet apart.

Like you can put people in the stadium. It's just about being on the premises and

Abe: stuff. I saw something today that not even the Sidebuy or the, the game announcers, like Kevin Harlan, like bringing it. They're not even going to be there. They're going to be calling the game [00:09:00] at the studio in Atlanta or where's ESPN.

Jack: Connecticut makes sense, because they're going to be, they're going to be here

Abe: pumping. They're going to be pumping in the noise, into their gear. So like, so like essentially I'm Mike Breen right now. And in my ear, I'm just hearing like loud crowds. I'm like, you're just getting hyped, but realistically there's nobody there and it's dead silent.

Jack: We'll see how it goes. I'm for it. I hope the player shop right onto the next topic. Famous Jamis. Yamice Winston. I don't actually have the quote in front of me, but let me just plagiarize, not plagiarized.

Abe: This quote is probably, um,

Jack: it wasn't that outlandish, but it was

Abe: not. No, it wasn't outlandish. It was absolute facts.

Let me read you the quote, Jamis, Winston. I know what I'm worth. Historically, I'm one of the best quarterbacks to play the game spot. The lie.

Jack: The lie is historically, he's [00:10:00] one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. Cause he's not

Abe: says

Jack: Hill James is an electric factory and Jamis has raw talent. There's no doubt about that.

Abe: What is the problem with Jamie?

Jack: Keep, maybe that's

Abe: what he's trying to say. See eye surgery. Why

Jack: maybe he's not, he's no longer blind.

I don't know. But when you throw like what it becomes to the point where you and Nathan Peterman are in the same type of memes, That's like when you know your career's headed down the wrong way, just because his interceptions for whatever reason. Well, he throws a lot though, but they seem to just always end up going against his own team.

Those are the killers.

Abe: Well, every interception is going against your own

Jack: team, going into the end zone for the other team.

Abe: No, they're usually just directly to the middle linebacker. Like it's never on a deep ball. Like it's never like the quarterback making a play on the arm. It's always just like a DB being like, I shouldn't, this shouldn't have come to

Jack: me.

All right. But then he does have those moments where he's, I mean, he [00:11:00] lit up the Rams for like 50 points.

Abe: That's crazy to think, like this just shows how big of a discrepancy there is between the college and the NFL, because Jamis was a consensus. Number one, he was a baller at Florida state when he won that national championship game.

And then he comes to the NFL.

Jack: He's just ups and downs.

Abe: He's just a wild card. You just never know what you're going to get. You could get four touchdowns, 400 yards. You could get

Jack: two army, you could get four touchdowns, 400 yards and four pics. Like it's not one or the other. He can do it all in one game.

Abe: I feel like a ticket to a Jamis Winston game should cost more than a regular ticket to any other game because, because it's the element of surprise.

You don't know what you're going to get. You know, you won't be bored. That's for sure.

Jack: There's no doubt. I still don't. Unless he's the one, unless he knew what you were raised was going to say, I don't get why he signed in new Orleans. Like that to me

Abe: was the least

[00:12:00] Jack: likely chance that he could ever step on the field.

Even if breeze went down again or didn't look,

Abe: I don't think it's a longterm play for him. I don't,

Jack: I don't deal, you know,

Abe: exactly like he thinks this is going to lead to another job. I don't think Jamie's is sitting in new Orleans thinking he's the heir apprentice to drew Brees to you?

Jack: Well, air apprentice, that's what you're saying is what's the longterm play into

Abe: this?

We'll get him another deal

Jack: in there. Wasn't in the league

Abe: in the league because there wasn't a market for a starting. The the, the, the supply on quarterback this off season was way bigger than the demand. So maybe you sign a

Jack: one fly on very mediocre quarterbacks, um, outside of Tom Brady, but even Tom Brady, some would say is washed.

I wouldn't, I would not say that, but someone said that about

Abe: 40 times last year, but I feel like we should give a little love to Philip Rivers. Um, another wild, which you just never know what you're getting, actually, you know exactly what you're going to get. You're going to get a forest. You're going to get a fourth quarter of game winning drive interception.

That's what you're going to get. But my point [00:13:00] is Jamis Winston. There wasn't really a spot for him this year. In my opinion, someone would sign cam Newton faster than they would sign Jamis Winston, but

Jack: he got signed

Abe: as a starter. Gotcha. I can't, I don't think cam was willing to go and be

Jack: a backup somewhere.

Right. Right. And I mean, we didn't think James was either.

Abe: I'm still holding out hope that STEM doesn't work out and Jamis ends up with Bella.

Jack: That would be a hilarious,

Abe: just imagine Jamis hands, the ball to a linebacker and what bill bell Bellacheck face would be. It would probably be his face when they won the super bowl.

It's just blank. Like just thinking what's going on in his head.

Jack: Oof. Let us know where you guys think James is going to end up because I'm not Jamis cam. I don't know if it's anywhere.

Abe: I don't think it's anywhere this year at this point,

Jack: what are some of the jobs? So

Abe: what that speed? There's a quarterback controversy in New York, having a leak.

What teams are out there that could take a shot at cam [00:14:00] like new England is really the only

Jack: one. It's more of an injury thing now.

Abe: Yeah. But he's got swag.

Jack: He does have Slack and the workouts and the typing. His hieroglyphics are cool. Uh, alright. Next is. The what the hell, internet graphics. So you guys like we post a lot of stuff on the page.

That's just like, why are we doing a star bench cut of these guys for the 98th time, Kyrie, Stephan Curry and Damian Lillard. Like how many, how many times can we have this discussion? So. We are going to introduce the segment on Thursdays called what the hell is this internet graphic? They're actually not that crazy of graphics, but it just gives us an excuse to debate an internet graphic.

This will be posted on snapback pod on Instagram. So this week is which city is most likely to win a title. First Chicago bears bulls Blackhawks white Sox Cubs. Washington Redskins [00:15:00] wizards caps, NATS NATS one last year, Boston, which is the city of champions. New England Celtic

Abe: was the set.

Jack: I just said new England

Abe: Patriots, the city of champions.

Jack: It was, well, it kind of still is Pat's Celtics, Bruins, red Sox, and then Philadelphia, that literally the last place you would go to win a championship Eagles, Sixers, flyers. Phillies.

Abe: Can I ask you a question before we start this? When was the last time a Baltimore team won the championship?

Jack: 22 off. Gotcha.

But we only have two of them. Gotcha.

Abe: Okay. Continue. Really

Jack: have to, uh, no, you're up.

Abe: I mean, come on. It's Philadelphia, but let's, let's, let's talk through is how I approached it. I'm going one sport at a time.

Jack: Your approach was dumb. Hey shit. Sure. Maybe tell the people what your approach was.

Abe: I'm going one row at a time.

Jack: No, no. Hold on time out. 10 minutes out. Abe said I'm gone. I'm [00:16:00] explaining it.


Abe: One row at a time, let's take the football teams

Jack: tribute to your basket. Stop.

Abe: The Redskins. Jared stood up and the Eagles point Philadelphia.

Jack: Okay. So out of those four, starting quarterbacks, let's assume it's your year over falls for the sake of this combined zero playoff wins, which is interesting.


Abe: yeah, we can throw Baltimore in that row too. And it would still probably be combined zero. Planful is let's go to the second round. Chicago bulls, Washington wizards. You

Jack: can just say that it's by city, you can just say the team

Abe: Celtics and Sixers. It comes down to the Celtics and the Sixers, right?

Oh, the bulls have a young core.

Jack: No, the wizards I think with

Abe: all right, cause you bought a Rui card.

Jack: No, I think with Beale wall, really that team has, [00:17:00] they have a core, they have a core.

Abe: Sure they have a court like the polls have,

Jack: like, I wouldn't leave

Abe: them. Every team has a core.


Jack: the Knicks did not have a court.

Abe: I think they did with Mitch and RJ

Jack: Blackhawks caps, Bruins, flyers.

Abe: I'm going to pass on this one. Let's go to baseball. Cubs are still good. White soft, man. The nationals could go back. I mean, they just brought back Scherzer. They got Strasburg. The red Sox. I think their time is up with Mooky and everything.

The Phillies. I don't know, man, I still feel like the Phillies are 85 wind team, but I mean, in baseball, you just got to get in. Our problem was our bullpen. Our problem was our closer. Um, we didn't really do anything to address that we brought in D D D D glorious amongst others. Um, but I mean, if you think I'm going to pick against Philadelphia, you haven't listened to the show.

Jack: That's fine. Which team then are you going with?

Abe: Well, it depends what she's in, [00:18:00] happens like, like basketball, the finals are gonna end, but like in the same season we might win more than one. You know what I mean?

Jack: Like I have

Abe: no Eagles, the Eagles and the Sixers could win. Technically the Sixers are gonna win first.

Right. But like it's the same season.

Jack: Okay. Well the Sixers and that you guys aren't winning

Abe: this team is going to be the Sixers. We're going to win this NBA finals.

Jack: Got it. Alright. I'm going to go with Boston.

Abe: Oh, you know, wait before you go. I need to find that kid that goes viral every like year. This is

Jack: my, you keep requesting him on the poet.

Abe: I think I don't even want, I think I just want to fight him. Honestly, I'm like the kid that's like, I've been to 45 parades in four months. How about you?

Jack: Fuck. Like, don't you get tired of braiding all around, like don't you have school?

Abe: Speaking of which I was thinking about it today. Like if, and when the six years when the finals, there's not even going to be a parade,

Jack: no praise.

That's why I'm happy

Abe: then. Oh yeah. That's a good point. And [00:19:00] organize parade because I think parades will occur either

Jack: way. So I'm going Boston because I liked U of M Brown and Tatum. And I think they have a nice

Abe: about Jaylen Brown.

Jack: I think he is, he's a three and D wing. He's super athletic and young, and he plays the position and the style.

And he's the size of a player that would win a title in the future of the NBA. Like th the current.

Abe: Give me what role do you think he plays on a championship team?

Jack: I think you could be the third best player on a championship team.

Abe: So I'm trying to think of a comparison.

Jack: Like he could be

Abe: Kevin, a Chris BOSH.

Jack: He's gonna play small ball for the Celtics or big ball as a four when

Abe: really going to watch. That's why the Celtics have no chance because they just have no bigs.

Jack: They don't this year. I don't think. Any of [00:20:00] these 13 teams? Cause there's two Chicago based altogether. I don't think any of these 13 win a title.

Abe: Did you just say 13?

Jack: Yeah. Oh, here it comes to the math guy. 17, 17. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. That's on me. That's on me. Um, I don't think any of the seven

Abe: one for math guy.

Jack: I don't think any of the 17 when in this coming season. Maybe one of the hockey squads caps or Bruins have a good chance.

I'll say that,

Abe: but let's leave that to what the puck,

Jack: right? So what the park that'll probably be his minute. I like the Celtics. I have trust in the Patriots organization and there just seems to be the most value to me.

Abe: Do you think that Patriots have a better chance of winning a super bowl before the Eagle stale?

Jack: I'd I'd say 60 40 in favor of Philly.

Abe: Did you see what Collin coward said about Carson Wentz yesterday?

Jack: No, what'd he [00:21:00] say?

Abe: Um, well, Collin coward loves Carson whites, and he said that if you look around the league, you don't really see, you have Patrick Holmes and you have everybody else. There's not really that.

What was that luck?

Jack: I'm saying there, there are people that are not on his level, but that are very close Russell Wilson

Abe: and, but, okay. Um, He said nobody in the league really looks like Patrick , but you can kind of see some Patrick Holmes and Carson wants the angles, the arm strength, the ability to make something out of nothing.

Have you ever watched Carson ones play? I have,

Jack: but what that is, I don't, like, I obviously talked down on ones because I like to mess around

Abe: and said, did you know sin? Did you know since his, after his rookie year. So second year and on, he has a four to one touchdown interception ratio.

Jack: Did you know, in his

Abe: entire 68% completion

Jack: percentage, this entire career, he's eight in 20 against teams over [00:22:00] 500 Eden 20.

I don't care.

Abe: I didn't know. I didn't know that that was one thing. I also don't think that's true.

Jack: It is. It's the famous dude.

Abe: Who

Jack: Oh, that dude, that

Abe: dude can fuck off this guy. Whoever doesn't know this guy. Can you try and find it while I'm explaining this guy? His name was like Alex, zero four, five, six, seven.

Jack: Eagleson on it. You sin get on that.

Abe: Yeah. Find this guy. Um, he would like respond to every media writer, like Collin coward, Nick Ray, all these guys, just with the same exact tweet. He was just, Carson went slander, like what. Like that kid had to have had a bet on Carson Wentz, MVP that one year, like what went wrong in that kid's life that he hates Carson wants this much.

Jack: It's actually like every, it annoyed me to the point of like, this guy just needs to relax.

Abe: It annoyed you until you were sending it to me four times a day.

Jack: I mean, [00:23:00] these are facts. I feel like we got off topic. I don't even remember what we were talking about. The graph, the graph. Yeah, no, I know the I'm going Boston just based off history.

So it'll be on snapback pod on Instagram. I want to hear your guys' thoughts. So check that out when you're listening, which should be Thursday, June 11th, or Friday, June 12th, or maybe you're in the future. We'll say

Abe: no, listen to it. 7:00 AM June 11th.

Jack: That's facts. We do release 3:00 AM. East coast.

Abe: So wait, that is w what do you think the first country is to get it first

Jack: countries

Abe: that makes

Jack: them it's all Shayla your listeners.

Abe: That makes no sense what I just said, because every country gets it at the same exact

Jack: time, same time, but who's the first person to listen. I mean, you could be West coast, get a little midnight. EPON

Abe: wow. That's a grind.

Jack: Whoa. Oh, we have a visitor. Someone just cracked.

Abe: You can just crash.

Jack: Alright, so snapback fam, we have a visitor [00:24:00] on the pod, his name, and he's rocking some merge, some tacos,

Abe: probably

Jack: March Alec.

Is it smell? Yeah. Alex. Okay. Alex smell was on the snap exports, YouTube live stream. When I was playing some two K last night, he was very generous and his one request was to join us on the pod. So we're giving him a few minutes. He gets to ask a question, debate some stuff with Ava and I. Alec.

Abe: I have a question before Alec does.

So you're wearing a taco false sweatshirt and I see an Oklahoma city thunder flag in the background amongst a lot of other things, boss. Oh my God. Are you, are you from Seattle? Where are you from?

Jack: I was born. I was born in Seattle and then I moved to the new England area. So I've been here ever since. And I got the Oklahoma city thunder five when I was young

Abe: and I like it.

So you're a Celtics and a Seahawks fan. Okay, Jack, you handle NFL I'll handle NBA.

Jack: What about [00:25:00] how brutal was, I mean, you were probably like three years old, but when the Seahawks lost on the goal line to the Patriots, your friends must've Oh yeah. I remember that. I was, I was watching the game and I just forgot.

Oh, it was heartbreaking.

Abe: I like, did you know that Jack thinks that throwing the ball was the correct call on that play?

Jack: Yeah, I know I shot it in this app. What do you think. I mean, you were right. Like Chris Wilson had never thrown a red zone intersection before. Um, and they did have a time out and running it on third down would be smart.

But again, you had Marshawn Lynch on the one yard, 20, 20 vision people, 2020 vision. I stick to the play call. All right, Alex, what is your question? And if your question is, why do I hate the Seahawks? Then I will let you know. Alright. Um, my question is huge. Do you guys think the breakout teams, the 2020 season in the NFL are gonna be

Abe: okay?

We want to take our guy, Jack. You can take our guy. I'll [00:26:00] pick a different team

Jack: who drew lock. I don't think they're my breakout team.

Abe: Did you know that? So I didn't. I thought they were my breakout team. And then I saw your little buddy, Darren Rovelle tweeted. Did you know, 99% of the money is on there, over there?

Wind, total. Yeah. Like, you know, you know how that goes,

Jack: right? Yeah, no, it's screwed. It's screwed. Who's who's your break at? Well, let's let Alec, uh, answer his own question then we'll give our breakout team. I like the Broncos

they? They've a good running back core. I really liked

Abe: Phil and

Jack: Melvin Gordon. I think they'll be good together. And Courtland Sutton had a huge year last year and his one. Hand catch was like one of the best catches of the year against the chargers. Um, that was a crazy catch and their defense still has some like, uh, pieces.

They still gone Miller who had eight sacks last year and they have some young [00:27:00] people in Bradley Chubb. We could have a bounce back here because he had 12 sacks in 2018 and Justin Simmons had four interceptions. I, you came with some facts. We're not going to pick the Broncos cause you took them Abe.

Abe: I'm going to pick, I mean, my pick is very easy.

I'm going to pick Tampa.

Jack: Okay. Right. I mean,

Abe: it's technically a, there they haven't been anything. And I think there'll be something it takes, it's a cop out pick. Don't get me wrong, but it's not the wrong pick.

Jack: Right. Sometimes don't get cute. You're you're running hot

Abe: Turkey, London, broil shit.

Jack: Alright, I'm going to go with, I mean, it's kind of gross to say, but I think it's the Steelers.


Abe: think you'd love the Steelers this year.

Jack: Yeah. It hurts. I think our divisions, well, they get big Ben back and they're eating knee with a really, really, really, really good defense. Uh, they added big Ben back. I think their team was [00:28:00] there. Like

Abe: their quarterback play. They have Benny and James.

Jack: Yeah. They have Benny they've Juju Juju Juju had a bad year.

Abe: James Washington is the number one receiver.

Jack: That's facts and James Conner has to step it up

Abe: and then he'll take us

Jack: now we'll be starting. But, but I think Ben back there eight and eight with that team Ravens, aren't going to be 14 and two again. So that just will strength the division.

Abe: Why do you think there'll be 15 and one?

Jack: So 16 now. So I, I just think they're, they have a really good defense. Their quarterback play was so low last year, Juju. Yeah, he was hurt. He needs to step up, but they have like Deontay Johnson. They're

Abe: loaded people. Forget that if the Steelers snuck into that wild card spot last year, that Mike Tolman was probably going to be coach of the year.

Jack: Right. Right. People love Mike Tomlin. He's a great players, coach. I don't know how good of an X's and no's coach he is. But all I know is the Raven should have let them win in week 17. [00:29:00] Well, the Titans won, so they still got in, but once we beat the sealers, we knocked them out. Um, so yeah, I'm going Steelers.

That's a pretty good question.

Abe: I'm going Tampa.

Jack: What do you think about our answer? I like, I don't know about tamper though. Gronk. I don't know. I think he's going to be as good as

Abe: you, but they have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and the best, the best of shaving corn weapons in the NFL and , which has probably a dark horse MVP candidate.

Jack: Yeah. And that's like, you think about Austin. Eckler like, when people were like, Oh, should I draft the Eckler Melvin Gordon's out. And then obviously he took off like that's old Goomba walleye this year. Realistic facts. Yeah, I, I don't know about Brady though. He was just really bad in the second half of last year.

He was Noah line and no weapons that can do that too. And he's old

Abe: three 60, the three 60 that Jack has done on Tom Brady in the span of a few months is like one of the more [00:30:00] is one of the more impressive things I've ever seen.

Jack: I think it's a one 80. Right.

Abe: Yeah.

Jack: okay. Just making sure I I'll give you the timeline.

This, the Patriots were six and O. And they had it. They had literally been like the jets red sea. They've been the worst six teams in the league and Brady looked average. Then he comes to Baltimore. We actually just give it to them. And then I'm like, this dude's trash. Cause I saw how trashy was

Abe: and I had a few too many twisted teas.

Jack: And then I see in the playoffs and he's slinging that rock around and I'm like, maybe he's actually not the problem. So I think with the weapons and the system and they have a really good defense there, they're going to be fine. Yeah. Some people, I don't know, some people have been choosing like Cardinals and Bengals, but they're too young.

I don't know, two years away on both of those probably. Yeah, for sure. And the Cardinals need to fill some more spots on deep facts like Dave Chandler Jones and Buddha [00:31:00] Baker, who I like for sure. But other than that, we appreciate you coming on. This. We'll be dropping tomorrow. So give it a listen and uh,

Abe: so appreciate you donating,

Jack: man.

That was awesome. Yeah, that was much appreciated. Thank you guys for that. Of

Abe: course. Appreciate you liking the show.

Jack: Yeah. Right. Take it easy, man. Cool. So

Abe: that scared the shit out of me. You just kind of

Jack: came out of nowhere screen. Thank you to Alec for jumping in there. Um, I D let's close this thing out with some rents ranked today is things that don't make sense to you in life.

My number one, like I'm nervous.

Abe: You're starting at three. I

Jack: know, but I'm nervous the number one's going to take forever. So let's kind of keep it quick. Number three, my number three clouds. I've studied them. I've learned about them, but they're just like a crazy concept. Like it's just this. Thing floating it's water.

Abe: It's water. It's water [00:32:00] molecules,

Jack: right. And its molecules. Yeah, but you're saying it's water molecules, but it's water molecules of light, but it doesn't look like water molecule.

Abe: My brother, Jack, I'm not going to sit here and try and explain clouds because that's my point. I mean, I'm not going to say they don't make sense to me, but I'm just not going to sit here and try and be Albert.


Jack: every form of water to me, it looks the same, whether it's frozen, dripping. In a cop, but then when it's molecules, it looks like some dust or smoke.

Abe: I'm not going to try and step on it.

Jack: How can this little cloud that looks so harmless in the sky? The second, my airplane goes through a cloud. It's like, I'm on a roller coaster.

Like this, this you've never gone through a cloud in the

Abe: air. I have. You just don't see anything.

Jack: I don't get the no, every time you hit a cloud, that's when the turbulence hits you don't fly much, man. You don't fly. All right. What's your number three.

Abe: My number three, I'm going to go a little lower than you.

I'm going to go to the ocean. The ocean makes

Jack: no sense.

[00:33:00] Abe: You're telling me there's this thing called the ocean that covers 70% of the earth, but yet we've only discovered 5% of the ocean. What the hell is down there? It makes no sense how something can be. So. Like it's everything. The ocean covers all of planet earth and we just haven't chose to discover it.

Like what is down there? It doesn't make any sense. It's terrifying. I just, I don't mess with the ocean. Actually. I like the boogie boarding and stuff and like body surfing,

Jack: but like interesting T

Abe: my number two, cause we're snaking. It is daylight savings that it just, why, why, why do we do it? The clock back.

Jack: Are you aware of who does

Abe: it? Oh, I wanted to, I wanted to preface this segment by saying that I don't think this should be, this is a ranked where I don't think we should try and like, like flex on each other. Like if I, if I don't understand daylight [00:34:00] savings and maybe you do, don't try and explain it to me.

Right. It's never going to make sense to me.

Jack: No, I just want you to understand that it's just an America.

Abe: That's not true.

Jack: It's they

Abe: do it all over the world. Do I work? We, I remember we were doing something at work and like, our schedule is messed up and I had to like, count the clock, like the

Jack: hours because they don't change.

Abe: No, because they were changing in a few weeks.

Jack: All right. Eagleson says, can

Abe: you listen from Canada? Yeah, they do it. Eagles Eagles. Can you check if, um, England does it, if

Jack: England has, they have a different, I do know they have a

Abe: slot line. They don't do it twice a year. What the hell was the point?

Jack: It's actually like one of the easiest concepts to grasp.

Do you actually not know the point of daylight savings? No. It's so that when it's dark out, it's not like 10 at night or it's not, you know what I mean? It's to change it. So when the, when

Abe: the sun has the, why can't, why do we have to have the sun [00:35:00] come and go at different times throughout the year? Why can't it just be a standard like seven, 15 sunset.

Jack: It is a standard seven 15 sunset.

Abe: Oh. Because in like the winter, the sun goes down at like five o'clock. Yeah. It's technically

Jack: going down and if you didn't do daylight saving,

Abe: what the hell is the point of moving? The clashes leaves you don't

Jack: because you don't want to work when it's four o'clock and it's pitch black out.

Abe: Dude, everyone agrees on planet earth that this is the best time where the sun goes down at like eight o'clock or whatever. Yeah,

Jack: I get it. Cause because it's nice out.

Abe: Dude, but there yup. UK does it. Eagleson sets so you can suck. It makes no sense. What's your number two.

Jack: All right. My number two is simple.

It's a main theme of the pod. I do not understand why your team continues to pay. They're running back 10 million plus dollars a year.

Abe: Your team, as in teams in the NFL, not

Jack: people listening to the pod who have dumb GMs. Um, I just wanted to slide that in there because my number one could be time consuming.

All right. Ready? Aim

Abe: is your number one.

Jack: Yeah. Yes.

Abe: Do you [00:36:00] want me to go first and we'll end it on you. I promise you, you didn't take mine.

Jack: Sure. Okay.

Abe: My number one, I don't understand the physics behind. If a ball is traveling like this way

Jack: and

Abe: it hits like the bottom of a rim, how it could then hop up, hit the rim again, then go to the other side of the rim, then hit it one more time.

And go in, like, how does that initial contact on the rim? On the bottom half of the rim, make a ball spin up and then bounce three more times on the rim and go in.

Jack: Does he have a bat? Did a jump shot happened to

Abe: you? Oh no. I just, like I was thinking about it. I had, it just doesn't make sense.

Jack: So you don't get physics.

That's another concept I could easily break down for you, but we don't have the time for that. So Abe. My number one thing that doesn't make sense is say, LeBron

Abe: James,

Jack: no, no, no, no. It LeBron's never number one. You know, that is how, [00:37:00] how did the world's dart like,

Abe: Oh,

Jack: you got me. Because, so, so I, and we can take this in a multitude of

Abe: directions.

I have, I have some honorable mentions that go along with this.

Jack: Okay. So if you're a big believer in evolution, then the theory is that there was a chemical reaction that made some single cell organism, and then over millions of years, the world evolved. Okay. So I'm going to just going to throw out all thing.

If you're a believer strong, heavy in religion, then God created the world and X amount of days. Those are kind of the two theories. Okay. That that's excellent. Um, most people, most not intelligent people, but scientists and, you know, the brain, the brainiacs of our generation are gonna say it's through evolution and then there'll be people of size through God.

So regardless. How do you even get the chemical reaction? Like where [00:38:00] did the, where did the world be? Yen.

Abe: Okay. So I have a similar thought. Do you get what I'm talking? How can, like we're having a conversation right now who decided that these words that are coming out of our mouth mean what they mean?

Like someone just made a noise and said the word. Um, Y and there's like, Oh, and like, thought about what the word, why means, like, how did every word become a word

Jack: I'm trying to go like more big picture,

Abe: but that makes no sense to you either, right?

Jack: Like how did,

Abe: how did the words just become a thing.

Jack: Because people are speaking and then start sounding like something. And then they would

Abe: say cave. Men were like, okay, here's a list of words for the day. Let's all pick out their meetings for the rest

Jack: of them. They would point at it and it would look like some.

Abe: But do you think they started by making noises?

Like a word was

Jack: annoys originally? That that is wild. Can you help me out though? Like, even if we're going to say it started with the chemical reaction. How are their chemicals? Like when did


Abe: world, [00:39:00] I can't, I can't help you out. I'm

Jack: sorry. Oh, my come on

Abe: couple honorable mentions. Um, you know, I understand why, and it's been explained to me when I've had this conversation, but I just think it's like, like why seatbelts on airplanes?

If that thing goes down, seatbelt's not helping you. I get it. I get it. If there's turbulence. You so you don't hit your head on the roof.

Jack: Come on. When you land, you really don't fly.

Abe: No, I do fly, but like if a plane goes down, sorry buddy. That's seatbelt's not doing shit.

Jack: That's not the point. The seatbelt

Abe: should probably save your life.

Jack: It's for.

Abe: Okay. So why do you wear a seatbelt for landing?

Jack: Because you're going very fat. You've never been jolted forward upon land,

Abe: but like it

Jack: doesn't, and some people aren't as strong as us to hold themselves down. That's all right, here we

Abe: go. I don't understand how people don't finish their food.

[00:40:00] Jack: Um, yeah, I get that.


Abe: don't understand pineapple on pizza.

Jack: I definitely don't get that one. I mean, I get it. I guess I get it. I just don't like it now. You're just naming things. You don't respect.

Abe: I don't really get taxes.

Jack: I don't get taxes. I though that's fair.

Abe: Um, I don't get. Political parties. Let's not go there.

Jack: Um, I will. I mean, while you bring it up, it isn't crazy

Abe: concept raising concept,

Jack: like the general theme of life is we're all trying to succeed and like, Benefits.

I get that there's other ways to get there, but when the government is split and their goal is to make things happen, but they don't, it would be like,

Abe: like, why do you have to have one candidate from here? And one candidate from here when they might have two totally different ideas? Like who cares?

Jack: You would think we would try to make it work to get, it would be like this.

It would be like this. This [00:41:00] is my best government political politics, comparison to sports. Since this is a sports spot, it would be like if we were building a pro bowl roster or our America's super team of football players

Abe: and you drafted a running back first. And

Jack: that's a good point. No, and I was the candidate to pick the AFC pliers.

And you were the candidate to pick the NFC players. And we were, we were in disagreement over who the quarterback should be. Like, I'm saying, it's my homes. And maybe you think it should be Russell Wilson, but instead of ever like understanding the goal is to build the best team. We're just so stubborn that we decide to put

As our starting quarterback, just to like spite each other,

Abe: I just never understood political parties. Um, I'm trying to think of other things. Cause like when I was going through this, this topic, I was like embarrassed with how many things don't make sense to me in life. But now I'm thinking, I just know everything.

You know what I mean? [00:42:00] Cloud's I didn't expect that at all

Jack: from you, you understand clouds? I, once again, I get the general thesis on them. But there just seems silly. Just floating there.

Abe: That's like seatbelts on airplanes. They just seem silly.

Jack: Snapback fam final segment of the podcast is what the puck Abe get the timer ready?

Andrew. Eagleson our producer dolphins fit. Uh,

Abe: we never had this conversation. Are you a Raptors fan?

Jack: He's from Canada dues, name another team in Canada.

Abe: It doesn't matter, dude. You see people all over the world wearing stuff. Creatures. That's a very valuable, there's a very good question. Is, are you a right after sex? Yeah, like diehard. Like, have you ever gone to that stupid Jurassic park and watch a game that seems miserable by the way, that's the last place [00:43:00] I would want to watch a play off like,

Jack: yeah.

I want to go watch the biggest game of every year at a frat party with 46 years old with

Abe: Ooh,

Jack: maple syrup just pouring on each other sad and stuff.

Abe: I can't believe you have that photo.

Jack: All right. We already gave Eagleson way too many words start at the time, or this is what the park. Our producer, Andrew Eagleson is from Canada.

So we live him. We give him one minute to speak on, uh, the hockey news of the day, week, whatever he wants to address. And then no matter where he is at that point in the speech, we cut him off. So

Abe: Eagle said three, two, what? The puck.

Jack: All right this week on what the puck,

Abe: we're going

Jack: to talk about the phases of the return to play plan and some playoff predictions.

So phase two, with a plan, which is what we're in right now started June eight, which means team can start opening up training facilities, where they can do some basic on and off ice training phase three, which is the official training camp is [00:44:00] supposed to start no earlier than the first half of July. Now, what we all want is phase four, which is actual games starting back up.

There's no timeline for this, but my guess is anywhere from the end of July, the middle of August. And no, there's no word on the hub cities, but there's been a few rumors of Vegas and Edmonton. So, you know, everyone keep those in your mind now, a matchup talk. So I've done my bracket for

Abe: the playoffs,

Jack: and I think the other teams are gonna have a huge advantage over some of the older ones, because they're going to come out flying.

This is just normal for them. They're young, but these older guys, it's going to be a whole lot tougher than them to get back into the swing of things. So, you know, you might see some younger teams with some upsets in the earlier rounds, for sure. Um,

Abe: my way too early

Jack: final form.

Abe: I, you know, I think he got like one minute and a

Jack: half. I mean, like, he seemed like calm and composed cause no

Abe: one gives a shit about hockey, but I had to, I had to stop myself. Alright, turn your camera [00:45:00] off. Or you're fired. You're fired. Um, I had to like turn, I had to like, stop. I almost laughed. Cause he's opened up.

We're going to talk. We're going to talk. We're going to talk about.

Jack: A boot, Oh, boot.

Abe: We're going to talk a boot.

Jack: I thought he was going to give us, um, his thoughts on the, which city has

Abe: got another minute next week, baby.

Jack: Uh, next week, you'll sit and write that down. You're going to have to give us which city has,

Abe: Hey, don't tell them how to do his job.

He's our hockey consultant. Ah,

Jack: alright. It's not back fam. We appreciate you guys listening. Make sure you guys hit that subscribe button. Tell a friend why not? You know what I mean? Like, Hey, this pods kind of, don't tell a friend, they have a Canadian producer, they're all inclusive. They talk politics. They talk to your biscuit.

They really

Abe: don't tell your friends. We talked about,

Jack: yeah, politics are miserable. They are miserable. Um, but snapback fam, we appreciate you guys. And we will we'll catch you on [00:46:00] Monday, but any last words,

Abe: no more. Don't let your parents make you Turkey, London, broil for dinner.

Jack: Snapback fam much love peace.