Speck of Dust Ep

[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. I'm skipping the normal intro that we're just getting into it because this podcast is serious for a lot of reasons. First off, one, obviously with everything going on in the world right now. It's just not right. I've been preaching for the last couple of days, like we just need to spread love.

We just gotta, you know, everyone needs to love each other and, and that's all I want to leave it at whatever side you're on, whatever you believe in. Like there's no doubt. We gotta stop painting and we just gotta love. So we're still posting resources and stuff, but we want to do this podcast as kind of an escape, even though an escape isn't right, because.

What a lot of people are dealing with right now that can't escape from. So very

Abe Granoff: true.

Jack: So I think it's not necessarily an escape, it's just, I know you guys want to hear what we have to say. And [00:01:00] we have some big stuff to say. So

Abe Granoff: it's not even, it's not even an escape. Like when Jack and I started this podcast, um, we started it for you guys, right?

And we, we went back and forth today on if it was right to drop an episode, because how social media has been the past few days, it is. It has resources to help the cause. It is videos to bring awareness to people and it's not the usual content that you're used to on a daily basis on social media, and that's taking a toll on a lot of people.

They're not used to all this. All this. I don't want to say negativity, but sad stuff, filling their timelines. So I'm going to use the word escape because this is a way to escape from everything out there for a little bit, a little bit of the time, not even escaping from that. Sometimes you have things going on in your personal life and you just need some downtime.

Throw on this podcast specially today. Let's have some fun.

Jack: Yeah, so today. Uh, we are officially podcasts [00:02:00] free agents. So for the past year we've been with the network, which we had some good experience with. We hit number one on the sports charts. You guys were with us through that. It was awesome. We, uh, I've thought about what to say like a hundred times, how to address this.

I mean, we're really happy. We're excited for the future. We'll keep you guys obviously updated with all of that. Um, but we, we were told today when the deal kind of fell through that our podcast was a speck of dust and. Over the past for word,

Abe Granoff: word for word.

Jack: Over the past year, I thought we had fostered a really good relationship with the network we're in, and more importantly, like there they were, fam.

I know we say fam all the time, and sometimes it can just sound like it, but I thought we were friends. I thought we were family, so that hurt a lot, but we needed that. We needed that push. So genuinely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for saying that. [00:03:00] And we're just going to take, I mean, we wish them the best of luck.

We do. I have no ill will towards them, but we needed that. So we're going to take that and we're going to try to take this, we're going to take this podcast to an entirely new level. We're going to work our asses off for you guys, and we want

Abe Granoff: to make this, say what we want. We're free agents.

Jack: We want it. We want to make this a real thing.

So all that negativity that we experienced, we are turning that into positive energy. And we're going to make this explode. So snap back fam, and I'm saying it because you guys are family and we're going to take it. We're going to make you feel even more like family, new ideas, new concepts, and really just engaging with you guys.

Abe really wants to get a word in, but I'm not letting him

Abe Granoff: today. Today. June 3rd well, this is going to come out June 4th June 4th Mark. The date today is the start of our championship DVD. Those DVDs that come out when every team wins a championship today is to start at that DVD.

Jack: So there it [00:04:00] is. I mean, it's not, you're not getting the drama you probably wanted when you were coming to this podcast, but you're getting.

You are getting a new revamped, revitalize focus group of podcasts are, so a quick reminder, we are the snapbacks for its spot. We drop episodes on Mondays and Thursdays. And you can find us on Apple podcasts and Spotify always free, always me, Jack settlement and Abe. So that's our message. With that being said, for the first time ever, Abe and I have a plan, so we actually have a plan for, we're going to have a plan.

Where you know what we're going to talk about, which is exciting. So snapback family. So

Abe Granoff: we sometimes have a plan.

Jack: We love you. You're one, honestly, for being rookies and podcast. That's a success. And they didn't want to reassign us. So let's go get fucking maxed out somewhere else. All right, let's do it.

Let's do it. Alright. The NBA is. Back [00:05:00] and I'm not, I'm not even saying that. Like, Whoa, I tweeted that out. The NBA is back. Well, it's actually not. It's not. They have to vote on it. They have to vote on it.

Abe Granoff: I thought the vote happened today

Jack: or is that tomorrow? It's tomorrow. When you're listening to this, hopefully the MBA will officially be back.

NBA is back 16. Of the playoff teams. Current playoff teams are in six more teams who are within six games back of the playoffs, one in the East, which was the wizards and five in the West, which a whole lot of snapback guests are actually in the playoff race, oddly enough, but that is the format. 22 teams will play eight regular season games.

And if any team is within four games back or less of the eighth seed, there'll be a play in tournament. So what does that mean? Well, first of all, in the East, that means if the wizards who are five and a half back now it can get to four, they were going to play the magic, most likely the magic. In two games.

They need to beat them both times. [00:06:00] If the wizards get into the playoffs or if they beat them twice, they get into the playoffs as the AC and they get to play the box, which is funny within itself. But in the West it's a little more complicated cause there's five teams down there. If a couple teams get in, so let's say the pelicans and the blazers get to within four games, they're going to play each other.

Once the winner of that will then play the Grizzlies and have to beat the Grizzlies twice to get in. So. I actually liked the format. It gives everyone a fair shot. Abe, did I forget anything on the format? Um,

Abe Granoff: I'm not the right person to ask for that because the, the tweet came out that the MBA's back and woes try to explain this.

Hey, Adrian. Whoa. Naroski.

Jack: I say it's wojak.

Abe Granoff: Eagle said you're there.

Jack: Okay. But he's Canadian, so he doesn't know anything, and that [00:07:00] is true. If you're listening, this is only our second podcast, but we brought a snapback fan member into help with the pod. He's Canadian. He's the dolphins fan, which is a crazy mix of just interest in tastes, but, uh, I'm not going to trust him when we're coming to pronunciation.

Anyways, continue on your

Abe Granoff: He tweeted that the whole thing, and I. My dumb ass looked at it and I was like, Jack, I need you to dumb this down for me. Explain it to me.

Jack: What I explained is it makes sense. Like are there anything cause there's going to be East

Abe Granoff: makes total sense.

Jack: Right?

Abe Granoff: West, that's a little bit of a different story. So how many teams got in five?

Jack: Uh, five extras who weren't finding the in the West,

Abe Granoff: right? The West is where I get confused.

Jack: Yeah. Say

Abe Granoff: that. Portland, new Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: All go. Hm. [00:08:00] Four and four and five, yada, yada, yada. If all five, and I don't know that this is mathematically possible, it may not be if all five of the teams are within four games.

Yeah. Take it from that. What the hell happened?

Jack: So I actually dive teams. Yeah. I don't know what really happens with an odd number. That's where I get confused. But with an even number, I know how it works. There's four. If there's four teams, then the nine seed will be the one season of playing and the nine 10 1112 see, we'll play the nine.

So like pelicans verse

Abe Granoff: I get, I get the four team.

Jack: So if, if there's a fifth or third team. I, I don't know. I, Oh, actually I'm going to assume it would be like, all right, let's say there's nine, 10, 11. Let's say it's pelicans, King's first, whatever, for example, are, uh, the pelicans are two games back. The Kings are three and the spurs are for the spurs because are 11 would play the Kings who are 10 and then the winner [00:09:00] of that would then go and play the pelicans, and then the winner of that would have to be the Grizzlies twice.

That's how it works.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean, the most interesting part to me when it came out is the idea that, excuse me, the rest of the teams are going to play for seating. Because you think about, I know the traditional NBA season seating means a lot in the playoffs, but what does seating mean nowadays? You know what I mean?

Because there's no fans. It's on one neutral court. Shout out Orlando Markel. Big playoff coming from him. So what does that really mean? Because I look at it from my six year standpoint. Right now we are the sixth seed.

Jack: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No,

Abe Granoff: we are, we are technically have the same record as Indiana. I guess they own the tie breaker cause we play them again.

And these next eight games, as a Sixers fan, I do not want to move at all. Right. Because I would love that. I would. Why now?

Jack: Like you don't want to move up in seeding now. Like you didn't want to go to the four seat or the five seat because [00:10:00] you didn't want to have to play the box. But now where it's not like you could even have home court, you have no interest.

Abe Granoff: None like I want the Sixers to stay on the three, six side of the bracket. We can't get the three because we're not going to move up four and a half games and eight games. That just won't happen. So do we stay six or do we move up and get a walking the second round? Who knows? But you look out West and then there's, there's matchup things like Houston, right?

Or, yeah, Houston right now is the six and they're playing Denver. But if you talk and somehow move up. Like Houston doesn't want to move up. They would much rather play Utah than Denver because Utah's not even bringing anyone. Right. Was

Jack: coming from Utah. We're going to get to that later. They're the modes interest.


Abe Granoff: so the seating aspect of it is very interesting to me in terms of will team's bench. Some guys like will you see their cards like we do not want to play this team. We want to play this team. We're not going to play our players or. [00:11:00] Is it? Listen, we have eight games to get right before we hit the ground running in the playoffs.

We need to be in our top form. Whoever we play doesn't matter. We got to get our guys ready to play and they're going to go all out and try and win those eight games and play their best basketball. That's the most interesting part. Maybe. Okay. Just say me. I'm 24 so that's

Jack: my question for you. Are you in or out on what

Abe Granoff: they did.

Oh man. Yeah. It's back. It's back. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.

Jack: All right.

Abe Granoff: My thoughts, but no, my thought of who, who shouldn't be in on this, like if you're Orlando and Memphis, you're voting no, right?

Jack: Yeah. It's tough for them, but it's also

Abe Granoff: this, the benefits everybody, but Orlando and Memphis, the eight seats at the time, because they could fall out,

Jack: they could, it would be tough for them to fall out.

Like, first of all, if the magic

Abe Granoff: play in that play in tournament,

Jack: but think about this, think about this, how many games up is Memphis one [00:12:00] if they're three and a half on everyone,

Abe Granoff: this is three and a half games up on three teams.

Jack: So those five teams, the chances that there's more than one team who stays with him, four of them actually aren't like insanely high because think of the level of competition they're about to go play.

Like it's not like those five teams could have happened to get the. Why was there, you're going to say the next, I don't know, like the Hawks or someone crappy like that, like they're going to have to go through the run. So, and especially for the magic, the magic, like the chances that the wizards even get to four games seem low to me, but we'll talk about it.

Abe Granoff: Maybe Memphis. Give me one sec. Maybe Memphis. Because if these teams end up within. For games. Yeah, they have to lose. They have to get beaten twice, but mathematically, statistically, what are the odds that they lose two in a row to one team versus what were the odds at the time the season ended that they would have been the AC like and take away the [00:13:00] chances

Jack: of, I would say they have lower chances, but the counterarguments like.

If you weren't going to beat this team twice, first of all, you think you're going to beat the Lakers twice, four times more than twice in seven games. That seems low and I don't know, like if you can't beat these teams twice the King Sweiss then how are you going to maintain that 500 win percentage that we were talking about that made your odds so high?

If you remember that span. You're excited because you get the kids back on the court and this is supposed to be a building year. You actually will get a chance to play playoff basketball for those five teams. They get playoff basketball because they're playing the best teams in the league. Yes, they do.

How do you think? Not

Abe Granoff: because playoff basketball is a whole different animal. In their home stadium. Yeah. Like this is irrelevant. Like job, job,

Jack: position level,

Abe Granoff: competition level short,

Jack: and it's playing important games late in NBA season that determines your career, not career, your season. [00:14:00] What I'm saying is.

If the, if John Moran and Jaron Jackson jr and Brandon Clark have to play eight regular season games against the top competition to hold their spot as the AC and then they have to play Zion on the pelicans twice and they get through that. Or even if they don't, and that, like, I would almost argue their series against the Lakers is going to be the least helpful for their career out of the next eight plus potentially the playing games, like they're going to get smoked by the Lakers.

At least against these other teams are going to compete and it's going to be do or die against the Lakers. It's going to turn from a, we want to make the playoffs. We're applying to make the playoffs too. We're happy to be here. Like no one in the right mind thinks the Grizzlies have a chance at upsetting.

I could probably find myself on that train in

Abe Granoff: July

Jack: that the Grizzlies could upset the Lakers, but it's only June. It's only June. So my thoughts on this. Well, my thoughts on the MBA coming back. Are. Yeah. Who's not [00:15:00] like literally who isn't all in on this? I think the format makes a lot of sense. I give a ton of credit to Adam silver and his team.

He still continues to be the most forward thinking, smartest GM in all sports. Like to get this done and to plan it out.

Abe Granoff: Can I cut you off real quick? Like how much of this idea, like I want to know how many heads went into creating this idea. Like you're saying credit to Adam silver, obviously he

Jack: gets credit team.

That's what you do when you're

Abe Granoff: like, I want exactly. I w I would have loved to have been a speck on the dust in those meeting rooms.

Jack: Not a spec on the dust. If you're gonna try to damn it. Damn, it has to be a speck of dust and you have

Abe Granoff: to speck of dust on the wall and those meetings to know, okay, who had the idea that.

The cutoff was six games back to get in. Who, who didn't like that? Who did? And then where did Adam silver throw his hammer down and say, this is what we're doing. I think it's very interesting. Like we're talking about documentary [00:16:00] of this guy, this guy, this guy. Why don't we make a documentary about how MBA got back, how that was.

That's something I would

Jack: watch. Okay. That, I don't know how big your audience is. Just curious. Um, I'm excited for the MBA to be back. I think this makes a lot of sense. I think the seating now becomes irrelevant. Um, but let's talk about the eight seat situation. So we'll start in the East, because I think we can get that out of the way.

The only thing that really we can bring up is these rumors that John Wall could be bad. Oh

Abe Granoff: man. Um, I, John waltz, since he's come to the league has been one of my favorite players to watch. Given that, I mean, how many games back are they? Five and five and a half.

Jack: They would have to go

Abe Granoff: and get to that four spot.

If they can go up a game and a half, they're going to be the eight. No doubt in my mind that is if John Walt plays,

Jack: it would have to be the magic twice though.

Abe Granoff: John Wall and Bradley Beal team can beat the Markel faults. Orlando magic

Jack: at home [00:17:00] in Disney world. You're not taking that

Abe Granoff: into account. That is true.

Universal studios.

Jack: Yeah. Uh, that's not universal studios. It's

Abe Granoff: LA. Lando is universal studios,

Jack: but they would be in Disney. You painted it, like that's the point. It's in Disney.

Abe Granoff: Positive about that though.


Jack: like 99.9%. Like I'm a speck of dust from a hundred. And that's how confident I am.

Abe Granoff: Um,

Jack: uh, so I think it's amazing.

It would be great if John walking came back. I love it because it's kind of like what Katie isn't, which is she like, I'm sorry. I see him practicing. I see him. No

Abe Granoff: John Wall tours. Achilles. How many months before Kevin Durant?

Jack: Uh,

Abe Granoff: I don't know. He's had, he taught before the all star break that year. So that's an extra six months of recovery time.

Like, I hate this. Kevin Durant's should play. He's healthy.

Jack: I'm not saying he should. I know. I just saw

[00:18:00] Abe Granoff: John Wallace playing like to, him and Kevin are two totally different situations,

Jack: but you have to admit the argument is for Katie not applying because if they say he's healthy, obviously it's, it's that it's not worth it.

Like there's no reason to get them back on the court and it, there could not be a bigger argument for saying it's definitely not worth it to chase the. Nine seed to get with him four games, to then have to beat the magic twice to then get swept by the box. Talk about not worth it. Like that's an

Abe Granoff: important thing.

I think playing John Waldo, it sends a message to the fan base, which is something that these teams we do want to do. And this time, because none of these teams that are battling for the ACN are gonna do shit, right. We know who's going to be there at the end. Most likely. It's just a, it's just a point.

Like we're, we're here to send a message. Like we were trying. We're trying. A lot of teams don't do that in New York. Next

Jack: Y, Y. Alright. Eighth AC in the West. This is where things get [00:19:00] complicated because the Grizzlies who I've explained had about a 70% chance of making the NBA playoffs. Now, I still think that they have a really good chance there's five teams below them.

Uh, well, they have a good chance until we see the rule tomorrow. Like, I could totally see the NBA coming out tomorrow and being like, okay, we approve these rules. Uh, the only condition that we wanted to change was. Under the circumstances where the nine seed has a player with the initials ZW. They actually get into the playoffs and they were moved.

The guy in a,

Abe Granoff: I'm glad you brought it. I'm glad you brought this up because the MBA sat down in that board room meeting. Some guy sat up and said. Why don't we just bring back the 16 teams that are on the playoffs that seems like the most fair way.

Jack: And then

Abe Granoff: Adam silver looked him in the eye and said, are you trying to tell me that we lost all that money and we're not going to have Zion Williamson [00:20:00] in the playoffs?

Let me paint you a little picture. The NBA is that dude, his girlfriend, who he's holding his hands is. One through 16 or the original agencies that were already in my man is turning around, looking back there at Zion Williamson's fat ass and saying, licking his chops at the idea that he could have him in the playoffs and recoup all of this money.

Jack: Brian J like, hold on, like people haven't even put that together yet and I can see it on your face so you don't even, it's Zion against LeBron in route one. This is, I will say this is a big killer because. All these smart small market teams that lose their stars because they don't get it. Like if you wanted to show that Memphis was one of the most promising teams in the league, put them in, put job, put Jair and put brand and Clark on national television against LeBron that would do massive things for Memphis.

And then, I mean, you say it like players just leave the [00:21:00] small markets because the NBA doesn't cater to them. There is an argument that the pelicans are a smaller market. There are those things, but. How do we see this by now? What do you think? Read. Read the standings.

Abe Granoff: See what I'm doing.

Jack: A date. Wow. He's tapping his wrist.

Abe Granoff: I mean, I think that's the safest place. You look at the Memphis Grizzlies, a very young team. Portland went to the Western conference finals, speaks for themselves. CJR guy, Dame time, new Orleans. Fun team. Very young on their way up. Sacramento fuck off. San Antonio, Derrick white, my guy. You've had your fun the past 20 years.

You're continuing the playoff street. Congratulations. That's big doc.

Jack: They're not in the playoffs. I want to make that clear cause I posted the graphic and everyone responded to me. This version is not in place. These are not playoff teams. There will be a playoff.

Abe Granoff: Nonetheless, I am,

Jack: your streak is over. I'm trying to make that clear.

All right. Last year, and then we're on [00:22:00] board. Oh,

Abe Granoff: Oh, come on. Be nice to Derek. Um, but listen, the NBA playoffs are about the superstars, right? They have the two superstars, Portland, um, they're going to have to beat Memphis twice if they get to that stage, but, um, I'm, I'm riding with Damien playoff game. Come on.

How could you bet against that? Against. It gets that competition on paper date

Jack: against what? Competition

Abe Granoff: because of their teams,

Jack: but they can't drop a game in the standings. That's what's important. They like,

Abe Granoff: if four members can't drop a game, then.

Jack: Nope. Well, I'm saying like, let's say the Grizzlies go for it.

Abe Granoff: Not to mention Memphis had the hardest schedule. I don't know what their schedule is. It run out, but they have a hard schedule.

Jack: But my point is, let's say Memphis does go for them for, if the blazers even go three and five, they're out. They're toast. They don't get a chance to play in tournament.

Abe Granoff: So yeah, I don't know Portland schedule, but as a non bedding man, because I would never be a betting man.

I am going to ride with [00:23:00] Damien lower and the superstars in Portland to get that eight seat. What? I love Zion. Yes. What I love

Jack: Whoa. Time out. Time out. Time out. Would you love who? John? No, you didn't say John. You said Shaw.

Abe Granoff: All right, well, are you going to play pronunciation?

Jack: Just don't know what's good with your Jay's tonight.

Abe Granoff: What I like, giant. I don't really care. I'll see it. I'll see them in the playoffs down the line. I would one Zion, because he's just. Different, or I would want the legit guys in that stadium or three J McCollum.

Jack: Alright. I think, I think that the Grizzlies will easily retain their spot as the aide seed.

Like I don't think they go one and seven and another team goes five and two or. Five and three, and actually moves, which is a possibility. Like they have a lot of teams chasing them. Um, but I think I'm going to take your role on the podcast and go full conspiracy. I think it's gonna play LeBron James in the first [00:24:00] round.

Remember, this is all TV, like, it's not like a scenario where you can make money by getting, like, people are going to sell out staples regardless. They'll buy LeBron jerseys, playoff tickets, et cetera. No problem with that. Now you need people to show up and watch television. Game three and four when the Lakers are up two Oh, in the series.

Abe Granoff: I don't

Jack: really care to watch John Moran and Jaron Jackson jr in my opinion, but while I watch the ion hundred percent so, and will we get LaVar ball saying something? It just makes too much sense. Did

Abe Granoff: you, did you happen to see, did you happen to see some of the ideas that are floating around on the internet on how they could possibly.

Reward home court advantage to the team. That's technically the higher seed.

Jack: I heard that God

Abe Granoff: gave

Jack: McMenamin. Right? Well, that's one of LeBron's guys. So

Abe Granoff: let me read you a few of the options. The higher seed team receives an extra [00:25:00] coaches challenge. Which could be all right. I can get behind that. The higher seed team is awarded the first possession of the second, third, and fourth quarter following the jump ball.

So theoretically, if they won the jump ball, they could start with it every quarter. Do less, you know, the higher seated team being allowed to. Now we get fun. Now we're having fun. The higher seated team being allowed to designate one player to be able to be whistled for 7,000 instead of six

Jack: calves knocking, mixing.

Abe Granoff: I'm not done. I'm not done. The higher seated teams being able to transport their physical hardwood. Like the Sixers, the Sixers logo,

Jack: bringing it,

Abe Granoff: bringing it, bringing it to another

Jack: drawing. He's trolling, he's

Abe Granoff: an ESPN article bringing it to Orlando, so it preserves the word for word to try to preserve the feel of their home [00:26:00] playing experience.

What and off. What is this one?

Jack: Oh, this one.

Abe Granoff: I can get behind this to and off court feature in which playoff teams in order of seating one through 16 actually, no, I can't get behind this cause the Sixers would be the 12th street receive first choice.

Jack: Ooh, pick you up on him.

Abe Granoff: Even better of picking which hotel they will stay.

SPN wide world of sports complex and Disney world reserved.

Jack: And then we got a speck of dust. We're in Disney.

Abe Granoff: I guess we're in Disney. So that off the top of your head, can you think of anything else that could be fun?

Jack: I kinda liked the coaches challenge. I mean, that makes sense. Fun.

Abe Granoff: Maybe. Maybe college shot clock.

Jack: Every time. No, because that wouldn't give an advance. Here's, let's throw out some ideas. I'll start. Um, you get to your game while you're the home team, so you're going to practice the day before you're probably, they're probably gonna play back to backs. I would say it would probably be back to [00:27:00] back.

You'll have a day of rest back-to-back game one and two day of rest back to back game three and four. Right. That makes sense. When you're the, when you're the home team in the playoff series, you get to pick the height of the rim. You can move it by two inches up or down, and then you get to practice for that day on that new height.

And the other team doesn't find out until, uh, an hour before the game.

Abe Granoff: I liked

Jack: that. I liked that. What if we get,

Abe Granoff: um, one nut tap a game,

Jack: one nut tat,

Abe Granoff: uh, nuts hat. Okay. Wonder player wisely.

Jack: What if you could pick one player on the opposing team for

Abe Granoff: your team?

Jack: No. Uh, well that'd be interesting. One player on the opposing team who can only shoot, uh, with his weekend and the game like

Abe Granoff: that.

I like that. Um,

Jack: why couldn't we be in that room? I feel like we would have been good. Just

Abe Granoff: these are better than bringing your home court. The home court is, honestly, [00:28:00] honestly. I would like to hear an NBA player's thought on that because maybe it's a mental thing for them.

Jack: I've wanted to get Derek on the pods so bad tonight.

Abe Granoff: Do you have any NBA players phone numbers in your,

Jack: I don't have any phone

Abe Granoff: numbers deleted.

Jack: I do have miles. I do have miles, but, right. Give me a call. I, it's not right. It's not right.

Abe Granoff: Send him my number. I'll give him a call.

Jack: We'll do it later. We'll do it later. Alright. Uh, so I have pelicans. Abe has. The laser's respect.

Um, all right. We wanted to, because there's a lot of conversation about, you know, the home court now, it doesn't matter unless they take my two inch rule and I know what they can use the measure. Mmm. But one team that will benefit one scene that will benefit from this and one team that does not benefit from the fact that we're resuming after a nice layoff and we're going to this format.

[00:29:00] So take it away with your one

Abe Granoff: one steam that will benefit the most from the MBA coming back in the way it is and how it will go down. No bias. It is the Philadelphia 76 or stay with me when the NBA ended. Aye. I actually wish a lot of bad things on the players and the front office of the Philadelphia 76 years.

We've since made

Jack: amends. Now we're spreading. We're spreading love. We're

Abe Granoff: happy birthday Al Horford 34 year old loser. Um, your baseline twos. Um, why would it benefit the Sixers the most? Because first and foremost. Ben Simmons is back. He's fully healthy. I actually got a text from one of my friends today, workforce.

This is confirmation for all of the fam breaking news on the podcast right here at whole foods in my Symon shirt. This guy asked me if he's my favorite player. I say, yeah, and he tells me that. He says, Schiff told me the back is ready to go and he's healthy. So Ben [00:30:00] Simmons is healthy. The team's just

Jack: on the pod.


Abe Granoff: make a note. Bottom line, we do this. We bring Ben Simmons is healthy. The Sixers were not jelling at that point. Everybody was questioning their road flaws. Now they're not going to play against any, yeah, they're playing on the road, but they won't play against any fans on the road. That was really, we couldn't get the energy without our fence, so we're a healthy team.

We're back on the right track. The best part about this is everyone is now starting from square one. I don't care what your record was or what the narrative was before. This season ended. Throw that out the window. Sure. You can take the record, but it's a whole new season. Like I don't care that the Lakers were rolling.

I do. I don't care that the bucks were rolling. I really don't like, it's a whole new season. If you gave me a healthy Sixers team, I. Well, what did you text me the other night?

Jack: I don't remember.

Abe Granoff: Oh good. Cause I do Jack the other night and it was late. It was, I was

Jack: doing my

Abe Granoff: one minute break down your one minute break down at Benson.

And so Jack [00:31:00] texted me at like 1215 the other night. He goes, I think I can get this word for word without looking. I don't get it. Wait, why don't you guys win it all? Is Brett Brown that bad of a coach? I'm not going to answer this question. But the point is that on paper, it's everyone in their right mind at the beginning of this season, what did the Philadelphia 76 years and said, yeah, it's them in the box.

Who knows? It's a crap shoot. The first 60 plus 70 games, I don't know how many they played it. Yeah. It's very easy to say that the box, we're the team to beat, and I mean, for God's sakes, we were the sixth seed and everyone thought we had a chance to win it all. If you're throwing out everything thrown out, the narratives.

I think we have one of the best rosters on paper in the MBA. Does it gel. That's for you to say, but I think the break, especially for Ben Simmons, that's the biggest reason we're healthy. I don't mind. Well, might be 350 pounds. I haven't seen photos of him post

Jack: quarantine. Yeah, that's kind of concerning.

Honestly. I [00:32:00] have

Abe Granoff: no idea.

Jack: So the text was, and I'll confirm. So confused how you guys aren't favorites in the East. How bad is Brett Brown like Ben Simmons is so good? I do think that there is actually a massive problem with Embiid and Simmons on the floor. Like I think they're both superstars, but it, it just does not make sense for them to play together.


Abe Granoff: What if Ben Simmons came

Jack: back with the Jumpshot? I just had a jump shot of the elite. Um, alright. My one riser and I'm going to, because you mentioned health, I think I'm going to stay on that lane. I'm going with the Clippers.

Abe Granoff: Paul George, they were healthy. They were healthy, you know,

Jack: but they were, they were, they were somewhat healthy, but they weren't playing back to backs.

They weren't doing this and that. They're going to, you know, Kauai will probably play five of the eight regular seasons. Like he's still gonna load manage through this. We're just going to piss people off, which will be amazing. But. Clippers in full force. I've said, I didn't even think

Abe Granoff: of that. I didn't even think of the [00:33:00] load

Jack: management manage, which will be hilarious, but I think the best team in the West, I've thought they were all year.

I said, if they're healthy, I also think Brian Scalabrini said it and it's kind of stuck with me of they're just a perfect match up for the Lakers. Basketball is a matchup game. Most sports are a matchup game. And it just like, you can throw so much at Anthony Davis and LeBron James that really no other team could do.

Could the Clippers lose to a team? Like the rockets at the rockets just went crazy from three and it didn't work for their style, maybe, but the Clippers have just built like a championship basketball team. So I think the Clippers benefit the most. And then my, my dropper. Is another health reason. A lot of health reasons is not even health.

Well, no, definitely health. Well.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, it all started because of lack of health, health, and hatred.

Jack: Yeah. So it's the jazz, and I'm, I'm kind of bummed cause I was super high on the jazz actually. Still, I thought if [00:34:00] Conley could somehow just find a shot as they went into the playoffs,

Abe Granoff: I've been saying that about Ben.

Jack: I felt that they could make a run, but now that. Go bear and Donovan Mitchell, the jazz, we'll probably put them in the same hotel room and see if that works. But I don't know if they're going to, they're going to go for that. Uh, they hate each other. I think Bogdanovich is out for the year or Ingles or Bogdanovich

Abe Granoff: both.

But Don have issues medically out for the

Jack: Ingles

Abe Granoff: himself to Australia.

Jack: Right. I don't move smart move. I mean, look, I, it was one of my better shooting performances in my YouTube video against your mom, Mary. But I wouldn't be shocked to receive a call from the jazz as just more of a role player off the bench.


Abe Granoff: I don't even want to go if you're Utah,

Jack: I don't know. Um, alright. Your dropper.

Abe Granoff: I'm changing it from when we plan. I'm going with, I know this is a good change. Let's go with the Lakers, I think. I think the NBA. [00:35:00] The NBA being canceled at the time it was really hurt the Lakers because they were finally starting to jail.

They did that. Who did they beat in that crazy like weekend stretch? It

Jack: was, the Sixers were playing like you guys didn't have half of your team, but whatever.

Abe Granoff: Anyway. They were jelling bottom line, they were playing their best basketball. LeBron was like getting ready to be in playoff mode. And I know you have comments on what playoff mode is after last year.

Jack: Laker playoff mode, he turns zero dark, a five and seven losing to the sons into, you know, the 10th

Abe Granoff: I think. I think. Like you said, the Clippers have so much to throw at the Lakers. The Clippers have all the steps really outside of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. It took a while for the Lakers to kind of really identify their role players roles and how they would fit in.

I don't know what they've been doing and how they've been keeping ready, but I know what kind of basketball the Lakers were playing at the time when the NBA was canceled. It's just very hard to [00:36:00] replicate that. You could say the same. I was going to do the Milwaukee bucks. You can stay the same for them.

They were jelling. They're playing their best ball. They're ready to go for the playoffs. Then they stop. It's essentially the start of a new season. Who knows how, who's going to show up and not, but those teams, like everyone was saying, it's going to be a crash course for the Lakers and bucks. Or some people said Clippers,

Jack: but not everyone, but sure.

Abe Granoff: I mean, it's a whole new vibe. It's a harder situation.

Jack: Said we wrote down who we are going to say is going to the finals. We're not going to make the prediction, but do you still have your prediction?

Abe Granoff: Yes. My prediction for who's going to the finals is my riser. Philadelphia, 76 years because I believe we're the best team on paper.

I believe. Um, you can kiss my ass about what happened before coven. And I think when we match up with the Milwaukee bucks, we have everything with, just like Jack said about the Clippers can throw everything in. Anthony Davis and LeBron James. I think we have that size and length to throw that at and I [00:37:00] don't think they'll gel as well as they originally were because like I said, it's a new season.

In the Western conference. So

Jack: for everyone listening, the new season is going to make the Sixers fix all their problems while simultaneously pulling the best chemistry teams apart. It's honestly an incredible spin by

Abe Granoff: the, well, no, no, it's not a spin because this organization has been spoon-feeding. Our fan base that this is a playoff ready team and that could be a crock of shit, but in the same breath, what happens in playoff basketball, the game shortens.

It becomes a lot of half-court ball,

Jack: which we had in Simmons absolute worst component of his game, but sure

Abe Granoff: not true. You put it in, there's different lineups. The Sixers run where you put them in the dunker spot, you put them at the five and he's very effective

Jack: on the playoffs. When you one M beat on the floor for 35 minutes.

Abe Granoff: Joella beats fat ass can not play 35 minutes.

Jack: I mean, okay, then you're not winning. [00:38:00] You're not beating the box.

Abe Granoff: I disagree. Um, but my Western conference, winter or finalists, the Lakers, because they're the best team. They have the best player and LeBron James. Okay. And wait, what do you want? James lives in the finals.


Jack: Lakers have their best player, Anthony Davis and LeBron James. So you're saying you're stacked.

Abe Granoff: Oh yeah, they're already stacked. They have two top five players.

Jack: You said they have the best player and LeBron James.

Abe Granoff: They have the

Jack: in . LeBron James is the best player of what?

Abe Granoff: The national basketball association,

Jack: but he's not the best part on his

Abe Granoff: team.

How do you figure, well,

Jack: Anthony Davis leads the team in every statistical category except for assess, so I'm just confused how. LeBron is the best player. If Anthony Davis literally leads like,

Abe Granoff: can I ask you an honest question?

Jack: Yeah. Were you ready for me to say that? Because

Abe Granoff: based off a thousand [00:39:00] percent a thousand percent I knew exactly that was coming.

Can I ask you a question? Because you're such an ignorant asshole. Where does LeBron James rank for you right now and top players in the NBA? What number

Jack: top players? Uh, he's, he's not MERITO but I was just asking you a question cause I wanted to make sure we're on the same

Abe Granoff: weight. So he is, he is better than Anthony Davis.

Jack: Yeah, I just was, I was making sure that you didn't say Anne versus in based off 80 stats and all of that. So my finalists are the bucks and the Clippers, but like, I think it's time. I think that's boring. I think it's, I think it's honest time more than anything.

Abe Granoff: He seemed to watch out for team to watch out for.

I'm backing on Houston.

Jack: Oh, I've been, I've, I've been,

Abe Granoff: but people forget about the small ball. There's only so much, there's only so much film on them too,

[00:40:00] Jack: right? You know what, at least one of the counterarguments arguments

Abe Granoff: these. All these other, all these other teams, they're 60 games, a film on them. They traded Capella, what?

They had 1520 games to try this thing out and experiment. There's only so much tape on them.

Jack: No doubt about that. Right? Um, we're transitioning two.

Abe Granoff: Oh no. The biggest loser right. In all of this and the NBA coming back, the ML big. I have a take and when it comes off the tongue, it might sound like, what did you just say?

Bear with me. It's going to make a lot of sense. It's going to come full circle. I believe the sport of baseball, as we know it is done, there will be no more baseball at a professional level. Little league. Get going, like little leagues. Awesome. I used to play little league, but the sport of baseball, I guess the MLB is finished and [00:41:00] you might be wondering why the, I say that because, so the MLB had these offers on the table for the first came out.

The owners were trying to absolutely rip off the players, right? They were, they were asking for temptation, way too much of a pay cut. The players were like, fuck off, we're not doing this. And then the MLB. Uh, the union countered with 114 game season with the prorated salary, the MLB and the owners, they don't want that.

They're trying now they're trying to do a 50 game season and 82 game season. The players aren't going to want that. The ebbs and flows of baseball are what makes it, and that is not a season. And these offers to me are telling that the MLB, the owners have no inclination of trying to have a season and maybe they're not losing as much money as they

Jack: thought.

Abe Granoff: Hypothetically speaking, if the MLB were to come back, let's say they start the same day as the MBA, July 31st you do a 50 game season that puts your probably July, [00:42:00] August. Your season ends the end of September, October. That'll be the NBA playoffs. That'll be the NFL. That'll be every golf major. That'll be every tennis major.

The MLB already has to compete with. The mob already has to compete with itself. When. In the summer. They're the only sport going on and they're still struggling to get popularity. You're telling me the NBA, the MLB is going to want to compete with all of that. Not two NBA, NFL golf majors, tennis majors, horse racing.

You're local. I am softball league. Like literally everything. No, they're not going to want to do that. So this season, in my opinion, is totally chalked. It's not going to happen. Then you look to 2021 then the collective bargaining agreement in the MLB expires at the end of 2021 at that time, the owners and the players union are going to have to negotiate a new CBA.

What's going to happen? Both sides have lost a shit ton of money in this one season because of Corona virus that they're going to try and [00:43:00] recoup that over the next 10 years or however much the CBA is. The owners are going to want more money. The players are going to want more money. It's going to be this bashing of heads.

What I think is going to happen, they're going to have a stalemate. They're going to have a strike in 21 2021 so you have no season this year because the Corona virus, you have no season in 2021 because of a strike. Baseball is already such a localized sport at that point. People are just going to forget

Jack: soccer.

Abe Granoff: What

Jack: are you in on soccer like that's a localized for right now. You think that could take over.

Abe Granoff: Like the MLS?

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: No. Why? Because, because that's where 50 year old superstars out of their prime come to vacation

Jack: in the next 48 months. Let's say you get Rinaldo into Miami. Let's say you get a young guy to come over.

Good, good. Sick goat set. He was the world cup star winner. Um, I don't know. He's still 28.

Abe Granoff: Bottom line is the MLB has screwed this up so [00:44:00] badly. They were so close to coming back and they could have been the only sport going on and been the center of focus. Would anybody have watched Cubs Cardinals Sunday night baseball if it was the only sport on TV?

Probably not. I probably have thrown it on Netflix, but it had that chance and it wasted it. And now you're talking about maybe coming back and playing at the same time as the NBA playoffs and the NFL. Come on.

Jack: Come on, come on.

Abe Granoff: So speaking of other school is done.

Jack: Speaking of other sports that might be done now, it's not done.

I love flying off hockey, but Abe, do you want to introduce our new segment?

Abe Granoff: I am so excited for this because a lot of people have been in, my GMs have been in Jack's DMS, have been replying to Snapchats. Will you guys ever talk about hockey? And though to those people, I would always say. I'm going to be honest with you.

No, I don't care about hockey. I don't know much about it. I used to be a huge flyers fan back in the [00:45:00] day. Will we talk about hockey and it's a new era of the snapback pod. We're free agents. We decided to change up our whole mojo. Maybe plan an episode or two, I don't know. So we're going to talk a little hockey once a week.

Our producer, Andrew Eagle said, who I like to call Andrew dolphin. Sam, because there's a dolphins fan is going to present to you his one minute segment called what? The puck where Andrew will give a one minute as much as he can get out of his system about what's going on in the state of hockey, the nature of hockey, and he's Canadian.

This guy is literally, you're Barry Melrose of snapback sports. So Jack, if you want to get the timer. Alright.

Jack: I'm getting the timer.

Abe Granoff: Eagle said, looking good. My guide

Jack: on, don't unmute him yet. Don't unmute emit. All right, I'm going to, I'm going to hit start and then he can start talking. Three, two. Yeah. All right.

So everyone listening to this and wants to hear about hockey, we're going to talk about the 2014 playoff. [00:46:00] So we've got two hub cities for, or two

Abe Granoff: cities,

Jack: one hub say for each conference that there's down to 10 that they're considering right now. Those are Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Vancouver.


Abe Granoff: chances are it won't be a Canadian city because of

Jack: the travel restrictions. So, you know, count on those two cities being American. Um, for everyone wondering, the 2019, 20 regular season is over, but there will be two exhibition games once things come back, so your team won't be going right back into playoffs anyway.

Abe Granoff: Teams are seated by point percentage and the top four teams in each conference will essentially

Jack: get up. Bye for the qualifying round in the East. That's Boston, Tampa and Washington and Philly in the West at st Louis, Colorado, Las Vegas, and Dallas. Um,

Abe Granoff: the remaining 16 teams will play in

Jack: this best of five qualifying rounds, and there's actually some not bad, massive match-ups in the East.

Pittsburgh versus Montreal could actually be interesting because it's the best of five, not seven

Abe Granoff: all the time we have for what? The pocket. Andrea, we will see you next [00:47:00] week. Thank you for your one minute hockey segment. This will be a recurring segment on the show. We want to branch out. Maybe we'll get a motor cross minute of the week.

I know you guys have been asking about that, but

Jack: that was good. That was good. That was a definitely a lot of information delivered in a minute. I was our first try.

Abe Granoff: What did you learn, Jack?

Jack: Mmm.

Abe Granoff: I learned. I learned. I still don't give a shit about,

Jack: I learned that I want to, I like, I like playoff hockey. So what?

Alright, let's do we let him answer?

Abe Granoff: Oh no, no, no. One minute. What the puck.

Jack: So someone needs to let me know when the playoffs are potentially coming back for, I'll

Abe Granoff: see you next week. He will send good stuff. That was what the puck.

Jack: Uh, alright, so setback fam. We appreciate you guys. We know what's going on in the world.

Mmm. Resources will be posted on all our stuff because we're still supporting this stuff, but we hope for 45 minutes, for 50 minutes, whatever this was that you guys enjoy, that you guys [00:48:00] laughed and that you're ready to take this journey with us. So. Thank you guys from the bottom of our heart, Abe, that

Abe Granoff: that was way too somber.

Snapback fan. We're about to take this shit to the moon. You're in or you're out. Jack and I are devoting a lot of our time. We're working on other jobs while we're doing this, but we care about you guys in this show so much to make it the best we can be. We've got a lot of great stuff planned for football season.

We've got a lot of great stuff planned for the rest of this summer. More content coming, more videos. Hopefully stick with us. Tell your friends, tell your moms, tell your moms, moms, let's take this friend's mom's moms. Let's do this thing. Let's do it right. Also,

Jack: I snapped snapback fam. Much love peace.