[00:00:00] Jack: What I've stepped back. Fam. Welcome back to another episode of snapback sports pod. On this episode, we discuss Kyrie Irving, another what the heck? Internet graphic, Monday mailbag. Thank you guys. To snap back fan for sending in your questions and then a new segment that Yves wants to do. I want to do it with them.

It's called. Would you rather. Snapback fam new app. Let's get it more. Raven, select Lamar Jackson

Abe: to the Philadelphia Eagles

Jack: drought. Brian put the jumper.

What up fam I'm your host? Jack sediment from snapback sports joining me tonight. And it was always my cost and long time. Best friend Abe. Abe. [00:01:00] What is on your mind today?

Abe: I'm glad you asked. I'm

Jack: divorced. I need ask. No,

Abe: I didn't ask. Um, what is all my mind is a lot of negative things that we'll talk about later in the show, mostly because I don't think the MBA's happening anymore.

Jack: Well, let me tell you what's on my mind.

Abe: I didn't, I don't really think I

Jack: am so upset. The golf tournament was so fun this weekend and it just ended an absolute heartbreak. I forgot how miserable sports betting was. I forgot how miserable it was when the person

Abe: you must have not been a, you must have you forgot how miserable sports betting was.

He must've not been betting on Russian ping-pong.

Jack: I have not been

Abe: it's electric

Jack: without further ado though. Our lead topic for today is Kyrie Irving. The man who spread the New York Knicks and the man who is now trying to spurn the entire MBA.

Abe: Hey, miss you, miss you, miss you missed [00:02:00] two other teams

Jack: and burned a lot of people, people and people.

If you have very intense feelings about this man, Kyrie, so I will let

Abe: you go. I just want to, I want to preface by saying that what Kyrie said, like his message on why the MBA shouldn't come back. Saying that once the NBA does come back, the news will go from these peaceful protests back to who dropped 30 in the playoff game, which I totally understand.

What's very interesting about Kyries comments is the timing of them all, because there was a call like, you know how, like Kyrie said all this stuff on like a hundred player call, there was a call, like I think a few weeks ago. When the protests were going on or that during that time where they were really just discussing, discussing like the plans of how they're going to come back, just like the logistics about it.

And Kyrie was one of the players that had a lot of questions. Um, but they weren't really about systemic racism in America and other stuff. They were more so about, [00:03:00] um, the logistics of where they're gonna stay, if there'll be allowed in and out what he even wanted to know, if he is counted as one of the 17 players on the roster.

If he has to go and just support is an injured player factor into that. So he said that weeks ago, and then he comes out in another call and decides that he thinks that the MBA shouldn't even happen anymore. What changed in that week and a half is what I'm thinking. Like he said, I'm willing to risk it all for this.

And I respect the hell out of that. Colin Kaepernick. He risked it all. And. And now he doesn't have a job over it. Um, but where you willing to risk it all a week and a half ago, when we were finding out about all these details and coming, how you're going to get to Orlando and stuff like that, it's just interesting.

And. To what he said, though. I do agree. He has a point. Did you see what Austin Rivers said?

Jack: Yeah, I have it pulled up from my phone right now. [00:04:00] Let me, let me spark noted for everyone listening. Awesome. River's response was us coming back. We'll be putting money in all of our pockets with this money. We could then help more people give more energy towards the black lives matter movement.

I'm a hundred percent on board with that. Also keeping some kids indoors, watching basketball games on TV, instead of getting in trouble, possibly even canceling next season could mess with the CBA, which would then essentially affect all of those things that he thinks could bring positive change. So that's, it's summarized and yeah, I'm fully on board with our some rivers.

I think that's the right message. It seems like it's Kyrie and Dwight Howard against a large population of players who want to bring back the league. It's

Abe: funny. It's funny that there, there are so many quotes coming out and I actually saw this weekend. It was like, um, Something about like Donovan, Mitchell, Jason Tatum, like the guys who are eligible for rookie extension, there was a quote saying like, they might not be willing to play and it's sourced shops.

Like what was his [00:05:00] like little sister and Donovan, Mitchell quote, retweeted, and wrote stop it as it's like, it's not true because the media can spew like, like that's how you know, that is in a different level. You would never quote, retweet and call him out. I shot

Jack: some of the NBA players hated Bleacher report.

I saw a bunch of tweets this weekend that were just like Bleacher report lies, Bleacher point misquotes. I didn't, I had no clue that it was like that. I

Abe: mean, Oh wow. NBA players hate the media. Crazy, crazy concept.

Jack: So I don't understand where you stand on this. What you're like. Oh, you did with your, it makes it

Abe: awesome.

Listen, listen, what would Kyries comments bait? If there was a seven foot sharpshooter on his team that didn't ever torn a kill.

Jack: I don't see that at

Abe: all. Would it be if he

Jack: wasn't hurt? I don't think that has anything to do with it personally.

Abe: I don't either.

Jack: I just think you're just

Abe: here, but

Jack: y'all believe in

Abe: listen.

[00:06:00] I it's cause it's hard to talk bad on Kyrie in this because his message is right. And I agree with that and what's going on, but the dude has a track record of just talking and disrupting he's disrupted everywhere. He went. And it's interesting to me that he was so on board with it a few weeks ago, but now he's causing,

Jack: you just told you opened up by saying he wasn't.

Abe: No, I opened up by saying when they had a call about what was going on, he wasn't asking about like, The the problems going on in America right now, he just wanted to know how it was going to go down. Like he was ready to go in with it.

Jack: Well, that was awesome. Was that before the riots was that before George, George Floyd and the whole movement kind of took storm,

Abe: I mean,

Jack: timeline's is born the timeline's important, is it?

Yeah, I think so,

Abe: because I understand it's, it's heightened now. But this is not an issue that's been

Jack: going on, but it's it's and I'm not calling you.

Abe: I

Jack: understand. I'm not calling you do [00:07:00] now. I'm saying it would be ignorant to say

Abe: no, a hundred percent

Jack: when something is going, it's going. And that's why they want to not weird at

Abe: Kyrie of all people.

Like he's always the disruptor.

Jack: And so I saw a really good tweet in

Abe: response to mention, not to mention, I don't agree with him. Like I do not think that. If the NBA didn't happen, like what is going to happen? Like it's all entertainment have to be shut down until then people use entertainment and sports.

As an escape. People use this podcast as an escape.

Jack: I view it even the opposite of that and that to Austin river's point of not only the entertainment aspect, but you can make more of an impact with more money in your pockets. And with the platform they have by not playing, they don't want your post game press.

What do you think?

Abe: What do you think is more, what do you think is more publicized? These peaceful protests or game three of a first round series? Like they have, they have this global stage because the NBA is a global game and they are some of the most influential people on planet earth. And even LeBron wants to play.

LeBron's like. Can we hold the phone here? Like we can do [00:08:00] both. Yeah. We can easily do both there. I don't understand what one has to do with the other. And I heard that that's what Austin river said, but you can go there. The NBA, some of the most influential people on planet earth and do something there.

Make a stand during the pregame where the entire world is tuned into it. The entire world isn't tuned into a, a peaceful protest in Denver, Colorado.

Jack: I agree. I think one thing to point out about Kyrie. And I saw this online. I thought it was a fair point. He's kind of becoming Kanye in a way where even awesome, but that's not even the bulk of the statement, the statement

Abe: where you just always think that he might be microdosing, some kind of.


Jack: exactly where, where Khan is now been labeled as like anything that comes out of his mouth can be because he's crazy. And he's lost his mind, whatever Kyrie, because he said so much crazy stuff. Now you just look at the messenger and not the message. When in reality

Abe: you have that kind of platform.

You got to be careful what you [00:09:00] say or

Jack: create

Abe: forms, narratives

Jack: his messages. Correct. We don't want to stop the momentum. But I really prefer, and not because I want to see basketball come back. I really prefer the way Austin Rivers thinks about it over Kyrie. So now the question flips to what's going to happen.

Abe: The NBA is not coming back.

Jack: Why do you say that? Why did you say it?

Abe: Because it's just so interesting how. All these like little things are coming up. Like some people are concerned about playing for different reasons. Some people are concerned

Jack: about the bubble

Abe: grownup. Yeah. The bubble. Some people are concerned about playing because of the Kyrie and the Dwight Howard's of the world.

Right. Um, so you have that. And so that's a little sketchy because like what if some top players stood out something like that? Not to mention in the first place. I never understood how it was going to happen with justically. The NBA still has not come out and said, What will happen if a player test positive, what you and I know will happen is

Jack: if [00:10:00] on his test,

Abe: Avery Bradley test positive, it's going to be a big, it's going to be something for LeBron needs to get over the hump for, you know what I mean? Like we'll hear about that, but we won't hear about Yannis. And then I see a tweet that the Disney worker, so the Disney workers that are in

Jack: their boys are boys

Abe: are boys snapback fam.

That's working down there. Stay safe. Um, they're going to be allowed to go in and out of the bubble. What?

Jack: Yeah. The players were not happy about that when they kind of realized that

Abe: how is that possible? Because the MLS has already started the testing. Like I think the, the NBA starting the 23rd or something, they'll be tested every other day.

The MLS already has a player test positive. They were doing it. They didn't even start playing yet. So like, I mean, we all know what's going to happen. If some player, if you're a certain level of player in the NBA and you test positive. Here, take this under the table. You know what I mean?

Jack: I think the MBA is going to come back.

It's definitely become [00:11:00] sketchy, but we still have like what a month before they need to be down there?

Abe: No, I think. Training camp starts maybe the first week in July.

Jack: Okay. So we have three, we have three more weeks, so much stop. Remember there was no season three weeks ago, and now there's a season and all these issues and they got to work through it.

There's one commissioner in the world who I do trust, trying to manage all this it's Adam silver. So I still have hope. I have very different

Abe: opinions on Adam silver.

Jack: Why you don't think that

Abe: you don't think he's great for the game? He's done great things. The guy literally forced Sam Hinkie out of Philadelphia.

He literally pulled him and plugged in a coal Angelo brother who then proceeded to have burner accounts. He, the process was doing just fine. And Adam silver had to get involved. You know, he, you know, that's what happened, right.

Jack: I don't really think like that's like,

Abe: that's like a, that's [00:12:00] like a fact that's

Jack: under SIM, but that's like six years ago.

Abe: Oh, yeah. You think I forgot?

Jack: Yeah. I don't, I don't know how that just came because nor do I care,

Abe: but you don't, you don't think I, you don't think, I think about that every time I see Al Horford rim out of baseline to

Jack: the clinch. Who's the GM didn't he get fired

Abe: now it's out in brand. He got fired because of the burner accounts.

Jack: Right.

Abe: All went to ship before that that was the Markel faults. That was the trading up

Jack: Markel faults. You wanted all these moves that clinch I'm amazed. And you guys hated hinky.

Abe: Yeah. Oh, I did not know what

Jack: you guys hated. Hinky.

Abe: Why do you know anything?

Jack: Yeah, I do.

Abe: Why do, why do we hate?

Jack: Who told me a hundred times you wanted Markel faults?

Hundred times.

Abe: Wait, I thought we were talking about Sam Hinkie,

Jack: right? What's your

Abe: point? Everyone wanted Mark faults, right? It was just, but

Jack: bring that up. And how are you going to bring up Alhambra? I'm not, I'm not talking about the Sixers tonight. This has nothing to do with anything, Adam silver,

Abe: no one in Philadelphia has ever hated Sam Hinkie.

Jack: Okay. Whatever, whatever you [00:13:00] say. Um, regardless I think that

Abe: MD

Jack: MBA's coming back. I think the MBA comes back, but now it is starting to feel like there's. The asterix is going to be placed on this title. It's

Abe: started. Why, why what's the difference now than what it was before?

Jack: It's just like, nah, it felt like a week ago.

Everyone's all in. And now like a star might sit a player here. It just doesn't feel like this. It almost feels too late to salvage the season. It's starting to get.

Abe: Well, there's always kind of like the target time.

Jack: When was July 30, I understand. And now that we're rapidly approaching it and we still have six weeks to go before even a regular,

Abe: I don't, I don't really think that anything's changed.

Like, yeah, it's sketchy. It might not come back, but I don't think that has anything to deal with. If it did come back, how people would look at the champion.

Jack: I mean, I

Abe: mean, it is

Jack: a whole new season, right? It's a whole new season. There's no fans. There's like, you know,

Abe: so when did it, when did the NBA stop?

Like March

Jack: mid [00:14:00] March, beginning of March,

Abe: April, may, June at the end of July. So that's four entire months. The NBA finals usually ends the beginning of June. They have June to that.

Jack: The rafters won the title a year ago today. So June,

Abe: July, September preseason basketball starts in October. It's already been a full off season.

Jack: Right? Like it, it almost feels like just if we're gonna do a whole thing, scrap it and start the season. Start this season on Christmas when it's just start anyways. And that would be excellent.

Abe: Um, that being said, I still want it to come back.

Jack: Yeah, I'm definitely for you

Abe: see that photo of Benson and his arms.

Jack: I, he looks good. He looks good.

Abe: One of my friends says one of my friends said, um, I forget what he said. And it was like less weights, more jump shots or something like that

Jack: was

Abe: kind of a, kind of a lab.

Jack: All right on to the, what the hell internet graphic of the week. I posted this on my snapback sports Snapchat [00:15:00] story.

The graphic is such, and this will be posted on snapback Pat on Instagram. And I want you guys to put your thoughts. So it is Disney world teams by tier teams that will be down in Orlando. If the season does resume tier one favorites bucks, Lakers Clippers, tier two threats to those favorites, Raptors Celtics, rockets, nuggets, heat Sixers, tier three, dark horses, jazz Mavs, Pacers, thunders blazers.

Tier four irritants, Griz and pelicans, and then tier five, no chance. That's magic King spurs with sons, sucky, Kyrie this, I mean, we see a lot of graphics and we're taught, we talk about

Abe: this is this, this graphic is right up your alley.

Jack: It's fairly accurate.

Abe: It is so

Jack: dumb. How. I think it's one like where you see

Abe: no, I have a problem.

I have a problem with the tiers, like the names of the tears.

Jack: Okay. All [00:16:00] right, dude. That's not the point. That's not the point.

Abe: What does it, what does an irritant mean?

Jack: Irritant means like, why what's the difference between

Abe: what is the difference between that tier tier four and five? Because to me, Memphis in new Orleans,

Jack: no chance.

Okay. I'll give you what that is. The difference is irritant means. They're going to play those one seeds tough and maybe get a game. What,

Abe: so that means that all tier five are automatically getting swept no matter what pretty much,

Jack: or, or maybe they get one game, but they're not really, like, they have no chance of winning two games.

And so

Abe: in that case, in that case, I don't agree with that at all. I think through Grizzlies and the pelicans, they're both going to go up against, um, the, the Lakers most likely do they have to be the eight that they. Like no, they're the same category. Like, yeah, they could get a game, but just because they have John's ion doesn't mean we're putting them in a different category.

Jack: Okay. All right. That's fine too.

Abe: My other bugaboo with this dark horses, what that to me is

[00:17:00] Jack: like,

Abe: why are these tears? Like it's it's can win the championship and then everyone else

Jack: who cares this is it. This is a tiered graphic.

Abe: You asked me a question. You asked me, you asked me a question. What the hell is the internet graphic?

And I'm telling you it's stupid. Like Ken went a first round match up

what you want me to talk about? The favorites and the threats that what she wants. Sure.

Jack: If that's what you want, we're breaking down the graph. What a heat, whatever you want, whatever you

Abe: want. Heat, the heat nuggets, Raptors and Celtics are

Jack: not threats. I don't know how you can say that. With my mouth. I mean, you're just being biased and no, I'm not.


Abe: tell you why. I'll tell you why I'll tell you why. I don't think the rafters have a chance at all, because I just don't think Pascal is yet. He could be the best player on a championship team. I think those without collide, they don't have that guy. The Celtics [00:18:00] though, they do have talent. I think they're screwed with when they played big people, they have no interior GQ.

Jack: You just knock them out there.

Abe: I'm not that's why? Because they have no interior presence.

Jack: No, you did. You, you said there were a threaten and now you're talking about them as a non threat, not a threat, but you said, you just said that Celtics rockets and Sixers were threats. So you're saying the self now.

Abe: Oh yeah. This sounds like you're out.

Jack: Okay.

Abe: I didn't mean to say they were my bad, the nuggets. Oh, mr. Serbians got a six pack. Come on. He just went from quarantine from a skilled big man to Serbian. Kevin Love. I know you're so hype on the

Jack: nuggets. I'm not, I'm not a hype on the nuggets. I think they're the heat,

Abe: the heat, same thing with the rafters.

I don't think they have, they, I don't think Jimmy Butler is the one player that could carry a team to a championship. And I think the Sixers and the rockets have too much talent. That's why they're a threat, [00:19:00] whether it fits or not, whether their system works. Sure. But I think they have too much down.

Jack: It's just, I feel bad for the people listening, because why not?

You knocked three teams out of the threat category who are all have better records and have been better than the Sixers this season. So I feel bad for people listening because it just comes off as, as

Abe: a check. Did you, do you remember the conversation? We had five minutes ago. This is a whole new season.

So it's what happened in March and everything else is irrelevant,

Jack: but

Abe: it's totally irrelevant,

Jack: but that doesn't mean that the Sixers just become better.

Abe: That means I'm saying we have some of the most talent, whether they figure it out, it's a whole different story, but even you said what the best starting five in basketball, like talent wise, whether

Jack: it's one by one, but it doesn't fit.

And just because they're season restarts, isn't going to make it fit.

Abe: When you have that much talent on the basketball court, you're a threat, you're a threat. I'm not sitting here and claiming the Sixers as champions. I'm saying

Jack: you have, [00:20:00] you have

Abe: no, I say, I think they will because I'm a fan, but right now I'm saying they have to be in that threat category solely be, and this is not biased.

Look at the names

Jack: seems in the threat category because I think that is a proper designation of where they lend.

Abe: See, I would love to make a separate tier. Tier two B it's titled cuties and it goes Toronto, Boston, Denver, Miami.

Jack: I think the only cuties in that category are Denver. Miami. I think you

Abe: can't call on Denver.

Jack: Huh?

Abe: Didn't you text me about two days ago nuggets and for,

Jack: yeah, because yoga is looks hot, but the Raptors just want a title. No,

Abe: no, not these Raptors

Jack: they'd lost Kauai, but has, has filled into that role pretty well. And there

Abe: are deep teams failed. He's failed into a top three player in the world

Jack: is not a top three player in the world.

Abe: Sorry, top five, even.

Jack: No, he hasn't, but I'm saying he is definitely filled room and their team [00:21:00] has the experience. There. They've been the what second best team in the East all year long. So. I don't know. I think that crossings Yelena. Yeah. He's saying you're an idiot and you have no Chloe time out. And

Abe: I was talking about stop talking about what happened before COVID because it is totally irrelevant.

Jack: It's not,

Abe: I do not care.

Jack: It's totally irrelevant though.

Abe: It's not a relevant for seating.

Jack: It's not irrelevant for anything. These are still the players that are going to be playing. Yes.

Abe: Yes.

Jack: Sure. Maybe. But,

Abe: but how you telling me

Jack: what, how they were playing is because of the players on their team? Not because they were just on a hot shooting street, we still have a 60 game sample size of, we know that the Raptors are good because over the course of 60 games, they have go play.


Abe: we know their regular season. Good.

Jack: Sure. But they're coming off the title and

Abe: they're no, they're not.

Jack: What do you mean they're not, they [00:22:00] won the title last year. They have a bulk of those players, coaching staff,

Abe: what matters at the end of the year, the superstar.

Jack: Sure. So

Abe: I'm not, I mean, yes.

Jack: So who's the, who's the Sixers or rockets superstar that is threatening the title favorites, James harden, who is the literally never performed in a big time game.

And then who's the superstar on the Sixers that you're talking about.

Abe: Listen, dude,

Jack: out. You can't make a statement.

Abe: Joel Embiid.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. Yup. Yup. And on the rockets, your superstar, you're going to in the playoffs,

Abe: stop disrespecting James harden, stop disrespect.

Jack: He has literally never made a big shot in the playoffs.

Abe: I don't care.

Jack: Now. It doesn't matter.

Abe: To making one time to making one

Jack: shot. See, I can score the most points in game. One of the NBA finals was

Abe: Fred fam. We went for 25 at one time in the NBA

Jack: final point. [00:23:00] They have players who have that experience. James harden. Nope.

Abe: But to call this team the say like the, the, the rafters from last year is blast.

Jack: I'm not calling them the rap. There's some last,

Abe: okay. By the definition. Yes. The Raptors won the championship last year. This the rafters are the reigning champions going into this playoffs. Congratulations. But San ridiculous.

Jack: What are you? I can't even have a conversation with you because all you say is six or six or six.


Abe: No, I'm not. I'm literally not. I'm just explaining why,

Jack: why are the rockets a threat then let's talk about that because you want them to be a threat.

Abe: Excuse me, but mr. fan you're the one that keeps saying the rockets were a game away.

Jack: fall and a good clean Kybella.

Abe: Oh, Russell. Westbrook's not that,

Jack: that was three years

Abe: ago.

It's not better than Chris Paul Russell Westbrook today. Isn't better than Chris. Paul was then,

Jack: um, it's debatable. Please, but are hard team is [00:24:00] nothing like it was three years

Abe: ago. I bet you're knocking James harden because he doesn't come up big

Jack: hold up. But I asked you to explain

Abe: why fat and nothing matters unless you

Jack: wait, why are they a

Abe: threat?

Because they have the, they have, in my opinion, an MVP candidate, they have Russell Westbrook, a system they've been

Jack: closed system. What system? Small ball. Small. Okay. Alright. So that's your explanation. So when they,

Abe: why aren't they, why aren't they?

Jack: Because they match up horribly with the Lakers and the Clippers horribly.

I horribly,

Abe: because the Clippers go five out with them too. Who can stop Russell Westbrook one-on-one one, the wind, the paint, open

Jack: him,

Abe: him.

Jack: Him, he can stop himself. I think at the beginning of this, I said, all those teams are in the threat category. I actually think this is a fairly accurate rat is

Abe: they could say that's what I understand.

Jack: They could potentially beat those teams in a seven game series. That's all it is dark horse to me means they [00:25:00] could beat the dark horses, could beat the teams above them. In a seven game series, but that's realistically it and the one dark horse that's up there that I don't agree with. I don't think the blazers, I know they're getting healthy and I don't think the jazz anymore either I was high on the jazz, but I just don't

Abe: with the jazz aren't high on the

Jack: G the jazz are not excited, but the blazers they're giving too much love.

I know that they went to the Western conference finals last year. I know they're injured. But you can't just snap your finger. Like that's not how the NBA works. You don't just turn into a new team because you take a few, I don't know. I think it's a good graphic. I think the Mavs have a chance to win a Siri.

I don't think the math is actually have a chance to win a series. The

Abe: sons made it.

Jack: Yeah, they're in the Kings are in it. Like they're just putting teams in them. I'm just done with the Sixers. I'm just,

Abe: I do it. That wasn't a six or center thing. I just I've always thought those teams were cuties. [00:26:00] I have,

Jack: I know you have, and I need you to open your eyes and watch the past 60 games where those other three teams have been better than six years.

All year long,

Abe: bottom line. I think five teams can win the championship.

Jack: Okay. All right on to Monday mailbag. First question is from Nick Barrows. If you guys want to send in your Monday mailbag questions, just text us (917) 905-9069. Nick Barrow's question, besides Lamar, which 2018 quarterback would you start a team way?

I'm going to start on and point to what is Lamar doing down in Florida right now? Did you see what happened?

Abe: Didn't you just like trucks, take a jet ski

Jack: rock, stick to the jet ski. I don't care. Honestly. I love it. I love the dude. Just likes to have fun. I'm not worried about him. I'm sure that Ravens will not be thrilled by seeing that clip, but he looked explosive.

It's so fun to [00:27:00] watch, even on a beach to answer the question he is,

Abe: he is really, really fun to watch in the playoffs. I gotta give you that.

Jack: Yeah. He is 500 total yards in his most recent playoff game is actually nice once. Have what? 86 before being injured. Um, which quarterback would I start a team Cho? I would go with, I almost want to say Darnell's he just turns the ball over too much.

He's been hindered by bad coaching. Like it's really stunted his development

Abe: bad organization.

Jack: Right. It's tough. I mean, so as Baker though, I'll for sure. Say not Josh Rosen and not Josh Allen. Josh Allen is so inaccurate. I don't think people understand like how inaccurate he is. It's tough to actually say Baker he's in such a better system.

Now he has better coaches. He has so many skill players. Who's the number one, pick Darnell with a good coach. This is an argument for it. Who do, who are you going with?

Abe: Baker? Cause I'm a sucker,

Jack: but you're, but you're going for bigger because you're buying into the hype of the Browns and that's

[00:28:00] Abe: why are you not?

Baker's also the best quarterback out of all of them,

Jack: but you're saying straight tools. You think he's the best quarterback?

Abe: A hundred percent. Like I said, the rookie record for passing touchdowns.

Jack: That, but that has nothing to do with what I'm

Abe: talking to talent. Is there, what are you that has to do with the talent?

Jack: No, that has to do with once again, that has to do with, he has more weapons. He has more players around him.

Abe: I mean, Josh Allen has plenty around him to go to the playoffs.

Jack: Yeah, but John, we're not talking about Josh Allen. This question is more Darnold or Baker.

Abe: What the question literally says,

Jack: I know, but we're not considering

Abe: I would take J Y

Jack: I would.

You would take Josh Allen over be over Darnel. Yeah. Why not as a quarterback? I mean, have you ever watched Josh Allen throw a football?

Abe: Yeah, but I'm not saying I would. I'm just saying, like, I'm not throwing Josh Allen out like that. I know you hate Josh Allen he's I don't, I don't hate him as much as you do.

[00:29:00] You also had a bad experience as a

Jack: Madden with him? No, we won a super bowl with him. Would you, would you want Mitch Dubiski as your quarterback come on? Cause that's Joshua Allen this year. That's Shazia and this year I'm just warning you.

Abe: I think you, I think you're saying the bills of the bears.

Jack: They are the bears I have a big reason is because Josh Allen who completed 57% of his passes is their starting quarterback.

And if you can't throw out, you're not really going to last in this league. So I'm going to go with, I don't know. I actually think it's a tie. I wouldn't,

Abe: I, you gotta pick one. I'm going Baker.

Jack: I'm going, I'm probably going Darnold I think if you'd give them a good coach and weapons and an O line, like go back three years, this kid was the number one prospect.

He was supposed to be the number one pick in the draft for awhile. He has all the tools. The one thing about him is just his turnover. Tendencies. So I don't know, we [00:30:00] won't get to see this year. Like they don't have

Abe: a tad tendency that hasn't just been with him in the NFL.

Jack: I agree. No, no, no. Fully in college, fully in Cod, but that's where you would like a good coach to come in and say, Hey, you gotta stop doing this, this and this.

And that can help. It's been

Abe: awhile.

Jack: Well, it's been two years. It's been two years a year.

Abe: Yeah. Yeah. So it's been a while of him throwing, you know,

Jack: five point is

Abe: kind of just his thing, Gacy, unless you're not

Jack: helping him. Gates is not helping him is my

Abe: point. Right.

Jack: all right. We're going to go to the next question, which is from Aiden, a court of corn, the row Aiden, a coroner row.

Abe: That's an interesting last name,

Jack: coroner out. Alright. Who has a better future? The jets of the giant.

Abe: The giants. No doubt about it.

Jack: Well, it's just

Abe: leadership from the top down. Now. That's not saying the Giant's leadership, is that anything to call home about? But, um, I mean, the giants like are, and I'm saying this as an Eagles fan are, they're a reputable [00:31:00] organization.

They won super bowls before the jested too, but coming, come on. It's the goddamn jets.

Jack: I don't view the jets like you do, I

Abe: think, are you talking now? He can answer it from a football standpoint.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe: They both pay it. They're both paying a running back, going to pay a running back. So yeah, the IB, this is comparing, I don't

Jack: know,

Abe: piss the poop.

Jack: It's not, if you're a New York football fan, including the bills, I'm not excited about any team and where they're going. I don't like Danny dimes also has turnover problems. You can't foam the ball 20 times. Lamar made the jump, that Lamar phone with a ball, a ton, his rookie year, and then made the jump. I don't know if Danny died.

Who's their coach. Is it still that? Oh, they hired a special team.

Abe: I don't know.

Jack: It's just like pick your poison is calling on. I'm taking the giants

Abe: because one has a coach and the other [00:32:00] one has a guy that has crazy eyes.

Jack: Right? If, if we could talk about this in 365 days, when Gates is no longer the coach, I would feel comfortable picking the jets, but

Abe: now I wouldn't.

Who are they going to bring in? That's how you grow. Oh, the

Jack: jets. So the chief's offensive coordinator. The fact that he doesn't have a job as criminal.

Abe: They, I mean, that's true shows the problems in the world,

Jack: but yeah. Uh, alright, I'll go jets. Why not? I dunno. Cause pick up the guy that, alright. Uh, last question from Luke Peters, do you think the Davin cook will be another levy on bell or Melvin Gordon situation?

Abe: So is that asking us, do we think he's going to hold out, get money and then be

Jack: irrelevant. Pretty much. Yeah.

Abe: That's exactly what I think, Luke,

Jack: like we did the, we did

Abe: the, who's going to pay him. Somebody will do it. They always do

Jack: so for everyone listening, if you've never heard of Sporcle, did you have a childhood?

Um, but is a quiz kind of fill in the blank, [00:33:00] a trivia, whatever, some form of game. And even I did a. Top 10 rushing leaders over the past 10 years, right? Yeah. 20 years, 20 years, past 20 years,

Abe: I didn't end up filling out the entire thing.

Jack: Yeah. So I got like 120 or something out of the 200, but over the past five years I got, I would say, I think I got like 46 or 48 out of the 50,

Abe: but who's the one who was the one you missed that pissed you off the most.

Jack: Oh, Michael Turner. I knew who it was. I just couldn't come up with his name and year. Was that, that was like the Oh eight Oh nine. The Falcons. Yeah, big guy. But if we just go back to 2016 or even 2017, like the turnover between the top 10 rushing leaders is insane. It's actually insane.

Abe: So what do you think?

Answer the question.

Jack: So what do I think will Delvin cook B? I think he's going to hold out. I think the Vikings are not going [00:34:00] to pay him what he wants, because he's,

Abe: I mean, you go ahead.

Jack: Let me on bell is at least a three down back Gates just for whatever reason doesn't use him like that. So bell is different than Melvin Gordon, but Cooke is he's a two down back.

Abe: Yeah. And I want to take back what I said about Melvin, because I love the

Jack: Broncos. What about him?

Abe: I just want to take back anything negative.

Jack: So do I think it will be another? Yeah, I think he's going to be holding out for awhile. He's still gonna, he is important to have on their team and the Vikings are kind of stuck.

Abe: Yes. A good football player is good to have for a football team. Just so happens. If he's a running back matters a little less, right.

Jack: It just isn't as important. So I think he probably wants what 14 million a year. He probably should get 10 mil a year and he will get 12 mil

Abe: Dalvin. Cookie is holding out for Joe Ingles money

[00:35:00] Jack: for something like that.

Right. It's close. All right. One, two, the final

Abe: Kirk cousins, Kirk cousins, the higher what's your book called? Evan Turner just became the highest paid quarterback in

Jack: the NFL final segment. Is, would you rather. So these are, what would you rather is? We want you guys to submit. So once he got in Texas nine, nine, 17, nine Oh five, nine zero six nine, but the question can either be sports.

Would you

Abe: rather be literally anything?

Jack: What would you rather be quarantined with Antonio Brown or Kyrie or ever? And it could be like that it could be. And then Eagle Eagle Eagle st. Gave us a few questions. So we're going to pick our first one ever on the spot. Would you rather live in a zoo or an amusement park?

Would you rather

Abe: do that one? Let's go one at a time.

Jack: No, no, we're not going to break them all down. We're going to pick, but we're just giving people examples. Oh, okay. Would you rather have Merino or Elway? And this is just like, he's a dolphins fan and he wants Marina. Zero titles is for a reason. Would you [00:36:00] rather, your team win one title this season, but they never went again or roll the dice?

They could win zero. I mean, I think that one makes sense to kick it off

Abe: with. I'm gonna say, I mean, that's easy, that's a roll that dice

Jack: fully rolled the dice

Abe: like that, just, that takes away the enjoyment of sports

Jack: while you really peak, you really feel like. Yeah,

Abe: but you and I are from respectable cities in the sports, in the sports world that I think we can take our chances.

Jack: You do have, you do have

Abe: huge giants and jets fans. You might want to

Jack: want to cash out giants. No, but you do have teams like the Cubs didn't win for a hundred plus years. The Knicks. Yeah. Um, the Tampa Bay, rays give you a raise fan.

Abe: The Eagles just won their first.

Jack: That's what I'm saying. That's

Abe: what we got.

We got a bunch of NFL championships.

Jack: You do have a bunch of NFL championships. All right, then we'll go to the next question.

Abe: Also, getting your heartbroken is like some of the most electric feeling when [00:37:00] you're a sports fan,

Jack: part of the fun looking back, it's definitely part of the journey. When you finally win one.

Like when you finally win one, all those years of suffering feel amazing.

Abe: Let's have a quick conversation about this. How long? Talk me through the grieving process of the Ravens Titans, and then I'll do the Kauai shots

Jack: still going on. I said I was with my friends for the first time in four months, last night, social distancing, properly following the law.

Abe: Oh, I went to a restaurant this weekend

Jack: and I said, Ravens Titans loss. Was more heartbreaking than the Lee Evans job and Cundiff ms. Fields. And remember that that's your guys' shop

Abe: was you guys were playing with house money in those years, this year, you guys were 14 and two.

Jack: Well, we weren't, I mean, w however,

Abe: you were a wild card, you were a wild card.

Jack: We were that year. I don't know if we were, I think we probably won our division, but we were the four seat or something, regardless. It. The cotton, if [00:38:00] ms. Keck was to go to overtime and then potentially the Superbowl and the Lee Evans trap was to go to the super bowl. And it Mo they all disagree with me, but I said, like, I've never had more fun watching sports and this season of the Ravens and for it all to just be like ripped away, sucked

Abe: a lot.

Yes. So yours has ripped away pretty, pretty slowly over the course of a football game. Yeah. Mine happened in one singular moment. And I've, that was the most out of body experience I've ever had in my life. And it lasted for weeks when the shot, like, I never froze in such a way and that before, and I literally couldn't move.

I just like didn't really know what happened. I went to bed just like confused. I woke up just like. Like, did that really happen? Watch the highlight of like 50 times it's. I mean, you always think about the, what ifs and these kinds of things. That's what rolling the dice is so fun gambling it's gambling.

Jack: So if you [00:39:00] not this season, because it's complicated this season, but if next season let's say everything's back to normal and you could say the Sixers win this title, they never went again. And then you could kind of just focus on the Eagles forever. Would that be enticing,

Abe: you know, that's, that is a lot of stock in the Eagles.

Jack: It is. And there's already a lot of emotion. There is, there is already a lot of stock that

Abe: you've also had the Al drop that went with the saints and everything when we were doing it all over again. But like, right.

Jack: Let me give you an example. If you're a Phoenix suns fan, you're S you're not saying, give me the title and then I'll go root for the Cardinals, you know?


Abe: But also like, think about how, how much stuff changes in sports over time. Like, The Phoenix suns

Jack: were good, or, you know, that date a year

Abe: in 10 years, the sons, the Kings could be on top of the leak. I'm not saying it well, but, but yeah, roll the dice easy.

Jack: Alright, let's just close with this then. Would you [00:40:00] rather live in a zoo or an amusement park?

Abe: That's tough. Cause I'm not the biggest rollercoaster fan. Um, love water parks. I'm assuming these is a fully functional amusement park. Like you can go on the rides whenever you want. Um, but then like living with animals is sick too, but like there's some scary animals, you know what I mean?

Jack: Are they like caged in, do they come out like Madagascar?

Abe: I assume they're Cajun. Um, but my mind has been going through the whole poop thing, you know, like, do I want to live where I just smelled poop all the time. Right. So I probably say amusement park in that, but I think living with animals like that would be

Jack: amusement park to me is a lock, like, have you ever been to Harry Potter world in Orlando?

Like, like they're sick amusement parks and you have the

Abe: opportunity to have the

Jack: food. There's better food at amusing parks. I love roller coasters. You do get bored though, you do get bored, but also

Abe: when you live in a zoo and amusement park, you're going to get bored.

Jack: Like what are you going [00:41:00] to do to start playing basketball with a bunch of apes?

Maybe? I don't know. That's kind of fun. That would be fun. All right. Snapback fam, let us know what you guys think and send in your questions. Uh, either DMS on Instagram or text us,

Abe: I want the, would you rather is to get. Funny

Jack: funny. They will get funny.

Abe: I get creative with these.

Jack: Yeah, absolutely. Alright, fam, well, we appreciate you guys.

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Jack: He was really excited about it.

Abe: I might put out my own documentary. I might go Jordan,

Jack: maybe he will his pod documentary.

Uh, but that's all we got. Make sure to check out.

Abe: We'll call it the last record,

Jack: the last record, make sure to check out pack Wars on YouTube and the people have been asking for Casey to come on the pod. What do we think? We'll talk about it.

Abe: We'll talk it, I can't jump into that.

Jack: He [00:42:00] came on, he came on one time and he did

Abe: some soccer premier league starting

Jack: Millie's back.

Abe: Should we get Casey one minute, a little,

Jack: one minute soccer, maybe one minute soccer and one minute, what the puck

Abe: that's a lot of sports. That's a lot of sports I don't care about.

Jack: So you made a joke about having a motorcross segment and someone DMD me

Abe: as you know, I got that. I got

Jack: that too. So, unfortunately there will be no motorcross segment ever on this podcast unless motorcross wants to

Abe: pass.

And I mean, to our, to our motorcross fans, this might not be the pod for you sometime. We're trying to, like, we all want to be fat. We all want to like the same things. This might not be

Jack: for you. This isn't a fam snapback fam. We will talk to you on Thursday without anything else to say much love