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Don't forget it. Then a Thursday edition of ranked as always, we rank the top three players with the most, again, from a chip in Orlando, April chip. That means championship for all of those listening. And then we close with our favorite segment. What the puck, our Canadian producer gets one minute to give us all the hockey news.

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[00:01:00] Abe: For the Philadelphia

Jack: Eagles, the long

Abe: drought,

Jack: Brian put the jumper,

we got them from snapback sports. Join me today as always my cohost and longtime best friend a grant off Abe. What is on your mind today?

Abe: I think Kyrie starting to get to Dre Mon green, about how much I hate him.

Jack: Like that level. This is

Abe: like, I hate him. I

Jack: hate like to attack Kyrie Irving for what he's pushing for.

I know like I'm going to, of course, you're going to explain, but I just want to throw it out there. You are pushing a line because his core. Problem with all of this is something very serious. So I would love to hear your

Abe: couple things. I went back [00:02:00] after the last episode and I checked up on the timeline.

Kyrie Irving was on calls and voted for the NBA to return. And since. Found out. He couldn't go to Orlando prior to him pushing this whole movement that the MBA shouldn't go. And after the protest began,

Jack: wait, he couldn't go to Orlando. I mean, like in support or he wasn't going to plus

Abe: he said you can only bring 30.

I think it was 37 and came down here. And it's essential personnel. So that's players, coaching staff, I'm one front office, equipment manager, security stuff like that. Kyrie wanted to go down to support his team to rehab while he was there. And he found that he wasn't able to do that. I'm not saying that.

That's the reason he started this. I agree with the message, but the timing and all of it is what's getting to me.

Jack: But I disagree with even the sentiment like him not being allowed to go support his team. You think that's, what's throwing him off.

Abe: I just think he likes to hear himself talk, but let's not, let's [00:03:00] not talk about this.

Kyrie got himself in the, in the news in another way. This, yeah. You want to go start a league? Huh?

Jack: Fake news.

Abe: Oh, what do you think?

Jack: Fake news.

Abe: Tyree. You think, you think, Oh, Thiel Penson please. Guy was okay at North Carolina and

Jack: thanks guys. Good at dancing.

Abe: Okay. Listen. So you're under the belief that Kyrie leaked that himself to Taylor Rooks.

Cause I know Taylor Rooks and Kevin Duran have a very good relationship. Are you

Jack: saying they're dating?

Abe: It sounds like Taylor might want them to

Jack: date like Kevin. Yeah. All right. So here's the thing. Number one. So first give me your beliefs of what transpire and then I'll give you my fees nuts. Okay. I actually believe you can shoot the messenger just because his he's speaking.

A good message. So

Abe: what do you like that? Okay. I don't think you can start a new league.

Jack: Alright. Number one. If that is true and it got leaked. One [00:04:00] who on the nets is leaking his messages to the media. That seems kind of wrong to me personally, personally, that just seems wrong. Number two, the dumb shit that's coming out of my mouth or off of my fingers in a sports group chats.

Abe: Are you president of the NBA players association is Kyrie. Yes. He's the vice president. That's what my biggest problem with all this. That's why my biggest thing with all this, this has been going on for so long and now he speaks up,

Jack: but Hey, here's my, here's the thing. Here's the thing maybe like when he wrote that.

Maybe it's just an underlying message for emphasize eight question marks and two and two like

Abe: 14 other question marks

Jack: when he wrote that, maybe he was just saying like, That is a point, meaning you would just typed it in as like guys, we could make a big difference. What are we like start on league. And he was just using it as a, and it got pulled and [00:05:00] re I don't know,

Abe: apparently it's no, I know that happens.

I know. That's how these things get

Jack: construed. Let me go to, let me go to a text with. Let me go to that text in our sports group chat. And I'm just going to read a single sentence.

Abe: I'll tell you one right now, you literally texted us when you saw a picture of Niccolo catch and you wrote nuggets. And for

Jack: exactly, exactly.

And I was making a joke because it was, it was breaking news and you guys hadn't seen it and I wanted you guys to go see the picture of Yogesh. Cause I thought it was funny and I wrote nuggets winning the NBA title in a suite. Imagine if someone leaked that my name is a podcast, it would be dug through the grave.

I mean, nuggets, aren't

Abe: sweeping amongst many other reasons.

Jack: He named five James, but that's not the point. So your point, yes. Stuffing. I pull from group chat. So Tyree stuff. I mean, he has people who agree with him though. Howard Avery Bradley the messages there. And I think, I don't understand why this is still a conversation, the bigger conversation, which is what we're about to move to is.

How can we make the [00:06:00] MBA go? Because

Abe: it's not, it's not. Yeah. So there was a tweet today that saw governor Ron dissent. I think that's his name, Ron of Florida. He confirmed that Florida tested 500 people for, um, COVID the Orlando international airport where the NBA players would be flying into

Jack: not private.

They wouldn't get private,

Abe: I guess they're still landing in that airport. I don't care. I don't care how you fly. Um, and. Over 50% tested, positive. How is this going to happen? Not to mention it's not even a bubble Disney workers can go in and out. How is this all going to happen? Thanks Jack. I'll tell you why.

I'll tell you how, I mean hear me out. So training camp is supposed to happen. I think July one. So we're gonna have to push that back a week, like a week ish, for what I'm about to give you. The idea is very much still in beta, but I think the only way to do this, [00:07:00] because the rules of the bubble, ridiculous.

If they card games, they switch a new deck. Every time you have to wear, imagine telling 25 year old millionaires that they have to wear a mask everywhere inside, unless they're eating and they have to stay in their hotel room. Like these guys aren't being told what to do. They're used to clubbing and nightlife before game three of playoff series.

Like they're not going to do this. That is why. You in fact, every player tomorrow was Corona. You quarantine them.

Jack: Literally

Abe: you

Jack: would have said, I've known you since I was what, eight or nine years old. And

Abe: it's the smartest thing I've ever said.

Jack: We'll say 15 years. That is literally the dumbest idea. Of all time.

And I think to turn this from funny to a more serious note, which I know you're going to be finished, I know you're kind of joking, but I do want, I do want to actually bring something up since you say that. I think that mindset, and it's not like your actual [00:08:00] mindset, but that mindset of COVID over and it's harmless to people under.

You know the age of 30, because we are beating it at a certain grade,

Abe: right. People have to go to Orlando and just coach it, like pop would have to coach and it has

Jack: right. But that's not even what I'm talking about. I saw a bunch of stuff from doctors and scientists that, and I didn't know this, and I feel like this is a good way to educate people through this podcast is there's so many there's actually affects post.

What do they call it? Uh, not long lasting, but after effects of the disease, like there's some nurses whose lungs, they can't even walk a flight of stairs weeks after they've recovered from

Abe: it. Turn my very much fun idea, good segment into something really dark. So now I have nothing. I was going to call on for a few more minutes.


Jack: I mean, it was already the dumbest idea of all time. I get what you're going with in theory.

Abe: You want to talk to Tom? Let's talk the rules of the bubble. Okay.

Jack: Let's talk the rules of the bubble because [00:09:00] I saw last night on my homie snap story, spider Clarkson. Um, who else was there? So bonus has been out there.

These guys are hooping in gyms, like with each other already. No social distancing playing with random heads. There's obviously no testing going on. So someone's going to get down there and have COVID like. And then without the bubble, I don't know we're in trouble. So do you have the bubble rules up in front of you?

Abe: So essentially all these NBA players in this bubble, you know what they are, they're legitimately at a dope sleepaway camp, but also on house arrest. Did you know that they actually have to where they're calling them proximity alarms that will notify the player. If he spends more than five seconds within six feet, six feet of another person wearing an alarm.

It's literally going to ding.

Jack: If, if that sounds like house arrest more than a sleepaway camp,

Abe: that's why I said it's a combination of a sleepaway camp is involving [00:10:00] the dope lounge with the DJ sets, the video games, the ping pong. I mean, I never went to that kind of camp, but, um, they had to wear these rings.

Um, not to mention there's a hotline. If someone breaks the rules, which. I think we've got to get that number

Jack: and just

Abe: be a fam down there.

Jack: We do. We do, we could

Abe: got to get that number, but if you're telling me that, like I already felt the first person that came to mind when I thought about this, like, I've seen the memes, like LeBron calling you about Yonis and Kauai.

The first person that came to mind is Patrick Beverley.

Jack: Really

Abe: the first person that came

Jack: out, the first person that came to mind was Jared Dudley. And

Abe: then there's this whole thing, like people are saying, like I saw a tweet today that Jason Tatum actually might not go down because he's up for a max contract and his rookie extension, essentially.

Do you have the players have till what's today, the 17th, they have two a week from today to notify if they're going down or not like if you were on any random team and like, you didn't have a chance. Why would you risk it?

Jack: Why would I don't understand? What's Jason Tatum being [00:11:00] up for an extension has to do with him, not wanting to play

Abe: injury.

Yeah. Oh,

Jack: injury. Do they feel like they're more injury prone now?

Abe: I

Jack: mean, I haven't been playing at that speed. I just haven't heard that.

Abe: I mean, who knows? I mean, I don't know, you, you took the segment really dark with all this nurse's stuff. So maybe, you know, like these post-term effects, if they're going to affect their respiratory systems.

And if Jason Tatum can compete at a high enough level, I mean, I think it's very interesting that a lot of players, some players actually might not go down, but I mean, with it actually not being a bubble and. The whole Orlando airport thing. I just do not see this thing happening. Like not even in the slightest,

Jack: I think it's fully happening.

I just don't know what it's going to look like.

Abe: I found out from Sixers Twitter that the grand Floridian, which is like the middle, like you have the nobody's in the one hotel, the top four seats and the other in the middle one, however, in the nicest hotel. So, plus do you think that like players will ship their mattresses down?

Jack: I mean, [00:12:00] if you're a team like the box, so you think you're going to be there for a few months? Why not? Like you're some feet

Abe: and families can't even go down there until the second round of the playoffs.

Jack: Right? I did see there is a side, side chick rule though. You saw that. No way they're adding, like someone made

Abe: a phone to turn into a Disney brothel.

Jack: I know someone made a joke that, you know, that second round rule, like they actually got an extra guest.

Abe: It's a hall pass.

Jack: Right. It's all fast.

Abe: But what about like, like, like last year I remember Ben Simmons and Jared Dudley going at it. And Joel Embiid is like, you guys are playing the same people that you're staying in the same hotel with.

Like, I think we need to put. I don't know first, I think we need to put cameras in that hotels because this could make for a dope documentary.

Jack: The sickest part to me is they're going to treat it like a, you like rounds

Abe: game after game after game.

Jack: No, not that the fact that players can [00:13:00] go watch their friends play.

Like I saw a bunch of them commenting on Instagram, like yo swipe up like Darrin and Tatum and

Abe: other chirping. Right.

Jack: Not even chirping, just like, you know, the funny memes where it's like varsity waiting for the JV game to end. And it's like the Olympic team and like Dre, Mons, like khakis for whatever reason.

And it's just like them sitting in the crowd. Like, that'll be sick if the Kings are just watching, you know, a LeBron, well, they wouldn't be there regardless. It'll be really cool to see those guys. Um, so

Abe: now the idea of one of my friends texted me. Would you pay $20? All right. Say the next one in the playoffs or.

Anybody's team. Would you pay $20 to have your cutout cut out of your face from row in Orlando? Well, no, you'd have to pay ticket prices

Jack: from row, or just like up in the thin in

Abe: the lower bowl where you're visible.

Jack: Oh, lower bowl, 20 bucks for one game or for the whole experience. One game. Uh, jot

Abe: out

Jack: just your cut easily, but my cutout would be [00:14:00] mad.

Funny. Yeah. A hundred percent. Wouldn't just

Abe: be me. Should we start that? Should we just have Casey the intern start make a

Jack: partnership with tinkers? We talked to like, do you have Adam Silver's

Abe: number? No. Remember we had a falling out after the whole hanky thing.

Jack: Oh my God. You should have kept it anyways.

Oh, he did change his number though. After what's his name posted, it says that snap story.

Abe: Who was that again?

Jack: I forget, uh, one of the young kids. Anyways, we should talk to Luca. Now we should talk to the MBA about that campaign and then any money just goes to. Like a black lives matter foundation. I think that would be, yeah.

Abe: Also before we end this segment, I just got a big F U to Joe Ingles. He's all this taco. I'm not going down. I'm not going down. And then he quote, retweet someone last night and tag is Jordan Clarkson. Like, I guess we can't be ping pong partners. Cause you can't play doubles. Like these guys are all talk

Jack: I've um, the NBA season, I think it's gonna happen [00:15:00] Abe.

Doesn't now let's go talk to our mob expert then quarter. And now we welcome our own, our very own Buster. Only Jeff passing, Alex Rodriguez, whatever. Call him, Trevor Trevor is that Trevor Rosenthal

Abe: it's that would be Trevor Bauer and Ken Rosenthal

Jack: Rosenthal. You can tell how much we know baseball. So we brought on and

Abe: don't bring me into, we

Jack: don't know anything about baseball.

You watch like 20 baseball games a year. Let me get the proper intro to our main man. Bad order. Bam,

Ben Porter: let's go with, Hey guys. Happy to be here. Uh, state of baseball's not great. So,

Abe: you know, I got a text from Ben today. I got a text from Ben today. I said, Ben, you want to come on the show, talk a little baseball and you can, you can vent a little and you know what he said to me.

You know what he said to me, Jack, he said, tell me when and where

Jack: that's right. Give the background on them because the people that need to know why he's an expert, why he's a legend among these [00:16:00] parts.

Abe: So Ben and I worked together, Ben and Jack used to work together. So it's a funny little triangle we got going on.

Ben has a very prominent presence on Twitter. Um, What's your Twitter, again, shout out your Twitter so people can follow you

Ben Porter: at Ben 13 Porter pretty,

Abe: pretty straight forward. 13 Porter on Twitter, um, is essentially the he's your guy. He's your guy. When you want to go to for baseball news, baseball, fun. But then you heard my

Jack: you're cutting him.

The dude play college baseball.

Abe: yeah. Now he's got a little credibility,

Jack: the sport.

Ben Porter: I played college baseball. I know, I know what the game is about a little bit.

Abe: Um, what, okay, so you're familiar with my take on baseball. Yeah. Yeah.

Ben Porter: You kind of predicted that. We'll we'll never see it again. Right.

Abe: And I'm kind of. On a good I'm on a good track.

It was going on. It was

[00:17:00] Ben Porter: looking good for a little while. I've um, you know, if you asked me yesterday and say, we might never see MLB on TV again, um, they made some steps today.

Jack: Did they make steps? Talk, give us the background because as a casual baseball fan, I don't really know what's going on besides the players.

Absolutely hate is the most excitement baseball has had in years.

Ben Porter: So, so basically what happened is this started in March and in March the players and the owners got together, they worked out an agreement on how negotiations would go moving forward, how to get the sport back. Um, And they came up with two main things.

One, the commissioner can snap his fingers and tell them how many games they're going to play. And the players would get paid full prorated salaries for that number of games. The second part that's important is that the owners and the players would try to negotiate to play as many games as possible. So [00:18:00] that's pretty key because up until now, it does not seem like the owners have been wanting to do that for people that are people that like baseball a lot.

They're really trying to try to cut as much baseball out of our lives as they possibly

Abe: can. Yeah. So, so. When this news came out today that they, what was that 60 game season in 70 days, someone's like, Oh, all the people in the comments were like, Oh, Hey, just take, isn't looking too good. I'm like, hold, hold the phone a 60 game baseball season.

I'm not calling that baseball. Because what makes baseball is the long haul of it, the ebbs and the flows. You can have teams that and with the expanded playoffs too, right? Yeah. So you could have teams that are just hot for two months. That aren't really the most talented in these, the Yankees, the Dodgers, and the other teams that are the top of the league are falling off because maybe they didn't get it going like this isn't baseball to me.

Ben Porter: Right. So, yeah, you're right. With the, uh, the proposal, the owners proposed 60 games, full pro rated salaries with a 16 team playoff. So there'll be eight teams from each league, which [00:19:00] is preposterous. I mean, I think it was two years ago. The Mariners started 13 and two worst team in the AOL West. And that would be a quarter of the season.

They'd be in first place by a mile. So. You know, he might see the blue Jays in the playoffs. You might see some, some real bubble ,

Abe: let's not

Ben Porter: get carried away. But, um,

Jack: so, so you, you think 60 games is crazy yet? I'm hearing that Rob Manfred, I can say 50 games whenever he wants.

Abe: Oh, wait, fun fact. Before you answer that, did you know Rob and for majored in labor relations?

Just. I thought that was ironic

Jack: that

Ben Porter: you wouldn't you'd never know it. Um, right. So the thing is, like I said, they, they agreed that they would negotiate as many games as possible. Um, if Manford decided to do that and the players could kind of file a grievance against the owners saying you guys did not try to play as many games as possible.

Um, so that's [00:20:00] the reason why they still want to try to negotiate. Because they don't want to pretty much as is the case with everything they do. They don't want to spend more money. They don't want to spend money in litigation against the, uh, against the players. It would be like a billion dollars or something if they lost the grievance.

So that's a nightmare for the, uh, for the owners.

Abe: It's funny, I'm seeing on Twitter, like the owners are crying poor, they're crying poverty. When the Marlins haven't had fans for how many years. And how many people were bidding for by them. And what did the, what did the seller profit off of the Marlins and the, and the owners are sitting here crying poverty, but why is it that the owners don't want to play so many games?

Does it have to do with the, when the playoffs start and TV rights? Like you feel like as baseball owners you'd want to play more games because that's more tickets, that's more jerseys, that's more food sold. Like, well, there probably won't be fans there, but

Ben Porter: that's that's the whole reason is because there's not going to be fans there.

It's pretty much. They're losing money on a per [00:21:00] game basis by playing the, uh, by paying the players. So they wanted to pay the players less per game, but the players were adamant about, uh, getting their full prorated salary.

Jack: Well, do they want their full prorated salary? Because Blake Snell originally said, I want my full salary.

If I'm playing a single game, isn't that true?

Ben Porter: Um, I, I'm not positive with what Blake's now said, but that the whole thing, the

Jack: players are fine with the prorated salary, right?

Ben Porter: Yes. That's their main thing

Abe: is,

Jack: so what is the disagreement right now between all the parties?

Ben Porter: So basically the owners have made about three or four proposals.

Um, all of them, pretty much a variation of playing half the amount of games and getting like 35% of their pay.

Abe: You haven't they proposed the same thing, essentially four times and just four different wordings.

Ben Porter: Yeah. So they propose, I think it was 76 games for 75% prorated salary. They propose 50 [00:22:00] games for a hundred percent prorated salary.

They proposed 72 games for 70% prorated salary and then 80% if they play the playoffs. So the players basically, they don't want to play more games and take on risk to get Corona, to blow their arm out, whatever, when they're not getting paid fully for it.

Abe: Um, yeah. Curious your thoughts about what on both scenarios.

If they play out. The MLB goes on, they play this very short, like asterix of a season. Um, and, and then they're involved with the NBA playoffs, the NFL they're playing it all that time. We already know they struggled to gain ratings. What are your thoughts on if they go through with it and how it helps baseball versus if they don't, because in the, what was it?

95, there was a strike and they didn't even play the world series. And then it took. All the ratings went down and it took the steroid era and steroids to get baseball back to what it was. So if the MLB loses out on this year, like I predicted, and I just think it will lose out forever. What do you think [00:23:00] is the future on baseball on both sides?

Ben Porter: So it was 94 that the season was shortened by a strike and then it bled into 95. It was a great expos team that got robbed of the world

Abe: series and

Ben Porter: a

Abe: flag Guerrero and Pudge years. Um,

Ben Porter: Ooh,

Abe: that, I don't know. I don't know who was on there. They were loaded though a little bit before

Ben Porter: Pedro. I think they had, um, they might have had Randy Johnson at that point too,

Abe: but

Ben Porter: anyway, um, they, they need to get the games on TV, whether they're competing with NBA.

Um, or whoever else is, is playing games in the end of July NHL, um, the start of football season,

Abe: pretty much every sport, every sport.

Ben Porter: Yeah. Uh, they need to get baseball on TV. You know, they might get two weeks of being the only, the only sport. So even that would be, would be huge just to bring attention to it.

If they don't play games and they let [00:24:00] basketball have the spotlight entirely, like you said, they're already kind of losing popularity. So that would be. That'll be a huge issue.

Abe: My thought is that they shouldn't go through with the season. And instead of that, they should dedicate the next X amount of months until CBA talks for zoom.

And they may get a CBA to getting every MLB star, every essentially player, a big name that, you know, A tick tock and Instagram, a Twitter, everything, because I haven't heard out except from the mass tweet that went around and other than baseball's best asset and Trevor Bauer, like the mass tweet was, um, tell me when and where were there.

And everybody tweeted that. I haven't heard anything from yellowish. I haven't heard anything from trout. I haven't heard anything from any of the stars

Ben Porter: to it. It's, it's a nightmare. What they do on social. Is, or what they don't do on. So fleshed and say, is, is criminal. Like I've DMD so many baseball players being like, yo, I'll help you out with social for free.

I'll do whatever. Just to get people's names out there.

Abe: Like.

Ben Porter: These [00:25:00] guys are cool dudes too. Like you got Ronald Akuna on Twitter. He's got like 70,000 followers. I don't think he's tweeted in like two years. It's ridiculous. He's one of the most fun guys in the league. Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper. I don't think they tweeted at all during baseball season last year.

Abe: Not Bryce. Harper is tweeting at the evils like, dude, we don't want you. We've got them for a while. I mean,

Jack: Yeah,

Abe: but yeah, one, yeah, one world series out of it. It's worth it to do it. And

Ben Porter: not only, not only that, like when they do tweet I'm on Twitter mostly. So this is what I see. But like when a lot of these guys do tweet, it's like, Hey, I did a collaboration with new balance.

Come, come buy my shoes. And they'll do that. Like once every three months, instead of like getting drilled in the back and tweeting and tweeting and chirping the guy who hit them, like that's what people want to see. And that'll put. SMS is in the seats

Jack: now for a while.

Ben Porter: Not for a while, but when, when they can.

Jack: So, right. I think the question that people need to know, [00:26:00] and then I want to know, where does it feel like this is headed? What's the prediction, what needs to happen to get a season done and what is going to happen?

Ben Porter: Yeah, so the latest proposal is actually, um, it's progress. What I think is going to happen is so this newest proposal was 60 games.

Um, I think the players are gonna counter with about 72 and then the owners are going to decline

Abe: and then they'll settle. Just the difference between those six games though.

Ben Porter: It's, you know, a couple hundred thousand bucks per game, which is pennies it's chump change to the owners who have made billions of dollars the last 20 years, but they still don't want to pay because they're cheap.

Um, But, yeah, so I think they'll settle somewhere in between like 66 games, something like that.

Abe: And then, so you think we have baseball?

Ben Porter: I do

Abe: much to your

Jack: when and when would it be what I'm going to be?

Abe: Um,

Ben Porter: middle of July, I would say they need to get three weeks of [00:27:00] spring training in a may lose his bed. He might win.

So that'll be

Abe: after, after the 16th, 16th,

Jack: who would you make a bandwidth with? Ben?

Abe: No, with he who shall not be named.

Ben Porter: So I w I would say yes, yes. Baseball though.

Abe: I saw a lot of reports about like, okay, if they want to do a 75% prorated salary, that's fine. But then you defer the other 25% over the next four years.

Why, why hasn't that been talked about more? I have no, by that time, there'll be fans in seats, hopefully, and the owners can recoup that money or that extra 25%. Isn't really a scratch on their back. The reason

Ben Porter: they're not doing it is because it makes too much sense. It makes so much sense to, just to further salaries.

They could do it over however many years. However long these guys contracts are you just distributed out instead of paying, you know, pay them 103% for the next four years. It's not that

Abe: big of interest on it.

Ben Porter: Exactly.

Abe: But the [00:28:00] whole, tell me when and where thing that was kind of just like a, put the pressure on the owners thing to make them look bad.

Ben Porter: Yeah, exactly. It's like.

Abe: It worked, it was a public outing. Like we're ready to go for whenever, whatever. And it's just like, okay, now

Jack: is a major change from the beginning because they, right. Initially the players were like, we're not playing sub a hundred or whatever. And now it's like, all right, we'll play whatever, just pay us.

Right. And that's definitely changed.

Ben Porter: They're playing this cat and mouse game of who's negotiating in bad faith. Hot term right now, negotiating in bad faith. They're trying to blame it on the other party. So if, for instance, if they did go to court about it, they would kind of have each other to blame. No one would be like the one who really screwed things over.

Abe: So.

Ben Porter: Yeah, I don't know. It's, it's a mess.

Abe: It's a disaster. You

Jack: can hear the distress in Ben's voice. Uh, but we did get an official prediction from Ben middle [00:29:00] of July 66 ish games. Make sure to follow him, Ben. 13 Porter on Twitter. And if Jack Flaherty you're listening, he'll do your social. He's pretty good at social media,

Abe: Jack Flaherty.


Jack: The guys we've had on are actually pretty Stripling's for the gun, but I agree. Akuna having 70 K followers and saying, we try getting Tim Manderson on the pot. It is something that's complex, but he's, he's understands the value in content. He's doing YouTube and stuff like that. All those guys flyer, you could pick that you would do their social media.

Who would it be and how would you do it?

Ben Porter: Uh, Josh Donaldson, really? For sure. Uh, I mean, he,

Abe: he speaks every back end of his career. Really?

Ben Porter: He's, he's the type of guy, um, Bryce, Harper, Mookie Betts, like, but Donaldson's a guy who

Abe: likes Bryce's Bryce's a little active,

Ben Porter: well, he's got like 2 million followers, so he's got that going for him.

Abe: But if I wish just every Philadelphia star would embrace Philadelphia, like Bryce Harper ass. [00:30:00] And it's a shame, that's the Phillies because they're kind of the third wheel to all the Philly teams, but the guy loves Philadelphia. It's nuts and he puts it out there on all social media platforms.

Jack: Well, last question.

What would you do for Donaldson? Well, it's close. You have him do

Ben Porter: it's those types of guys who are fiery. If they get thrown out, they're going to. No, they're going to yell at the pitcher. They're going to hit a home run. They're going to flip their bat. And I would tweet that type of stuff or post that type of stuff from their account.

Abe: That'd be like she would just stir the pot. So the pot

Ben Porter: I'd be, I'd be Vince McMahon of, uh, of the

Abe: MLB. You've thought about

Jack: this, an appetite for that on baseball, Twitter. I know the casual was like, Trash talk bath, flipping hip hip, but the like true baseball guys, the unwritten rules are like, Oh

Ben Porter: yeah, we'll put those, those guys are going to watch baseball regardless.

Now that's not who, who their target, like if the purist, if you, if you look on, if you look on MLBs YouTube, like most of the top videos are brawls. And [00:31:00] I mean, MLB kinda tries to sweep that stuff under the rug. I mean, if you tweeted from. Maximum seize account. After he had that run in with Madison Bumgarner, if he chirped him on Twitter or something, it would, it would have been awesome.

And then MLB can advertise that on. Make commercials. See what happens when Bumgarner faces max monster, like

Jack: right. They bought, if they bought in to what is truly the most entertaining

Abe: pilot active on MLB YouTube the other day, because I was going to watch the Sosa McGwire documentary. When I heard very poor things about it.

I heard it was essentially just a YouTube video of, of bombs. So I'm like, you know what. I'll watch it all. Natural and I'll watch Ryan Howard, 2006 MVP highlights. That was electric electric guy bad. At three 13, he hit like 57 bombs and a hundred over 150 RBIS. That was

Ben Porter: unbelievable.

Abe: Natural baby natural.

Alright, Ben Ben 13 Porter on Twitter. Make sure you follow him. Great content out there. And he's [00:32:00] a future. Josh Donaldson's social manager. Ben, thanks for coming on, man.

Ben Porter: Thanks for having me guys.

Jack: Hi, thanks to Ben Porter for joining the pie, you can find them at Ben 13 Porter on Twitter. Now on two wrongs.

Abe: I hate when you do it,

Jack: the segment is called today's ranked. We rank the top three players with the most, again, from a championship in Orlando, Abe. You're number three

Abe: is so I looked at this, like, I didn't just look at the contenders, like the top half. I kind of looked like as if everyone was on an equal playing field.

So bear with me, my number three, Pascal CRM, because I think if he's able to bring a championship to Toronto, he essentially, he's always been going up in his career and progressing as a good player. He had canal can be the number one option on a championship team. It assures the rafters that they're fine without Kauai.

And I think he ascends to that top [00:33:00] 10 top 15 player in the league. Do I think it will happen? Maybe not, but I think Pascal sciatica is interesting because then he's finally that number one guy after filling in for Kauai.

Jack: I don't hate it. I don't hate it. I'm just annoyed because for like 15 minutes, last episode, you just

Abe: don't think they're going to win.

That's what, that's exactly why I prefaced with. I put everyone on an equal playing field. All

Jack: right. Equal playing field. My number three, I'm going to go with Kyrie.

Abe: No, no, no, no, that doesn't, he's not playing.

Jack: I forgot he was out, but if the nuts won and he got another rain, how funny would that be? All right.

My number three, then that was my brother. I'm going to go with Carmelo Anthony and the blazers.

Abe: Interesting. No, we're not doing teams just Carmelo, right?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Well, the blazers would have to, when you

Abe: feel, man. Yeah, no, I got you.

Jack: Alright. So Carmelo Anthony is going to be in the basketball hall of fame, but he's never really gotten it done in the [00:34:00] playoffs.

Well, he's just never made it to the finals. He was the best for the next have had. And. Pretty much 20 seasons and his career is just like weirdly up in the air for where people want to place him. Is he an inefficient score? Is he one of the best scores of all time? Why did he get Blackwell from the league?

Is it because he couldn't adjust to coming off the bench? He's not going to be the best player on the

Abe: blazers got blackballed is so ridiculous.

Jack: I mean, they're

Abe: like, what's it called?

Jack: Not black bubbles. But dude, do you know how many players aren't that good in the NBA?

Abe: Okay. Colin Kaepernick. I black. When you get blackballed, it's for a reason that does nothing to do with football.

Jack: Well, you're saying he's not that good and that's why I didn't get signed, but I don't know if

Abe: that's, I think saying blackballed means that they got kicked out of the league or they're not being put in the league for something that has nothing to do with that.

Jack: Okay. All right. Then I used the wrong term in Abe's vocabulary, regardless.

Everyone understands the point. I was trying to make. I just think if Melo was an integral part, because the blazers couldn't win the title without [00:35:00] him being a big part of the team that would just completely alter his legacy probably forever.

Abe: I mean, it just cements him because, I mean, I don't know how big of a party it would be.

I think

Jack: NERC

Abe: is coming back and Zach Collins may be

Jack: coming back

Abe: there's way more than, than mellow. But I like that angle because he's already an all time. Great. It's just like, all right, where are we cementing him? Uh, number two for you.

Jack: Number two, Chris Paul, if the thumb

Abe: in it, he's in it. He's not taking it.

You're taking the old vet route.

Jack: I'm taking the old vet route here on my three and two. I mean, Chris Paul, Chris, Paul doesn't even need a title. He just needs to get to that. If he happened to beat, where are they? Right now? They are 54.

Abe: I think

Jack: they beat the jazz. They beat the jazz, which is very doable.

And then he upset the Lakers by some. Crazy imagination.

Abe: I'm glad you said it like that.

Jack: Then that would be very big for [00:36:00] his legacy because he truly is a top five point guard of all time. That's the thing. I'm just,

Abe: I was just doing a little recon in the back of my head,

Jack: but you got it to two for me.

Abe: Is he honest because no, no, it, that is my number two, not mine.

Okay, cool. Yeah. Your number two is Chris Paul. You already said, um, Yonis, because right now, We kind of don't know what he is in the playoffs. He's run into the same road bumps people have, it's become half-court ball and his game has slowed up. And I mean, we already know how great he is of a player, but it's like LeBron, when he went down to Miami, we're waiting for that first ring.

So then he can ascend into the Mount Rushmore basketball. We both think that yanas can be maybe the best player of all time. If he gets a consistent jump shot towards the end of his career, like LeBron, that first championship, just to get it off his back. I think it's huge

Jack: for him. I honestly, isn't going to be on my list.

He, this [00:37:00] championship to me is not important at all. For you honest, he's had the best,

Abe: I'm talking about eight. I'm considering this. It's not like any,

Jack: any of that. I think this championship definitely matters. Like this one. I'm

Abe: saying I'm viewing it in my rank. Like, I'm just saying a championship. I'm not caring that it's this there's.


Jack: I am okay. I feel it's just, cause we know that there's going to be an asterix

Abe: in 15 years when you guys are evaluating this guy's career. Like I don't

Jack: think sure, sure. But I just think he's been the best thing that he used two straight years. His team is there. They're built well, but Chris Middleton is second best player.

He's not even on anything close to the most talented team on the league. Like a bunch of the other top teams are, and I know he's one of the best fires. Of all the time, literally, already and go into

Abe: why can't, why can't he win without teaming up with someone? Let's see if he can do

Jack: no one does. No one does besides,

Abe: but he hasn't gone star.

Let's just see if he can do it. Cause he's been so much adamant on Milwaukee. I want to stay here with Noah. That would be huge.

[00:38:00] Jack: And my point is if he doesn't win this year, I'm not worried because I know he's going to get the rent. That's all. All right. My

Abe: number one, my guy, the beer. James harden.

Jack: Okay. I like that Peck

Abe: because I think I

Jack: am an Ross

Abe: and Ross and I was thinking, um, Dan, Tony, Carol, like the rockets in general, they really push all their chips in, but James, James harden in particular like this guy in my opinion, is already like, I think he's better than D Wade in my opinion.

And if, if he gets a championship, that means we're talking about, okay, is he a top 15 player ever? Like, because you kind of have to have those accolades in there. The back end of that, that list is like the Colby dark, uh, Jerry West, it's up for debate.

Jack: James harden wins one title. He's going to start to creep up by Kobe Bryan.

Do you realize how crazy the

Abe: stuff I'm not saying I'm not putting him? [00:39:00] No, I'm not putting behind Koby Bryant, but I'm

Jack: saying top 15, that is behind Kobe. And that's not

Abe: very far. That's where people put Charles Barkley. And he's a onetime MVP. He was one of five, seven, five, six, seven first team, all pro like it's all MBA.

It's James harden. I really think with what he's done.

Jack: He has James harden.

Abe: I love James. I know. I hate how people discredit him. Okay. I like the pick

Jack: and I like the,

Abe: did you know that him and Russell Westbrook take the same amount of shots? Yeah, it was interesting,

Jack: but hard and just chucks from three sometimes

Abe: when he's rosters Chuck's from the elbow, like,

Jack: no, for sure.


Abe: more rough.

Jack: I mean, harden, when he's off, it is not pretty to watch.

Abe: They're both clicking.

Jack: Yeah, they're amazing. How do you beat them? Well, that's the thing. They actually, there are more, he kind of made a bet that they're not going to be clicking for the entire place. That is his bet, because [00:40:00] if your bet was, we're gonna get really hot and they're going to play amazing for 30 games in a row, then you would just build a regular team around them.

You wouldn't need to go small because it would be the best team. It's actually in the entire league, which just those two guys going off.

Abe: How surprised are you that LeBron wasn't on my list or Joelle or Ben?

Jack: I mean like John and Ben have no chance. So it would just be silly. I mean,

Abe: now there's Pascal CRM or Carmelo Anthony.

Jack: My number one is

look, man, he's got the best teammate he's ever had. He's got the. That he's got the shooters. He has everything he could possibly want. And he doesn't hate his coaches. They're the

Abe: ones huh? Nothing. Someone

Jack: told me it must not have been, Oh, a huge LeBron fan told me this is the best. This is the best group of shooters LeBron's ever played with.

His team is built to perfection and there's no excuses for the player. Somebody

Abe: else said that.

[00:41:00] Jack: So I just think, you know, it is, he is starting to decline. Like you only leave only to see me in one category. You

Abe: can't have that. You've

Jack: loved that. It's true.

Abe: All Haiti leaves. Every category

Jack: is no longer clearly the best player on his team.

It's just a fact, like there's never been a question in his entire career. Now,

Abe: Ron is the number one in the segment, but you haven't said why you've just been shitting on him.

Jack: You no, because this is years 17 or whatever. It's only gonna get tougher as time goes on. This is a prime opportunity and worked.

And what we are ranking is. Who has the most to gain in terms of legacy from a championship in Orlando. And the answer is LeBron James, because if he has a fourth ring on the heels of Michael Jordan's documentary, but Bron stands will be insufferable and rightfully so, because this will be a massive, massive championship for makes the conversation [00:42:00] to me.

Five makes the conversation impossible.

Abe: Four makes the comments five, you

Jack: get up. I at five, it's fine. And then once again, it is five. If he's still,

Abe: if it's five and you don't give up, but Hey,

Jack: I'm, I'm, I'm saying like, if he's 11th man, and he's playing season 28 and he gets five. No

Abe: playing how he's playing right now.

And it has,

Jack: yeah, he's fine. Even close to how he's playing right now, where he leads his team in a category that he's absolutely. If he gets a five, it's going to be impossible to describe to him. So I

Abe: figured that's how this conversation would go because this LeBron cause you have a lot to gain, but I sit here and I said, LeBron's got nothing to gain.

He's already the goat.

Jack: He doesn't need it. That is why

Abe: that's why he's not on my list.

Jack: That is probably fair. But you can. I mean on the flip side, you would say, okay, if he gets the Ford, now the MJF, you know, MJ, the goat fans have even less to say, because we already know, like if LeBron ever got to six, the conversation [00:43:00] would be very difficult.

Abe: There's no conversation there. Literally not a single word.

Jack: There definitely is a conversation, regardless.

Abe: I think we left out. Who do we think if Kauai wins, he now becomes the first player ever most likely to win finals. MVP. Yeah. Three finals MVPs on three different teams. But I think it would just validate his decision to go to the Clippers.

Jack: It's so funny, like this whole conversation, if any team wins a championship, it's so big for the star players in terms of validation. Like if the nuggets win the title, like yolk EJ goes from, okay, he's a really good center, but whatever. Two. Wow. Jamal Murray.

Abe: Now how it goes down.

Jack: Of course, of course it depends, but it's hard for your stars not to perform and win a title.

It's virtually impossible.

Abe: I mean, it's big to get other teams and think of others.

Jack: I can give you. I can give you a ton. Jason Tatum, Jason Tatum wins a title at this age before he signs his max. They're going to be talking about them like Yas, they're going to say, wow, move away. Yannis. [00:44:00] Tatum has a title and he's one of the most exciting young wings

Abe: in the game.

Wouldn't want a title is the best player on his team. Yeah.

Jack: Well, he's the best player on that team? No, he's not.

Abe: Yes. What is the disrespect at Campbell Walker?

Jack: There's no disrespect. It's just

Abe: Kevin. You guys are such, you, millennials are so such a prisoner of the moment. How can we put some respect to Kemble Walker's name?

Jack: Do you remember how Jason

Abe: Jason Tatum is? We're talking about Kemba Walker here.

Jack: The guy who literally couldn't get the Hornets even into the playoffs,

Abe: because he is the Michael Jordan of, of bad executives as this GM.

Jack: That's fine, but it's just, Jason Tatum is better. Kevin Walker shoots 42% for the field.

He's their point guard. He averages five assists a game. It's not that good aim. That's really not that good. I don't

Abe: care. Wait,

Jack: so you take Jason, uh, ah,

Abe: no, not over Capitol walls,

Jack: averages, more points. Tatum averages, more rebounds. Tatum averages, a higher, I don't

Abe: care. I'll tie Campbell [00:45:00] Walker. Let's talk

Jack: about, I don't understand why,

Abe: because I respect on your name.

Jason Tatum is an unbelievable town. He'll pray. He's going to be

Jack: better having the MBA.

Abe: Oh, come on. He was in a bad situation in Charlotte.

Jack: Okay. Now he's in a good one and he's worse than his teammate.

Abe: So we'll see. No, we thought, I mean, we'll see how Boston wins the title. We'll see who it's on the back of I'll take over Jason.

Jack: Also another one.

Abe: I wouldn't take him because Jason Tatum's younger, but let's put some respect,

Jack: Luca, that would, that would probably change the MBA forever. If Luca won a title because the next would disband because if. Kristaps forcing is everyone's a title, then the legal was shut

Abe: down. Um,

Jack: who else has a lot to the park?

Abe: Let's talk about it. Hey,

Jack: Abe, give our boy ego sin. A little intro. I love when he pops up on the screen like that. So curly headed and ready to roll.

Abe: Uh, Alrighty, [00:46:00] go sit. And you know the rules one minute in the box. Uh, let's talk about it. Eh,

Jack: Wait, you gotta pull up the time or pull up the timer. Alright.

Abe: Eagle set in three, two. Boron go flyers.

Jack: All right. Uh, we didn't have a whole lot of news this

Ben Porter: week,

Abe: but, uh, there was a leak

Jack: saying that Vegas would actually be one of the hub cities. You guys can check that out on sports. That's Instagram. Um, that's not much of a surprise. We all kind of expect that one free ads.

Eagleson other city that is still up for debate could actually be in Canada because a prime minister Trudeau came in and said that he's open to the idea of having the hub city in Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto.

Ben Porter: That's

Jack: cool. Um,

Abe: last week before I was

Jack: cut off by you guys,

Abe: I wanted to talk about the timer.

I wanted to talk about

Jack: the seating situation. So in the East, I think

Abe: Boston will hold on to its first seed. I think Billy will jump up to the number two seed.

Jack: Washington stays at three and Tampa falls to the fourth seat.

Ben Porter: In the West,

Jack: I think Colorado jumps up to [00:47:00] one st. Louis with the second Vegas in Dallas.

Hang on to their third and

Ben Porter: fourth seats.

Jack: Now with the seating figured out five seconds, who's winning the cup. Uh,

Abe: official. Stanley cup prediction. Next next week's episode of what if he can, if he can get it out and

Jack: I don't even understand, Oh my God. The kid is like, he's in a recliner chair. Let's talk pizza and just chill long.

Abe: I actually saw him. You guys can't see him, but he's a little legitimately eating pizza with maple syrup on it right now.

Jack: I just don't understand the seating thing. What, where did that even come from? What's seating.

Abe: I don't know if sometimes he goes and talks out of his butt. That's why we only give them a minute.

Jack: Alright. Snapback fam, that is another episode, the snapback sports we're working on big stuff. So hit that subscribe button and you know, what texts your friends and say, have you ever heard these two moron Sox boards?

They're kind of funny. They [00:48:00] don't know a lot, but they know a little, and I think a lot of people would like to tune in. So let's grow this pod a little snap back fam.

Abe: I can't believe you ruined my. MBA. I D I did just by getting so dark,

Jack: so dark. Um, anyways, we will talk to you guys on Monday, Abe, any last words,

Abe: Kyrie.

Shut your mouth. Okay. No, no, no. I shouldn't say that. Yeah. Kyrie just stopping petty

Jack: snap bag fam much love peace.