[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, the snapback awards, our second annual award show, where we give out awards similar to those of the ESPYs, except ours are way cooler. Examples of the awards, the college player we wish we could have played with in a video game.

Game of the year champion of the year, retired athlete of the year and the best rivalry of the year. And then we'll get into a little Monday mailbag, Jamal Adams, MLB dopers, and a little MBA talks, snapback fam let's get it. Baltimore, Raven select. Lamar Jackson

abe: to the Philadelphia Eagles. The long

Jack: drought Brian took the jumper.

[00:01:00] What up fam I'm your host Jack settlement from snapback sports joining me today and as always my cohost and long time, best friend a grant off Abe. What is on your mind today?

abe: Right this second. It's how bad I smell because I got to work out right before this, just going to throw in that weird flex. Um, and you just like, yo let's hop on at 1245 and I'm like, Yes, I'm not showering.

So I'm going to be sitting here for the next hour recording, trying not to throw up at my own body odor.

Jack: Fair enough. Well, my mind on my mind is the nice trifecta I hit yesterday and the Belmont stakes. I know you have a bone to pick with me. I just, I, you go ahead. All right. I was promoting dr. Post's look, this is the thing I was given a horse to promote.

And I knew the winner of the race was going to be the best horse. They said it was potentially the third bet or the best three year old horse of all time, American horse. Alright. Tos to win it, to win it, [00:02:00] whatever the heck his name was. And he cleared the field. Did you happen to watch the race? He, he dominated, like he was the thing is he's the craziest closer of all time.

So they said if he's in top, if he's top three, Over the second half of the race, it's essentially over, he was top three throughout. So he literally

abe: betting on playoff Mariano Rivera.

Jack: Exactly. So then I'm pushing dr. Posts all week and he was a third favorite, but he finished second. And then we thought that the third place horse was in last, the whole race.

So I thought I was toast. And then the. Odds are the standings come in. The final comes in and I saw my guy 15 one finished number three. And I was like, Oh God, that's a nice

abe: kid. You're just that kid that, that promotes one pick, like tells all your friends to bet this bet this you're all riding together.

It doesn't hit. You're all just like that. He's like, Well, I also took this

Jack: that's true. Like

abe: you couldn't have tweeted out once,

Jack: like you said, are we taking dr. [00:03:00] Post? I said, no, that's just

abe: say, no, you emphasize now.

Jack: I didn't think he was going to win. So then I actually got a call from max, my cousin, who was with a few of his friends and they were like, what are we betting on?

And I gave them the winning trifecta and none of them bet it.

abe: So the FAMs way

Jack: I should have thrown it the fam side. Alright, fam into the snapback awards, the snapback awards is an annual thing. This is our second year doing it, where we create fun categories. And then we break down the past year in sports.

So number one, NCAA football. The last version of it was made in 2014. Hopefully making it come back eventually. But the first category, the snapback awards, the college football,

abe: and we go on why hasn't it made a comeback

Jack: because they weren't allowed to do it with people's likenesses.

abe: That's all we're allowed to do it in 2014.

What change?

Jack: I don't know what the change was. I think they, I think they started to complain and be like, [00:04:00] Hey, they're literally using our likeness. Like people forget the past five years for the NCAA has made a massive shift, massive shift, giving more rights to the players year by year. It's still not even close to there, but we're still moving that direction.

So, um, Anyways, NCAA football player you wish you could have played with in the past year that candidates are Joe burrow, Heisman winner, chase young Jonathan Taylor, and to us. You

abe: want me to lead off,

Jack: take it away.

abe: So you think about the game. The last time it came out was 2014. And at that point video games weren't they were easy, right?

Like I stopped playing Madden nowadays because it just got hard. You can't just hit a, over the middle of four verticals every time you can't just spam that. So. That was really an offensive focus game where so easy. So I'm not going to pick a defensive player and chase young cause dominate in the line of scrimmage, like who, who cares trying to, I'm trying to score touchdowns here.

Um, that being said, I'm going, Jonathan Taylor. [00:05:00] I used to run the, I used to run the ball a lot in that game. Just spam the running back. Um, I would pick borough or two up, but like. In those, like I would take Justin Fields over burrow into it and that game just because he has the ground game, I loved running in that game.

Jonathan Taylor was an absolute animal. He was like, actually reminds me of say Quan with his size and speed, obviously, very different. Um, Running backs, but I'm going to go Jonathan Taylor on that one.

Jack: Interesting. So I like to call out on fields. I think that was potentially left off the list. Um, another one left off the list is your boy.

Jalen hurts. You got the dual threat in college. That's always a fun quarterback.

abe: I don't want to play with him cause I don't want to get them hurt.

Jack: That's true. Save him for the pros. I'm gonna go with. Joe burrow. Why Ellis use offense looked like a video game this year facts. And I think I would just like to play with the video game version of Joe burrow.

The fun part is now that all these guys are in the [00:06:00] pros and we'll actually get to play with them and Madam, but playing with them in college with their college teams, that LSU team trying to score a hundred points every game in your franchise or dynasty mode, whatever it is is a lot of fun. So I'm going to go with Joe borough.

abe: I wonder what Joe burrow like, because going into the year, Joe burrow was considered like a third round pick LSU, like was kind of came out of nowhere this year. There's no way his overall was that good. In the beginning of the year, we're talking about a game that doesn't exist, but like still it's like Lamar, Lamar Jackson last year Madden what he started as like a 78 or something.

Like what these guys that nobody expects them to, whereas to a had the years before he was probably would be way better in the

Jack: game. Trevor Lawrence probably would've had a high rating. That is my guy, but he's, he's a fun video game quarterback, but nothing, I wouldn't say

abe: absolute dots,

Jack: dots, dots. All right.

Onto the next category. The rivalry. The best rivalry of last year. And all of these candidates were given to us by our producer, [00:07:00] Andrew Eagleson he's from Canada,

abe: preface this

Jack: category. So you will see maybe some of his inflection here. That's where, I've where of last year Eagles and America's team. He wrote that he wrote that.

I didn't say that.

abe: I mean, I could go on, do you act as

Jack: anyone actually, the

abe: cowboy America's team?

Jack: I don't think there is an NFL America's team right now. And to say like, anyone's America seem, it's not the Cowboys. I

abe: almost just said the Ravens.

Jack: I mean, people

abe: probably would be the chiefs.

Jack: It

abe: was like America, Kansas city, Missouri.

Jack: Yeah. They're more like we're from Missouri. That's our team. They're less of America.

abe: I don't even mean that's so stupid.

Jack: Eagles and the Cowboys, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary flames. This was prefaced with apparently there were some goalie fights and it was an electric rivalry, Lakers, Clippers, and Duke UNC.

So the reason Duke UNC is in there is because that absolutely insane game [00:08:00] Duke actually swept the regular season series. Lakers Clippers, I think is a really fun category that just popped onto the map. Really this year, Calgary flames. I mean, And I don't know. And Eagle's Cowboys, which split one Weinberg was for the division we were there.

So, eh, what do you think?

abe: Um, Eagle's Cowboys, can't be it solely cause they both were awful. Last year. We were nine and seven. Um, I'm not gonna even talk about the hockey one. This is one of those categories where I'm going to choose a different one and I'm going to choose my favorite current rivalry going on and the most entertaining one.

And that is the MLB players association and the owners and the commissioner, because every day there's some news coming out like with the whole wedding wear thing, like, okay, the owners kind of told you when and where, and you're still countering. Like there's supposed to be a vote tonight. This has just been entertaining.

Um, I've been getting trolled when there's good news about baseball, about the. About my take that I had. And then when there's bad news about baseball, people go silent [00:09:00] out of nowhere. It's really convenient, right? So that's, that's a rivalry that keeps on giving right now. God knows how it's going to end.

I mean, I told you a few weeks ago, but the union versus the owners, I mean, that's really a rivalry in every sport because it was just a battle for the dollars. But right now it's just a movie between them.

Jack: If I

abe: don't like, it's kind of like. The parent trap.

Jack: Good reference. All right. If I had to make you pick a category, cause we might throw this on some social graphics.

Who would you go with?

abe: Oh, we're talking about this category.

Jack: Yeah, I dunno.

abe: I can't throw the MLB players union, whatever. If I was going to pick one this year. It's hard not to go Lakers Clippers, even though it didn't end, but like that's what we've all been looking forward to all year. They've had great battles.

I remember that Sunday afternoon game right before COVID got down to Lakers one. Um, it's just the rivalry that we all been looking forward to towards the end of this year. And it won't happen probably because I don't think the NBA is coming back, but [00:10:00] Eagle's Cowboys. They weren't good enough. Last year.

Hockey's hockey. UNC was awful last year out of nowhere, they were awful. Even though that they always play up to their competition. I would say that rivalry because of that one game, but the jerseys were so bad in that game that they don't deserve my respect, practice, Jersey soccer to go. If I had to choose other than the owners and the players union in the MLB.

Lakers Clippers.

Jack: Alright. I'm going Lakers Clippers as well. I think the fun of it is it's kind of a newer rivalry that was born out of all the off season moves, which was really exciting. The opening game, they played each other or was it like, it was early in the season. Maybe it wasn't opening night.

Would've been opening gay game. It was opening game. And, uh, I think the Clippers won that one. They looked at

abe: Christmas too.

Jack: They did play Chris. Yeah, they did that. Yes. Yes. The Lakers choked actually Clippers said no, I know for, I remember, I remember now the Lakers were [00:11:00] up late and they actually choked, I think Beverly stripped LeBron at the end of the game, off his leg.

Pat Beverly and then the Lakers got them right before the break. So that, that is also an exciting rivalry because that game is still, I mean, there's still games to be played. We think in the Western conference finals, in terms of the, you think that the rivalry is also super interesting because the Clippers won two of three, the Lakers won the most recent one, but when they play at staples, it's a Laker sellout, no matter who's the home team.

But now that there's no fans, you don't have the fan aspect of it, but Lakers, Twitter and Lakers, social media owns like, I mean, they own the Clippers, like who was a Clippers fan, the city, they own the city. So I think that's what makes that rivalry super unique because. The Lakers when it's just going to be like, LOL, the Coopers literally can't win anything.

They have no banners. They have nothing. If the Clippers, when they kind of get the last laugh, even with everyone,

abe: let me let you in on a little fun. [00:12:00] If the Clippers were, if, if the coven never happened in the Lakers, Clippers met in the Western conference finals and the Clippers won in X amount of games.

Yeah. It wouldn't mean anything. It's still a Laker city. It will always be,

Jack: well, it would still be a, your city, but they would absolutely get the last laugh and they would be playing in NBA finals. I mean, but trust me, if you're a Clippers fan, all you've heard about is LA . There's a few, I went to a Clippers game.

There's a few, but it's not like the Lakers.

abe: I'm very curious to see what a Clippers crowd will look like. Cause they're moving, they're moving to Inglewood and that stadium, um, which is good because you and I were talking about that. The biggest benefit for this whole NBA bubble covert thing is the Clippers because chances are, they would have met up with the Lakers.

And even though they would have had the home hardwood. They're playing seven road games, right? The crowd is against their back every time. And then the NBA playoffs. That matters a lot

Jack: without a doubt. All right. On to the next category, which is champion of the year, the champions of the [00:13:00] past year, that we're focusing on the Kansas city chiefs, the feet, the Niners, the blues come from the absolute dungeon to win the Stanley cup as to the nationals.

And then we don't have an NBA champion. So we're going to let the rafters hold that

abe: we don't have a, we don't. NHL champion either. Like when we had this conversation last year we had, we talked about the blues.

Jack: That's correct. That is correct. Good point. Good call out. But we didn't have baseball. All right.

So it's really only two new champions, but we're going to take, we can

abe: throw in a, we can throw an LSU.

Jack: Yeah. LSU, a good call out

abe: could throw in, um, the Washington mystics

Jack: took down, speaking of which.

abe: Let's flip the fan, man. We're back.

Jack: I know coming back, but we had a massive season ending injury to Kelsey plum.

abe: What do you mean?

Jack: Yeah, she, she got hurt and she's out for the year, which is a

abe: massive decision. Didn't start.

Jack: I know she got hurt. Your boy on the Eagles got hurt before the season started. Also don't get me

abe: started. [00:14:00] Um, Sandoz, you don't know Jack and I are diehard Las Vegas, ACEs fans. Um, If you can go back to, we got to find that episode in that one clip and then like tweet it out or Instagram and out for when the shot went in

Jack: last video for that we should have been doing video back.

abe: But, um, I think that's coming back

Jack: the 22nd tomorrow back. Yes. All right. Who's your champion of the year

abe: that Kelsey plum really just put it

Jack: down.

abe: She was nice in the place.

Jack: Nice.

abe: My champion of the year is the Kansas city chiefs. You think about the playoff run they had being down double digits in three straight playoff games.

Um, you mix that with the combination of Andy Reed, getting the, getting it off his back and getting his first ring. Patrick Mahoney is finally not finally. It's his second, third year in the NFL. I'm finally breaking through and getting that first ring. Just the sky's the limit for him. You don't know if he's going to get seven, eight, nine, 10, probably just one or two.

Um, it's crazy to think like these drew Brees, Aaron Rogers. [00:15:00] All time. Great quarterbacks. They have one super bowl, right?

Jack: Like the other one is fake

abe: to put it in perspective of how crazy six is for Tom. Um, so I'm going to go to the chiefs. They were. One of the most electric teams of watch, like Patrick Mahoney is appointment television, more so than Lamar Jackson and the baby choke.

Um, so the chiefs are my champion of the year, but LSU is a good call.

Jack: Yeah. I'm going LSU special shout out to the nationals. They were down and out like a million times, like even in the wildcard, in the wild they're out. They were, they just were knocked out a playoff contention by every pundit back in whenever.

And they made that come back. That was electric.

abe: You remember that wild card game? I forget who the right fielder was that did it though. Or the ball went through his legs and that's how the net scored.

Jack: And, but I'm going with LSU. I've never. Seeing a team after, after they came to Texas, which was really their closest game of the year, which is nuts to say

abe: you have not, you were riding that all year two.

We [00:16:00] played LSU. The

Jack: closest did we absolutely did, which is hilarious. But the fact that they, after that point, they never looked back. They. I don't know if there were a live underdog at any point, they just smoked everyone. Even the game against Alabama where it was close. It never felt like Alabama had a

abe: semifinal game against

Jack: Oklahoma.

Yeah, exactly. Saying

abe: touchdowns.

Jack: He could have scored a hundred points and the championship game was close to the first half and they still, it was still like, I think they got down at one point and it was just like, there's you can't stop them. You literally, we taught was on that date. Yeah, I was on that.

I was in that as

abe: well. I was so hype. We were so hype on Clemson going into that play off

Jack: because I thought they were being disrespected and who's tried it and it, and they were because people said they weren't that good. And then they beat an Ohio state team, but I just think we might've disrespected LSU even more by underestimating dad.

How. I mean, that offense was unstoppable. It was literally

[00:17:00] abe: on you think about the weapons they had, but the craziest part about that, has he ever seen a picture of that offensive line without their shirt on? Oh yes, they are the biggest human beings I've ever seen in mind. Like they're double the size of NFL lineman.

Like I could've, I could've sat back there and throw it through a few

Jack: touchdowns. I just coach yeah. Coach Clyde Edwards. Hilaire was like the Mo he's a first round pick and he got no love throughout the year.

abe: Let me ask you a question. Do we know. How good LSU is going to be next year? Like, do they have a quarterback come in or something, or was it kind

Jack: of know when you traveled to death Valley week two and I'll hopefully be more, I don't know.

I don't know.

abe: We'll not be there,

Jack: but we're going to beam that out. That'll be open. We gotta get our Miami dolphins be reported, Dean care back on. He's also our Texas correspondent. He is

abe: Jack. You think he wants it on the, uh, The Alinger Heisman

Jack: bet with me too. Oh my God.

abe: He would probably take them to win it.

Jack: His life savings are low right now, but he would put all of them on that bat. I [00:18:00] know that for a fact, all right. On to the best game of last year. So let's go back. Let's relive some memories, saints, Vikings, playoff game Kirky cousins. I was also a mailbag question. Someone said, is he a. Steak waiter, steakhouse, waiter.

He won, they won the people. Want cousins to get the upgrade after the playoff, when you don't

abe: have the pandemic jobs are tight, sticking out the

Jack: bees. Uh, so Viking, saints and LDS game five. Eagleson give me some, give me some help here, which NLDS game game five.

abe: Well, there's only one. NLDS.

Jack: No. I know two series.

No. Yeah. There's

abe: two Eagleson. Come on.

Jack: Exactly. All right. He'll he'll try, man. He's going to write in the chat for us. And then what else do we have? Calgary, Edmonton battle of Albert.

abe: Oh, that game was

Jack: crazy. It was nuts. What the hell is that said that is a Dodgers NATS game pie. Oh, that game was pretty [00:19:00] not what happened.

Uh, just like home runs back and forth. I think Kershaw came in, he got shelled. It was the grand slam

abe: shot got shot in the playoffs.

Jack: It was the grand slam game who had it, how he Kendra. And then, um, Clemson, Ohio state semifinal comes into Ohio state semifinal, Abe game of the year. Give it to Kirk. Can we just go back to that podcast record that week?

When I said, I want to take the Vikings, I want to bet on the Vikings and everyone told me. I'm an idiot. And I actually listened to other people for, I think the first

abe: year everyone listened to you about betting dr. Posts. Exactly. And then you cash on a trifecta and hiring happy,

Jack: but, Oh, I just felt it in my plums.

I game a what's your game of the year,

abe: game of the year is none of these. It's the Duke UNC game we were referring to earlier, um, with the, the missed, like he missed the free throw on purpose. Got it. Caught it, uh, just shot it up to get it up. Winning. But we got, I got to watch those highlights again, but that game was absolute [00:20:00] madness if I had to choose for the category.

Jack: Yeah.

abe: Clemson, Ohio state. You think about the stage that it was on? Clemson went down the field, uh, took the lead late and then Ohio state was coming down to winning again. And Justin Fields just handed the ball to Clemson in the back of the end zone. I remember I was watching that in a hotel room, Mexico, and I was obviously running for Clemson because one, I bet on them too.

Casey and Quinn go to Ohio state three Penn state, Ohio state. Um, so it was just, it was just a euphoric

Jack: feeling. I

abe: saw the pick. I was so tired, shrunk tee off and

Jack: surgery. Do you know the story of what happened on that interception at our house? No. So we're

abe: all I think I do.

Jack: So we're all together. And for everyone listening, you probably know Casey from the YouTube stuff, but he goes to Ohio state.

Our cousin Quinn was a senior at Ohio state. Like they're trying to ride out their last semester. Go see a national championship game.

abe: When I graduated,

Jack: when I [00:21:00] graduated feral, dude, he wanted to go to the title game regardless. Casey's girlfriend. Who also went to Ohio state was with us over Christmas break and fields.

It was the past into Enzo it's caught and she jumps up cheering, thinking they caught the touchdown and won the game. And the rest are alert.

abe: Spoiler alert, Casey and her no longer together.

Jack: Unfortunately that is accurate. I don't know what the correlation is. I would imagine, I would imagine

abe: as the honorary math member on this podcast, I think you can add that up.

Jack: Uh, that was, that was a great game, but I'm going to give it to the Vikings. I think the Vikings kind of controlled the first half and they were still doubted everyone's picking the saints to come back in the second half. I think people forget now that the chiefs won and the Niners kind of handle, they handle the NFC to get to the super bowl.

The saints were like, without [00:22:00] a doubt, the favorite in everyone's book to make the Superbowl, like it was, it was right. It was saints versus whoever made it out chiefs or Ravens. And, but there, like, there was a big debate. Who's going to make it out in the homes or Lamar. I don't know.

abe: Okay. I mean, there was a Brady in there.

Jack: No, I didn't. I at least didn't think so. He was,

abe: I mean, I at least didn't think the Ravens were going to

Jack: that's fine, but. 99% of people weren't dumb enough to say the same or the Ravens didn't have a chance. So on the, on the edit I'm enough or we're smart enough. On the NFC side, it was pretty conclusive though that the saints were going to make the super bowl, which is nuts, the thing, cause they didn't even have a bot.

So I think Kurt

abe: cousins or Superbowl. Oh,

Jack: but Niners. Yeah, it was, it was. Kurt cousins on the road, digs with the drama. They go up in the first half Delvin's eating and then the scene start coming back. They go to taste some Hill to bring them back. All momentum is with the saints. They force over time. And then [00:23:00] Kurt cousins comes down with literally the greatest story of his life, an absolute dime to Thiel him.

And then you top it all off with an clear, offensive pass interference that they don't review and the saints lose on. That is, you

abe: could have talked about that rivalry to the city of new Orleans versus every person, every person in a Reebok shirt or a Footlocker shirt is what they say. I didn't really watch a lot of that game because I was tailgating Eagles, Seahawks.

That was right after that Jew Davion clown. He really just got 2020 started and went just downhill from there.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry. Not, not our year, but maybe the second half will be better. Who knows? Uh, we

abe: kind of already started the second half.

Jack: Hmm,

abe: we gotta finish this month.

Jack: Yeah, we got finished the

abe: 10 days.

We got, we got 10 shitty days left guys,

Jack: and then we'll turn it around.

abe: And in those 10 days you'll have two snapback episodes to listen to.

Jack: Uh, probably three, definitely three. Thanks. Yeah, you're not the math guy. Never have been. Alright. Final category. [00:24:00] Is retired athlete from the past year, the four candidates are Conor McGregor.

Conor got Luke Keekley Curtis Granderson. I had no clue. He retired and Eli two times super bowl champion, Manning him retired athlete.

abe: Oh, Vonte Davis.

Jack: Why can't you ever stick to the candidates like a sponsor? Most first off

abe: Edelson gave us these and half of them have hockey guys in them,

Jack: so that that's not true.

Two categories of one

abe: hot day Davis literally retired in the middle of a game that might've been two seasons

Jack: ago, right? Timeout. That was two seasons go. And his name is not Vontay Davis, who is

abe: Vontay Davis,

Jack: who is Vontay Davis

abe: on the bills.

Jack: I don't. Oh, okay. It was fine. Yeah. That was two seasons ago.

abe: Okay.

If you want me to choose from the list. Yeah. I'm going, I'm going the notorious because he's no way is he retired,

Jack: you know, so

abe: UFC and boxing [00:25:00] retirements crack me up. It's essentially you fight once and then you don't fight and you're essentially retired until some of those here's $40 million. Oh, okay.

I'm not retired. You only, you only. Fight when people ask you to, it's not, you have a schedule, stuff like that. So you can just keep saying you're retired. Conor McGregor has done this a million times. Chances are he's setting himself up for a huge nother fight, or he did a lay up fight against cowboy Serone that made everyone think he was back.

But I mean, the notorious he's the best entertainer in sports he's appointment. Television. What more can you ask for not taking boring Eli Manning

Jack: last year's candidates, two of them that I'll, that I remember Gronk. Who's back and Marshawn Lynch who played in the playoffs. So this is not the end for all these guys, potentially.

I, I agree with McGregor. I think the last three actually out, I am pissed off by this list though. We, I mean, Eagleson just submitted the best, uh, the [00:26:00] best retired athlete, Vince Carter. Vince Carter is

abe: you just gave me shit for picking

Jack: off the lens. he didn't even offer that up. And that was the clear one.

And people are going to be pissed that we don't mention Ben. So Ben sanity is the winner, but off the list, I love Luke. Keekley, it's such a shame. He retired early, but I'm going Eli, like two times three. Well champ, the only person to really well.

abe: Oh wait, he didn't even put Andrew luck in this

Jack: Andrew luck.

Doesn't deserve to be on this list.

abe: What do you think Conor McGregor does?

Jack: Conor McGregor is the greatest of his sport. Potentially. Elide two super bowl rings. Andrew luck. I don't, I think he won one playoff

abe: game, one play off went, and I think, yeah,

Jack: I'm going to Eli Manning. Not that she's got a stupid face.

I know that wraps up the snapback awards. We will post all this stuff on snapback pod on Instagram, and we want to hear your votes and also. Who did we omit from the list and really just yell at Eagleson. [00:27:00] Oh man. Exactly. Exactly. All

abe: right. For every person he admit he should have to feel himself doing a suicide or 10 burpees.

Jack: I'm down with that on to Monday mailbag. The big news of the week is that the Ravens will be getting Jamal Adams, sorry. Excuse me. The big news of the week. And the question from Trevor stall is. Jamal Adams trade predictions. Trevor's question was actually in relation to the Cabos. What would the Cowboys have to give up to acquire Jamal Adams and sign both him and DEC to longterm contracts?

That's a complex question. My boss. At work is a jets fan, but also like a jets reporter be more like he analyzed it as a podcast. He's a big presence in the jets community specifically on Twitter. So I asked him what, like obviously Jamal Adams request a trade, but what is he, you know, what's it going to take to get him?

And this is where I think the general mass population, when the trade happens, they're going to be like, Oh my God, the [00:28:00] jets are so dumb. This is the worst trait ever. Because to get Jamal Adams, it's not going to require anything crazy. It's going to require first round pick

abe: and some change

Jack: and some trench, which is really isn't anything crazy because there's with, there's no way that the first round pick, because they're not going to give up.

It's not going to be a bad team. He wants to be traded to a contender. So it's a late first round pick and you know, maybe next year, second or a third, and then a younger player or a piece. So, whoever that they get from that is not going to be as good as Jamal Adams. If Jamal Adams was in next year or this year draft, he's a top five pick.

I don't think that's up for debate. No. What the situation is though, you gotta pay him. That's where it's going to make it look bad because people are like, Oh, that's not a fair deal until you realize you gotta sink $15 million a year into this guy. Is it worth it, baby? Work it. I don't know. What do you think?

abe: This whole situation's interesting because you look at the, the people that your malt, the draft class, Jamal Adams came up with it's Patrick , [00:29:00] nobody's really gotten that, that big contract yet. So like, why is Jamal Adams so pressed on getting this next contract when nobody else in his draft class has gotten paid?

That makes me think the jets are being the jets. The jets have said some disrespectful stuff. Maybe they offered him something that it was totally, he wasn't worth, but like the idea that he needed to get a deal done. Now, when I think he's under contract for at least the next two seasons. Right. That makes sense.

Um, that makes me think the jets are being the jets. That being said, when his list came out of which teams he wanted to go to feel like a lot of fans were humbled. Because what was the list? It was Superbowl contenders.

Jack: He just went to Las Vegas, Texas. He went to Las Vegas. He went okay. They're the favorite?

The second favorite? Third favorite. Okay. Fifth favorite six. And then it was any team

abe: cause he's from Texas that he drew it. Thankfully the Eagles

Jack: were on there. So that was [00:30:00] that's how you're rationalizing Cowboys and Texans. That's interesting.

abe: I mean, that's how I'm rationalizing the Texans.

Jack: I mean, the only counter is that they were in the divisional round and they all, they only lost D hub in theory.

But they

abe: kept a little Brian

Jack: you're right? No, that's definitely a loss.

abe: So if you're Joe Douglas, the GM of the, of the jets below Brian, your first call

Jack: without a doubt, I pushed her graphic on my story. I think it was bill. It was a Deshaun Watson and JJ watt for Jamal Adams and two bags of Frito lays.

abe: It's like Joe will call and say, you give us the first virtual mall. That sounds nice. How about too?

Jack: Right? He's like, I really want to get this done and he's like, no, we only wanted one.

abe: I texted you. I texted you like Friday when this list came out or whatever my feeling of where he's going to go.

Jack: Yeah.

abe: I think he goes to Seattle.

Jack: I could not agree more.

abe: No idea,

Jack: no idea.

abe: I don't know what they necessarily have to offer. I know they have some cat [00:31:00] because they're not bringing back Clowney. Um, just like rebuilding that Legion of boom. It's just like one of those things.

Jack: So, you know, how many Seahawks fans that follow snapback? Because all I do is shit on them and I hear it constantly hear it.

And every, I said, where's Jamal Adams gone. I like to pull the fence and see how his fans were. Out of control. They're like Seahawks, Seahawks, Seahawks, because we want to rebuild the Legion and boom, they're obsessed with having that great secondary.

abe: They went to two super bowls

Jack: without a doubt, without a doubt.

And it totally makes sense. I agree. I think clown is gone. I think clown is out the door and I think that's the right move. I would rather have Jamal Adams then Jay Davion Clowney, which is also funny that like, no one. Like, why is no one wants a Davion Clowney? Cause he's a murderer who

abe: puts it on the ground.

Jack: So I do think the Seahawks are the best. Uh,

abe: what about from our team's perspectives? Like what do you like, I know for you, I texted you. I was like, would you even want him, like, obviously you want an all [00:32:00] pro player? Like if you can add a good football player, you want to add a good football player, whether it's not a need.

What do you think about that?

Jack: All right. So everyone asks me this, do the Ravens one and do the Ravens have a chance to get your mall Adams. Do the Ravens have a chance. I'll start there. I think we actually do, because we have Matt Judah on, so we franchise tagged him. He's the next big pass rusher is going to get the contract.

I think we're willing to move him so we could theoretically trade him to the jets. The problem is it's not a perfect fit. Like we could move Jude on. To the Seahawks and then get Clowney cause they want to replace the pass rush. So we could do that. It just doesn't make sense for us. Truck Clark was really good.

He's like he wasn't the captain of the defense, but he was a really good communicator and leader. He's the strong safety I think with Earl Thomas back there, it makes sense as a fit with having Jamal play in the box and Earl play deeper on the field. And I said, we would have the best secondary. I'm not going to say of all time because people would freak [00:33:00] out.

But we wouldn't have say of all time. No, I'm not. I'm not. And we'll never know. We'll never know. Oh, I'm definitely thinking.

abe: And you definitely texted me it.

Jack: I mean, it would, it would be the best in the league. There's no doubt about that. All Thomas pro bowl, Jamal Adams, first team, all pro Marlon Humphrey pro bowl, Marcus Peters, pro bowl.

Most people don't even know about Tayvon young, who was the best Slack coroner in the year in the league. He's been dealing with Andres and you obviously have to put up with that and then you get Jimmy Smith to just play in that role. You get to Sean Elliott back from injury and you would still have Chuck Clark.

It would actually be disturbing. It would be disturbing. And the reason it would be a good fit is because what the Ravens lack is pass, rush. But what we like to do more than anything is actually blitz. So if you could just go. One on one Oh one with two deep safeties and then blitz linebackers, you would have a really good chance.

You might not need as much pass rush. Do I think we do it? No, because we have to pay Lamar Jackson eventually, and we had to pay Ronnie Stanley. Who's one of the best tackles, if not the best in the [00:34:00] league and Orlando Brown. I wouldn't do it. The is too deep right now. It doesn't make sense, but it's fun to think about.

abe: Yeah. I mean, the equals are always that team that are thrown around when a big names

Jack: out there. Why, why is that always the case? Most fans think it's the face you guys are like,

abe: you guys are also players, like would welcome coming to Philadelphia. Like

Jack: we're a fun city to play for culture, but

abe: in terms of fit, I mean, you've put your mall Adams into a spot where we lost Malcolm Jenkins.

He's that Swiss army knife who can play in coverage, who can play in the box, sort of as that linebacker fit, Joe Douglas, the GM of the jets before he took the GM of the jet shop. He was how he Roseman his right hand, man, the VP of player personnel he's there. I essentially already traded for Jamal Adams.

I would give up Zach Hertz, I think

Jack: first or just art. Not arts

abe: in a first,

Jack: not arts in a first. I mean, IRTs it. And first gets the dumb once again. It's all about just having to [00:35:00] pay the guy. What's your cap situation. Cause I know once is on that big

abe: deal. Yeah. Now, I mean, our cap situation is good right now.

We have cap next year.

Jack: Right. And that's what you have to look at because you're signing him for the future.

abe: Yeah. And I mean, who knows the cap is now with Brandon Brooks. We just paid him this off season. He just tore second Achilles.

Jack: And they said it complicates it 10 times more because of no one knows what the cap is going

abe: to look like.

Jack: So it's now becoming a riskier investment to sign Jamal Adams because he know you're going to have to pay them other teams on the list. Like Gabe said, Texans. I actually think that makes sense for them. They need defensive help and they, they didn't want to sign D hop. They could sign him Cowboys. I also think that makes sense.

I think if Jamal Adams said I want to be a cowboy, like right now he listed a bunch of teams. If he said I want to be a cowboy, I actually don't know if Jerry Jones doesn't say, okay, we want you and go by Dak. Like I genuinely believe he would do something like that.

[00:36:00] abe: This brought me back to the thought of, this is why you trade Zeke,

Jack: right?


abe: but they have Lavian

Jack: but they have Lavian right. Chiefs would be amazing for the chiefs. I don't think they can do it with what they're about to pay.

abe: I don't think they need to do it. I think they're bringing back that many starters, like you, you built off it. It's hard to, it's hard to replicate that and it's hard to say they, it's not a good idea when you're adding an all pro safety, but like, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

In my opinion,

Jack: in my opinion. This would be actually the optimal time to train for Jamal, because it's, I think we talk about the window all the time, right? This theoretically would be their window is still open this year because they haven't paid my homes after that. It's just free fall on the cat.

abe: I think Patrick my is when he signs his extension, it's going to be like LeBron steel with Nike.

We'll never get the true numbers out of it. It's just going to be that much.

Jack: I can't do that with no contract. I

abe: think Patrick, my homes can do what he wants with Roger Goodell.

Jack: That's fine. Eagles. We just talked about Niners. I mean, they would love to package that on defense. They've [00:37:00] had cap issues. I know they traded Buckner to kind of loosen that up, but they do have Jimmy G tied up and then Eagleson just chimed in and said, the bucks are an option.

The dude shocker clearly wants to play in the super bowl, which I honestly have. I haven't met. I don't blame him either.

abe: I want to play the guys. You spent enough years in North New Jersey playing football. You get a little sick of it.

Jack: Could not agree more, right. Once a Brody Smith's question. You think the MBA will happen now that the chronic cases of spiked

abe: Abe isn't Brody Smith.

Jack: Dude. Perfect guy. Yeah, something like that. It's not him though, but it might be, it could be,

abe: it might be. Do you think the MBA will happen now that the Corona cases have spikes? No way in hell. This is as if what's going on in Florida right now, let's rewind a month and a half ago. And it's as if we're sitting here and talking about the MBAs, getting ready to play at Madison square garden for a month, like Florida is the new New York.

It's the epicenter of the Corona virus. It is fully open. I'm seeing Snapchats [00:38:00] of a girl. I know for my am yet crowded ass bars. Like

Jack: I don't even want to tell you what Dean did last night. I'll actually tell you off the air, but I couldn't, I couldn't. I could not agree more. They are out of control, but Adam silver believes, and this is the confidence that I believe I do believe it's still going to happen.

Wild Florida is crazy. And while maybe they targeted because they were lesser cases, they really targeted because of the worldwide sports and, uh, Disney world or wherever they're applying. The problem is that they can't keep employees. And our boy. Who actually works there out. Right. Or they can't keep them in the bubble, but it does make bubble, but it does bubble, but it does make sense.

They are, think about like everything that's going on right now, the protocol will keep them the safest. It can, in terms of the entire country, like Trey young is out by the pool and maybe he'll go out to dinner. Right?

abe: Trey, I'm not going.

Jack: No, I know, but I'm saying, cause I follow him on snap and like he's [00:39:00] out and about, and like a bunch of these, like the jazz, we're all playing with a bunch of guys who hadn't been tested and they're doing practice wrong.

abe: Everyone's hooping right now.

Jack: That's what I'm saying now, at least the players will have been tested. They'll be in this bubble and it'll be as limited. It'll be as constructed as it can. So I still do think Adam silver makes a good point that it will be the safest place. The question is, is it safe enough?

Yeah. And realistically, no, what's the, what's the upside. What's the downside. How do you take all that

abe: into account? It's just strictly money for the leak.

Jack: But also for the players also for the pliers, you can't take it.

abe: Yeah. It affects future contract situation to CBA. If they don't have a league, the owners cause essentially throw out this CBA and have to go right back to the table.

And then we're looking at MLB part two, potentially with a strike and made up money. But how, how much are you buying it? I saw Lou Williams on like an interview the other day said cause they have until the 24th. So that's [00:40:00] Wednesday to announce if they're going to go or not. They have until the 24th to decide, Lou will.

A very big part of a championship contender team is saying he is 50 50. All right. I'm not going to talk about it from a social, social justice

Jack: aspect that he was right. His is on the social justice, not health. Yeah. I believe his is on the social justice. Some


abe: are health reasons.

Jack: Like Joanne,

abe: Joanne was a

Jack: fraud.

abe: Like, do you think players will actually sit out for health reasons, like with families and stuff and stuff like that they're away from their families for three

Jack: months? Well, they're used to, you know, I don't think, like, I think you can just. Not distance, but be away from your family for three months. I don't think that's really gonna turn anyone the safety issue though.

There's no doubt that the stars, not the stars that higher seated teams have more of an incentive. I think there is an argument, like if you're, I mean, Kelly Bray, he got injured and he took surgery. Like he's [00:41:00] not going to be there, but if you're like

abe: Aaron Gordon, like I'm not going to that shit.

Jack: Exactly.

Maybe you're already there. Right? You are go. Maybe if you're like Troy Brown jr. On the wizards and you're like, like maybe we make a run to get to the play in. And then we beat the magic

abe: Cabo and chill there for

Jack: exactly. So I agree. I think there's less incentive for those guys to potentially

abe: why didn't they discuss going?

Maybe they did discuss it, but why, why didn't they choose to go? Like maybe to The Bahamas somewhere international, not to travel.

Jack: I would guess, I would guess they're taking private

abe: planes anyway.

Jack: I don't know if

abe: The Bahamas would have been the most ideal,

Jack: but they're all over the country. And there's also probably a lot of regulations with having everyone needs to have a passport, everyone.

abe: And we're talking about the Kings on the high up, because buddy Heald was Bohemian.

Jack: Oh, he is. I didn't even realize that. Yeah. I don't have the Kings really making that play on foot. It is [00:42:00] interesting though. I think it's still gonna happen. We'll see what happens on the 24th. I don't think a lot of people are going to say, they're not, I don't think anyone's going to be like the guy who was like, I'm not going,

abe: who's going to be, who's going to be the one to start it.

Jack: I don't know if it starts honestly, but if, if we had to pick, like I F I feel like, I feel like Ingles actually would be that guy. The jazz are already messed up with go Baron spider. And he's already made

abe: play believe in that. Like, like I understand like Rudy go bear was being reckless about it, but if you look back at the times, like, okay, they're going to get mad at him for maybe spreading this dude.

There's millions of people that have gotten this it's without a doubt

Jack: pandemic, but, but you, they released the reports that spider and him having an era irreparable relationship. And he didn't really like, that's a very easy thing to be like, nah, Rudy is my guy.

abe: Rudy actually said, we're, we're working through it as [00:43:00] if they're a married couple, right.

Jack: They are point guard and big man pick him Rose big man. That can't

abe: really do anything other than play

Jack: drunk and play defense. It's just

abe: not that good.

Jack: He's

abe: he's just not

Jack: him. Probably like 10 years ago is an elite center. Him now in this game, I wouldn't want him on my,

abe: I love that conversation like which players were too far ahead of their time.

And too soon, like if Chris Bosch was in his prime today, the way he was he'd be unbelievable.

Jack: I mean, he was, he was, it's just

abe: people. His game is totally built for today. He was that stretch.

Jack: I mean, look at Kevin Love the way he's adjusted his game. Well,

abe: I think that was more of a LeBron force him. Oh my God.

Our, our, our Twitter correspondent, Alex Brown, Darfur rods, a snapback Twitter, you know, he, he said Anthony Davis was going to turn into Kevin Love and just be sitting in the corner with LeBron, waiting for threes.

Jack: And now they run

abe: off. It's actually wild to see what happened to Kevin Love. He was a 20 and 20 guy

[00:44:00] Jack: in

abe: Minnesota,

Jack: and now he's an NBA now.

abe: Now he's a champ.

Jack: All right. Final question from the mailbag from Dylan Davis should players who are known dopers, be in the MLB hall of fame. Examples, Barry bonds, Mark McGuire, etc.

abe: Should Barry bonds be in the hall of fame? Let me rephrase that question. Should the best baseball player of all time be in the hall of fame, plain and simple.

Barry bonds was a hall of Famer before he started taking the steroids.

Jack: What do you know when that was? When

abe: his neck, wasn't 50 inches big when he was on the pirates and he was leading the league and stolen bases and still hitting home runs. Right? Um, yes, they should. Because essentially these guys, the Barry bonds, the Mark McGuire's, the Sammy Sosa.

Ben was on our show the other day. They saved baseball right after the strike in 95, these guys, the MLB knew what was happening. They knew they were taking steroids. Like the MLB is as corrupt as every other league is. They knew these guys were taking steroids. Then once it became into public perception and the [00:45:00] mob started to look bad, then they pinned it all on the players and made them look bad.

But the fact that you're keeping these guys out is like everyone was doing it at the time. You know what I mean? If everyone's doing it and you're all at the same level playing field. You put them in. It's the baseball, hardos the purest of the game. The guys that don't like bat flips those guys. Those guys are the ones that are keeping them out.

And baseball is the hardest sport to get into the hall of fame. You have to get 75% of the votes, and it's usually only three to four guys a year. And you're on it for, I don't know how many years like Barry bonds, it's like his eighth or ninth try or something in the hall family. He's getting towards the end.

And they get up every year, but there's no doubt in my mind, they should be in the hall of fame because one, they saved baseball too. They were just unbelievable players in general. And three, everyone was doing it at the time. Everyone was juicing.

Jack: I get that they're on an even playing field and they were the best players in their game.

So they probably deserve it for being the best relatives from that. But then, but the [00:46:00] question is from the hall, like, all right, let's say hypothetically, it gets steroids, gave them a 30% increase on everything they did. Right. And then we could calculate those numbers. Okay. So he had 70 home runs in a year.

Okay. Now he really only hit 45. And if you only hit 45 for X amount, right? No, no. That's why I am in agreement. And everyone seems to be in agreement that they should be in the hall. But I think, yes, they, if you take it, if it was a hall of fame, but if they did like a best of by decade, it's a lot easier conversation.

Cause like you said, they're all on an even playing field, but the players now don't have that advantage that they have. So any numbers they look at are going to be looked at as way worse than when those guys have to

abe: look at relative to the times that

Jack: they're in. Yeah. Without a doubt. And

abe: then Barry bonds was a hall of fame player without steroids.

Barry bond is the best player of all time.

Jack: Right. He would step up. He was like the best part in the MLB one. Just getting, do it too.

abe: He got intentionally walked with bases [00:47:00] loaded multiple times a year. How could you imagine a guy comes to the plate and you're just like, Nope, we're cool with giving up a run every time.

It's wild.

Jack: Have you ever seen the YouTube video on the analytics behind Barry bonds

abe: now?

Jack: I know you're not a math guy, but I know you

abe: I'm an analytics guy, right?

Jack: You like

abe: sky,

Jack: you like Barry bonds a lot. I'll send you this video on anyone from the fam who wants to see it. It's insane. It talks about if he never swung the bat in a whole season where he would have ranked out in that season.

It would have been the best player in the league.

abe: If he can. It's like Wayne Gretzky. If he never scored, he'd still have the most points of all time.

Jack: Right. He was that dominant. So, yeah, I I'm just a believer, but I can't say I don't see the argument on the other side.

abe: I see no argument. I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

Jack: Absolutely ridiculous. All right. It's that back fam? That was the snapback [00:48:00] awards and. A little Monday, mailbag, let us know your thoughts as always hit that subscribe button. And then we will talk to you on Thursday. Snapback fam, much love Abe, any last words in the shower, in the shower. I have my fan much love peace.