00:00:00] Jack: What up back fam, welcome back to another episode of snapback sports pod. On this episode, the NBA is back, but also everyone is COVID, but also everyone doesn't want to play in Orlando, but I still think the NBA is going to happen. We already know Abe doesn't. We will discuss MLB is officially back. What are the new rules?

Who's going to win it all. We will break all of that down. This week's what the hell internet graphic goes out to our friend, Jay Williams. He posted a fun one talking about the Knicks coaching higher potential, and then ranked the top three school yard games. And we tap it off with a what the PO. Thanks to our producer, Andrew Eagleson from Canada, snapback fam.

Another episode, Raven Lamar Jackson

[00:01:00] Abe: to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jack: Brian put the jumper.

What a fam I'm your host, Jack settling from snapback sports joining me today. And there's always my cost and long time. Best friend Abe. Abe. What is on your mind to debt?

Abe: I'll tell you what's on my mind, Jack. I just saw a Snapchat from your girlfriend. Looks like you guys had a very nice little date

Jack: night.

We did. Can you confirm?

Abe: Okay, good. And I saw the food and it looked like you had some fire appetizers and it got me thinking. How much better are appetizers than entrees. Like, I don't understand when you go out with a group of people, why isn't it just a consensus that you just all get the appetizers?

Jack: Like if I'm not splitting apps with you, we're not actually good friends. That's how I would grade a meal. But

Abe: at the same time, like, I feel like the only reason people order entrees is because like, [00:02:00] it's what you do. It's like, it's the norm. But in reality, but why don't you change the stigma?

Jack: The question

Abe: boycott entrees,

Jack: but you want one appetizer, one entree, that's a full meal for you, right?

What do you do? Do you hit three API's to fill you up is two API's enough, but

Abe: that's a case by case basis where you have to know the restaurant you're going to in the, in the portion size, like, you know, kind of what you're getting in an entree around. Whenever you go appetizers, very restaurants, restaurant.

But just as a whole, as a food group, appetizers are just way better. We can have a conversation. We can rank the top three appetizers and the honorable mentions we'll go on for miles. You can rank the top three entrees and we'll be done in five minutes.

Jack: Yeah. Chilies knows that like they've recognized greatness with their offering, which is

Abe: like, you just pulled a Chili's out of all restaurants.


Jack: I Southwestern Agros probably the best food on this

Abe: planet. I mean, I'll take Applebee's over chilies.

Jack: No, you're [00:03:00] crazy. You don't actually mean that you don't mean that you don't mean that you're getting caught up in the hype of the name.

Abe: I mean, it's, I mean, it's half off apps after nine o'clock every night.

Jack: Yeah. But you have the triple dipper at Chili's, which is Southwestern night rules, bacon cheeseburger, sliders, and w and Buffalo bites that let's think about that combination.

Abe: Phillies is like the Chili's is the other Yannis brothers.

Jack: You're absolutely. This is, I don't know if I can continue this podcast, but I guess we're legally obligated.

No, we're not. We're free agents. We do whatever we want, but we're going to talk some sports. So the NBA finally, today we're talking on the night of June 24th. Everyone is supposed to announce if they're going to be opting in, to play in Orlando,

Abe: found out it's a soft opt in

Jack: offer.

Abe: Exactly what was said. I was like, what, what does that mean?

Like, it can hand in my homework

Jack: next week. Yeah. Uh, it's like the early deadline. Well, we've heard some names and the big name, the big [00:04:00] pullout was Darvis Burton's, uh, shooting 42% from three on the season. And that was a joke because the real big one was Avery Bradley.

Abe: Well, well, let's give a little respect to Burton's like,

Jack: nah,

Abe: you're talking, you're talking because he's on the Lakers versus.

Tavis Burton's is a better player than Avery Bradley is exactly.

Jack: That was, that was kind of the joke. I thought I was going to get a laugh out of you, but I know we got people at the fam who, who are listening to this cackling to themselves, but Avery Bradley's out. Uh, and then along with that, we've now heard multiple people test positive, healed Brogdon.

Uh, am I forgetting anyone?


Abe: mean, there's a lot of, there's a lot of teams like. Jabari Parker. Who's still in the

Jack: NBA. How was he on the Kings? I thought it was in the Hawks. I don't

Abe: know. But, um, like there's the two sons players, because like you don't actually, like, I think these guys have to give permission for their names.

Announcer. It's like a health public policy violation. I don't, I don't [00:05:00] really know, but like you have two sons fliers, like you'll start having different players, but I saw a tweet from Kendrick Perkins

Jack: and


Abe: he had a good point.

Jack: Wow,

Abe: what's going on right now. Isn't unexpected that all these people are popping up with coronavirus, like, Oh, they're finally coming back together and doing

Jack: test referencing. I

Abe: don't know one of the one that I read.

Jack: Cause they're so you know the whole thing about clutch Perkins.

Have you seen it all? No. So Kendrick Perkins three years ago, tweets, M J is the goat. He's the best of all times,

Abe: Kendrick Perkins is just making a name for himself.

Jack: Right? So now there's a joke going on Twitter, that it's clutch Perkins because he is completely flip flopped. He's constantly all over LeBron.

And even last night, he tweets out. He says, I totally respect Avery Bradley's decision to sit out. Like everyone should get ready to lay some up. Who's going to be there. [00:06:00] Deletes the tweet, sends a different tweet later that night. I

Abe: completely baby. No, you didn't.

Jack: Ron Brown and math Carter hit him with that clutch tech saying, Kendrick, what are you talking about?

Abe: But anyway, Kendrick Perkins said like, everyone's like, yeah, Oh, my God, he's getting criminal. My God, he's getting chronic, but realistically, the NBA is coming back. They knew this was

Jack: going to happen was the plan. So they're having the panic, but I'm surprised to hear you like talking sensibly.

Abe: No, I mean, Kendrick Perkins said this is expected by the MBA.

That doesn't mean that. I mean, they're taking all these guys that are traveling from the country and they're putting them into the hotspot of the virus right now. How is that going to be like, you're seeing all these names pop up and this disease is ravishing people like, come on guys, they're going to have three months of nobody's going to get it.

No big names. Like this is absurd.

Jack: Well, the plan was to give people this deadline so that they would have two weeks before training camp opens up and everyone would be able to heal an outside. Part of it is like, I don't think people realize that. I know they're probably not going to die because they [00:07:00] are in shape and under the age

Abe: effect to everyone theory you, I know you killed it real quick last time.

So it can kind of good right now.

Jack: I don't know how I feel about it, but it, you know, it damages the lungs and could really damage stuff going forward. But every

Abe: Bradley's dark and sad all over again.

Jack: Avery rally's decision had to do with his kid. He didn't want to go cause he couldn't see his family, his son, I believe as a heart condition, something

Abe: along those

Jack: respiratory.

So. I mean, I'm not, I'm not, I, there were a bunch of Lakers fans who were pissed and there was Evan Forney, I believe who tweeted, not about Avery Bradley, but about someone

Abe: else about Burton's totally healthy and only holding out, which this is an interesting topic because Burton's, isn't on a contending team.

He's on the ninth seed. He had a great year, one of the best shooters in the NBA. And he's up for a contract this year. Like, you kind of understand that, but like,

Jack: well, what side are you on? Who do you more relate to? I don't want to relate

Abe: to either of them.

[00:08:00] Jack: no, but it's the team aspect. Like your boys are healthy. They're going to play, put their jobs at risk and their lives at risk. And you're kind of sitting back just for the money. The counter, I think is not only I need to get my contract and I can't get sick. It's that? I need to take care of my family and this one contract.

I really,

Abe: I really, I take Davos Burton side. I like, like, I know people are saying asterix, like, I don't think this NBA championship will mean as much to the people playing. They're like, they're going into this thinking. We've had a whole MBA off season in between this league. It's essentially my friend called it the Disney invitation.

It's an AAU tournament. It's a basketball tournament out of nowhere. And the only reason it's happening, it's not to crowded official champion of last season. It's to mitigate the loss that would happen. If there wasn't a season with the whole CBA, with all the money off, they're just trying to salvage anything they can

Jack: in hindsight.

No, I think I disagree with you there. Look, the premier [00:09:00] league restarted and Liverpool needs to win one more game and they're going to win it. And it's really not going to feel like

Abe: how about, how about our spurs

Jack: to now in this first set of

Abe: 900?

Jack: Are you dying? He cane is back. I was live bet tweet and all over the place.

When Liverpool wins by the weekend or whenever they finally win. Yes, they won the title and it's an Accenture season, but they were going to win the title regardless, but it still won't feel like it. But would this restart with the MBA? It does feel like they're all going to be on a level playing field and there's going to be a knife, but that's

Abe: not, that's not the NBA playoffs.


Jack: just feel like it's gonna, I'm telling you the first eight regular season games will feel weird. They'll feel like tuneups. The first round might be ugly, not great basketball, but I think by the second round and by the conference finals, and especially by the NBA finals, this is going

Abe: to, no, I think it will.

I think it'll heat up if it happens. It won't, um, But I'm saying for a guy like Tavis Burton, who his team isn't contending. I'm not, I'm not the reason. I'm not, I'm not teaming up with Dobbs protons. I'm saying Evan Forney. I could kick [00:10:00] rocks.

Jack: I definitely don't value Evan Forney, his

Abe: bike. Like, yeah. I, you have a point, but who cares?

Like this is such an anomaly. Like this is a crazy unforeseen situation.

Jack: This isn't, this isn't the bowl game, right? Like, do you remember them? That was a huge dilemma. Stars should play in the bowl game or

Abe: not bowl games is the stupidest thing of all time.

Jack: Well, then those are usually cash cows, but you can make that complete comparison here.

A nine seed, the

Abe: wizard because of the guy, the Chick-fil-A bowl, doesn't have a chance at a national champion.

Jack: Neither do the wizards

Abe: though. Hypothetically, I think the

Jack: Chick-fil-A bowl has a better chance at the championship than the wizards do and their math

Abe: given an opportunity. Put it that way.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe: I mean, you roll out a line up of John Wall, Brad Beal, Dobbs. Burton's really? And I can't

Jack: promise Brian

Abe: Thomas Robinson. He's good. Eats glass glass.

Jack: Alright, so the, the. [00:11:00] Lakers have essentially signed Jared Smith, according to everyone I follow on every social media platform, which I think is the funniest thing, like of course, woes or woes, as you like to say, but it's whoosh.

I say, Whoa,

Abe: what was NeuroSky?

Jack: Yeah, I'm right. That was neuralgia is not his name.

Abe: Yes it

Jack: is. It's like, Whoa, ger, we're now skewed regardless.

Abe: I'm going on YouTube. And

Jack: he tweets out that he's high on the list of potential signings. And apparently he's on the team already jr. Smith swapping him for Avery Bradley.

What do you think. How important is Avery Bradley's decision to sit out

Abe: massive, massive for the Lakers. I mean, LeBron has to pull this team out of the dust now again, I mean, I guess he's got to do it. He's got to do what he has to do. No, but seriously, it's not massive, but I think it's actually a big loss.

Like Avery Bradley is one of their best perimeter defenders. And I look at this totally from a standpoint of. Playing against the matchup with the Clippers who are running all this perimeter guys, all [00:12:00] in a small ball lineup, having to switch everything Avery Bradley can fill in guard a player that Danny green can't or whatever, a Rondo, he can't play any defense.

And I mean, this guy was a solid role player for them, and that's what the Lakers have finally been searching for. And it felt like towards the end of, or towards the end of the season, when COVID happened, they were finally getting that identity and everyone was finding a role. I mean, you play 24 minutes as a bench player.

He's averaging nine points per game. He shooting three and a half threes, a game he's averaging 36.4. I mean, that's huge for LeBron. He gets to the rim, Anthony Davis gets the REM and they can dish it out to these guys that can hit threes. Great. John rando is in water. If he fell out of a boat, like, yeah, it's Avery Bradley.

It's not an all star they're losing, but it's a key role player that finally found a role within that team. And I think that speaks volumes, especially when you look at the match-ups, they're going to have to

Jack: play. I agree.

Abe: I mean, I'd like to do the LeBron aspect. Like what more does this guy have to do?

Jack: So if anyone wants to go to Bleacher report [00:13:00] and scroll down, like 20 posts, find the post that says Avery Bradley has opted out of returning for the remainder of the season. I have the top comment. I'm very proud of it. And it's just as simple as. LeBron fans now have their excuse, which even a couldn't deny that it was like, you know, what's even better.

Abe: I'm choking.

Jack: Okay. No, I know you are,

Abe: but unless, and unless he loses

Jack: exactly within every joke, there's a truth to it. I think if I'm not kidding. And I'm just thinking about this on the spot. I don't know if there's a more perfect person to have pulled out. For the LeBron fans. Excuse I genuinely Dan green,

Abe: probably just because someone could say that's the championship mind.

Like he's been there before. That's more experience Rondo, even though Rondo has been absolute dog shit for them.

Jack: No, I don't think Rhonda would have given it, but

Abe: why don't you play off Rondo? Have I not told you about him?

Jack: But the one reason why I think Avery Bradley might be even more perfect than Danny green.

I think if the Lakers actually did lose Danny green, they would be [00:14:00] in trouble. Like Danny green, hasn't been spectacular for them this season, but we know if they're going to make that run, he's going to have to hit big shots and space the floor and play some defense and bring that veteran leadership.

Abe: I know you remember Avery Bradley and that Sunday afternoon game against the Clippers right before it all went down.

Jack: And, and that's why everyone knows inside. Like, it's really not a massive loss. But it's the perfect player to pin it on. If they don't

Abe: actually think it's a bigger loss than your gift, then you're, then you're making it seem the way, the thing, how we can do on both sides of the floor. That's hard to find

Jack: you can get over it.

There's no Smith. No, that's not, that's not the perfect replacement, but you can get over losing Avery Bradley. I don't know if the Lakers get past losing a Danny green or

Abe: Alex Caruso has entered the chat.

Jack: Apparently he's terrible. I'm not sure. Uh, anything else? Thoughts on that MBA?

Abe: I mean, it's a bad week to start with your name, start with joke.

[00:15:00] Jack: The

Abe: George's being a Serbian athlete.

Jack: Yeah, well that they kind of brought that upon themselves doing it.

Abe: Let's just talk about a little tennis. Do you understand what Novak Djokovich did?

Jack: That's correct.

Abe: He was literally to prove a point that Serbia and Croatia and these other countries, which they are handling the Corona virus better than the U S he held a spite tournament.

Not for anything. Just these guys who go play tennis for fun fans, ball boys, the whole nine parties after now, everyone in their mothers there got the coronavirus

Jack: full bloom respect for

Abe: a

Jack: tennis tournament though,

Abe: dude, just, I mean, yeah. And I love the idea and the thought behind it just didn't go your

Jack: way.

No, but it went exactly as we kind of expected,

Abe: but I'm curious if. Like we see big names drop out. I mean, we haven't seen a lot of talk from a lot of people saying they don't want to play for social justice issues.

Jack: That's kind of calmed down recently.

Abe: I haven't heard much Kyrie willing to risk it all. I don't, I haven't seen your retirement papers.

[00:16:00] Jack: God. Alright. So the MLB we go, this sport is officially back for, there seems to be like, there's going to be a lot more motion and activity. In an mob situation, then they're what in the NBA, like we're so worried about the MBA, but it's half it's 20 of the teams. It's not even all 30, it's less players on a roster.

You need less people to produce a game. How are they going to make the MLB work? And what are the rules that you want to

Abe: pick up? I already told you the MLB is not happening.

Jack: But it's back. So,

Abe: no, it's not. It'll be back when a first pitch is thrown. I have gotten so many DMZs days, kids lying. You're probably being spam right now.

Yeah, I am. I am being spent boost bulls book. Just take to nature. Well, you know what? Pump the brakes. Yeah. They made a deal. Congratulations. It was a mandate. So what, and now they don't understand. There's still a pandemic going on. Half of the teams, spring training facilities is in Florida. The epicenter, [00:17:00] the other half is an

Jack: Arizona planning to play these games.

Abe: Oh, all over the country at their home stadiums.

Jack: No, wait,

Abe: listen, listen. The way it's working to keep travel limited. The NLI. So you play 60 games total, you pay 40 games within your division, and then you play 20 games against your, um, in early counterparts. So yeah, we're going to get a few Phillies Oriel series.

The ALS we'll play

Jack: the, Oh really?

Abe: Yeah. The ALS we'll play the NLS for 20 games, the AOL central petty, NL central,

Jack: but the Marlins and aren't even close to the rest of those teams. You know what I mean? Like when they

Abe: got the Braves.

Jack: But I'm saying they sell it to fly to Baltimore

Abe: and it's absolutely stupid.

It's absolutely ridiculous. And, but we got some Phillies Orioles. We can throw a few bets on that if you want.

Jack: There was a guy. So I was hyping up the oils coming back because I don't know. I want to act like I like baseball at all. And I was reading through the replies in some guy literally wrote, I will be standing outside the left field [00:18:00] Gates, even if we're not allowed in the stadium,

Abe: you have Camden yards.

Jack: Out of your damn mind, if you would show up and watch an Orioles game from outside of the stadium, you've just got you just

Abe: get Camden yards is a historic stadium. I caught my only, I caught my only ever foul ball there sat behind the plate. Shout out Jay Gibbons. You remember him?

Jack: Jay givens? I swear my life.

I didn't catch the ball, but that was the one foul ball that I ever received. It got hit into the seats next to us and the guy handed it to me.

Abe: Okay. I got a little confession. Um, so that foul ball I caught. So I was sitting like we had good seats right behind home plate. It was an Orioles game. So no one was there.

The ball, there was a pop fly. It went over our heads. It bounced like 18 rows up, but no one was there. It hit the chair and then bounced all the way. To

Jack: my sense, a big Oreo thing, the ricochet, we love it all.

Abe: I didn't catch it, but it bounced off a chair and then landed next to me.

[00:19:00] Jack: I didn't even like catch mine or like get mine.

It was

Abe: picked it up off the ground.

Jack: Yeah, no, that, that definitely counts. If anyone at home thinks that doesn't count. Let me know. I'm curious from the fam what's like the craziest ball story that had, like, it could be maybe

Abe: like hit in the head.

Jack: Well, my cousin did buy an eight rod foul ball, God signed balls and stuff.

I would take an, a rod.

Abe: How's your cousin now.

Jack: He's good. All right. So it's worth

Abe: a little

Jack: doozy, but you know, it is,

Abe: but the rules.

Jack: Yeah. And the rules.

Abe: So, I mean, the schedule is weird. I mean, you look at it like the NLS, like the AOS it's chilling, you know what stinks? It's just the Dodgers. Um, the ALS and the Annalise.

I mean, God damn, we gotta play everyone.

Jack: I mean, the Orioles literally might win six games.

Abe: I mean, that's the thing with the schedule. All these top teams that are in the league. They're not going to make the playoffs. I guarantee it it's literally just who gets hot. The nationals record. Last year, I forget [00:20:00] what it was.

It was like 18 and 40 something. And they went

Jack: along with it. They weren't that bad.

Abe: They were really bad to start the year. And it's just about who's hot and it's going to be an anomaly of a season. You got the universal DH. You got the man. I wish I don't hate the university age. I kind of wish that would go into effect.


Jack: you got the manual. Explain the rules.

Abe: Explain. I am, but you're DH 60 game, season 40 verse your division 20 verse your inner league, counterpart a man on second base to start extra innings. Ridiculous.

Jack: Yeah, let's talk about this. We have had some disagreement over this, so I would love to hear I'm more of a casual baseball fan.

I think this makes sense. Obviously, the ideology behind it is you put a man on second base with non out. This is going to produce runs faster games. Aren't going to go into extras for longer. It's going to keep the game shorter, which is what they need, because they don't want to run these flyers out. You hate the rule.

Tell me why you hate the rule.

Abe: And I [00:21:00] hate them. I hate the rule because I'm not a casual fan because I'm actually a baseball fan. There's two totally different sides. And the

Jack: NFL is right.

Abe: What bothers me about it is just not baseball.

Jack: Right? That's see. That's such an old way of thinking

Abe: a hundred percent.

And what the MLB is doing is, is the right thing. They're trying to appeal to the casual fan because they know this season is such an anomaly that they have to try and do anything they can. It's a short season. So every game matters that much more. The casual fan complaints that there's too much games.

People like me don't really care. I like the one 62. I like the ebbs and flows. Could it be one 20? Could it be a hundred? Yeah. 60 games. It's just not baseball, but it makes every game matter. And that'll maybe cause more viewers, you get, look at the NFL. It became a very pass heavy league from rundown because more points is more exciting and the analytics behind it.

So the NLB is trying to spice it up, make the game shorter. Make more runs happen and it's just more exciting. But the thing is they can [00:22:00] try all this casual appeal to the casual fan with these rules and everything, the DH, the man on second. Meanwhile, the man on second is only for the regular season playoffs.

It goes back to normal.

Jack: That's expected the

Abe: MLB doesn't understand. They're not going to get the casual fan. Because the casual fan is going to be watching NBA playoffs in the

Jack: NFL. Yeah. The timing they mess up the time. And we've already discussed that I've

Abe: chewed her a month ago.

Jack: I have two things.

Number one, I think the man on second, if old baseball heads are so upset by it, I don't know the reasoning is, is all about strategy and all that type of stuff. This just is an added layer of strategy. And then number two, This is in baseball and you like the ebbs and flows and stuff, but the only reason there's ebbs and flows in one 62 is because there's literally an important games, unimportant games throughout the course of the season.

People take days off, they take weeks off mentally. This is 60 games you're locked in for two and a half months. Why can't this just be. 60 good games. [00:23:00] Why does anyone have to get hot? Shouldn't the best teams be locked in from start to finish.

Abe: They won't be,

Jack: I don't see why not,

Abe: because that's just, it's just not how baseball is,

Jack: but this isn't baseball is my point.

Normally don't lock him for the first 60 because you realize, yeah, we have a hundred more after this. Why won't the best players lock it? Yes, they will go through a 10 game stretch where they're not hitting well. But over the course of 60 games, I actually think that is a big enough sample size to where the best of the best will wean itself out.

It will there be a team that maybe escapes and gets into the wild card? Cause they got hot early. Yes, but there's also an extended playoffs.

Abe: Let me ask you a question. If the NFL played five games and once to the playoffs, do you think that that still football, everyone shows up and it's a fair representation of what the season is.

If they find out what the equivalent is,

Jack: but the only difference that I would say is you're playing these teams one time and you could get screwed, right? One team might have to play. [00:24:00] They might get the Brown, like our division this year. Like if it was just by division, we might get Browns

Abe: and Steelers this year.

Jack: I am this year, but I'm talking about last year, like last year, Or the Eagles, for example, all you would have had to play was Cowboys giants, Redskins, where the NFC West would have had four tough games. I think by playing 40 games, what's that eight per team in your division. Something like that will be the math tent.

Uh, 40 games in your division

Abe: division of 10 games,

Jack: 10 games. So there's enough of the sample size where you can, you know who you're playing over the course of time. But if they

Abe: understand what you're saying about why don't the top players just come all out for 60 games, but I'm telling you

Jack: that come all out.

It's not coming all out. It's the reason why. There's not a pitching change in the seventh inning of game 32 is because we have 130 more to go. But game 32 this year, maybe that you do bring in a relief pitcher just for that one out. You don't do that right in game 32.

Abe: Well, I don't [00:25:00] know what the rule is now because before the MLB season started, you had to have the two batter rule, which is ridiculous, in my opinion, that's

Jack: ridiculous

Abe: because of what you said, it's the strategy thing and it ruins the value.

I have a guy like me, a lefthanded reliever. Totally, but I mean, they say the NLB season's happening. It's going to be very strange. I think you're going to see a lot of teams that were supposed to be good, not make the playoffs a lot of teams that weren't supposed to be good. Make the playoffs. Oh no, it's very interesting.

Jack: At the end of it all though, do you have any doubt? The Dodgers and the Yankees will be in the playoffs with a good chance to win it all.

Abe: Yeah, I do have doubt. I think it's a total.

Jack: You think they won't make the playoffs?

Abe: I don't think they won't. I wouldn't be shocked if they didn't make the playoffs.

Jack: Really. Yeah. Interesting. The

Abe: way that, the way this whole thing is going, dude. Yeah. I T ran any team in the division. They're not expanding the playoffs to which they thought they were going to

Jack: do, or they didn't.

[00:26:00] Abe: They're not going to spend the playoff. So the blue Jays could get hot. And then they're in the playoffs.

Like they're a young enough coming team with good prospects. Like it's literally anybody's game in my opinion. And I mean, the Yankees, they lost Severino again,

Jack: cause every, no really still considered on their roster.

Abe: Every time he pitches he's fired and he just gets shut down

Jack: once a year. He's literally like a UFC fighter for them.

Yeah, he gets all hyped up for the appearance he's out for the season. All right. The, what the hell internet graphic of the week comes from our boy, Jay Williams, snapback fam our blood back fam member. He posted a fun little graphic, and this will be posted on snapback pod on Instagram tomorrow. Thanks to Abraham, obviously.

The graphic is such pick one player to build your team around and then pick one coach to hire for your team. And we're doing this for the next, correct?

Abe: Read the caption. So everyone knows what the role they have to assume

Jack: you are James Dolan of the next you get one player and one coach for the future of your franchise [00:27:00] pick wisely.

All right. The players to build your team around. So are we taking the current next roster into account here? That's important. I think we should, for the sake of the argument,

Abe: it doesn't change my answer.

Jack: Okay. Fair enough. Pick one player to build your team around Zion jaw Luca, Karl Anthony towns, or Trey young, and then pick one, coach Jay kid, Mike Brown, Becky Hammond.

John Calipari and Mark Jackson. Abe.

Abe: Why is cat on this list?


Jack: he wants to be at Nick.

Abe: I mean, yeah, he has the, I mean, what do you think about worldwide? What's actually, huh? Everywhere. He goes, he lives a worldwide mess.

Jack: I, I tweeted today. I was like the next made a move. And it wasn't highly criticized by

Abe: everyone.

It was expected. It was expected. Leon and worldwide West have been working together for a year.

Jack: But even if we do anything expected, it's still criticized. Is Leon Rose doing anything? He hasn't done anything yet, but he hasn't messed up, which [00:28:00] is a huge thing. When you're a Knicks, what is he president or something?

Who are you picking? Who are you picking?

Abe: It's a no brainer for me. It's Luca and Mark Jackson.

Jack: Why? Mark Jackson?

Abe: Because, you know how big I am on March Jackson. He, he, he built the pool that Steve Kirk had swimming with the warriors. Also the New York ties. He knows how to hate what the media is like there, he knows how scrutinized the position can be.

He has the experience in New York and he has the coaching experience. John Cal Perry. Whoever's going to stay that shut up. Just shut us.

Jack: Pretty close to saying it.

Abe: I figured you were going to like, like it's ones, people like suggest J right. Should be the Sixers coach. Shut up these college guys

Jack: always to hire.


Abe: it wouldn't in hindsight and beat Jack. Yeah, it'd be cool. Cause the guys good luck. And dude, Brett Brown looks like shit, but like we've seen look at Jim Boylen. Oh no, not Jim boy. What was his name? Fred Hoiberg. And I'm

Jack: not bad. I'm not bad. I'm not there. Hi, my bad, my bad.

Abe: They [00:29:00] looked the same people

Jack: on the line

Abe: and their names sound the same.

Jack: And it's Jim and John. John beeline.

Abe: Gym. Yeah,

Jack: that's crazy.

Abe: Yeah. These college guys, it's very hard to be successful at the NBA

Jack: level yet. It's been good. He's

Abe: been all right. He's been fine, but I mean, Luca, the guy's an MVP candidate already. I mean, what is he? 17 years old still. And Mark Jackson with the New York ties.

He built the warriors. No brainer for me.

Jack: So Mark Jackson, there's big debates over who gets the credit? Like was it just a matter of time and it fell into his lap or did he truly develop these guys on lock them? And then Steve Kurt

Abe: took, all I know is Mark Jackson said. That this is the greatest shooting back court of all time before anyone else did.

And people thought he was bat shit. Crazy

Jack: is crazy.

Abe: It is. And he's a

Jack: lot, he's a lot. You've heard about his locker room stuff, like kind of putting Christ on everyone. And the Bible reads. I haven't heard that yet,

[00:30:00] Abe: but he's also my boy. Like I met him. He IDM with

Jack: he's the man, he's the man he'll be on the pod one day.

Uh, I agree with your pick. Luca is. The sure fire specifically for the next that knocks towns out. Cause we have Metro Zions. Interesting jaw, if you like that style play over Luca, but Luca is the best player on the board without adapt. Pick one, coach, let me go through the five just so I can give Nick's fans.

My thought process. Jason Kidd, horrible coach. We're not getting them because Yannis. Was played with him and he

Abe: loved them and he helped develop them.

Jack: Right. And that's good. We're going to hire a guy to hopefully get you honest, no yams to come in. Regardless. We don't need kid Mike Brown, which I'll come back to Becky Hammond.

I love, I don't know if she's ready to become a head coach yet. I think she'll fill in for pop. Maybe one day. That would be ideal. But I don't think she's ready for New York. That would be a very tough gig to have

Abe: on the first female coach in NBA history in New York,

Jack: in New York on a [00:31:00] shitty New York team.

That's just the setting I'm down.

Abe: I was kinda all in,

Jack: no, I'm all in on the Knicks. Hiring her. Calipari. I actually liked that idea, but I do agree. It's tough, Mark Jackson, I'm out on, even though he has the New York ties, which leaves me with Mike Brown, I think Mike Brown, it's a really bad rep. There's only been really one coach ever.

Who's successfully dealt with LeBron James. That was Eric Spoelstra. Tyler got lucky for a year and then he literally got fired.

Abe: Why? Ty Lou didn't deal with

Jack: him. I'm saying. It just kind of all came together. Tyler who happened to be the figurehead

Abe: dispose the only one that ever coached LeBron. Exactly.

Bronze coach, every

Jack: other team. Exactly. And Mike Woodson was one of them.

Abe: He's not a damn good job,

Jack: but Mike Woodson actually, I feel like was solid random. Mike Brown, sorry, Mike, Brett Brown got pushed out because they couldn't get LeBron over the top. But what has he done since that he's been on the warriors head coaching theft.

I'm pretty sure he's on isn't he [00:32:00] on the Lakers or the Clippers this year? But geez, he's on one of them. Yeah. He stays like in those high profile and NBA coaches love him. So I wouldn't like that. I mean, I wouldn't mind that higher for the night.

Abe: I I'm curious, like how much assistant coaches actually matter in the MBA.

Jack: I feel like they have to matter a lot personally, I

Abe: think for I, yeah. Player development and when it comes to like game planning for the playoffs. Yeah. But, um, I don't know. I just like, you know, coordinators mean a lot and assistant coaches in the NFL mean a lot. Just, you never really hear much about assistant coaches in the NBA because there's only one guy standing up on the sidelines.

Like Brown has obviously been in these highly prolific roles and under these great guys, but. I mean, who knows what he's actually doing in those

Jack: homes? Yeah. Maybe he's a great number two. And there's some people that are like that as well in the business world and real life, et cetera. There's great.

Number twos who just aren't cut out to be, because a lot of the time, like you're saying the number one is actually [00:33:00] just a figurehead and maybe this isn't coaches are the game planners and the offensive and defensive coordinators for the basketball team. I think what the next probably will end up doing though, hopefully is signing Kenny Atkinson.

Kenny Atkinson is rebuilt cultures all over the NBA. He has Nick's ties. We have so many young players, like if you turned Spencer Dinwiddie and care, subvert and de lo into those guys, and he gets his hands on some true talent. That's an exciting comedy. I mean, RJ Barrett is an undeniable

Abe: talent. I just can't believe you've said those three names then followed up with if he gets true talent, like they're good players.

Jack: They're good, dude. They're not though. They weren't thinking about how bad DLO was. Think about how bad Spencer Dinwiddie has been elite for eight years. No one had ever

Abe: heard that, but they're good players now. Yeah, he helped, but

Jack: you're saying,

Abe: Oh, you're saying the next players are already good.

Jack: I'm saying he gets his hand.

No, I'm saying he gets his hands on true raw talent. He took some bottom shelf guys and turn them up a level.

Abe: The Angela [00:34:00] Russell was the top pick in the NBA,

Jack: but it had been awhile, but it had been awhile

Abe: because the verb was supposed to be a top 10 pick until he got hurt. And now he's just been a stud when he recovered, don't deny carousel of art's talent of

Jack: Abe.

Abe predicted cares the verb, most improved player. He didn't

Abe: get hurt. He was on pace.

Jack: We should, uh, next episode. Uh, Eagleson write this down. We should talk about our preseason predictions. Bring those back. We'll obviously avoid the champion because injuries and stuff, but the rest of the physicians are definitely in fly.

Uh, alright. On to ranked on two ranked on this week's ranked, we are ranking the top three school yard activities. This is on the basis of I tweeted out. I don't know. Oh, I saw a sick clip. I posted on my story of. A kid playing kickball and he kicks the ball literally over the school. Like that's, every kid's dream is to kick a kickball as far as you can.

So I tweeted do today's generation actually play kickball. Like I'm trying to picture what today's kids do at school during [00:35:00] recess. Do they even have recess or everybody? Exactly. What's their phone.

Abe: I'll tell you exactly what they do. They make tick talks.

Jack: Yeah. They make tickets a

Abe: hundred percent.

Jack: Yeah. So everything feels connected to their phone.

So we bring this up because one, if you're listening and you're in middle school or

Abe: listen to our podcast during your damn recess,

Jack: but do you. Play kickball. And now Amy and I are going to rank our top three. So I believe I start. Yes. That's how this works.

Abe: Did you, did you get recess during private school today?

Where's your study time?

Jack: No, there was recess. There was recess. My number is three is kickball. Kickball is a great, it's a great activity. I think it's one of the rare. Where I could play with, it could be class first class, so it could be guys and girls on the same team. And, uh, you know, like, I don't know in today's age where this could end up, but everyone felt like a part of the team and no one [00:36:00] was lessening the team.

I'll leave that.

Abe: So yeah, kickball crushes. Obviously it's going to be higher on my list. I just tease that, but I actually, yeah, kickball was the shit and I was like, I was a heavy kid. I was fat when I was little. I could bomb that thing. Yes. Just towed the shit out of it.

Jack: No better feeling.

Abe: Um, and if you catch a fly ball, Awesome feeling.

I played in a kick charity kickball tournament last year. And like, it was just like riding a bike. I was

Jack: dirt. So we should just leave it. We shouldn't just leave it out there, but pegging someone with the ball is the best way to get anyone out in really any sport hundred percent we have a sport of a activity we might've left

Abe: off.

I didn't leave it off if I know what you're thinking. Um, yeah. And then. Oh, yeah. I was in a charity tournament and I was playing and I we've got like the semifinals or whatever. And then we lost, it was a good time, but I was so sore the next day and so many random parts of my body. Cause I haven't used that muscle group since I [00:37:00] was like, I don't know

Jack: what muscle group is that

Abe: dude, I don't know.

Jack: Rockets full body. It's full body.

Abe: Anyway, kickball is a great game. Number three for me, we called it Sui. But I think that, I think the conventional name for it is just wall ball. Oh yeah. Like throwing a ball against the wall and you have to catch it up like cleanly. And if you don't, you have to go tag the wall before someone else can get it and throw it.

Um, yeah, we called it Sui. We played with like, uh, those pink really bouncy balls. Yeah. And it would always like go in the gutter and then you'd be the most hated kid that day came in. He came to school with a bad mood. You just started throwing up there just to piss people off. So we wall ball, whatever you want to call it.

Fantastic game. My number two kickball. Obviously, I don't need to explain anymore. We just went into it. Kickball is just awesome. American pastime,

Jack: easy pick. All right. My number two, I don't know if this is an everyone game, but, and we also couldn't figure out the name pre pod, but I'm calling it [00:38:00] in the pickle.

It's I

Abe: think it's called run the basis.

Jack: I don't think it's called run the basics. Cause it's not, you're not running really any basis you're running between two basis. If anyone knows the game we're referring to someone stands on first base or you put down like a cone, someone stands on second base or you put down a shirt, whatever.

And there's two base fall guys and they throw a tennis ball and there's like 50 people. They run back and forth and then whoever lasts, they have to win and they see how many times they can make it from the base back and forth. And that's how you win the game. I don't know what it was called, but that was a super fun game I like to play.

And then my number one school yard game, floor hockey. I don't know if this technically

Abe: wasn't that wasn't a recess game.

Jack: It's

Abe: what's a gen class game, right?

Jack: It's a gym class game

Abe: for talking gym class. I changed my list.

Jack: I might've stretched it. We weren't very particular on the

Abe: time allow it, but like if we're talking gym class games that I have, if we're talking pickle ball, we're talking folly ball, [00:39:00] like the gym volleyball, Mike

Jack: don't get me started.

So floor hockey for me was incredible. I don't know, at our school, it was like, A lead and I'm sure. Eagle center, Canadian producers blushing right now thinking about me playing hockey might even get a little central on the pod, but floor hockey, incredible,

incredible activity. And I was quite good. So I

Abe: I'm shocked you didn't pick this. My number one, just an all time classic watch ball. The best.

Jack: Just rocking,

Abe: rocking people. Yeah. Taking out aggression on people. You see weekly, weak links, you know, who can't catch it on the other team. You know who the athletes are and you just believe them.

Take it out on them. All your anger. You had a rough, your mom made a bad breakfast for you. Sorry. Mommy breakfast. Thank you. Come to school.

Jack: There's a lot on your mom's cooking on this bag.

Abe: My mom was actually a great cook, but, um, I'm just throwing her under the bus, but thought was just a classic. You catch [00:40:00] someone, they come back in just, you hit someone in the face.

Everyone goes, Oh, yells the whistle stop. But everyone thinks it's hilarious.

Jack: Yeah. Alright. Fam, make sure to DM us what we forgot off the list. A quick bonus. We're each going to throw out one extremely overrated school yard activity. Mine is. Mine is going to be jackpot.

Abe: Yeah, I'm just going to second. That jackpot stinks.

Jack: It's literally the dumbest word. Like I can't get behind a game where whoever's throwing. It just makes up the rules. And then within those set of rules, like I could be up to a million to zero,

Abe: no rules.

Jack: I could be of a million to zero and they it's just like jackpot. Okay. I would like, come on. Why am I going for these fifties risking

Abe: over your boy is, and you can throw it towards him.

Like. The game stunk. There was never any organization to it. There was never any ever a real winner. You never even finished the game.

Jack: So if floor hockey is more of a gym sport question for you. We would play [00:41:00] football during recess and it would be like on the tennis page and it would be three tennis courts in each.

Each court would be a first down then the end zone. And I'm

Abe: sure yours was way more organized. Now we, we went on a grass field and said past that tree to touchdown. Yeah, exactly.

Jack: So do you consider, do you consider school yard? Sport to be, not

Abe: what I would picture in my head, but we did do it. And it was only when we went to like the big boy field when we were allowed in fifth grade.

Um, yeah, the first through fourth graders were in the back and that's where like the kickball on everything went down.

Jack: Wait, what is, what is fifth grade? That's elementary school for you?

Abe: Yeah. Well, K through five is elementary. Six through eight is middle nine through,

Jack: yeah. Where we're fifth through eighth was middle school.

Abe: I wonder how that affected your maturity, your maturation versus mine.

Jack: That would be a fun study. That would be a fun study. All right. That unfortunately leaves us with just one segment left on this podcast and yes, Eagleson they get very excited [00:42:00] by the, uh, hockey pick, but it is now time for what the puck.


Abe: before we go. I

Jack: always do this. You left the timer running, dude. Lastly,

Abe: no, not last week's with the POC, like whatever I'm working out or whatever. If I'm doing something in a plank, I'll look a day back later or whatever. And I'll say 160 or like four days later, 162. I always do this and I bet it destroys my

Jack: battery.

I don't know if we've brought this up on the pod before. I feel like we have, but real quick, pull up your alarm. So on your phone.

Abe: Both of you have just one for every minute of the day.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. So there's two types of people. There's alarms for every minute of the day. And

Abe: a lot of them are on the five.

A lot of them are on the five minute Mark.

Jack: Okay. So I have, yeah, I have a bunch of five, six and seven every hour. And I w I set them Eagleson. Do you edit your alarm? So you only have a few, or do you have hundreds like Gabe and I. Hundreds. Okay. All right. Good.


Abe: have a confession while we're on the topic of like [00:43:00] being little and alarms, dude, I used to do the weirdest

Jack: thing ever.

Abe: So back in like middle school, high school, you know, like that feeling when you would wake up. Oh my God, this is so weird. My friends even make fun of me. You know how like you would wake up and like your, you know, your alarms going off at 8:00 AM, but you wake up at like four 15. You're like, no. And then you see the clock.

Like I can go back to bed. I swear.

Jack: You told me this. You've told me this.

Abe: I used to set an alarm for like a random minute every night, like three 14. Like four 45, just, just so I could get that feeling. Sometimes I would get that feeling other times. I wouldn't even remember the alarm going off, but this wasn't like, I did it a few times.

Like I did it every night.

Jack: Talk about messing up your maturation. How about never sleeping fully through the night? Have you ever hit REM before

Abe: dude? I don't know. Who's who's trying to get me. I'm just trying to stay woke.

Jack: Alright, here we go. Here. Get this timer set

Abe: by grind.

[00:44:00] Jack: Get the timer ready for what?

The puck. And then a count. Always take the IC. I like that intro, but. Explain the segment for people who are now.

Abe: Yeah, it's pretty easy. No one really cares about hockey on this podcast, except for Eagleson. And he's always asking to talk about it. So he gets one minute a week to talk about it, a

Jack: Buddha, and he's a kid himself

Abe: in his little Toronto maple leaf Saturday.

Alright. Three, two, one. Cool. All right.

Jack: The Colorado avalanche are going to win the Stanley cup this season. Tell you why we're going to start up front. Nathan MacKinnon. MVP candidate, great player.

Abe: I don't think people truly understand

Jack: how good this guy is.

Abe: This season in 69 games, he had 93 points last season,

Jack: 99 points and 82 games.

This guy gets better every single day. He's amazing. Gabriel Landis cog he's past his

Abe: prime, but he still

Jack: scored

Abe: 44 points

Jack: and 54 games not to mention. He brings [00:45:00] the veteran presence to a younger team, Mikko Renon. Sure. If you look at his numbers this year, you might think he regressed, but you know, he was pretty injured all throughout the year.

He also had

Abe: 87 points last season. So if he

Jack: gets back to that for this playoffs, they're going to be set there. All fence is easily the best in the Western conference.

Abe: And also not to mention their 50 point

Jack: rookie defenseman, kale, McCarthy. He's amazing. Yeah.

Abe: that was that name. Then he said,

Jack: I heard talk. I served some car coming out of Eagles out there.

Abe: We cut that part.

Jack: I don't know. So

Abe: listen, you gave me no information about what's going on in hockey. You just told me the avalanche roster

Jack: he's on mute so we can't attack him and I'll defend him.

Abe: No, that's the only time we can attack

Jack: it. We did. We did preface last week. What the puck with he's going to make his prediction.

Cause he got cut off. So he gave his prediction on the [00:46:00] Avalon, but all he did was name players. And he

Abe: did that thing that everyone does. Like you did it with the Ravens and Jamal Adams, you just named the roster. We got him, we got him, we got him, bro. I can look up the roster.

Jack: Here's why the Sixers are going to win the title.

They had Ben Simmons. He averaged 20 points per game. They had Joelle MV. That's what it sounded like to me and then eat through a cock in there. But. Uh, that's what the park. Thank you to Andrew.

Abe: Eagleson flyers are gonna win the CAPY.

Jack: Eh, uh, all right. That's all the time we have for this episode of the snapback sports, by make sure to hit that subscribe button.

We looked into the numbers on Spotify. They were honey, we have like 82%

Abe: of the fashions out

Jack: Apple, which is really good. It means a lot of you guys are actually making it to the end of the pod, which shows you our true, true, true fam. We love that. And since you made it this far, we're going to, I mean, we're going to start being more transparent about what's going on stuff.

So stay tuned, but we got some big things in [00:47:00] the works that we're really excited to share with you guys in the coming week. So snapback fam hit subscribe. Tell a friend about the pod. Tell your mom, tell your mom's mom. Tell your mom's sister's mom, which I guess would be your, your mom

Abe: or your mom,

Jack: your mom,

Abe: or your mom's mom would just be your grandma.

Your mom's sister's mom is your grandma

Jack: just, yeah. So tell your grandma twice and then we're

Abe: going to probably forget. Cause they're older.

Jack: Okay. Don't attack,

Abe: man. I, my grandma doesn't have great memories. She's old. I'm an attack. It's just a fact.

Jack: All right. It's in that bag fam. Uh, Abe any last words?

Abe: No, it's just like my grandma's old.

She forgets things Sue me.

So that makes them much love peace.