[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, the NBA season schedule has been released. What does that mean for the pelicans and Grizzlies? What does that mean for July 30th and even I's happiness? It means a lot. Just to give you a little hint, then we hit the Monday mailbag, which has some great questions about the MBA, the, what?

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Abe: select Lamar Jackson

Jack: is own all you

Abe: guys. Two of the Philadelphia Eagles. [00:01:00] Brian put the jumper.

Jack: Sam, I'm your host Jack settlement from snapback sports joining me today and as always my cost and long time, best friend a grant off Abe. What is on your mind today?

Abe: It's not really. What's on my mind. It's really like what my body is feeling. I'm currently at a last, last minute change of events before we hit record.

Um, I had to get out of my house. And so I'm currently recording from my grandmother's bedroom. Smells like old people. Ah, she's getting up there in age. Uh you're on the road to

Jack: some out of this pot. You're always like shitting on your mom or grandma

Abe: shitting on them. You're like,

Jack: no. Remember the end of last episode you were literally like, yeah, she's old deal with it.

Abe: Whatever. I don't understand, like facts are facts. I can't argue with that. She's

Jack: she is [00:02:00] all

right. Don't come at your grandmother. So before we get into the MBA, I owe my good friend, George Campbell, who I played soccer with. He DMD me. He's a, he's an avid listener of the potty. He said, Jack, listen, I love the pod. You know, I do. I listen all the time, but. Stop talking about the Knicks. I don't care about the Knicks.

They're not the what the hell. Internet graphic. Don't relate it to the next. And where's the soccer talk. So obviously we're on big hiatus and we didn't have much sports talk at all, but. Big soccer event happened. Liverpool wins their first ever premier league title. They've now won pretty much every trophy.

They could win champions league last may premier league, some in between. And they were dominant this season. They were the best team in the premier league, obviously, but by a wide stretch. And I mean, they didn't go undefeated like that arsenal team did, but they were up there for one of the greatest teams of all time.

Did [00:03:00] you, do you watch any Liverpool soccer?

Abe: No. If there's one thing to gain from this it's that LeBron has earned his fourth championship ring as a part owner of the Liverpool football club. It's just, you look at the resumes between him and Jordan, right? The basketball short Jordan has the rings, but we all know the bronze, a better player.

And as an owner, Jordan is one of the worst executives in basketball. That's a fact though, he paid Nick batoon. God knows how much money

Jack: he made. Nice back in the day

Abe: he paid Terry Rozier, a double max. I mean, MJ I've said it before. MJ is the MJ of bad executives. And LeBron is what, three years into being an executive.

And he already has an EPL title.

Jack: Executive, he put a nice investment and it's Mays made a nice ROI and also congrats to LeBron on the hundred million dollar investment. Him and Matt Carter got he's inspirational. You saw my comment on his posts. He really is the King off the court

Abe: on the pitch.

[00:04:00] Jack: On the pitch as well.

So congrats the Liverpool on their first premier league title, incredible team champions league comes back. So Georgie, we will have more soccer content for you in the coming months now to the real sports.

Abe: But no, it's interesting. I'm having trouble thinking about, like, if you made me pick one that we had to have a 10 minute segment about every week between the Knicks and what's going on in soccer.

And I had to pick between the two. Like I actually have no idea, but with like pull it both are like pulling teeth for me.

Jack: No, the Knicks are entertaining. I mean, so a sad

Abe: dude, Alonzo Traer

Jack: I know. Alright. This is the problem. People don't want to hear my breakdown the next, maybe I'll just start a one.

Abe: We can get actually that'll go into our Monday.


Jack: Yeah. We'll talk about that in a bit. But we are going to start off with the NBA schedule has been released July 30th is the return of the MBA night. One will be, is a hilarious matchup. They put the Palkin so Zion. But they're so clearly trying to get into the playoffs against, [00:05:00] against the jazz who, I mean, they, they started this whole thing.

They've had problems throughout. They've had players say I'm not going to play. So they said, you know what? Let's just slap them on TV. Everyone's gonna root for Zion on the pelicans to win. And then the finale of the night, the second game of the double header. Is LeBron kohai Clippers versus Lakers. Your first thoughts on what we've got

Abe: way more excited for the Utah pelicans game than I am for the Clippers Lakers.

Listen, hear me out. And it actually is my same thought about all of the seating games in general, the Lakers Clippers playing on opening night. Yeah, it's cool because we haven't had basketball in a while and the two top teams. But let's not act like they really, really care about winning these games.

Right. It's just tune up, especially for the Lakers and Clippers that are more so the Lakers that are kind of solidified as that one seed, they're just trying to get their

Jack: chemistry three of eight to lock the one,

Abe: three of eight to lock to one. [00:06:00] I don't know. There are other seven games. Exactly. But if you think that you're getting Clippers Lakers that you did right before COVID, you're out of your mind, this is just.

A tune up game. It's essentially a scrimmage in my opinion. That's why I look all around these games, these big teams. It's cool to see them play, but I set up before. I don't think they're going to go all out. Whereas you're watching the pelicans and you're watching the jazz. I mean, the jazz are a reality TV show for these eight games and the playoffs, hopefully go bare and Donovan, Mitchell get into it on the court.

And then you have Zion. I already see myself and I know you will too. We're both going to bet on the pelicans that night, we're both going to lose because the entire world's gonna bet on the pelicans. Jazz are gonna win that game,

Jack: but at least

Abe: get the pelicans. Aren't

Jack: good. The pelicans have been better with Zion and they were, they were really good after the all star break, which didn't go on for that long, but they were, they were playing really good bass.

So I think your point makes a lot of sense. It is interesting though, because we're in agreement. [00:07:00] I don't know if we're, if I'm going to say they're not going to be trying Lakers Clippers, you're not going to get that intensity that you did. But then you're going to look the game right before it and expect that intensity.

Like you really aren't because that is a playoff game for the pelicans. Every game they play is going to be meaningful. So look to Palkin is game number two, which is even more intriguing for this conversation. They then play the Clippers, right? So while the Lakers still need to win three games, the Clippers are pretty much as locked into the two seed, right.

Or, or maybe they're actually fighting with the nuggets. We'll look at the standings, but. I don't think it matters to them. The two versus the three, those seedings don't matter. So

Abe: yeah, because it's, there's no home court advantage.

Jack: So to your point, will it be pelicans going all out and Clippers, just working on their chemistry and getting back to playing together.

We'll wait and see. So

Abe: the Clippers are a game and a half op on Denver. Right now. They're three and a half games up on Utah's the four seat. You don't, you obviously don't really see them dropping Utah, making that big of a jump [00:08:00] and jumping up. I mean, they're a game and a half behind Denver, but regardless you're right.

The Clippers, they're fine. With the two. They're fine. With the three, I think in these initial games with these big players, like LeBron, a D Kauai, PGM and quiet are, he does it, but they're all going to be a minutes restrictions. Right? You have to imagine. I mean, you have, you have he who shall not be named on this podcast bitching about soft.

Tissue injuries and how

Jack: P Bev coming back at him.

Abe: Thank God. I mean, Pete Beck, Pat Bev, not my guy, but if you go out to that guy, he, who shall never be Dave on this podcast,

Jack: then you're never told the fan why we hate Jerry Dudley.

Abe: You know what fuck it.

Jack: So,

Abe: so fam so right when COVID started, um, this is actually a really good story, right?

When COVID started, we started. Pretty much just spamming athletes, trying to get them on the pod. That's when we had miles Turner on that's when we had Jay Williams, I told him we had CJ, yada, yada, yada.

Jack: So I want that float, that guest list.

Abe: So amongst many other elite superstar [00:09:00] athletes, um, so this guy, we reach out to Jared Dudley, just like shooting our shot.

Why notch? Jared Dudley. He likes to be a presence on social media. It's like, yeah, I'd love to come on. Jack and I are like dope. We're hype about it. Jared Dudley. Like, why don't we hype about Jarrett doubly? Like I was going to give him a little shit about the whole Ben Simmons thing from last year had a whole plan.

And I think it's a Friday afternoon. If I remember correctly locked in my apartment during quarantine and Jay I'm texting Jack, when are we doing this? And I Jack says he wants to move it back an hour or something fine, fine with me then Jack and I are texting. Under, no, we originally got on the mic and we're waiting for him.

We set a time and he didn't show. So then we reached back out and he goes, can you give me an hour and a half? I'm watching this game. So I'm like, wait a second. They just canceled the NBA. There's no sports going on. What game is he watching? So Jack and I flipped through the channels that are on [00:10:00] seatbelt

Jack: and we found on his Twitter, he's tweeting about,

Abe: Oh, he's live tweeting a game.

Turns out this fucking bozo who averages 1.2 points per game that Jack and I are waiting for is watching a game on ESPNU from 17 years ago when he had hair. Now he was just a ball.

Jack: He was a corner corner close.

Abe: He's watching an old game of his college where he knows the result. It was Boston college versus UNC and like the ACC tournament or whatever.

He happened to have one of his, maybe three good games in his basketball career. That's including rec and high school, and he's watching it and live tweeting as if it's going on now. And as if people are watching it. So this guy ditches us for this game that happened 45 years ago. Cause he's. God knows how old and now I hate Jared Dudley

Jack: because of it.

So Abe, I feel like has really embodied the FDR Dudley mantra.

Abe: I was ready to sell merchandise,

Jack: right. Abe wanted to make merchandise

Abe: dinner [00:11:00] plans. He was

Jack: so on top of it. So then the game finishes and we hit him up. And no answer just reads it, which is that part to me was just like, alright, at least I, you know, I don't want to do it or something.

We wait around for Jared deli for three hours, which I think it's less about after our deli more about like we're mad at ourselves that we waited on Jared Dudley for three

Abe: hours. I'll never forget when you texted me Jack. And we're, we're like waiting around an hour and a half for this fricking game that you're watching it.

You're watching it.

Jack: It's a good game.

Abe: And you text me, Oh, wait, I just looked up Jared Dudley stats. But we really waiting for this guy who averages 1.4 points per game. Maybe we had some good guests and we let our ego go to us about it. But I don't even, I'll never accept Yardley on this pot ever

Jack: again.

Top of that, I don't even know if you know the story. So then I get a DM, like two months later after not hearing from him. And he says, Yo just got

Abe: you up.

Jack: No, he said, yo just got on [00:12:00] Instagram. Will you shout out my Instagram?

Abe: You fucking blind.

Jack: I'm like, yeah bro. Gimme a sec. Give me a second. So I made a burner it's after Dudley and I gave a big shout out.

Abe: I shot it in out by spray painting the dumpster in my development. Fuck John Dudley.

Jack: All right. Anyways, that is our Jared deli story. I actually don't really hate your deli, but I think it is funny. Abe fully, fully does

Abe: suck on the Lakers.

Jack: I know with

Abe: your brother, for him to get a ring, if the Sixers get bounced.

Jack: Yeah. So continue on with the schedule. We want to talk about really, if we're in agreement that these teams aren't going to be pushing for the two or the three or whatever, what's really intriguing is the eighth seed. And unfortunately for the Kings spurs and blazers, apparently the only two teams in the running are the wizard or are the pelicans and the grizzly.

So. The Grizzlies got the tough schedule and the pelicans got the [00:13:00] cakewalk. So the first two games we discussed jazz and clubbers, but their final six, they play the Griz and then they go Kings wizards, spurs, Kings magic. So one playoff team or two playoff teams in that final six. And the two are the eight seats in each conference.

So we were joking to them. The A's pushing for it. I gave a whole speech on how there's no chance that they could catch him. Now there's no doubt in my mind that the pelicans will be in a play in game opportunity against the Grizzlies. Cause remember it's that four games back, uh, or three games back, whatever it is, all they have to do is pretty much move up a half game.

The question is now can the blazers push ahead of them? Can other teams push it out of that? I think we're going to get pelicans playing the Grizzlies twice for the eighth seat. Which I would take the Grizzlies. I think beating them twice would be tough, but I think we're getting that play on game and those TV ratings are going to be

Abe: special.

So there's four teams that are in the running for the HT. You just named [00:14:00] only one of them has a player on their team. Who's an all NBA caliber player and nobody is talking about the Portland trailblazers. Not to mention they have a snapback fan member, CJ MACOM, who? After checking the stats. He's not too bad at basketball either.

Yeah. He's a certified bucket. They're getting . They're getting, are they getting Zach Collins back?

Jack: It's up in the air?

Abe: Yeah, I think he's still doing his hair, but I mean, yeah. People are only talking about the Grizzlies and pelicans and rightfully so. They're the two. Yeah. I mean, the Grizzlies are being talked about because they're locked in right now and the pelotons are being locked in, are being talked about because they have Zion.

But, I mean,

Jack: I was like, sons are awesome. And I forgot about them even being in the restart,

Abe: the sons. Yeah. The book out to the garden. That's who knows. Um, I'd be way more afraid of Portland than any of these other teams. Let's not forget that these teams. I'm a firm believer that nothing had happened before coven matters [00:15:00] anymore.

These teams were still winning at a 44% rate. These aren't good basketball teams, correct? Like they're all going to go like,

Jack: well, this is the

Abe: next team. We'll go maybe six and two, maybe five. And I'll

Jack: give you, because I hear it every day on snapback Snapchat. I hear it from the fans of these scenes. And they're like, well, when's, Island's playing we're above 500 team.

When we are not injured, the blazers were in the Western conference finals. That's fine. I get the logic, but I agree. You're, you're winning games at 44% clip. Like, it's not like you're just going to be unbelievable. And on top of that, besides the pelicans, the rest of these teams have to go and play the top teams in the West.

Now, will they be as motivated? That's definitely

Abe: up in the, not to mention these teams. These guys are like, um, yeah, we were playing great Zion. Dude, your players haven't played together for three months and this is a rookie. This isn't a team that's been together for a while. They brought JJ Redick in last year.

Zion just got out and they brought Zoho in. They brought Brandon Ingerman. You guys essentially have to learn how to play a game with each other again, I mean, [00:16:00] if I'm Alvin Gentry, it's just give the ball to Zion in the post and just let the other team worry about it.

Jack: He's not really an elite post player at this point in his career though.

That's not where he's scoring the

Abe: top in the first one, 14 games of his career. How many games did he play

Jack: for? COVID no, but that's my point is he's not an elite post player. Now he's scoring off Donaldson codes and

Abe: he's

Jack: just an absolute unit unit. So someone got pissed off online and I've tried to find the tweet in preparation.

I believe it was Darren Fox. If someone wants to quote me if I'm wrong, But Darren Fox said, because someone posted a tweet saying which team's going to make it Grizzlies travelers, there's pelicans. And Fox said,

Abe: Oh, he got his feelings hurt,

Jack: I guess. Well, he's he made an interesting point. He said, Oh, I guess they forgot about us.

We're currently tied with, he didn't tweet it like this, but I'm summarizing, tied with the pelicans and they're, they've beaten the Grizzlies and trailblazers, uh, this season. Like they have better records against them. So. Uh, I guess [00:17:00] the Kings maybe have a chance if you want to give the pelicans a chance they have the same record.

Yeah. They

Abe: all have the pelicans. I would say that the King, I mean, but I think the pelicans are a better team. Do they all have the same chance? In my opinion? Yes. Do I think Portland has the edge over all of them because they just have better players on their team, obviously,

Jack: but still sticking to my guns.

I'm going with the Grizzlies. They're going to be

Abe: pretty good. Conscious stick to the favor.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Well, they then have to beat the nine seed twice or one time looking at it also

Abe: plays into their favor because they only have to win once.

Jack: Exactly. Any more thoughts on the schedule?

Abe: I mean, obviously the Sixers have the second easiest schedule and it's just,

Jack: Oh yeah, that's fine.

Yeah. So six years are pretty much gonna move into the five, have to play Boston and then the buck,

Abe: we might even move to the four.

Jack: See you later, Philadelphia. That was my favorite part of this

Abe: new Orleans has the easiest schedule. We have the second easiest. And

[00:18:00] Jack: so now knowing your feet, which looks like Celtics, barring anything crazy.

I would almost say it was crazy. You don't finish as the five. Barring anything crazy Celtics box. You think you have any chance at getting past those

Abe: team? Yes, obviously a little. We'll talk about it in the graphics.

Jack: Okay. Well, we are going to start off with the, what the hell internet graphic. As you guys know, this will be posted on snapback pod, Instagram, tomorrow, or when you're listening to on Monday, the question was posed.

You got one shot from one of these distances,

Abe: Michigan has to blow it's opportunity coast.

Jack: Yeah. That, um, you got one shot, no risk involved. So I think that definitely plays into it. Your options are you can shoot a lab. If you make you get $50,000 a free throw for a hundred cat top of the key three pointer.

So dead on 500 K wing, three [00:19:00] pointer, 750 K. And a corner three Ray Allen for $1 million, Abe, which are you picking

Abe: Bosch back out to Allen

Jack: corner three,

Abe: obviously, no risk involved, a million, a quarter three. I'm automatically a bucket as is. I mean, One from the corner. I mean, I understand the, the layup side of it, right?

No, you don't.

Jack: No, you don't

Abe: understand it more than shooting a free throw.

Jack: You said how much of a lame do you have to be to take a lap? My God. And that is censored.

Abe: Did I say how much of a lame

Jack: I censored it

Abe: for the, I understand the quick cash in the lab, but one. If you miss that layup, that is way more embarrassing than missing that

Jack: even embarrassing.

It would be tough to live with yourself if you took the layout and then brick that hit the bottom of the room.

Abe: So the way I look at it is it's either a layup or corner three for me, you shoot up, you're not shooting a free throw when you can shoot a top of the wing three, [00:20:00] because in my opinion, equally as good of a chance to go in,

Jack: that's completely incorrect.

I'm like an 80% free throw shooter. I'm not an 80%, three point shooter.

Abe: It's $250,000 worth the top of the key verse, the wing versus the corner. The difference. Come on.

Jack: Be my

Abe: pick. No.

Jack: Okay. Well, I'm going to tell you, anyways, I'm known as the top of the key three point specialist and I will bank in a shot for half a million dollars and you know that, so that would be my pick top of the queue.


Abe: I knocked down that corner three and you run out of your cash. Don't come crying to me for a loan.

Jack: I think the, I don't, the one thing I wouldn't put in here is free throw. I don't think that the 50 K boosts from lab to free throw out, like, yes, even if you're an 80% free throw shooter, you're probably like a 99% open layup shooter.

So [00:21:00] it's just too much of a risk. Once you're going to the three-pointers, you then have to take into account your personal ability to shoot threes. I can't hit from the corner. At least I wouldn't trust myself to the top of the key where I have the opportunity if I go along on banking. And then I like you saw the shooting performance against your mom, Marie, that was all dead on shots.

That's kind of my thing winning, I don't hate. And 250 K boosts go into the wing. It's probably reasonable. Do you think any NBA guard what's Ben Simmons doing here? I actually just thought about it. Cause I was going to say like Steph Curry's obviously shooting a coordinate three. But what's Ben Simmons doing?

You think he what's his shoe from the free throw line?

Abe: I mean, did we want to talk relative? He'll probably shoot a corner three because what's a million dollars to bend sevens.

Jack: Right. And he didn't nail one against

Abe: the next and it looked fluid like that shot fluid. It wasn't broken like Markel, lovey Markel, Markel shooting.

That's more of a question we want to talk about.

Jack: That is a good question.

Abe: Um, [00:22:00] what's George, you think George Hill would shoot the free throw.

Jack: You know, he's like a really good free throw shooter. Yeah. Just missing one there. He missed.

Abe: Oh,

Jack: no,

Abe: he made it down one at the time.

Jack: Yeah. He made one. Alright. We actually have a bonus.

What the hell? Internet graphic for the week. Um, and it is called whole new game. This will also be posted. So really what the hell. It's really, we just get to break down what it is, but it fits into the segment.

Abe: We can talk about Colin cowards, quarterback rankings.

Jack: Yeah. True. We're picking the number one seed the number eight seed in both conferences, Western conference finals match up ECF matchup who will be in the finals who wins the finals MVP.

And who's the champ. Let's keep this quick because we've already told the people how we pretty much feel

Abe: we're both in agreement. The box will be the one seat, four games up on the Lakers.

Jack: We both agree it's for each conference.

Abe: Okay. Let's do these first. We're both in agreement. It'll be the bucks. We're [00:23:00] both in agreement.

It'll be the magic. Yep. We're both in agreement. The Western conference. Final matchup. I don't know if we're in agreement, actually wait, this one's tough because, so I'm definitely going to pick the Lakers, the rest of it. To me, it matters about the seating because I really want to put a team like Houston in there.

Jack: We know. We know you just want that, but they're not going to bed.

Abe: I'm going to pick Houston, the Lakers versus Houston as my Western conference finals match up Eastern conference. I'm going to go. I'm going to go Sixers heat.

Jack: Wow. That was why.

Abe: Oh, wait. No, because if the Sixers moved to the five, you know, we'd be now six years rafters because I think we, if we go to the five, we beat the Celtics and then we beat the bus.

Who will be in the finals of the Lakers with the Sixers who will be the finals MVP,

Jack: Raul Neto, howl,

[00:24:00] Abe: Joelle, and the Lakers will be the champion. So we'll get the MVP and they can have a championship. The six are going to be the champions.

Jack: Oh my, do you actually believe that? Or you're just saying that,

Abe: speak it into existence,

Jack: baby.

Right? I'll give you another, what the hell? Scenario. If I gave you a million dollars to put it on the champion, you're betting on the Sixers.

Abe: I'd probably, um, mix

Jack: it up. Can split it up single bet. Yeah. Okay.

Abe: Because you're giving it to me. So if I, if I lose, I don't lose it

Jack: fair, but you could also put it on a team like the box and win 3 million. If they won. That's no

Abe: fun.

Jack: Okay.

Abe: I was going to put her on a team, not the six or seven, obviously put on the Lakers.

Jack: Yeah. I, who will be the number one seed bucks. Lakers, who will be the eight magic Grizzlies Western conference finals, Lakers Clippers, Eastern conference finals, [00:25:00] Raptors bucks. I don't think it's

Abe: going to be the answer for the Celtics.

Jack: I think. Oh, are the Celtics the three?

Abe: The Celtics are currently the three, the rappers

Jack: outside.

Okay. I thought they were the four. Who's the, for the heat

Abe: Miami. Oh, in Miami, Miami is two games up on Austin, Indiana for the four seat.

Jack: Okay. I actually am still gonna stick with the rafters. I don't think the Celtics are there yet. They're about a year away from me

Abe: for interesting, for me the thing with the Celtics, isn't their talent because they have, they have guys on their team that can go out and give you 20 on any nights a week.

It's the depth. It's the lack of interior presence on the team that I think,

Jack: and I don't think a player like Tatum. Can handle for an entire series where he dominates him. Like everyone

Abe: dominates Jason Tatum.

Jack: No. Where Ted I'm saying, I don't think Tatum would dominate CFM.

Abe: Like I don't, I don't think

Jack: in three years where you think Tatum

Abe: doesn't mean, I agree with

Jack: right.

But in three years, the [00:26:00] way that everyone talks about Tatum, they're kind of expecting him

Abe: to be top 10,

Jack: top five, right? And I don't think anyone really expects to have sciatica, even though he's definitely a star, he's definitely a star.

Abe: Oh, Wilson said Zach Collins will be back, but he doesn't know much about anything other than hockey.

So we still don't

Jack: take that with a grain of a grain of ice, a Western

Abe: it's called a grain of

Jack: salt and making fun of him. Cause he

Abe: got it. Take that with a grain of syrup. Yeah.

Jack: God, exactly. Who will be in the finals? Clippers Buck's finals. I'm a pianist champion bucks. I just think the

Abe: bugs. Why do you pick the bucks over the Clippers?

Jack: Because I don't know if they're going to be able to stop Yannis this year.

Abe: So you're taking the best player over the best players, because as a whole, the Clippers have more talent. I think we can both agree on that,

Jack: but not by like a insane amount. I think what happened with [00:27:00] Middleton last year? I wouldn't expect that again.

Look, if he craps the bed again, then yeah. The bucks won't win, but I have big expectations for middle school.

Abe: That's actually my that's actually my, how I feel about the Sixers boxes. How sort of you feel about the buffs Clippers, but in a totally different direction, they have the best player obviously, but I think we have the more, we have more talent as a whole, like more talented

Jack: individuals, but I don't think you're no,

Abe: I'm just saying, whereas, so I would take the Clippers over the box.

Because even though the boss of the best player, the Clippers have the best players, like the best individual talent all around. So the same reason I would pick the Sixers over the box, it's the same reason I would pick the Clippers over the box, more talent over the best player. But if you have to Clippers in the bucks play, I don't know if the best player

Jack: Lipper's,

Abe: why would be the best player on the court.

Jack: That's not true.

Abe: Two time finals, MVP. That's crazy guys. Guy's never been to Yonis has never been to the. Wow. He did go to the conference finals last year

Jack: and they were up to, Oh, like

Abe: they [00:28:00] were up to

Jack: crazy recency bias against the bucks because Fred van fleet caught the most insane turned into fricking magic Johnson and Steph Curry's combined

Abe: to not take away from Kauai Leonard because of Fred van fleet had a few good games.

Jack: Why was excellent also, but

Abe: quadrant two time finals MVP we're talking about. Yeah. There's levels to this. He's not yet. He's better than you.

Jack: No, he's not,

Abe: you would rather be honest in the playoffs than Kauai.

Jack: 1000000%. One that you think Kauai Lennar is better than Yonis.

Abe: My memory

Jack: when the disrespect on Yannis will stop because back to back, what do you mean when he does something?

He at age 25 was in the conference finals with the two Oh lead. That's doing something.

Abe: And why, what did he do at age 25

Jack: left the best player on his team, averaging 30 and 15. And to know that he wanted to find out last year was the first year quiet Leonard was the best player on his team,

Abe: age [00:29:00] 25 yacht, Kauai, average 25 points a game.

And that was after he was finals MVP.

Jack: Right?

Abe: So he's way more successful with that agent than the was

Jack: because he was in the buck. He was, he walked through with a ring. He averaged like 12 points per game on that team. Don't play dumb

Abe: and I don't think that's that hot of a take

Jack: that's. I think that's just, it's not that high.

It's just incorrect. Alright. On some Monday mailbag, uh, the first question is from Jason. Weren't agreeing what free agent players do you think the top contenders should sign before the NBA restart? Uh, six or seven. Did, who broke her off? Why have I never

Abe: signed it? A guy that'll hang 30 on you and then do your taxes after, um, we got drop what this guy looks like in a social clip or something.

His name is Ryan broke off. Great shooter. Um, that's really all I got.

Jack: Okay.

Abe: Probably won't see the court for us, but yeah,

Jack: the only teams that are really in the running to sign someone, it feels like for now, [00:30:00] unless more players drop out is the Lakers. And the question is, did they sign jr Smith? Do they sign Jamal Crawford?

Do they sign, uh, Michael Beasley that a clip on social media, which is hilarious.

Abe: You know, I'm going to actually go find a bunch of kids that I could probably dominate in basketball. Like at a school, we are a playground. Get someone to take a great video of HD of may sweating, tweeted

Jack: out of Salem thing.

What, I'm not good. No, we're in the middle of a pandemic. So

Abe: I went on a run the other day and I saw just full on people playing a full game of soccer. Yeah. No things are happening.

Jack: Yeah. Not, not really good. Uh, what players. Do you think top contenders could show jr.

Abe: Sign last week? Right?

Jack: That's pretty much what the media made it out to be.

I don't know if jr makes an impact. I think it actually would be a helpful side.

Abe: I think it's the right move because it's familiarity with playing with LeBron, but I don't think any move that's made. Is significant for these because I actually,

Jack: it could be helpful. He had hot for a couple of [00:31:00] games and, and help them.

Abe: And he could miss a lot, a couple of games and really hurt them. True. It's so

Jack: with Rhonda, you know, like, it's not like they have, it's not like he's taking,

Abe: giving you anything on the other side of the floor, though, for sure. He's not giving you IQ either. It's gonna be drunk off Hennessy.

Jack: He doesn't drink Hennessy.

It's a well known. All right. Next question is from Michael Whitefield. Do you think the NBA is doing the right thing with letting the players change what they have on their Jersey? So last night it was announced that the NBA is working with the NBA PA to let players yeah. To let players change the name on the back of their Jersey for social and racial justice.

I actually posted a picture of the, someone like made designs of like, we need change or all these different justice. And I was like, it would be really cool if they made those for the playoffs. Fans could buy them and rock them. And then all that money went to charity. So they're kind of taking a different approach.

I don't know if those jerseys will actually be on sale, but they still want to use their platform [00:32:00] the best they can. Uh, do I think the NBA is doing the right thing. I don't know. What do you think?

Abe: I just, I mean, sure. They're doing the right thing. Does this matter? It will only be significant to me if they did something with it.

If they, like you said, they sold the jerseys and, and it went to the right causes and I saw. Uh, a quote yesterday from mr. Adam silver, we're coming back because sports matter in our society, they bring people together when they need it the most was that true, Adam silver, you're coming back for that reason, not for the money, then donate all the money you make off TV revenue to the black lives matter foundations.

That's why you're coming back. Show us,

Jack: I don't think that's what it is. Switching the jerseys, just

Abe: switching the jerseys. Switching, the Jersey sounds nice. What does it do? What does it do for you? Cause I want to make a real difference. You're making a lot of money off this comeback. Do something with that money.

Jack: Yes. Donating money is the next step, but I'm still a big believer that our country has so far to [00:33:00] come and set. One really is just awareness. So even just by going names on the back of the jerseys, I don't hate that as the start. So

Abe: either it's a start, you got to do something. What, what is, what is some name on some fabric changing?

Right. If we want to change Adam silver,

Jack: I mean, what's your muscle. I I'll, I'll say this. The, imagine a picture of LeBron onstage holding up the Larry O'Brien. He turns around to hand the trophy. And forever, there's a picture of black lives matter across his back. Right. And

Abe: that iconic photo. Exactly. And I think that progressing

Jack: change because it creates conversation and it creates awareness

Abe: and there's a lot of other ways the NBA could go with this.


Jack: when I said the money solves a lot more, in my opinion, if it's being obviously placed in the right places. So yes, I think we're in agreement. I just want to give them credit for continuing to work on this. I do think it makes things interesting. Like, all right. If a player [00:34:00] wears their name, is that, is that selfish because it's, Oh, there's a famous quote.

It's a famous cliche. Like the name on the front of the Jersey means more than the name on the back. And now are you going to divide players over causes? Or are you going to pick as a team? Like that would make a lot of sense to me is like the Celtics were like, okay, we're all going to band together.

Kind of like Navy wears that sometimes where it's like, they all say pride on the back. That could be a cool movement. I just don't want it with what we're trying to do and bring everyone together. This does feel like there is always that way that it could divide. So I think they just got to think of

Abe: throughout the causes on the front of the Jersey.

Jack: That would be cool too.

Abe: Like the

Jack: matters.

Abe: There's no doubt that something is going to come up. This, the players are going to use their platform. Yeah. I just wish the league would use their platform. Yeah.

Jack: And there would be, I mean, yeah, I agree. Uh, selling, I mean, even, I think I suggested this before putting those cutouts donate all those proceeds to charity, like [00:35:00] having brand sponsor and all that

Abe: thinking of which.

I saw a few things. Yeah. We got to find out how much, one of those seats,

Jack: NFL ones.

Abe: Is that, was it? Yeah,

Jack: it was NFL. NFL. Yeah. Selling the lower level and they'll tarp off some seats and put your logo.

Abe: I think we need to snap back one

Jack: snapback sports times, baby goat. We'll be at M and

Abe: T. I also found out from the MBA that they're going to start experimenting with different camera angles and it's going to be a very unique.


Jack: a viewing experience.

Abe: Here's a, here's a word of advice. MBA don't do it every time. Like college and March madness tries to get cute with a camera view. It always sucks. Every time the NFL tries to get cute with a camera view. You remember how they had this year? The, um, On a kickoff return. They actually had the sky view camera fall.

Jack: That was sick, sick, sick for the, when they have the one guy who returns it all the way and it follows him.

Abe: So yeah, it's for that, whatever happens, but I'm telling you, we're going to start seeing [00:36:00] like floor views from like half court of Eagleson where'd you go, buddy?

Jack: He left us,

Abe: but, um, yeah, here's a word of advice.

MBA less is more.

Jack: Less is more, less is more. All right. On to the last question of Monday's mailbag. This is a great one from Patty McHugh. Would you rather sit in the lower bowl and watch your favorite pro pro-team? So Knicks Ravens Eagles, Sixers, win a championship or sit, sit in the student section and watch your college team, Texas Penn state.

When a college national championship, I think we're in disagreement here.

Abe: For me. It doesn't matter whatsoever about where the seat is. It totally matters that I didn't become a Penn state fan until I went there in 2014. And even now I make fun of them more than I support them. You know what I mean? It's one of those, because I know we're not realistic.

Like when the college football playoff championship, we will, [00:37:00] um, But I've been at six years in Eagles diehard since I was born. And since I started loving sports, it has nothing to do about where I'm sitting. I would just much rather the Eagles on the Sixers won a title. Then Penn state win a national championship.

What am I going to have a parade and Bumble fuck PA and down college Avenue. When Penn state wins and have some Chipotle for lunch? No, I'm taking the Eagles and the Sixers any day of the week.

Jack: All right. I think the way I visualize this question being asked, leads me to the college choice. Number one, I was a Texas fan since I was, I was a child

Abe: or a Michigan fan.

Jack: No, but I was really a Texas fan. I was in Michigan since 2005, I would say I remember games where I was sitting in the living room on the ground at 2:00 AM, Texas, Ohio state to Tostito's Fiesta bowl. I know it was Tostito's because I saw the commercial a million times. I was listening on volume one because my entire family.

Was asleep and I'm [00:38:00] going crazy throughout the game, literally by myself. So it's run deep that, that burnt orange. But I picked college because the way I looked at it was if I'm sitting in the student section, that means I'm in college. And what makes a college championship special is you only have a four year window, right?

You have the rest of time to get an Eagles in Sixers, but winning a championship. In college with all your college friends, sitting in the soon section with thousands of other college friends around you, that would be the peak for me because you have that four year window. And I like Texas football winning a title would be not the party in Austin or whatever city we're in would also be knots.

And I just have the rest of my lifetime to watch the Raven. When a championship as

Abe: telling me you're not capitalizing on the next, right. When you can, he's handing you a nix

Jack: check. That's what I was going to say. The one contingency is, [00:39:00] if you're telling me you're giving me a nix title, then that's, that could make the

Abe: grandkids kids.

Aren't going to see a next title.

Jack: Exactly. So I'm going to Texas college football championship. Sitting in the student section and then number two would be sit low down super bowl.

Abe: As a matter of fact, I don't even want Penn state to win a title unless James Franklin is not there anymore.

Jack: You just, it just, the hate runs

Abe: deep.

I would much rather not win a championship than when one with him getting the praise for it.

Jack: Yeah. Uh, I, I guess if you're hatred towards James Franklin, is that strong, then? It's a little bit alright, fam. So we teased it at the beginning of the episode and

Abe: discretion is advised.

Jack: Yeah. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is going to get graphic. And uncomfortable if you want to be laid off, if you're under the age of just not, everyone loves to hear about stories of pooping ourselves, which is actually kind of sad, like how often it's occurred. Like, [00:40:00] yeah, I'm not, I'm definitely not a one time offender.

Abe: But it was a bad, it was bad.

Jack: Yeah. So Abe and I are going to give you Storytime on the time. So we've pooped ourselves. Number one, we'll make it quick. I was like eight years old.

Abe: We weren't, I think we were nine. You just like, you didn't get there in time.

Jack: Right? We were at summer camp counselor. Wouldn't let me go to the bathroom in the middle of the meal.

He said, wait until the end. I said, okay. Lunch is done. Run back to the cabin, holding in my pee for just 30 minutes at this point had to go. And you know, that feeling when you pee, you relax everything in your body. And I just got a little too relaxed. The funny part of the story is the way our camp bathrooms are set up.

We had this thing called dry deck. So there were these little squares. On the bathroom floor and they kind of got lodged in there. So I did, I, then this is the funny part about being nine. You don't want to own up to your mistakes. So I just went to the pool for pool [00:41:00] time and my counselor came and got me and said, Hey, Jack, I think you, you got to clean something up.

So I use the dust pan to scoop the poop out of the little dried deck squares. And that was my first and only poop story until recently. But. I'll let you go with your story.

Abe: Sounds a little long. Um, so we're talking a little over a year ago in may. It was actually before game five of the Sixers rafters.

Cause I remember just not even being able to focus on the game, I was so distraught. Um, I was training for a tough Mudder, so I was trying to get myself in running shape and I went on a run. It was after work or something. And around like mile four or five, I start getting some stomach cramps. Like that's normal.

When you go on a run, then it's sort of really getting bad. And I'm just, I'm like, all right, I gotta go home. So I'm like jogging back to my apartment. I get close to the point where it starts. Like, I can't even walk it's that bad. I get to my apartment door. Like at this point, I'm like, okay, I need to get in.

I don't have my key because [00:42:00] I didn't want to run. I don't run with my key. And it's so easy to just get let in the building by somebody, which is probably isn't the safest thing. But, um, so I didn't have my key. And usually someone comes right away. Obviously when I have to poop, no one's coming. So I'm standing in my lobby and then really having to go like, just.

Freaking out, absolutely freaking out. And then it finally hits where it's like, okay, this is happening. Whether I get to a toilet or not, there's nothing I can do about it. So I start going into full panic mode, looking. It happens. And for those who have pooped their pants before, it's usually not solid.

This is

Jack: so gross.

Abe: So I actually have a photo. We can, we can Instagram it out of. Some, some remains of the, on the apartment lobby floor. So I run outside. No one's coming. I take my shirt off. It's going down my leg and stuff like that. I take my shirt off. I dry off my, clean my leg off with the shirt and I'm now holding a shirt full of poop.

[00:43:00] And finally someone comes to open the door I sprint in and then I hit the elevator. I

Jack: go. So for the, for the listeners, Someone's coming out of the apartment. So Abe's running in, so shirtless

Abe: panic mode, holding the shirt with poop in it. Right. Um, so I then hit the elevator button and I'm waiting for the elevator, but I appear along the side.

So anyone that comes in doesn't see me, I'm standing there with my shirt like this. Finally, an elevator opens. I run in there, the elevator shutting, and just as the elevator shutting, someone puts their hand in to get in the elevator with me. So, let me paint a little picture for you now I'm on the fourth floor, not that far up, but I'm standing in a, maybe four by five foot elevator, small elevator with a shirt covered in poop with poop in my, I had Lou lemon shorts with the lining.

There's [00:44:00] poop in my pants and I'm just standing there, smell so bad with someone. I get out of the elevator. I run into my apartment, my roommates on a call for work, and he like mutes this call. He goes, what's wrong with you? And I yell, we can bleep this out because it's pretty graphic. I just fucking shit myself.

That's what happened. I get, I finally go to the bathroom. I clean off. I keep going more. And then it was just like one of the more demoralizing experiences of my life, because. I had to go back down to the apartment lobby and see little drops of poop on them. And then I don't know if this is coincidence or not.

We get an email like four days later, like this is a, this is a Wednesday or something. And we get an email like on Sunday or Monday of the next week. Hey, we will be cleaning the apartment floors and the lobby carpet. Oh, meanwhile, there are cameras. Totally. If someone's watching the cameras, they totally saw me.

Um, we will be cleaning the apartment. Lobby carpet floors. And [00:45:00] I'm just like, like, did they catch me, like as other cops going to call them? Like, what is the crime for shitting yourself?

Jack: I don't know if it's a crime

Abe: shitting yourself in public and not telling anyone about it, but, uh, yeah, that was as a 23 year old person.

I, I pooped my pants. You wanna hear a story about when I peed my pants? Um, many times Eagleson just back in time. Um, I was, it was just, I was on my way back from the gym at school and I was in traffic. And I was on a road where there were a bunch of speed bumps and it was like really happening. So I started going a little bit actually in my car and then I just pulled over the side of the road and just peed on the road.

But there's pee in my car. Oh. It was like a junior in college. I was a junior in college living in the house.

Jack: Okay. Yeah. So I sober

Abe: both times dead sober.

Jack: I made fun of me a lot because like, who does that? Like who has an accident on themselves? Not intoxicated. Like I know some people pee their bed. I, I'm not one of those people, but, and my incident [00:46:00] was when I was eight.

So I was like, that's a joke. And then you guys know that we did a little snap back experience down in Philly. We did the Philly vlog for Eagle's Cowboys week. 16, good times remembers live sports and emotions I've talked about. I haven't felt an emotion in years.

Abe: I was actually like watching that video. I forget like the other week.

That Eagle's Cowboys game. Like, yeah, I was so high because we won, it was such a shitty game.

Jack: It was so bad.

Abe: I was 16, nine or something like

Jack: that. It was the worst game ever, even when Dallas was driving to tie the game and they crossed half field, they never even picked up another first down. And then it was like fourth.

And which

Abe: I don't even know somewhere in this whole thing.

Jack: Yes. The rule champs that

Abe: I just found, my mom has this on her desk. She doesn't know the

Jack: first question you have to remind

Abe: them. I'm just showing you. It's an Eagles fidget spinner. And my mom, couldn't tell you the first thing about sports.

Jack: All right.

So my poop story, anyways, [00:47:00] we 16, he goes Cowboys. We go to the game. I don't think I had anything crazy to eat. We were drinking a little

Abe: drinking.

Jack: Yeah. We were drinking. We actually met up with some snapback fan. That halftime that was lit. I think he actually predict he predicted Powell Sanders two touchdowns.

That was crazy. Um, and then on the walk home, I just, like, I had a train to make, I thought, you know, we, we didn't really need to stop.

Abe: It was man. It was a hike.

Jack: Yeah. It was like a 30 minute walk probably. And that plus O plus we took the train and there was a ton of traffic and. I was like, should I stop at the Starbucks?

So I stopped. There's like a five person line. So I'm like, whatever, I'll make it. I can't wait 20 minutes on this bike train. And then I got stuck in no man's land and no man's land is like

Abe: outside of panic mode. It's the panic. When you go into panic and you know, what's happening.

Jack: Right. But this was an area within Philly where we weren't in downtown anymore where I [00:48:00] could drop into a store or a restaurant.

And we weren't anywhere where we knew anyone to like jump into their apartment. So, uh, some person just, unfortunately, outside of their garage

Abe: has a brick wall. I dude, I could, I moved out of my apartment since, but I could go point you to the exact spot. I like walked past it to go to trader Joe's, like once a week.

Jack: Yeah. So. I've ran. I, I mean, it was a clean get off and then obviously there's some remnants. I threw those undies out and Abe's, um, in his trash can, which he took out. And then I sprinted to the train or took an Uber to the train, made the train by like 10 minutes. But I had to sit on that train. Bare naked.

Just thinking about what happened and after you poop yourself, you just have like an uncomfortable aura around you,

Abe: dude. I was supposed to be so excited for six years of Raptors game five, and I literally couldn't even concentrate. We blew them out [00:49:00] thankfully, but I

Jack: could ask her up three to, uh, by that made it three to,

Abe: I forget.

Jack: I don't know. Anyways, don't put the pads. Those are stories.

Abe: You guys have been asking someone, put out a meme. Um, you're right. It took LeBron to ask me to tell the story, which all right. We shit ourselves. Sue

Jack: us. Yeah. Yeah. Grow up if you haven't, if you haven't put yourself, watch Billy Madison, it's kind of pee your pants.

I know. I know. It's the cool thing to do. We took it to the next level. If Peter and you're viewing Joy's story to

Abe: miles Davis.

Jack: If you enjoyed story time, or if you enjoy the pod hit subscribe, leave us a review snapback fan. We're going to make some big changes. We keep teasing them. They're coming up very soon.

So stay tuned for all that. Abe. Any last words

Abe: we shouldn't have ended on that subject because now it's just, I'm going back to it. Dark time,

Jack: snap back, fam. Mother's love peace.