[00:00:00] Jack: What up sat back fam, we're doing a quick little episode right now, reacting to the cam Newton

Abe: emergency emergency pot.

Jack: Cam Newton is headed to the new England Patriots, snapback fam new app. Let's get it. Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson

Abe: to the Philadelphia Eagles, drought,

Jack: Brian put the jumper.

Without fam I'm your host. Jack said one from snapback sports, joining me today and as always my cost and long time, best friend a grant off Abe. I'm not even going to ask you what's on your mind today because on our mind is cam Newton cam signs a one year deal with the new England Patriots. And [00:01:00] what do you think?

Abe: My initial thought when it first went down, like this is awesome. I've always loved cam Newton. I've always been a sucker to believe in him every year. Even when they go six and 10 and Carolina, all those years when he was average, ever since he had that MVP year and he was voted the best player in the NFL, I've been all in on cam Newton.

And I mean, it's a perfect fit. It's a no risk play for the Patriots camp can have a good year under bell check and then go get paid elsewhere or get paid in new England. And I mean, they lost a third round pick on the filming, the bangle sideline, the same day they signed cam. And then if cam leaves after the season, they get a third round compensatory.

So it's just Patriots. In a nutshell,

Jack: that is Patriots. In a nutshell, my reaction was why is everyone all of a sudden rooting for the new England Patriots? I cannot comprehend. Literally they dropped this news on the same day that allegations against them. Finally get pushed through. They get fined a million bucks, lose it.

They're a round pick and everyone just seems to [00:02:00] be like enthralled with the Patriots. This is still your cheating Patriots that everyone is

Abe: supposed to hate this whole filming, the bangle sideline. Isn't like spy gate to point out. Let's

Jack: not, let's not make it like, listen, this seems like an opera, a situation where they got caught.

Right. Like you don't film the bangle sideline if you're not filming other teams. Right. Like you don't need those deep secrets of the Cincinnati Bengals from last season. So. There's probably a lot of other taping and filming that went on, but it didn't matter because go back to January Titans, walk into their building and the dynasty everyone's selling teabag.

Everyone's celebrating on Twitter. And now all of a sudden, because cam who is the man, he smiles, he's fun. He dabs he's super camps.

Abe: He's a good football player.

Jack: It's still the Patriots. Like why are we all in on the Patriots? All of a sudden,

Abe: I, I don't hate the Patriots as much as everyone. I haven't. I really haven't because I'm not going to lie beating them in the super bowl.

Like yeah. They beat us in [00:03:00] Oh four and I probably hated them that entire way. But getting that, that burden off your shoulder, like we beat them in the super bowl. I haven't direct my, the Eagles haven't directly competed with them for years. Like the Ravens have, I don't really hate the Patriots as much as like everyone else despises them.

And because I like cam Newton so much. I'm going to go as far to say, I'm going to find myself rooting for the Patriots this year.

Jack: That's disturbing. All right, let's talk about it through a football lens on the field. Cam's coming off foot surgery. He's also coming off two shoulder surgeries on his throwing shoulder.

I made sure to check into that cause I wasn't sure if it's the left shoulder, maybe he can't run as much, but it's on his throwing shoulder. So, what do you think? Because about five years ago, he's the MVP of the league during the super bowl and probably a play away if maybe he dives in a fun ball who knows, who knows to two years ago, two years ago, three years ago, he's in the playoffs.

He looks pretty good, comes down to the end of the game. And then the last time we see him on the [00:04:00] field, he's a shell of himself and looks like one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. So where do you stand?

Abe: I stand on the fact that the new England Patriots can very well go back to the super bowl next year.

If cam Newton is healthy, that's a huge Geoff, but if there's one off fence that can keep him healthy and one coach that can keep him healthy. I think it's bill bell, checking the Patriots. You look at Tom Brady towards the end of his Patriot's tenure. He wasn't dropped doing five-step drops and airing the ball 50 yards down the field.

He was making the right read. He was throwing getting the ball out quick and even these short slats and stuff like that. And if you can do that with cam Newton and keep him healthy and get the ball out quick, plus there's a whole dynamic of the offense that bill Bellacheck can unleash that he hasn't unleashed in 20 years.

And that's a running quarterback. You put cam Newton in the RPO, you get the ball out quickly. You have bill bell checks, genius, mind behind him. I think the sky's the limit.

Jack: So this is where I don't think it makes any sense because you're saying. You know, Tom Brady's offense is short thinking dog, not going [00:05:00] deep.

They don't need to use his arm, but then you're also saying he's going to be running and he's not a Lamar Jackson type or Kyler Murray where he's making people miss he's running people over. That's what made him so amazing coming off multiple surgeries. I don't know if they can use them as that battering Ram.

And if they do, then how long is that going to last?

Abe: Yeah, this is all a big if, if cam is willing to be a mobile quarterback, if cam is willing to make these plays, and I'm saying, I think bill Bellacheck can put him in the right position to be successful. You look at the Patriots throughout the 20 years, and they've kind of been this team that can just insert guys here and there and have success.

Wait, wait. They've they've never done it with the quarterback. They did it once with the quarterback, with Matt castle, I looked into the weapons that Matt castle had this year. Cause the big thing with the Patriots is like, Listen, they still don't have that many offensive weapons. Yeah. They have some new Nickeel what's his name and kill.

Harry can get healthy and step up.

Jack: Who's older, but if no tight

Abe: ends in that castle had Randy Moss and nobody else. I mean, Randy Moss is helpful. Don't get me [00:06:00] wrong. But I think that. Then not having weapons is a little blown out of proportion.

Jack: The only thing that would keep them out of the playoffs, probably even if it was Stedham,

Abe: they're making them, they're winning

Jack: the division.

Like their division is you're so bad that they're going to be able to. So I looked in their schedule. I was shocked to look back. It's

Abe: one of the hardest in the league.

Jack: They went 12 and four last year, I thought they won 10 games. Like that's

Abe: how we were talking about them going 16 and Oh, there was more, well, I'm going 16 an hour.

The dolphins going on 16 now it's like a week for discussion.

Jack: Right? They were eating though. And I looked back, they did not be a single good team last season.

Abe: It was a joke they're scheduled

Jack: their first eight game Steelers. That one Ben was playing. So I'll give him that. Dolphins jets. Bill's Josh alums hurt Redskins giants, jets Browns God's smoke by the Ravens.

Barely beat the Eagles. Barely beat the Cowboys. Got smoked by the Texans. Got beat at home by the chiefs, went [00:07:00] to Cynthia and won. Barely beat the bills on a Saturday night game and then lost at home to the dolphins. This is not a 12 and 14. Don't get it twisted. You

Abe: take that defense from last year? Yeah.

They lost a few pieces.

Jack: They lost a lot of pieces.

Abe: Wait for it. And they upgrade at quarterback.

Jack: Stop.

Abe: You don't believe. I don't understand. I don't understand how you can disagree. I want to run back some, some episodes,

Jack: timeout, timeout, you put cam Newton on the box or Tom Brady on the bucks. Which scene would you rather have?

If you're saying it's an upgrade and I know you don't believe that they would be better with cam Newton, Nick quarterback,

Abe: and I can see it in your face is all, this is all predicated on a healthy cam Newton.

Jack: You can't. First of all, you can't predicate that that's like saying this is all predicated on Tom.

Brady's 31. Like it's no, that's not all because you can't

Abe: change Tom's age cam can get healthy.

Jack: No, he can't. He's

Abe: had, we can't he's permanently, he's permanently injured. The rest of his career.

Jack: He's his abilities are permanently [00:08:00] lessened because of existing preexisting injuries. That's a fact if you've hurt your shoulder before, right.

Yeah, it sucks. You're more prone to hurt your shoulder again. Are you going to be,

Abe: but I don't have NFL doctors at my disposal. I went to state college PA where they misdiagnosed me.

Jack: Right. But your shoulder also only popped out this shoulder is torn all the way through. He's got foot surgery. Cam Newton is an upgrade over time.

Ready? Let's just be Frank here. He's going to be sitting behind an average offensive line. He's going to be dealing with. The least impressive weapons potentially in the entire division. The defense was really good for the first half of the season against really bad competition. I'm still not all in on that defense.

The Titans absolutely smoked them to say that cam Newton is an upgrade over Tom Brady. There's just no way you believe that in your heart. I do.

Abe: I really do with bill Bellacheck at his disposal and the things that cam Newton can do that. Tom Brady can't. Like move on the ground. I think he is [00:09:00] an upgrade snapback

Jack: fam.

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And you can make money starting day one. So download the free anchor app or go to anchor.fm to get started now. All right. So what's your prediction for them? This season, regular season record. And then as, as we look to the player

Abe: without looking at their schedule, I mean, they're going to win the division, but wait, what about the other night?

Thank God. Eagleson is not here for this emergency pod. Like I write into group cam to the, or he wrote in the group cam to the dolphins or to the past. And he's like, damn, like, as if that changed anything for the Miami dolphins this season,

Jack: I mean,

Abe: all star

Jack: dolphins put together some, some [00:10:00] nice pieces.

Abe: They not, not a, not a division winning

Jack: team. That division though, the jets will not win more than six games they're scheduled to brutal. And Adam goes to this terrible Josh Allen, we already know. And I'll keep saying is mr. Bisky 2.0. And then who's the third. And then who else has even in that division?

Oh, the, Oh, the dolphin spells it out to him. Patriot Patriot's before cam I don't think cam even, I think you have a QB competition. I genuinely do.

Abe: I don't think you bring him in a guy like that with the, I mean, if there's one person to do it, it's probably

Jack: built out technically while you bring him in for,

Abe: I don't think for a QB competition, I think the job is totally his.

I mean, they did find him for less money than it did the cost to film the bangles sideline.

Jack: Exactly.

Abe: So with all these incentives based into his deal, I think they signed him with the intention that this guy's going to play.

Jack: One thing I do want to bring up is this obsession with the national media to say you're bringing [00:11:00] in the most motivated guy in the league.

All right. Time out. This guy's coming off three surgeries, he's commanding a lot of money. So for the Panthers to move on from him, not the craziest thing, there was no disrespect.

Abe: Yes. Command a lot of money sign point for $1 million.

Jack: But I'm saying the contract he was on prior, he's obviously on a big contract.

So yes, he might've wanted to stay in Carolina. But he wanted to be the starter and be paid probably a lot of money. He wasn't taking 1 million to say on the Panthers. If, what is this? He's the most motivated player because he posts hieroglyphics and a workout video. Like,

Abe: I mean, this is coming out of the guy who posts Mitchell Robinson pickup jumpers, and says Kevin Duran loading.

Jack: Right. And I'm trolling. And these people are dead. People are dead ass serious that because. He was an MVP and he's not being talked about. I'm sorry. In the last time I watched cam Newton throw a football, it was painful to watch. He

[00:12:00] Abe: was, it was painful for him physically because he was that injured.

Jack: Right.

But that was his shoulder and the surgery wasn't even on his shoulder, soldiers, this shoulder, the surgery, come on, come on and fix his foot. It just doesn't make sense. Like here's how I,

Abe: here's how I view the Patriots. I think they're, I think they're going to win the division. I think you agree with that too.

Jack: I think, I think they are going to probably fall into, I'm not sold on the defense. That's really a problem. But the thing is you get six games against that division run vision. Quick run through quick run through dolphins. Alright. In Seattle in Kansas city, play the Broncos, play the Niners in Buffalo at the jets, Ravens in Houston at the chargers at the Rams.

This is the,

Abe: so that's another home game

Jack: continue. Well, there's no fan, so everything's a home game, but that's a significantly, that's a significantly harder [00:13:00] schedule than they had last year. When I saw the schedule and the cam signing, I said eight to nine wins.

Abe: Now let me ask you a question. Will the Patriots be AFC East chap.

Jack: Well, that's where it gets tricky. That's really

Abe: just answer my question.

Jack: I cannot say yet.


Abe: my God. You're calling it. You're calling Josh Allen. Mitch. You're essentially debating between the dolphins and the

Jack: Patriots. No, I think that dude, the bears won eight games last year because their defensive schedule was that week.

The bills could win eight games and Josh Allen could not be good. The question is, can cam Newton or Jared sit him when nine,

Abe: can you just, do you think the Patriots will win the division?

Jack: Have an answer. Any team in that division finishes over 500 that

Abe: someone has to win the division.

Jack: And so to come down to a tiebreaker, I don't know about the time

Abe: somebody has to be an AFC East champion.

Jack: I understand that.

Abe: Forget it. Jesus. I pulling teeth. No, no, no, no, no.

Jack: Here's my, if the Patriots in the division. Yeah,

Abe: that probably [00:14:00] means most likely. I know you think the AFC East is going to be the NFCS from last year, from the sound of it. So if the Patriots win the division, I'm thinking that it won't be like that.

I think they can easily win 11, 12 games, 10 to 12 games. That means they'll probably be rolling into the playoffs. They're going to get a home playoff game.

Jack: There's no home playoff games. There's no, any home anywhere. Okay. So yeah, they'll, they'll get to beat because there's like a seven seed. They'll get to beat the frickin, the bills who are also eight and eight in the first round.

Abe: They'll Bella check in the playoffs in the second

Jack: round. He doesn't have Tom Brady.

Abe: I don't care who he

Jack: has. I do

Abe: Matt castle. He won 11 games.

Jack: He had Matt castle and didn't make the playoffs people forget.

Abe: All right. We both just said the same. I said, he want

Jack: to let you one 10. It was 10.

Abe: They were 11 and five.

Jack: And they didn't make the playoffs? No. How?

Abe: I don't know.

Jack: How is that possible?

Abe: It was [00:15:00] the 2000 here. I'm looking at it right now.

Jack: 2008.

Abe: Matt castle Patriots. 2008 Patriots season. Yeah, 11 and five second in the, who the hell wants

Jack: to fish the documented. And then we smoked them in the playoffs.

Abe: Nice.


Jack: Thank you. The dolphins, if not, what? A play off game in our beat reporter or Eagleson lifetime, she's actually pretty funny.

Abe: Probably won't anytime soon, either I'm according to you, they might win the division this year.

Jack: It depends. Who's quarterback problem is, does it question is. You want to say they could go back to the super bowl?


Abe: I don't want to say

Jack: seemly confident that the Patriots will not

Abe: be in the super bowl. I mean, that's not that hot of a take considering it's hard to make the

Jack: soup. The fact that you're saying they could, like I'm giving them zero chance. I give the Steelers a better chance than though I don't. I give the Steelers a better chance than though

Abe: we'll say I'm hype for candy.

You can't deny that you're excited. To see [00:16:00] cam Newton.

Jack: And so I went, I did my one minute breakdown on him. So I went back, looked at the film and I wanted to give it a fair run. So I looked back five years ago, MVP season. I looked back three years ago, that playoff game. And I looked back last year, mr.

Abe: Lawsky, Xs and

Jack: rice

Abe: there. We're not trying to be those people.


Jack: dude is so fun. He is absolutely electric. He's his white teeth, just smiling through the visor every time. Like he's the man. But that doesn't mean he's going to be good.

Abe: I'm excited to find out. And I believe in cam Newton,

Jack: you

Abe: know why?

Because I always believe in cam Newton.

Jack: Is that a thing?

Abe: It's just one of those. It's like kind of like the Falcons every year, the Browns nowadays. They're the sucker picks. Sometimes they pay off the Falcons ones for the super bowl that year, but sometimes they just, you look like a sucker and I guess we'll find out, but I think it's very exciting.

Did you notice that I saw an Adam Schefter [00:17:00] quote, there wasn't much interest around the league in camp,

Jack: except for one of the teen trust,

Abe: except for one other time,

Jack: I saw that they were the only team. Interesting.

Abe: One other team spoke with cab Newton, the QB vac, Cleveland

Jack: Browns.

Abe: Trouble in paradise Baker.

I'm doubling down on the Browns this year.

Jack: Alright, fam cam Newton to the Patriots as always let us know your thoughts on snapback Pat on Instagram, we will catch you on Thursday. Let us know what you thought about this emergency app. Make sure to hit subscribe and leave a review with your Patriots wrecker prediction, leave a review and we'll see it.

And then when you're right, cause someone didn't predict cam go to the paths. A lot of people

Abe: predicted,

Jack: but when you're right. I will send you a cam Newton Patriot's Jersey at the end of

Abe: this weekend of wet. You sending somebody a little Joe burrow, Bengals Jersey. I think you're in

Jack: debt. I know he didn't answer me.

He didn't answer me so fam real quick, there was someone who I posted. [00:18:00] I posted something about the Heisman back at the beginning of college football season. I get his name for you. And he responded and said Joe burrow. And I was like, all right, I'll bet you $10,000, Joe.

Abe: Liam Tompkins,

Jack: Liam Tompkins. I said, I'll bet you 10 grand.


Abe: he's got a hell of a ratio. He's got 283 followers and he's not following a single person. That's

Jack: that's just a

Abe: style following snapback pot or me or Jack.

Jack: That's call yourself Sam. Uh, but he didn't respond to the 10 K, but for the prediction, I would like to send him a little Joe burrow. LSU championship teacher or band goes Thursday, March.

Yeah. So a snapback fan we'll catch you on Thursday, much. Love.