00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam, welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we talk to spurs point guard, Derek white, about all things, Orlando. We bring him a ton of great ideas. And then we do ranked. We ranked the top three perks of staying at a hotel. And then at the top of the pod, we talked to Kay cover athlete and then the greatest comebacks of all time.

Cause fam we're halfway through 2020, and we need a comeback. So hit that subscribe button, tell a friend fan new app. Lamar Jackson,

Abe: two of the Philadelphia Eagles, the long drought, Brian

Jack: put the jumper.

What's up fam I'm your host [00:01:00] Jack settlement from snapback sports. Joining me today as always is my cohost and long time. Best friend, a grant off Abe. What is on your mind today?

Abe: Nice spurs hat you

Jack: got on

Abe: teasing. A little great interview. We just had with Derek fantastic interview. Stick through it. What else?

Oh my God dude. So Barstool posted a video today. Oh, I posted on the story too. Do you know how many times I got tagged in that pooping your pants video today in the DMS? Come on guys. I told you that in secrecy,

Jack: so we know it's not the math guy. And we also know like he's kind of technologically unsound.

I don't think he understands that get tagged. You can't get tagged in the DMS tag. That's either, dude, that's not God you're already popular here. That's

Abe: it. The

Jack: point

Abe: hold the snapback fam are stories in secrecy. I thought,

Jack: nah, no, this is what we want. We want the

Abe: not needing a title, Rob, knowing about [00:02:00] last may.

Jack: Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. All right. Our lead topic of

Abe: me in that fricking video

Jack: for today is the cover athletes for NBA two K 21. So we're recording this July one at night. What's today. It's been a long day. It's a Wednesday. And so far announced has been Damien Lillard. And then today Zion was announced as the next gen athlete.

I didn't know what next gen meant, but apparently because the PS five is coming out and the new X-Box, they created different covers for those different games. So Zion is that next gen athlete. Let's go back to when Dame was initially released. Thoughts.

Abe: I'm happy for him. You feel like Dame, Dane doesn't get the love that he does.

It's his own fault. He, he plays this whole, Oh, I'm so loyal. Portland. Come on, dude. Like get over it. Everyone. That's that part of the league is way in the past. Go to a new team show. You're great. But he was a first team, all NBA player. You'd like to [00:03:00] see guys like it, get their praise. Um, two K totally dropped the ball, like, okay.

I understand Dame can dunk. But we have never, ever seen him put it between his legs in a game or anything. They had such a good opportunity and the whole internet is saying, damn, waving goodbye like this at Paul George and the thunder. And they totally botched it. I wouldn't actually be surprised because of how much backlash they're getting.

If they switch

Jack: it. The alternate covers that got posted on social media are that the land down with the face, with the face. Yeah. That would have been amazing. I do want people to understand Damian Lillard is a fantastic dunker. He actually has some serious posters in his career, but I agree with you.

I've never not once seen him pull it

Abe: out. Are they going forward with this? I

Jack: don't know how often he ends up on the fast break with an opportunity to do that. Maybe he'll prove the haters wrong down in the bubble and show them. I'm not sure, but I do a grade. The cover was a little weird with what they picked as for Dame.

[00:04:00] I'm only going to bring this up now, because I know how you feel about Zion. Damn was first team, all NBA. He's an underrated player. He's an absolute thinker.

Abe: I think everyone knows how great

Jack: he's underrated. He's under it because if you say best point guard in the league, even though he was first time, first team, all first

Abe: team, all NBA,

Jack: all first team.

Yeah. That one, no one ever really says Damian, Lillards the best point guard in the NBA.

Abe: True. Very true.

Jack: So I think, and Izzy, I don't think he is, but he's, he's the second math, but you still have people do consider James harden a point guard still. I don't, I think he's better than Russ. Luca, do you consider him a point card?

I knew, I knew you have Lillard over Luca. That's interesting because Luca has the Mavs in the playoffs this year. It was similar. Rosters. I mean, they both have that second supporting star who hasn't been all star level, but has been pretty good. And then the rest of the team is kind of the funky [00:05:00] book.

Abe: You gotta earn it. Alright. I hate these rookies that come on and everyone pipes, some Optane molar has been doing it for a long time. Let's show some respect.

Jack: Yeah. He's an absolute bucket. So then today, next gen got released and Zion is the cover and now people are freaking out. So let's just get this out of the way.

Number one, NBA two K is a business, an organization that aspires to make money. So by marketing, the most marketable player in the, is he the most marketable player in the entire league? I know LeBron James is the bigger name, but is he the most marketable player in the entire league? I think a hundred percent.

Abe: He is that younger generation.

Jack: Exactly. He reminds me of, yeah, Luca is, he reminds me of what happened last year before my home's got the, this role. And before Lamar blew up. So let's say week four of last year. Say Quan say Quam was [00:06:00] everywhere. He was in every commercial. He was with everybody. No,

Abe: wait, this is a joke that shout out Zachary Burke.

Cause he does the best impression you ever, the Campbell's chicken noodle commercial was Saint Claude. He always says soup. That he's like a mill. He says mill soup. That he's like a mill. It's so weird.

Jack: I've never seen that. I got to find that, but do you know what I'm saying? Like say quans now the best part in that it fell, but they used him everywhere last year as the face of the NFL.

So that's kind of what it reminds me of Zion. He hits that younger gen he's fun. He's excited. He's not a running back best friend there, but to get it out of the way, that's all NBA two K try and do is get you to buy the game WillsEye on being on the cover instead of jar, like, will that change things?

Probably not, but they do get more heightened awareness because you're on Zion, social media, and he's being tagged in stuff. So ask her who deserved it. What do you say? I

Abe: don't know if there are players that are, are more deserving than others. I just wish it wasn't a guy who's [00:07:00] played less than 20 NBA games.

Jack: Right?

Abe: Like you could have put anybody on that from like, It's always like kind of the next man up really? It's like the next

Jack: it's more about the next, like next gen next generation. It didn't have to be a rookie.

Abe: I'll be honest. Maybe I'm being like, you could have put Ben Simmons on there. No,

Jack: no.

Abe: Any prior, like why not?

Because I was thinking of players now, just like very good establish stars in this league that just don't get the recommended, like a Victor old Depot, something, but

Jack: that's not what the cover is trying

Abe: to do. They're trying to make money. I had, and they're doing a go button,

Jack: but, but by saying next generation in my head, it's like the budding star.

Who's going to be one of the top five players in the league for the next time.

Abe: Lucas Lucas,

Jack: the

Abe: first one that comes to mind.

Jack: And I wonder if. The international part actually discourages them because how does, how is Yannis or Luca not on a cover if international help sales that would blow my

[00:08:00] Abe: mind just in the room.

I'm trying to say that while making a straight face, I would love to be a speck of dust in the room when they decide who that athlete is. And I wonder, I want to know how they do it. Like, does everyone put a vote in, is there a ballot? How does that work?

Jack: I would rather be, you know, it's interesting. The honor of being on the cover for two K.

I don't think it touches Madden. Why do you think that is?

Abe: Because there's one versus multiple,

Jack: but there hasn't been

Abe: mad

Jack: historic game, right? You think so? Yeah. I guess that's

Abe: been going on back. Just as well. I'm not, not into the early nineties like Madden was, but I don't know. I think Madden's a more iconic game than to K is.

And not to mention it is an awful game. Like, dude, we don't want more sweat in the game. We

Jack: just want to make

remember when we were going [00:09:00] to be into okay. Yeah. Next year, next year. Alright. So there is a third cover that's yet to be released detail.

Are we telling the family about all these things now with our new policy of being more transparent with them, are we saving that for next month up to you?

Abe: We'll tease out. Let's take the last week. Let's let's let's wait on this one.

Jack: I don't know. I say, fuck it, honestly, like this is the fan. We want them to be part of that.

So. Uh, you guys know, obviously our network who is to not be named, um, who we were previously, what they were really good at telling us that they were going to deliver things. For example, Oh, you guys are going to be an NBA two K 20 as reporters. Wow. That's sick. And then we weren't. And they also told us that, uh, for our draft series, which you guys listened to, which was a lot of fun.

I mean, we did talk to a bunch of, did we talk to any first rounders? Did we have any know, a lot of second round picks? We talked a [00:10:00] lot of really dope guys. I love jeans. We're pretty much a Vikings podcast, but. They told us, uh, yeah, we're going to get you Jerry juvie and to attack aloe and Justin Herbert, Herbert was a big one for them.

So as you can imagine, uh, like the frauds, they are nothing that

Abe: is a free copy of the two K I'll give him that

Jack: we did. And I gave him, I gave away some, two kids.

Abe: The family got a few copies, not that mad about the two K thing would have been dope, but, um,

Jack: would have been,

Abe: yeah. To what Judy.

Jack: What they never called.

They never called, but we have Derek white on this podcast, our guy

Abe: burst friend on top enough to call him a friend and happy birthday. Oh, I should have. Why should I wait?

Jack: Don't

Abe: leave that part out. You know how to do that? Right. All right.

Jack: Bleep that out. Um, fam, so there's a third cover coming out and that is going to be the legends edition.

So obviously what is everyone thinking? It's Kobe Bryant and everyone's like, how is it [00:11:00] not Coby on the other two covers? Like they're losing, I'm going to fight Ronnie to K, which I would love to fight. I give him the hands.

Abe: She didn't know what, but I'm calling out Ronnie to Kay. I'm calling out Ronnie to what?

Jack: For what to fight. Both for what reason? Or just to beat his ass. Okay. That seems a little,

Abe: I don't know. I don't really know Ronnie to Kay that well, like, I didn't really know what his job was. I've just like, I thought he was just like a Twitter account or an egg. And then I watched the fricking horse

Jack: competition or in the beginning of COVID.

Oh no, no, no, no. The two K tournament, not that,

Abe: whatever it was. And he was, um, the, the color commentator or the host, if you will. Oh my God. I was almost asleep. The guy has no emotion.

Jack: None. Yeah. What is it? What is his

Abe: role? What is Ronnie to K

Jack: it's it's to market and promote the game? How did he get this job ambassador?

I don't know. I guess he just worked and kept making relationships and you just, I really don't know. We should get him [00:12:00] on the pot though. That'd be a good guess. Alright. Fuck brownies today. Fuck. You're done. Don't get what he does. We're going to have to talk. I bet you

Abe: could beat Ronnie to K and Jared Dudley too on tail and real basketball.

Jack: Oh, I bet you will. I like that. That's a better child. Be interested. Can Dudley school.

Abe: Oh, he's probably has a soft tissue injury.

Jack: Yeah. True. All right. Anyways, third cover probably Brian's yeah, we are we're on one. I kinda liked that energy. Uh, I don't know if it will happen, because I've heard things about Vanessa, Brian.

She doesn't want it to happen to making money off of Kobe because the legends addition sometimes is a more expensive addition, which would obviously be perceived as, you know, a very wrongful move. Then the question for two K is, okay, we're obviously not gonna put Coby on the cover and then not donate to those families or to a movement, right?

Like you're not going to make a lot of bread off of [00:13:00] Kobe's passing. Alright. P. But then do think too, Kay is in a position to sacrifice a third, not necessarily a third, but those extra revenues that come from the legends edition, I'm going to make a bet that they

Abe: don't, they don't be on the go.

Jack: I think they're going to go Vince Carter.

Abe: Didn't think about Vince Carter. Good call. Yeah. Yeah.

Jack: It's very, it's very easy to make a lot of sports predictions. This isn't really a sports prediction, but really because I've called

Abe: all the wrong ones.

Jack: And I know I'm going to tell you why, because I post all this stuff to my story and I'm like, who should be on the call, everyone just, and then they're like, yeah, they tell me everything Regurgitator

Abe: on genius.

Jack: I have like, yeah. Case studies all over, who should be on

Abe: my idol.

Jack: They've put them on a lot of covers. Apparently. I didn't know that. Apparently he's two guy, apparently he's been on legends covers. I'm not sure. Um, so yeah, to me, it's either Colby [00:14:00] or. Vince Carter. I hope it's Coby. I hope to K

Abe: do they do that though?

Try and stay relevant with the times and like who are, you know, what it could be, which would just stink Tim Duncan.

Oh, wait. It's Derrick White's coming on. Nevermind. That'd be pretty

Jack: cool.

Abe: What spurs, you know, just trying to be nice.

Jack: Yeah. That would be nice. I'm in my spurs hat that I found laying around the house tonight, Tim Duncan, I don't know, like, is he too far? I'm not really sure who Kendrick Perkins needs to get clutch out of his mouth.

I'm sorry. Am I wrong for saying that?

Abe: I plead the fifth because I probably should

Jack: too.

So D-Wave was last year, which is kind of, this is what I'm saying about the international, like, why wasn't Dirk. I get it D Wade's bigger, but you know, like they clearly, they clearly made that choice. So

Abe: Vince Carter [00:15:00] cover with his arm through the hoop, doing the honey dip.

Jack: Isn't your percent. It's a, well, it's a dunk

Abe: here.

Brutal you're burrito.

Jack: You hate that. You hate that. All right. Fab. So likely said today is July number one, which means we have made it. We've made it halfway through this year and like the jokes and the memes are obviously entertaining on social. But this year at like legitimately has been brutal. Like Rudolph Cancun.

The only good thing I think you said, this is the weather, the weather has been spectacular. They're pretty loud. So I guess one positive for like a million downs. And I'm sure there'll be some on D I mean are saying, yeah, the weather's great because of global warming, warming and Trump pulling out of some deal.

So we're gonna skip over the weather, the sun that's that just means we're going to the second half of 2020. A lot of people are already looking forward to 2021. They've scrapped one who told me, they said one of those people were tagged. One of those people are Trevor Lawrence and a better 20, [00:16:00] 21. I have hope that we're going to turn around.

The only reason why is because think about, have these not been the longest six months of your

Abe: entire life? Honestly, I couldn't disagree more. I blinked in the middle of March. And now it's July 1st.

Jack: Yes. Yes. Since quarantine hit, well, I'll say like this. March 15th. So when we really reluct up to about April 15th, like snail pace, since then, I swear it's been like 48

Abe: hours.

It has to do with the weather telling you, you can go out, you can do nights, stay inside where I'm at, gotta yada yada,

Jack: but you don't think that this whole half of the year has felt long at all.

Abe: It's a year, you know,

Jack: it's been six hours. In my opinion, it's felt long, which means it gives me hope that we can have a comeback for the second half of the year.

Like there's a lot of, there's a lot of money, a

Abe: lot of monthly way to come back is if every sport starts and finishes as planned and. I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that, on that subject.

Jack: There's a [00:17:00] lot Abe. What if we are the number one sports podcast? Well, we've already done that, but what if we do it again?

What if LeBron comes on the pot? What, you know, what if the fam grows, there's a lot of ways we can turn turn the year Bronwyn's around. Got it.

Abe: What if

Jack: the Sixers, the Sixers win? What if the Knicks. Get Anthony, David, like there's a lot of gear left. What if the Eagles are 12 and Oh, by January one, like, or they would be like 15, you know, there's still time to turn around.

So in honor of that, we're going to talk the greatest comebacks in sports history. It, because I just brought them up. I'm giving you free will to bring up an Eagles comeback that fits in that category. What are you

Abe: miracle at the Meadowlands part two down?

Jack: What was part one?

Abe: Uh, I wasn't alive, so I don't care.

Um, it was just another comeback against the giants, but we all remember Michael Vick, um, and the Eagles down like 24 or something with eight minutes left to Sean Jackson, punt return. You know how that shit goes? [00:18:00] I'll go again. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back from down three, one, he said it one game at a time.

And if they gave up that game five, They were in trouble. They knew they had them and they did

Jack: that's facts. Uh, obviously a big one 28 to three Patriots. Come back, Tom Brady. Was that the moment that solidified him as the goat? Like what was the moment? Does he have a moment? Yep. Or does he just have a career, a lifetime of moments.

You know how every player kind of has their moment? I mean, Jordan, it's really the shot, in my opinion. Like that just locked it in for people who say he's the goat. Not saying he is. I mean, I am, but I'm not saying for everyone Phelps, it's the comeback in that race. Do you remember where you were when you that that's honestly one of the greatest comebacks of all time?

I do. Do, do you remember that race? Do you know what I'm talking about?

[00:19:00] Abe: I'm just being honest with you. I know five don't get me wrong. 26, 27, whatever Olympic gold medals. But. Um, no, I didn't check my fantasy cast that day for the

Jack: swim score. Michael Phelps, the swimming in the Olympics. He literally, he swept the board with gold metals. You don't know the race where he comes from behind and the relay touches the wall point a half a half of a second.

Abe: I remember the, I remember the, um, under the pool view, it's kind of whatever you want to call it. I remember that, but like, I'm thinking. Great. It's come back. So I'm not thinking Phelps in the four by 400 or whatever.

Jack: Probably. That's probably a fair call. A shout out. There's a Liverpool champions league.

Come back that shout out and chip with Liverpool smart down 32 and came back in a game. Um, I don't know what the [00:20:00] greatest Ravens come back is to be honest, they're just always

Abe: winning.

Jack: Yeah. I didn't even say that you guys heard that. Um, but that is that's our comeback. So let us know what come actually forgot on snap bag, pile red socks

Abe: for the Yankees.

Jack: Oh, red sock. Yup. Down three, one down three out better than three down. Three out. Yeah. There's nothing better than a comeback.

Abe: Um, unless you're on the wrong side of it.

Jack: Well, that's fair. If the Niners had come back with Kaepernick and won that super bowl against the Ravens, that would have been up there.


Abe: would have been my better CarMax.

I'll never forget watching the end of that game in my mom's bed. And just like at the end of the, like the pie that was uncalled with crab tree, um Hmm. I'm not Crabtree. Yeah. Yeah. You, that you guys interfered with, they didn't call, they didn't call when I was looking for the flag, like waiting for that late, late flag.

And then I just,

Jack: but, and [00:21:00] then you, do you remember the full ending of the game?

Abe: No, I think I was crying at that point.

Jack: So then, because it was fourth down, we had the ball on the one and we're up like five elite.

Abe: So we dual threat Joe Flacco had to get out of the end zone.

Jack: No, so we took a safety. We tried to run and we couldn't get out.

We'd take a safety. And then we had a punt with one second left and Ted gins back there. And then there's this crazy club of Flaca, literally telling the team, if he breaks this along our sideline, tackle him, make the refs, figure it out, which is honestly genius. You know, if he's clearly going to score, the worst thing you could do is make the NFL referees who are notoriously God awful.

Abe: If that, if figure that out, the Ravens would go down as one of the most hated teams in NFL history. And the only thing that I could possibly do for a team like that, that pulled that move. It's tip my hat, like who did it? It was Tom Lynn on Jacoby Jones against you guys

[00:22:00] Jack: timeline on

Abe: Jason Kidd. Did it that one time where he told the guy that's bumping knew him so he could spill the water.

Jack: Wow. But those are such inconsequential plays. This isn't like to win or lose. I

Abe: wonder how bad that

Jack: safety spread. What do you think they would

Abe: do? Just like. I don't know, putting the pressure on the reps is a hilarious concept and the super bowl.

Jack: Hilarious because there's, without a doubt in my

Abe: mind, you're telling me he's gotten 20 yards of open field.

He's walking into the end

Jack: site. Like he would have to trip over his own two feet. That's the only way he doesn't score,

Abe: dude. I don't know. It would

Jack: be level. So if, if he trips him in that scenario, And then it's not like they get call the legal office because there's no doubt in my mind, if the league got involved, they'd be like award them, the touchdown, they deserve it.

But the rest would have to have a huddle and would have what, a minute, two minutes

Abe: before, first off it would have taken 20 minutes. Just like, that's how it goes. [00:23:00] Second ours kind of think that they would, they would let them get the touchdown.

Jack: I'm going to look it up. I'm going to look at

Abe: it. I had no idea.

That was the thing though. Yeah. Pulling that move would be all time. All time, but like, what are the chances he's running down the sideline? Imagine like Ray rice sprints onto the field and just decks him at the 40 yard line.

Jack: So in non NFL, there is a rule that you can award them, but I have not

Abe: found on NFL.

Like what is that? The AFL?

Jack: No, no like high schools for middle, because there's also a hilarious club of that happening. Outside of the NFL where it's just some random game.

Abe: Yeah. I mean, all like, I'll just tip my cap to anybody that pulls that move.

Jack: Yeah. Alright, nothing conclusive. If we have an NFL, if ed hockey, least I know he's a big listener of the pod.

If he's still listening, uh, will you just text me, ed, and then w we'll be able to tell the fam what the official ruling is. [00:24:00] Alright, fam, we're going to take a short break. And then after that we will have spurs point guard, Derek, what.

Fam we welcome back our main man D white. And before we welcome him back, I have a bone to pick. I saw the spurs post something about him playing FIFA, but they put them on like FIFA 2015 cover, which there's been about five release since then. So how nice you have FIFA? And I know I owe you a game. We got to get our game in, but how nice.

Derrick White: Beep is my game. Like I don't play any other game, but FIFA I've been dedicated to it. I started at FIFA 15, so I think that's why they put it on FIFA 15 cover, but ever since then I've been dominated. So

Abe: that kind of, that kind of answers my first question, because you say you only play FIFA and I was gonna ask, how pissed are you on a scale of [00:25:00] one to 10 that you're not on the cover of two K.

Derrick White: I was kinda shocked. I wasn't considered, honestly, I thought I feel that more of a run, but

Abe: I figured that, well, we got that question out of the way. Um, that was one of the tougher ones of the interview, but it's a big day. We didn't even realize you were just on an Instagram live for designing your own shoe, which I see you went with the Fiesta colors.

Um, Your birthday is tomorrow. July 2nd, your Yaka postal year, age 25 big year, big year. Where any plans for the birthday?

Derrick White: 46,

Jack: 26

Abe: Google wide Google.

Jack: You're just not really good at math. So he's born in 94 and funny, you know what I did

Abe: what I did.

Jack: He's not the math guy dare, but what are you excited for?

Abe: I actually have no idea what I did wrong.

I'll be straight. Yeah,

Derrick White: we won't, we won't judge you on your math skills.

Abe: Don't

Jack: trust me. You don't want to, so [00:26:00] those shoes that you were designing on the Instagram, is that for one game or will you wear those throughout?

Derrick White: Yeah, I think I'm aware of throughout. If they get him here before I go to Orlando. So whenever I gained them, just wearing them throughout however many games we got up there.

Abe: Let's get into Orlando. What are your, I mean, there's a lot going on between. People are hesitant to go and rightfully so. Um, but what is your thought on the whole situation?

Derrick White: Yeah. I mean, I see both sides of it. Um, I understand why people wouldn't want to go, um, the distracts and all that. But, um, for me personally, um, I'm ready to go.

Um, they say we're playing, they say it's safe. So I'm looking forward to go out there and being with teammates, try to have fun with it.

Abe: They hint, they gave you guys each like a 33 page handbook or whatever, like

Derrick White: one 33.

Abe: What? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was going to say, you read what? Four pages, a hundred. Maybe

[00:27:00] Derrick White: I

Abe: scream of a person.

Do you have a person to read that for you? And just give you the SparkNotes?

Derrick White: I sent it to my dad, you know, he's you can call, let me know what's going on. So if I need any set Baskin, he said, I've

Abe: read the handbook. All you gotta do is play basketball, wear a mask and don't touch anyone. That's all it said.

Derrick White: They away from people just do what you're told.

Jack: There

Abe: you go. It's got to, it's definitely going to be weird. One of the things that I think that is very underrated about this, and I'm sure you can speak to it as playing without fans. What I mean, if,

Jack: what was the last time you played without someone in the crowd,

Derrick White: it's going to feel like a pickup game.

Like just to pick a game that matters with breasts and stuff. So that's going to be weird. Um, I don't know if I've ever played without crowd. Maybe back in my UCS days, there wasn't many people in the, there was some like some people out there,

Jack: I guess, like go back to when you would be in your driveway and you're [00:28:00] just counting down in your head for the big moment.

Like that's what it's going to feel like.

Derrick White: Yeah. It's going to be weird, but you'll get to hear a lot more. So that'd probably

Abe: be good if you had, well, they said that they're going to put a delay on which. Come on MBA. That's no fun. Um, we want it raw, but if you had the choice, would you want them to, like, I know, like in stadiums they pump in music, like they play music during authentic possessions and stuff.

Would you like that? Or if there's no fans that are to play music to make it feel more real,

Derrick White: I mean, it would be fine. I don't know. I don't know if they frame music the whole time throughout, but. Um, I'm not sure what they got in store for us. So

Abe: I feel like, I feel like game won. It'll feel weird for like the first four or five minutes.

And then once you guys are right in the heart of the game, you guys wouldn't even notice it.

Derrick White: Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be weird for this a little bit, but just like pick up basketball. We've been doing our whole lives.

Jack: Yeah. I mean, you watch the MJ doc, like they said, one of the greatest games ever played was that scrimmage at the Olympics.

And I'm sure, you know, there [00:29:00] was no one really there, but they still played at a high level. So. I'm sure will be fine. Uh, you told us you were doing some training, getting ready and stuff, and there's been a lot of talk about, you know, what does this championship mean for whoever wins it? Gold star versus the asterick?

Um, I don't, I mean, We told the audience about our beef with Jared Dudley. So we have, uh, existing beef with Dudley, um, because like, unlike you, who's a very nice knowledgeable person who enjoys the snapback fam and came on twice. Dudley stood us up because he had to watch himself play college. He was watching highlights of himself playing on ESPN too.

So regardless of that, he said, Soft tissue. There's going to be injuries. And P Bev was like, we hope all your lungs stay ready, be ready. Where do you, are you? You're kind of like, fuck Jared Dudley too. No, what he's

Derrick White: saying? Like, he's going to be [00:30:00] like everybody just jumping into competitive basketball, um, straight to like the playoffs basically.

So, um, I can see where he's coming from, but I mean, basketball is kinda year round now. So, um, you gotta just stay ready and. Whenever your numbers call be ready to go.

Abe: You guys are getting right into it because obviously you're in the situation where you're trying to play in for that play in tournament for the AC.

But you're playing a bunch of teams in those first eight games. I mean, you've got the Kings of the Grizzlies and the pelicans on your schedule. You also have the Sixers and if you see my sweatshirt, I'm really gonna need you to beat us because I'm not trying to get the five or the four seat and have to play.

If we get past the first round, play Milwaukee in the second round. So I'm going to need you to turn it up against the sectors.

Jack: That's me. That's the only reason

Derrick White: our plan is to win them all. But we'll, we'll focus specific on the sixth.

Abe: Good idea.

Jack: That's amazing headlines tomorrow. Derek white doesn't care about spurs performance only [00:31:00] wants to beat Sixers and return to MBI.

That makes sense. So how does it feel to be completely written out? Like why even go? Because every tweet I've seen about the return is it's pelicans. It's Grizzlies and then some people get the blazers, some love, but I have, I actually haven't even heard this verse in the conversation and you guys are right there with everyone else, like motivation or you guys know what you gotta do.

Derrick White: Yeah. I mean, it is what it is. You kind of expect that. So you just got to go and prove them wrong. Um, start playing the way we know we play weight and we got a lot of good players on our team. So we just make some noise here in these first eight games. And what happens

Abe: happens. Are you nervous at all that?

Because, because I don't think there's, Chipola in the bubble. Are you nervous that your game will be affected because you can't get your pregame meal? And

Derrick White: I hadn't thought of that. So just now, so well, I did, that is a big problem.

Abe: Maybe you [00:32:00] shouldn't go

Derrick White: think this whole thing.

Jack: That's what I'm saying. One of you had never had the salad dressing.

That was Abe. All right. So, well,

Abe: he doesn't get double meat, so don't point off.

Derrick White: Yeah, I've gotten, don't meet them.

Abe: Okay.

Jack: Alright. Ironically, I went to Chipola for dinner, white ordered out. I didn't go, but I order a salad and I order online salad dressing is checked, and then I get my order, no salad dressing.

Like what do you do at that point? That's

Derrick White: pretty heartbreaking. I hate when that happens. If you're not going to bring the dressing, you might just leave the whole order back.

Jack: I, I could not agree more. I could not.

Abe: Speaking of keep everyone home, I had a theory about how the MBA could come back because there's been all this talk about they could start, but if, if cases spike during the bubble, they might have to shut it down.

Jack: Can I have this, this [00:33:00] theory, please? With it's absolutely insane and ridiculous

Abe: too, to each their own. I had the thought were a little too far away now. I mean, close to the bubble now to do it, but maybe a week and a half, two weeks ago. And you can let me know how you feel. What if we infected all of you?

Just got it out of the way. No, no, no. What

Derrick White: if you get it again?

Jack: That's that's still TBD.

Abe: Like I'm a doctor. You're a, come on.

Derrick White: I'm just asking. I don't know the specifics, but I think you can get it again.

Abe: So I didn't, I didn't get to that part of the theory. I just kinda

Jack: thought it was like the chicken pox.

And once you got it,

Abe: you can't get the chicken box twice.

Jack: No. Well, you can get the chicken pox as a kid. Right? You can get it

Abe: there. I never heard of anyone getting the chicken box. It's just kind of like a, you know,

Jack: you had it

Derrick White: like

[00:34:00] Abe: covered all over your body, head to toe.

Jack: Yeah. When I

Derrick White: was younger.

Jack: Yeah. There you go.

Abe: How bad did that suck? Because I imagine that's like one of the worst things you could have

Derrick White: Mara wasn't too bad, but I've heard stories of it will be a lot worse. So. Mine be you just can't itch, you know, he's got to, and

Jack: isn't it super itchy. Like, I feel like that's all you want

Abe: to do the whole thing.

That's the whole idea of

Derrick White: that all over your body.

Abe: Okay. So infecting everyone we're in beta.

Jack: Okay.

Derrick White: What's next?

Jack: That's it? That was it. That was it. He wanted, he wanted two weeks ago. In fact, Let people get over the symptoms, go down to Orlando. No one else can get it because they've already had it. That was the

Abe: check rock.

Derrick White: Yeah. I'm not, I'm not sure, but what if we have a bubble through bubble and nobody has it, no big customers of [00:35:00] the bubble. Shouldn't we not get it?

Abe: Listen.

Jack: No, but you do. I mean, that's the biggest question is do you have a true bubble? Are there going to be pliers sneaking out for Chipola. I'm sure you could get whatever you want deliver, but sticking out.

And then some of the staff workers, right. They might be able to come and go.

Derrick White: So

Jack: I don't know.

Abe: You think you'll snitch say yo. Okay. I got an idea. Know, you guys are playing the jazz, the last game of the eight and it's a win and you're in the play in tournament lose and you're out. You hear through the great Brian.

Donovan Mitchell. He might've ventured off the bubble a little bit. You snitching, you see

Derrick White: it's, it's tough. You know, you gotta, you gotta decide if the information is valid.

Abe: I think what you do is you, you, cause you guys can make the rookies, do whatever they want. You [00:36:00] gotta take the rookies phone,

Derrick White: just make them do it.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's, I've been watching a lot of criminal things that works most of the time. So

Abe: I'm always thinking up here

Jack: that's really not a terrible idea.

Abe: Are you guys allowed to go on the rides?

Derrick White: Mmm. I heard one time that we work, but I'm not exactly

Abe: sure. Yeah. It seems like a, how much do you guys know about what's going on?

It's just going to be go down there and just do what you're told

Derrick White: pretty much. Go out there. Stay away from people you're not allowed to go on people's rooms. They're going to have like the lounges and stuff for it to do so.

Abe: Yeah, I saw it looks sick. Ping pong, barber, video games. Ping pong.

Derrick White: Yeah.

Abe: Alright.

Jack: I'm fairly nice and everything.

Derrick White: I'm not nice to people, but I'm not bad.

Abe: I was at Jack's the other week we were filming a video. I whooped him. I walked him. I [00:37:00] be

Derrick White: watching a lot of these videos and you haven't been getting in a lot of ways.

Jack: Alright. So here's the deal? Here's the deal. We did a video. Well, he chose the next, hold on.

Oh, Oh, TRO. Oh yeah. So, well, right now I'm actually doing as a franchise. Where I, uh, build a championship Nick's team, which as you can imagine, not the easiest task in the world, but I've absolutely loaded my team. I have spider who we were just talking about. Paul, George, bam, Mitchell Robinson, and CP three, my boy, and you know, who keeps coming up in my trade offers.

Like I try to trade SGA every, every between every game you, but I don't know if the package is enough.

Derrick White: Turning me down every time I'm trying to get your, like

Jack: it's SGA and a Risa in exchange for you. And is Yakob still on the team? It's someone else on the team he's on the team. What did you think as [00:38:00] a, as an unbiased person?

Is that a good deal for the next

Abe: personally? I like

Derrick White: there, so I'm going to go. You should get him.

Abe: Wow. Wow. Derek white on the snapback pod just says he wants to play for the Knicks into ESPN, Yahoo sports. Wow. I was waiting to get a

Jack: headline. Jesus just

Abe: fed that one to us. Good work, Jack,

Jack: as long as you, but you don't play two guys, so you can't even say I'm not nice.

Derrick White: I'm not win. So that's all I can say. You're nuts.

Jack: I guess. That's fair. Alright. Well, we're going to settle it. And FIFA, come

Derrick White: on Jack.

Abe: Oh, I had another question about the bubble. Do you think, and why are you going to bring your own mattress? Like what if you guys hang around for a little while, do you think that people on, like, let's say LA both the LA teams who are solidified or they're going to bring their own mattress because let's be honest, everyone's more comfortable in their own bed.


Derrick White: Hmm. I don't [00:39:00] think so. I mean, that's a lot, a lot of mattresses, but stay in hotels a lot throughout the year. I don't know about month's worth, but.

Abe: See, it sounds like I'm thinking about a lot of things that the players aren't

Jack: Derek in case you missed it. Uh, there hasn't been sports in over three months and we do a sports podcast. So if you think we haven't had time to just go through the craziest scenarios, you'll be wrong, but that's a good segue into ranked as a sophomore.

Abe: You go jacket. There haven't been sports for there were there weren't sports.

There were sports going on before COVID. And we had Derek on before and we spent 40 minutes talking about cereal.

Jack: That's true.

Abe: Like sports are over. There you go.

Jack: All right. So on today's ranked in honor of the bubble, we are ranking the top three favorite things or perks, essentially. If you're gone to a hotel, what do you love about the hotel?

So I'll kick it off as always, then it goes to Abe then D white and we'll snake it. All [00:40:00] right. My number three. Every hotel. I go to fire, shower, incredible shower. And most specifically, well, first of all, I like the glass door. They always have glass

Abe: doors. You like staring at yourself in the shower to the hotel mirror.

You weirdo.

Jack: That's not necessarily what I'm saying, but there's the pressure of the shower head always on point in a hotel. That's my number three,

Abe: not bad. Um, my number three is when you first get to the hotel, when you get pulled up from the airport, whether you rent a car, you do a number. You have a very pretty girl or guy, whatever you're into, um, they hand you like some type of fancy drink, maybe a little,

Jack: or, you

Abe: know, maybe, I mean, you just don't go to the same

Jack: place, really talking about going to a resort in Mexico.

That's not a regular hotel. Well,

Abe: I enjoy that part when I go to a hotel and it just so happens. They get me drinks on pawn entry. It's your, it's my list. All right.

Jack: All right. Y you're out.

Derrick White: Um, alright. I don't know about [00:41:00] the late thing, you know, as I say, it's

Abe: no, it was more about the drink, not the lie.

Jack: Okay.

Derrick White: What I like about a hotel is if I can look out the window and get a good view of the city, that's all. I like the first thing I do, you know, you gotta do you're.

Jack: So you're a complained to the front desk about your view type of guy.

Abe: You're a Karen,

Derrick White: I wouldn't complain, but I prefer it's, you know,

Jack: that's fair.

All right. So do we know what hotel you're in for the bubble, but do you know what floor

Derrick White: you're on? No idea.

Jack: Do they think about anything before signing up to go play down there? I

Abe: literally don't get it. Like you're calling concierge right tomorrow morning and asking for a room with the view.

Derrick White: I need a view.

Abe: I mean, if you don't have a view, your game might be no, no view, no Chipolte. Like, dude, why are you going?

Derrick White: Well, now I'm going to have to have a whole new routine.

Abe: There we go. Alright, we're snaking it. So we're staying with you for number two. If you got one

Derrick White: room service, [00:42:00] love

Jack: room, service,

Derrick White: room service, just calling somebody, having something delivered to your room.

Jack: It's always fun. Explanation

Abe: reminds me of reminds me of like Mike, where obviously we all know that when he picks up, he's explaining to him. Calvin Cambridge, like my guess you pick up the phone, you press six.

You tell them what you want. They bring it up for free, for free, for free room service. Great call my number two. When you get back to the room at night, whether you were at a bar or out to dinner chocolates on the bed. So simple, such a day maker, just like a nice piece of sweet candy before you go to bed.

It's just the little things.

Derrick White: Let's talk. This are nasty.

Jack: They're always men. They're trash dude.

Abe: It's it's like a pallet cleanser before you go to bed.

Jack: Right? So

Derrick White: hotels have nice chocolates, but overall they're trash.

Jack: Yeah. So, so Ava's so far come up with a [00:43:00] Hawaii hotel and he stays at Hershey's chocolate factory hotel because the

Abe: rest they do that at every hotel.

Jack: Don't they? And they're like you said, they're a palette cleanser. You're telling me your number two favorite thing about saying their hotels. They give you a free pallet cleanser.

Abe: Dude. We picked this topic like right before we recorded, I didn't have enough time to do research.

Jack: Right. My number two,

Abe: I tell you here, my number

Jack: one, number two is.

The beds specifically, which is why I think the mattress question is interesting that you brought up earlier. I love the beds at hotels, but even more so I love white comforters. I don't know what my obsession is with them, but those fluffy white hotel, comforters mad, comfortable. That's my number

Abe: to lose your phone in it.

And you just have to throw it all over. The place always happens.

Jack: They're fluffy. All right. My number one, my number one. Is room service, 24 hour room service. Cause I stayed at a hotel recently, not actually that recent, but before [00:44:00] all of this, it was like, it closed at 11, like come on. But that kind of defeat, like who, because not many people really order room service before 11.


Derrick White: I mean, you gotta have a late night meal, exact

Jack: facts.

Abe: Um, yeah. So my number one. Is when they put the towels in the shape of animals.

I just think it's pretty sick.

Jack: Honestly. I'm not even going to hate on that one like that.

Abe: I just think it, I just think they're talented the way they do.

Jack: Like they normally go the Swan. Right. But if you go to a really,

Abe: you go to like, like, I bet you, I bet you you'll text me a photo. I bet you, they had, they do with Mickey mouse or Minnie mouse.

Or maybe they do like a, like a S maybe they do like the spurs logo. That would be cool.

Jack: I don't know

Derrick White: how they can do that. That would be cool.

Abe: Um, yeah, so I kinda botched this ranked, but Derek, what's your number one?

Derrick White: Number one is the beds specifically [00:45:00] the pillows.

Jack: Interesting. I had Abe, Abe said prior to this conversation, he had something to say about it.

Abe: I just don't like hotel pillows because I'm very picky about my pillows. Like I need like a specific one vary from one and then one not so from one, sometimes I even

Derrick White: depends on the hotel, but if it's a nice hotel, you get all those nice pillows. That's always nice.

Abe: See, I would J Jack's call with the comforter.

I do love the hotel comfort or the big fluffy ones, um, pillows.

Jack: That's why it's the bed in general, the combo of the, a great hotel pillow plus the comforter. That's a hard or soft pillows duo.

Derrick White: I like the mix option. I picked soft over

Abe: hard. So I have, I have the way I do it is I have my, I have a Tempurpedic, which is rather firm.

And then on top of it, I have a softer one, but I put my arm in between you guys

Jack: do that thing. [00:46:00] So you're a side sleeper, I'm a

Abe: stomach sleeper head to the side.

Jack: Oh my God. You're a psychopath. You're a serial killer. I'm going to go test it out. Sorry. You lay on your stomach and. I don't. I don't know about that.

Abe: No, I put my pillow like this, but I'm on my stomach.

Jack: How many pillows? Cause I've been told I'm a little extreme with the pillows in my bed. Like how many do you utilize when you're, when you're sleeping? Two


Abe: three. So I used to do three all the time. Like it was standard stacked up on each other. And my mom like got in my head and convinced me it'd be bad for my neck, which is just total fake news.

Um, so I've since evolved to too, but I used to be a hardcore three.

Jack: I'm two pillows. I actually, sometimes when I sleep on my side, I put them in between my legs. And now that I'm saying that out loud

Abe: is the most

Jack: common thing I've ever heard, kind of like questioning myself, but, uh, I have four on the [00:47:00] bed. I have four in the bed and I have a stuffed animal still at

Abe: it.

You know what I hate about pillows? Like when people make the bed like mostly moms and stuff, so many extra pillows, like why do you need 15 pillows when you make a bed stack to the end of the bed, just to throw them on the ground. Are

Jack: you talking about decorative pillows?

Abe: The dumbest thing in the entire world?

Jack: So this is amazing because my girlfriend works for Ross discount stores and she works. She's a buyer for towels. She recently got moved to decorative pillows. And now I feel like,

Abe: does she just get so many pillows?

Jack: Like why decorative pill? I never understood that. Like why decorate your bed? The

Derrick White: purpose of a

Jack: pillow literally defeats the purpose.

Like, if you want to decorate the bed, put some cool shit on your bed. Why put pillows that you're now

Abe: what? Cool shit. Could you put on your bed? Like you go to your

Jack: towel, swans, [00:48:00] any of this?

Abe: I can't believe you said the chocolates are trash. They're just, how could chocolate be trash? They

Derrick White: aren't, they aren't good.

The middle square, little things, fire for bed.

Jack: What,

Abe: so you had some

Derrick White: top three that you like that I don't like. And then I assume that I liked that you don't like, we're like, we're awesome.

Jack: That's fair. That's fair. Um, I have DUI before we let you go, because we're on the topic of obviously non-sports. Are you do set.

All right. Of course you set alarms. Do you set two alarms like, and you edit and adjust them? Or do you got like all the alarms,

Derrick White: one alarm in my press

Jack: news. But do you wake up at the same time every day? Like, let me show you my alarms.

Abe: Yeah. What is your alarm? What is your phone look like in alarms? Because mine, I have a million.

Jack: Oh,

Derrick White: I got a bunch of alarms.

[00:49:00] Abe: Okay. That's what we're wondering.

Derrick White: Yeah.

Jack: Someone told me I was crazy for having like 50 alarms. Cause they say they have one and they just edit it to what time they're waking up. I set a new one.

Derrick White: I have, I have a binder and then I just, now I just find the one that's closest and then I'll edit that one, but I still have like a bunch around there.


Abe: You know what I'm I'm I'm not a snooze person. I was never able to just hit snooze and go back to bed for what is it?

Derrick White: Eight minutes, nine, nine, my bad.

Jack: No, I fully astute newsperson and Abe, why don't you tell Derek about your 10 times more psychotic behaviors than being a homeless person?

Abe: I was really hoping you didn't bring this up.

Um, so I don't do it anymore, Derek, but back in high school, you know, that feeling like when you had to set an alarm in high school, like whatever 7:00 AM and you would wake up a few hours before you think you'd wake up on your own, you think, Oh, it's time for school, but you look at the clock and you're like, yes, a few more hours to sleep.

[00:50:00] So I, in high school, I in high school used to set an alarm. Like every day at a random minute in the middle of the night, like two 59, or like three 25 just to wake up and have that feeling every day. Sometimes, sometimes I wouldn't even remember it. Sometimes I would wake up and it would work sometimes would be like, I know what I'm doing, but it was every day in high school.

I feel

Derrick White: like every day you should know what you're doing.

Abe: Yeah. But sometimes I would just sleep through it and I just would never remember it. And then sometimes it was really satisfying and I got the feeling I wanted, but, uh, I was hoping that it gets brought up. Yeah, it was totally on purpose. And I've never told that story to anyone.

And they've not said your absolute psycho, which I get it.

Derrick White: No, you're probably not

Abe: again. No, but Jack kind of put me on the spot.

Jack: All right. Do I, [00:51:00] um, well, are you bringing the Xbox down to Orlando? Okay. All right. So we'll, we'll be able to w we'll be able to get some games and, um, I'm going to hit you up obviously offline so we can get some tests around him, but we appreciate the time safe travels.

Stay safe down there. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Abe: There we go.

Jack: On the spot. Can you come up with the 26? NBA quad Barkley NBA player.

Derrick White: No,

Abe: that's your damn with you, Spencer. Dimwit well, who knows after this go fund me? You know,

Derrick White: it's still 26 though until

Abe: Spencer Dinwiddie, a big fan of Bitcoin Dinwiddie.

Shout out.

Derrick White: Alright, Derek rocks.

Jack: What's up, right? He played, he played for Colorado.

Abe: Oh, right.

Derrick White: Yup.

Jack: I gave another, can you name another 26 and the NBA? [00:52:00] Yeah,

Abe: no, Kyle Korver he's

Derrick White: 27 or

Abe: something like that, right? It used to be, he was 26 on the calves.

Jack: He's changed his number a couple of times.

Abe: Jack, can you name one? Mitchell Robinson.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe: Wow. Some Knicks fan. We

Jack: had adjusted his number in the two case.

Abe: Is Rudy gay 26 or is he 22?

Jack: Trying to,

Derrick White: I don't know.

Jack: Yep. Yup.

All right, bro. We appreciate it. Um, we will, uh, we'll catch you offline, but be safe, safe travels. And we'll talk to you first.

Alright, fam, if you enjoy that conversation with D white point guard of the San Antonio spurs, please subscribe to the podcast. Or if you're on Spotify, hit the follow button. We've told you guys a bunch, we are taking this path to the next level. It started with great conversations like this, and it's only going to continue.

We are going to keep you [00:53:00] guys updated throughout snapback fam. We appreciate your support. Much love. We will talk to you on Monday


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