[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode, the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we're going to talk sports cards because sports cards is like the sports stock market for players, and I think there's going to be a ton of insight how to make money while you could be doing, and then I'm going to get Abe's beginner thoughts.

We're going to teach him how to trade sports cards, how to make money, et cetera, et cetera. He's going to have questions to me, a lot of fun, and then we'll do ranked at the end, the best stadium environments we've ever been in. Curious to hear what everyone listening, where the favorite places you've been in a game, whether it's win or loss, just the loudest, craziest, most fun place to play or to watch teams fly.

Snapback fam, another episode. Let's get it.

Abe Granoff: The

Jack: Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson, his own

[00:01:00] Abe Granoff: drought.

Jack: Brian put the jumper.

What are fam, I'm your host Jack. Sediment from setback sports. Joining me today, as always, is my long time. Best friend and cohost a ran off there and is able to,

Abe Granoff: you're forgetting the, uh, the tagline

Jack: thing.

Abe Granoff: Start doing the intro. Change it up a little bit.

Jack: Alright. Maybe we'll work on that. All right, so everyone see me posting stuff all over the internet about sports cards, and I'm sure it's peaked some people's interests.

Abe Granoff: I texted you yesterday. I was, what am I missing out on here?

Jack: Exactly.

Abe Granoff: I used to have this huge. Um, it was actually the Spalding ball, but as a cover, a huge book. When I was a kid, I had like thousands of cards in it, which I really wish I had now. But I've moved houses like three times since I was a kid. So it can only survive

Jack: so many moves.

[00:02:00] Abe Granoff: But I'm thinking like there's a book out there that I used to

Jack: have that's probably worth a lot. All right, so here's where I probably kill everyone's hopes and dreams because one, yes, everyone remembers when they were kid collecting cards, or actually,

Abe Granoff: I'll never forget when I got a Josh children's, do you remember his Afro

Jack: rookie Jersey card?

So exactly. As a matter of fact, keep

Abe Granoff: going. While I love on eBay, I'm just seeing how much, I don't think even the league anymore.

Jack: So to kill everyone, subs and dreams, like I said, all your cards. Most likely are worth nothing. Everyone had thousands of cards, but your cards aren't going to be worth much unless you have a meant a mint.

Gem, perfect condition, rookie card of Coby or Brian or those guys from years ago, Josh Childers, right? The majority of your cards won't be authentic, so I have to bust everyone's bubble upfront. With that being said, there is an incredible time to make money right now. Think about this. The sneaker market, this is like [00:03:00] those sneaker kids who flip and make money.

Think about YouTube. When everyone got into YouTube, everyone was like, Oh, there's so many people now, 10 years later. Everyone. I mean, the top guys are making millions in YouTube. Like there's just a prime opportunity here to make money. But everyone's like, how do I actually go? So three months ago, I actually knew zero.

So we're playing the role of I'm a mini expert and only because I've put in a lot of time, effort, and money into it, but I still have a lot to learn. But I can at least catch people up to speed on the beginner aspects. So I wonder what your first question.

Abe Granoff: Well, it's a common, I found the Josh

Jack: children's card on eBay and

Abe Granoff: any yeses.

It's a rookie

Jack: signed

Abe Granoff: Jersey card. Um,

Jack: let's do the number is the number, does it say like dash 99 or anything? Um,

Abe Granoff: Jack, this was about 15 years ago, so I'm gonna need you to cut back on the questions.

Jack: Okay. I'm saying I'll let you know that John

Abe Granoff: Childress is currently playing for the San Antonio, Phoenix of the

Jack: Japanese Buick.

I'm going to guess his [00:04:00] card is worth. No more than a dollar on eBay, even if it's signed Jersey patch, all that good stuff.

Abe Granoff: And a lot of, you're getting a lot of different numbers on the floor being 89 cents and the ceiling pain.

Jack: Oh,

Abe Granoff: we got a $7 95 set one

Jack: guys. So maybe you're sitting on an $8 card somewhere in your last three moves, but what, as a beginner, you were like, I mean, you texted me, do I really need to be buying Massey Rinaldo yes, is the question, but we'll get to that.


Abe Granoff: what I'm most curious about, and this is a genuine, like back and forth, like, I really don't know much about this, but like you said. We've all been collecting sports cards for, since we were children. Like you and I are both 24 years old and we can remember having these packs when we were 10 years old.

What happened recently that this industry is taking off, like did it go away the [00:05:00] past 15 years? Did we not know about it? That's

Jack: a great

Abe Granoff: course. It's just a new Mo, or is this just a market that's not new that you've just hopped

Jack: back into? That's a great question. So the market's been there, but a lot to do with the boom of it is a couple of things.

One. There was an era that too many cards were printed. So in the eighties the early eighties when they were printing select amount of cards, and then MJ comes about like there weren't that many cards. So it's all about supply and demand. Then for 20 years, they print way too many cards, so there's no valuable cards out there.

Like everyone and their mom could have whatever, a Kevin Doran card or a Tim Duncan card, whatever it was, a Patrick Ewan card. So now they've kind of cut back. And these companies, the Nemean tops upper deck, depending on the sport, they limit it. So there's now cards. I'm holding a card. Um, let's see if I can find one right here.

So I have a card. I don't have any in front of me, of course, but there's cards that are numbered, so two a hundred [00:06:00] to five to one where there was only one card printed in the world. So the supply and demand is definitely lifted. I think we live in a social media era era where players are now brands, which means people are invested in that.

Think about it, 10 years ago you didn't care like were cool, but you cared about the Eagles. Like now there are diehard investments in. Just players themselves. There's more Steph Curry fans than warrior fans nowadays, which is crazy to think about. So you can now technically invest in those players. I also think Gary V, he talks a lot about the fact that it could be the art of our generation, like me and you growing up, do you ever look at like your mom's house and you're like, Oh that painting sick?

No, but if you had like the only LeBron card that was autographed in the world, like what would you rather show off in your house? So. There's a lot of different assets. Plus it's a trend, so like, like you said, like we collect the growing up, then we kind of hit middle school, upper school, high school, and now we [00:07:00] reminisce and kids are collecting with their parents.

Now that it's back. There's just a lot of momentum that's driving.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I think, I think the most interesting thing you said is, especially the generation that we're almost forced now is. It's not me and you necessarily, but I guess we'll call it the tick tock generation. I think we're more of the vine generation, the tick tock generation.

There's a lot more players. You see Mmm. Fans bouncing around. Yeah, Jack, but just because they support a player, like someone's coming a Cavs fan. Okay. Now they're a little Lakers fan. That's interesting because. If you're buying into one player, then the sports card, say the sports card industry really appeals to you.

But like, listen, I'm an Eagles fan. If I pulled up a one of one ZQ Elliot card, like yeah, I wouldn't text you right away and you'd be like, yo, yo, yo, yo yo. But like, I'd be pissed. Like I'm not a, I'm not a player fan. I'm a team fan. So for someone like me who. [00:08:00] Only likes teams and not necessarily players, unless their name LeBron James.

Um, the industry doesn't seem as appealing,

Jack: but then,

Abe Granoff: but I'm learning none at all, but then I'm learning. Listen, man, there's some money to be made.

Jack: Yeah, well that's what I was going to say is you're a team guy, but you're also a money guy. Anyone who sends a little bit of money, but the player specific thing is more just why I think the card industry is blowing up.

It doesn't mean you have to be a player first thing fan. Like you can still be a team fan, which is why you'll collect. Carson went, well, not Carson. Run starts. You'll collect your team's favorite cards when really they might not have any value, like a Hollywood Brown card doesn't go for much on the market, but he's one of my favorite players on the Raven, so I would collect them, be excited if I got one of him on the flip side.

If you identify Jalen hurts as something like Lamar Jackson, you could get Jalen hurts his first card. You're going to go for a dollar, three bucks, five bucks. His autograph cards, [00:09:00] 10 bucks is patch autos. 20 bucks. Get it early check right dude, if I had been in cards a year ago before the Lamar Jackson blob, Sammy, his cards went from $35.

For everyone listening. Everyone has a million different cards. There's a million brands. So when I'm referring to these cards, it'll normally be like panini prism, and we'll talk about that.

Abe Granoff: Like the Nike, Adidas of sports,

Jack: meaning prism. So it's like panini is strong in football and basketball. And then prism is the number one right now.

And then optic, uh, is number two, and select are like two and three. So anyways, for this example of Margie Jackson before the MVP season, 35 bucks. So I had been talking about Lamar Jackson, like way too much where people get annoyed about it, but his cards now, $500 one of those $35 cards, if you, if I bought hand of them, look, which is, I've lost way more on the single bet on the Ravens if I [00:10:00] bet 10 of them on the Mar.

I have $5,000 worth of Lamar Jackson cars off of 350 bucks. So that's, that's an MVP.

Abe Granoff: Let me ask you a question though. Okay. So you have this $30 Lamar car that's now valued at 500 but

Jack: he,

Abe Granoff: he's two years into your career and you, I heard Raven said, so you're thinking, you're biasly thinking, Oh, he's going to, we're going to win a super bowl.

Somar yeah. How can this car go up more? But yeah, say that Lamar, his best years are behind him. I might add a hundred percent.

Jack: If you're a new risking, yeah, I'm selling it. I'm, well, it depends on your risk profile. Like how, how, where are you saying Lamar is going to have a good year? Like I'll give, uh, like I'll give you an example.

I'm holding soup players right here for everyone listening. You can't see 'em brewing drew July. These are two guys.

Abe Granoff: I mean you can't, I mean, that true car is just going to speak for really, but I, that's a hall of fame card,

Jack: right? So you [00:11:00] buy things all famous. I think this is the perfect season. The car market's flowing up through lock has the swag.

The style people love him is the weapons, is the defense. They make a play off from this two lock card, which I got for. I dunno, 20 bucks could go up to $90 I don't think drew laughs, a hall of fame quarterback. I probably flip him after the year. It's tough with Lamar because everyone's like, Oh, he made that jump to MVP.

Yes, he could win the super bowl or he could never play like that again. So it depends. I'm going to hold a lot of Lamar, but it would make a lot of sense to sell it. It

Abe Granoff: does the Superbowl aspect to it. In terms of the cards, valuation only apply really to like the main guys in the team. Like for instance, say I was holding on to a.

A Damien Williams card last year, early in the season. He's a running back. He doesn't get all, he's not like a bell cow back. He's not a superstar, but he had a really good playoff. They need a really good super bowl and now he has a super bowl on his resume. How does a Superbowl win [00:12:00] or an accolade like that, a championship affect like a, a role player and then their valuation

Jack: for that?

Great question and super important to note. Quarterbacks rule football and it's not even close. Uh, Danny dimes goes for 20 times a Christian McCaffrey. Danny dimes goes for 20 times Christian McCaffrey because he's just like, that's what happens. You have injuries in the sport and quarterbacks just rule the sport.

Basketball, all five positions can role centers are a little tougher, but overall. It's quarterback in the sport. I think as the market continues to grow and we need lower level people to get in, I think wide receiver and running back will grow. Damien Williams so goes from nothing but on the grounds of the Superbowl question.

That is massive. Same thing with an NBA title that locks you in. So. The difference between the homes and Lamar right now is that some rule title Lamars floor is so much lower than Patrick mums. If Patrick has [00:13:00] never played again, his cards probably locked at a solid price. Having an MVP and a Subaru and me pay Lamar could fall off like think of cam Newton.

Like the different, if Camden wins at super bowl, his car would have stayed really locked in. It's the same thing with Yannis and LeBron right now. Like LeBron is one of the greats, of course, and Yannis is probably the peak of a car that you can get. He's honestly higher than like Kobi because of his potential, but his floor is a little lower than you would like because he doesn't have the title.

Abe Granoff: I want you to rank these four cards in terms of value.

Jack: Okay?

Abe Granoff: Two of them. Two of them. You may not be able to because you're not, you're not involved in baseball and hockey. John is, yeah,

Jack: fuck hockey,

Abe Granoff: Crosby, Connor McDavid, Connor McDavid.

Jack: Cause he's like, well, are you going to keep the same?

Abe Granoff: And then I was going to say like Mike trout.

Jack: Okay. So,

Abe Granoff: but a guy like trout. It hasn't has played in one post season in his career.

Jack: Right. So he's

Abe Granoff: all, he's known as one of [00:14:00] the grades player. Who

Jack: is the football Umar moms. Okay. Well I would use Lamar in this case cause he hasn't

Abe Granoff: won a

Jack: championship. So you're picking four superstars,

Abe Granoff: four at the top of their, yeah.


Jack: essentially MVPs. So the value, if I could take one. Like I had to pick between one and they're all the same. Generally the same leather,

Abe Granoff: all they're all

Jack: here. I've been following her for a few weeks.

Abe Granoff: PSA

Jack: tank,

Abe Granoff: something like that.

Jack: I would go, this is weird. I would actually go Mike trout, I think world series in business.

Abe Granoff: Is this subjective or you're telling me how the market.

Jack: Uh, how the market reacts.

Abe Granoff: So like, this is what you think their value. Okay.

Jack: Right. So I would go Mike trout one because I think the baseball market, they don't really care as much about world series because it's nine players on a field, right?


Abe Granoff: the 22,

Jack: first it is for football, but [00:15:00] you know, the quarterback rules the game and that's, it's all about what the market wants to pay for it. So trout one. I would go Yannis to Yannis. I mean, do you think he could be a top five player of all time? It gets crazy to say, but. Yeah. What is, what is this potential that, exactly.

That's what gets people excited because you could be sitting on a Yannis rookie card, but it could be worth as much as the LeBron rookie card, which is nuts. So trout, Yannis, uh, Lamar, and then hockey, there's a market for it, but it's just not anywhere near those ML. Lamar market is pretty solid cause his ceiling is high.

His floor is just so, so low. Right.

Abe Granoff: This whole, I mean, this whole. Is this like an international thing, like card market, like

Jack: another,

Abe Granoff: like a card Virgin,

Jack: essentially. That's what I wanted this to be. So that's a great question. Is there an international market. Right now, it's dominated by the U S but like anything in life, it [00:16:00] starts in America and it goes international.

And that is part of why we see basketball being a stronger market than football because it's more of an international game and that's why

Abe Granoff: we do like everything different than the rest of the world. The

Jack: metric system I'm talking about in a business and a business. We go, like basketball is a global game.

Football, not really. It's obviously the biggest sport in America, but it's not like that. That's why I'm super hype on these three cards. So I'm holding really, again, if you go look on YouTube at Ruiz, um, highlights, here's highlights from like a regular season game with 500,000 views. All the comments are in Japanese.

They're obsessed. Jeremy Lin, you could get his card for pennies, his top cards for a few bucks. His 10 day streak, 10 game streak with the Knicks. Those cards went up to thousands of dollars. Like I'm talking like. [00:17:00] $5 to $900 in two weeks because of how insane that market was. And really it's actually good at basketball.

Abe Granoff: You know? You know who like the King of China is actually, in terms of

Jack: basketball, it's a. Stephon Marbury.

Abe Granoff: Stephon Marbury is like one of his, like Nick's cards. Go

Jack: for it. They're not, but he doesn't have the market to even like set a floor like

Abe Granoff: release, like he's like a Kardashian in China,

Jack: so he's only going to have a market there.

We need to have a market in the U S which is Ruiz, one of the top five rookies by price and then international. These two guys, Messi and Ronaldo, 2014 prism world cup. So my thought process is soccer is the biggest game in the world. International sales are gonna come in, and these are two of the most respected players of all time.

So you have Chilean and buffet who's like the young star, you know about Bay, [00:18:00] right?

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I actually have a comment on him. Buffet ed. I'm actually Google a picture of him right now. I've had this thought for so long. Tell me that he doesn't look like an exact mix in the face between Yannis and say, Quan.

Jack: Yeah. And say Kwan. Okay, I see it

Abe Granoff: all. For me it's like, it's like spot on. Stay quiet. If you put them in one person, it's .

Jack: Yeah. We're going to need one of those like Bleacher report where they like meshed the faces together to fully

Abe Granoff: be honest or say Quan can come on and

Jack: hash it out. I don't know if we're getting on the source equine right now.

With all the impending situations. Um,

Abe Granoff: and I have another question

Jack: real quick. One mess. You are now though my

Abe Granoff: reshuffle of questions,

Jack: my reasoning for messy Renata. So I've been telling everyone by miss Renada 30 or 50 bucks on eBay, 2014 prism panini world cup, right? Kelly and Bobby is [00:19:00] 2018 that's his rookie world cup card.

He's gone for like a hundred, 130, so twice the price. People love potential in the card market, so I'm not saying that in Bobby's price is too high. I'm just saying these are, I'm saying, right. I'm saying the group, no, but I'm saying in Bombay could totally go up because he is the honest of the soccer world right now.

It's just like. He can't be up there and messing around out of beat out

Abe Granoff: the possessions. Right now we're making

Jack: notes. Exactly. So Messi or Ronaldo are going to be up there at 130 bucks. You buy five of them, you make 250 bucks. So that's, that's my reasoning for that.

Abe Granoff: Um, so when I was a kid, I would like go to target with my mom when she like run there and.

Jack: Cards

Abe Granoff: and I would always a mom, my mom gave me a pack of cards, give me a pack of cards, finding panini and prison packs, like at your local target or something like that. Or is there, or like do you have to get up? Cause I see you've been working eBay, like it's your day job. Is that [00:20:00] the place where you find the value cards?

Jack: All right, here's the breakdown one, which we love to do is gamble. So what forms of gambling you see me post about? Blessed, right? So blessed. A breaker. So they'll open up a box and instead of you having to buy a $600 box, so you can pay 30 bucks to the Eagles, and any car that comes out is going to be your card.

You're going to have to pay 200 if you want to get, uh, the chiefs because you have the chance to get my homes. It's all odd. So that's full blown gambling. Number two is,

Abe Granoff: so wait. Yeah. Let me stop you there. It's the most expensive team on a break in the NSL.

Jack: No, so a 2018 or 2017 chiefs would be my homework a year.

2018 would be the Ravens. 2019 is actually the Cardinals because of Kyler. He's the number one price quarterback rookie. I you, you laugh at Kyler, but

Abe Granoff: don't laugh.

Jack: But the next one is Daniel Jones. So think about that. So yeah, I mean, it's,

Abe Granoff: so [00:21:00] 2020 is going to be the bangles.

Jack: 2020 2020 will be the bangles.

One. It'll be like kind of Zion jar, like it'll be bangles wine. I would imagine.

Abe Granoff: Probably the Eagles hurts.

Jack: It hurts there. So you have really hard core gambling, which is just like, I'm looking for that one of one card. So your $30 on the Eagles. If I do pull a Wentz of one black Nebula, whatever. Could be thousand dollars

Abe Granoff: I don't even know a Nebula.

Jack: And then you have, you could go buy a box snap box of cards from a da card world blowout cards. There's a bunch of different ones online, so you can pay 500 bucks and get a box. You get two 50 for little boxes. But yes, like you're not going to find a ton of the great products at the target or Walmart.

Abe Granoff: You're just getting like tops.

Jack: Exactly. This stuff, it's not really going to be worth a ton. And then on eBay or stock X is where you [00:22:00] buy singles. So if you want to make money, singles is really the place to play. Buying, flipping. You can find groups on Facebook, you can find people selling Instagram on sweater.

That's really the place where you would go if you were like. I love Kyler Murray. I love Kyler Murray this year. I don't own any of him. I need to get him. I think he could take that leap like Lamar. I just don't think he'll have the defense to put the wins together. So that's

Abe Granoff: my little game with you.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: Let's see how you've been in this industry. You'd say for what, three months? See what you, let's see what you got.

Jack: I want

Abe Granoff: you to price up and I'm looking at the first result on eBay.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: I say Kwan Barkley, 2018 red wave,

Jack: prism

Abe Granoff: number two Oh two PSA 10 rookie card. I'm just reading word

Jack: for word. So

Abe Granoff: how much of that was gibberish to you?


Jack: No, I knew the whole thing. Red wave mean red wave is [00:23:00] just a parallel of it. So like right here, this is drew lacks base card, right? And then a card right here. You see how it's shiny and blue? That's a hollow. So it's holographic, holographic, whatever. So it's the style of the car. So two things on that.

One for everyone listening, and this is key. Abe is on eBay right now, right. So define the value of a card you need to search. Okay, sir. Saquon Barkley rookie card. You need to go if you're on the desktop to the left side of the screen and go to sold and completed lifts.

Abe Granoff: Mail. Anyway, what am I typing in?

Saquon Barkley rookie card.

Jack: Yeah. Type in sagwan Barkley rookie card.

Abe Granoff: Okay,

Jack: go down. Well, let's do this exercise. Saquon Barkley rookie. Uh, prism.

Abe Granoff: Rookie prison

Jack: face. So that's going to be like the murky prism base, right? That's going to be the most consistent car, but we're comparing prices. We're going to talk about their rookie card, their base card, and prism, because that's just the best way to [00:24:00] compare product.

Abe Granoff: Go to single.

Jack: No, no, that doesn't matter. So just scroll down and go on the left side screen on desktop, if you're on mobile, you'll filter and you click sold listings. That's how you know the value of a car, because that's the value.

Abe Granoff: I'm not saying that

Jack: on the left side for manned app and hit and just type installed and it should pop.


Abe Granoff: soft items, no,

Jack: I don't. What do you mean no? Are you on eBay? And you take that

Abe Granoff: under like buying format.

Jack: It's on the left side of the screen,

Abe Granoff: bro. I'm looking

Jack: command F sold.

Abe Granoff: Yes. I'm on the top of eBay. Command F sold. It only comes up. Sold items,

Jack: sold items. That's what I want you to click on the left side.

Abe Granoff: Why are you saying,

Jack: what do you think I wanted you to do? Kind of

Abe Granoff: forgot. Um,

Jack: okay. Alright, so you see how the prices are green. [00:25:00] Yes. Okay. That means that's the price they were so far, so, so you want me to guess what to say?

Quang uh, basis. I don't know, because I don't look at any running backs or wide receivers. I only look at quarterbacks.

Abe Granoff: Well,

Jack: you're going to guess. Okay, so let's say Quan base, I would guess goes for like six bucks. That would be my guess.

Abe Granoff: 16

Jack: $16 okay, so scroll down. See if you see like a bunch that go in that range from 13 to 1713

Abe Granoff: I'm seeing 1650 20 it's actually like $16 is this for

Jack: right?

Okay, so that's really good. So this is part of my belief. A lot of people don't agree with me on this. I think that the right macro monitor, Seaver spots are going to actually become more prevalent. Injuries definitely make their floor lower. But like someone who wants to get in, they can't. You can't get like a base prism of Mohammad's anymore,

Abe Granoff: but you could get, doesn't make sense to me though.

This doesn't make sense because 2019 any, I guess this wouldn't be a rookie. I'm looking at my homes now.

[00:26:00] Jack: Exactly. 2019 Mohammad will be less than a 2018 Lamar cause that's the Mars rookie year.

Abe Granoff: 2017 panini prism. Patrick mom's bass, rookie mint.

Jack: So

Abe Granoff: I want to take a swing at that.

Jack: Is it safe or is it actually meant?

Meaning it has a PSA 10 on it. Like is the car just a card or is it in a case like

Abe Granoff: it's in a case, but it looks like it's the ninth.

Jack: Okay, so it's a nine.

Abe Granoff: I can't click the whole

Jack: image. Uh, I don't know. What is his base?

Abe Granoff: $555

Jack: $3,555. So compare that to the say Quan card. Too big. It's a big difference and there's a lot of that.

There's a lot of factors in that.

Abe Granoff: I have a question. Another question. Say that I am, and this is not really a say. I am

Jack: say I'm broke,

Abe Granoff: I'm broke, but this is really intriguing. What's the [00:27:00] best way to get in the door? Like to me from this conversation, I imagine like. You can swing a Kendrick nun card like a penny stock.

Jack: Exactly.

Abe Granoff: And then make money that

Jack: way. A hundred percent that's a perfect

Abe Granoff: line, but in the same breath, does the, does the reward that you're getting in terms of the value outplay. Shipping, going through all the works, but like I'm a broke kid that wants to get into the car industry.

Jack: Great question. So I think you gave a great example.

I wouldn't use Kendrick non, I'll use someone. I was just trying to think exactly. So, um, quick flips. You know, it's going to take hard work just like all those shoe kids do. But Gary V has talked a lot about this one kid in his

Abe Granoff: DM. So a lot about Gary V you got

Jack: something coming up. I'm talking to Gary V.

Well, whenever people are listening to this, I'll talk to Gary V 6:00 PM Thursday night. [00:28:00] But, uh, he, I mean, he's a big reason why I'm so into this, but he talks about this too, at 50 bucks and then a couple months later it's three grand. Can you, can you do this would have my attention, right? Can you put 50 bucks right here?

Exactly. So you said, am I broke? Like am I broken? Okay. Do you have $6 that's going to be tough. I'm not gonna lie $6 to do this because he won't even, you know what I mean? Yeah. No, no, no, no. But some people ask, can I like if I only had 10 bucks to spend, could I do

Abe Granoff: something? Because the shipping costs, that's a little tough,

Jack: right?

10 bucks is tough, but with 50 a hundred bucks, absolutely. You could buy, I mean, I'll give you a perfect example of this one kid. His name's Yannis. In 2013 what do you think Ayanna, his car was going for? Because it wasn't going for much

Abe Granoff: from Greece as a, as a late lottery pick.

Jack: Exactly. And that's why, and Yonis is probably killing a lot of people's bank accounts now because they're investing in people like

[00:29:00] Who was drafted, the pistons, this international kid who has great potential. I'm not saying Suku doesn't, but his value probably is a little hive realistically for what it should be. So, um, you can absolutely like players. Let's think about, I mean, Lamar, that would have been a great flood. Drew Locke would have been a great slip already.

Kyla was a number one pick. That's tougher. Baker's and number one pick. That's tougher. But if you had believed in Josh, yeah. If you believe in Sam Darnold right now, get some base prisms of him

Abe Granoff: about a card like. On the defensive side of the ball, a Nick Bosa or a TJ watt

Jack: who

Abe Granoff: had outstanding years. I'm more.

Jack: That's

Abe Granoff: not working. There's really no market for defense.

Jack: No market for defense. Nick, the new NFL baby. Exactly. Nick most actually does have a little bit of a market in terms of defense, but they just don't like Ralph Doug's Ray Lowe's card. Nothing like these are

Abe Granoff: Aaron Donald breaking the sack record.

Jack: But Hey, with that being said, that's why [00:30:00] it's my belief because like you and I can't understand, why don't these cards have any value. I think you want to get him for four bucks. Okay. You go by for Aaron Donald cards, they can be worth 10 bucks. That's actually like a 250% gain. Oh yeah.

Abe Granoff: Even though they're $4 cards.

If you, if you have a bank for all that you're comfortable with, buy 200 of them.

Jack: Exactly.

Abe Granoff: It doesn't matter what they cost. It's a matter of how many let's talk stock market shares you're buying.

Jack: Right. Exactly. So why I'm so excited. This is the sports stock card market. Snow sports stock market for players, and it's complicated right now to get in, right?

Like if you wanted to invest in drew lock, you can't just click a button and be invested in July. You got to go to eBay, figure out his price by different cards, like you're not only going to buy the base prisms, you might buy an auto or a hollow, et cetera. But then there's this company coming out called star stock who's creating a stock market.

You want to buy [00:31:00] 35 drew lock based prisms at $8 cause you think week one on Monday night football, he's going to throw for three touchdowns and that card is going to go up 12 bucks. You can do that and they're creating that right now. It's,

Abe Granoff: that is what I'm in

Jack: for. Exactly. And that's where I'm, that's,

Abe Granoff: that seems like a rabbit hole that I could get lost in because I'll go into, I'll go into

Jack: a,

Abe Granoff: I'll go and do an Eagle's Cowboys Monday night football game thinking like yo are, is going to go for one 15 and three scores to down.

So right before the game I'll buy like. We'll call it a stocking Zachary 10 prisms, and I'll look to sell it Tuesday morning. Is that how this thing is going to work? That's

Jack: how this thing's going to work. That's a problem, but let me, but let me give you an example of some

Abe Granoff: responsible trader. That'll be awesome.

Someone like myself who's an asshole, we're in trouble,

Jack: but that's where I disagree because right now, what are you going to do when you think Zachary has gone for three touchdowns? You're going to bet plus 800 [00:32:00] that's Zachary. Goes for three touchdowns. And if he doesn't, you're out. Whatever. You bet. If that guards catches a touchdown or goes for 60 yards, okay, maybe he drops 10 cents and you lost, you know, 80 cents.

But if he does catch three touchdowns, okay, maybe you turned it into 25 bucks. And that was nice. So the floor and ceiling are cats because it's not just a single bed, but it's like a future bet. Like what happens if you had, who finished second and rookie of the year this year? Um, it didn't happen yet. No.

Yeah, it was Josh Jacobs and then Josh Jacobs, and then Lamarr's ear, who was even second. It was Lamar and wait, he wasn't rookie of the year who won rookie of the year that year. Say Quan sake one okay, so in these situations, if you wanted to make a bet, well, in a rookie in the league, like let's say burrow into it, let's say you're all in on two a plus 500 rookie of the year, even though he might not start and you bet him he balls out and finishes [00:33:00] second.

What are you left with? Nothing but two I could ball out and you could own a hundred shares of him and he could five X and go win that bet and he doesn't need to win rookie of the year. You could sell it and still make a profit. So it's a, it's just a fun, good way to get involved. That's why I'm hypo and star sock.

I'm really excited about their platform.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean, this whole thing seems dope. Like they're, the littlest questions in my head are running through my mind. Like, well, let me pull up, say I pull a, and the bass rookie, I don't know. Um, John. Oh, no, not even John. I'm trying to think of somebody like a Tyler hero.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: The soap self-proclaimed

Jack: baby. That's ridiculous.

Abe Granoff: Unbelievable. Just it hurts, but it's nothing right now. But I get him to sign it.

Jack: Not, not worth anything. I actually wondered about that a lot, but they signed enough cards that that's not going to swing the market. If you [00:34:00] got NJ to sign a PSA, 10 of his rookie card, that's ours.

Abe Granoff: That's not getting me out of bed.

Jack: That's taking a hundred K card to a 500 K card potentially, but.

Abe Granoff: That card's a hundred thousand a

Jack: hundred thousand dollars if you have a pristine mint Michael Jordan rookie card, because it was made in 1986 if it's in perfect condition, it's worth $100,000

Abe Granoff: one of our listeners has to,

Jack: and if you do send it in, I'll examine it.

I promise I'll send it back, I promise.

Abe Granoff: No.

Jack: to send it to the mouth. But this whole card

Abe Granoff: thing, man, I mean maybe cause you're just flooding my social feed with it then I have nothing else to look at. But it's definitely very interesting for someone like me, especially who's wasting money betting on games and everything just because I like to invest.

Like it gives me that idea that [00:35:00] I'm investing. But I don't give two shits about Paul and puts on E-Trade stock like what we're doing and something I'm interested in like sports, and I think

Jack: this is

Abe Granoff: what I've gathered. This is the, this is the, this is the way to go

Jack: for the stock. As close as you're going to get for the first time in the history of the world.

I'm going to be able to tell you your predictions and opinions on players are wrong because there's going to be a intrinsic value tied to them. Like when you

Abe Granoff: said you're going to get annoyed with that.

Jack: No, but I'm saying in general, like for how many years of people wanted to say. This is like, dude, you're wrong.

Like whence is so much better than death? Okay, so you're, you know what I mean? You're going to invest a hundred bucks a month. I'll take a hundred and deck and there are more factors. So you do need likeability. You do have to have, but, but nine times out of 10 the market will tell who actually turned out to be the better player,

Abe Granoff: which is nine times out of 10, but then you're [00:36:00] looking at something like, I have a Nick foals based person, rookie card or whatever, and I have the same thing in Carson Wentz.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Like Nick falls is worth more right

Jack: now. Once will be worth more because of the potential of, and Nick falls wasn't a good quarterback. He just has one title. Think Trent Dilfer like those guys aren't going to have value just because they want a title. It will to a Philly fan. Which

Abe Granoff: is, you're telling me that super bowl run did nothing to a McFalls card.

Jack: It probably raised it a little, and I could have been a buyer and then he signed a huge deal, Jacksonville, but then he was horrible. So you know what I mean? Like

Abe Granoff: 13 and three with Chicago.

Jack: That is my prediction on Nick. Fuck. I should be like.

Abe Granoff: Let me ask you another question while we're on the top.

Jack: Hold on.

Let me give you a fun example of a way to make money. If you're out of your damn mind and you think, which I am and no, I'm talking to the listeners not to, cause I know this isn't for you and you're a bears fan and you think Mitch Dubiski is actually good. Go pick up [00:37:00] the card on the market for pennies on the dollar.

If he beats out, falls, lead them to the playoff. It makes a complete one 80 on last year season, you're going to be a rich person.

Abe Granoff: Even just one year, like say the

Jack: same because he's so young, because he's so young.

Abe Granoff: Right? Say they lose in the wildcard round, but, but true. 50 leaves down to 10 and is it seven this year?

That's so weird.

Jack: No, only 16 this year.

Abe Granoff: All right. That's 70 so st leads them to tenant six. Yeah. He gets that next contract, right? Like would you advise someone to sell, sell, sell?

Jack: I mean, we're not Mitch fans. So you're asking, could it make that big of a bump? Like here's where it is

Abe Granoff: that is that bump worth it if they lost in the wildcard round

Jack: two here's where you have to think about Ray got Mitch pink, right?

His card might go from $4 to $6. But do you understand a 50% return on investment is like [00:38:00] I've heard of in the stock market. Exactly. It's absolutely incentive if you want to make a difference, like, okay, if I invest 500 and Mitch and then it's worth seven 50 that's a nice tart. Yeah. I'm not, I'm not doing this to Misskey I promise one year, one year.

The market is weird though, because thinking about a player, so you have more homes and Lamar, but think about the show in Watts. Way below those two guys, you would think his car, super star quarterback, even though we don't necessarily think so. Some players just don't really hit with the market. If you do get good enough, no matter what, at the quarterback position, there'll be buyers for you, but you don't have, that's why I like drew Locke.

Literally, there's a video of him dancing on the bench, singing, rapping. He loves him and that actually has to go into, it is a lot about speculum

Abe Granoff: fan. Favorite.

Jack: Exactly. So I think

Abe Granoff: as a podcast, I mean, we're kind of in on drew Locke, but I think we need to pick [00:39:00] one more quarterback this year. Let's buy as cards and just hope for the best.

Maybe tie rod. I don't care.

Jack: You want to get the young guys? So you said no to Kyler. I didn't see a big believer in CA, so just to put it in perspective,

Abe Granoff: really understand

Jack: the Kyler, right? I do fully. That offense. He's amazing. Like he's amazing. Amazing. Yeah. He's amazing.

Abe Granoff: Let's go check

Jack: Tyler's pretty high price, but that doesn't mean it's a bad investment on there because he's

Abe Granoff: how much, all right.

Another question.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: How much was the Kyler card. Change from the acquisition of the op?

Jack: Uh, that's a great question. I would say his cards probably went out 10 to 15% just based off the fact you've got the under your Hopkins, and this is something for everyone out there. If you're going to go do your research, what you're going to run into is you're going to see Kyler Murray six months ago at 200 bucks and now Kyler Murray, a month ago [00:40:00] at 600 and then Kyler today at 800.

And you're going to get that buyers are more so damn, I wish I'd been buying six months ago, but when his card's worth two K because he was a top five quarterback in fantasy this year and scored 40 a game, if they lose every game by letting out 45 that's when you're going to regret when. You don't have as $2,000 cards.

So there's buyer's remorse, but I'm telling people to get into the car market right now. If you make smart investments in, in good players, just based off people getting in, because there's going to be this rush over the next few years, the value of every card will go up 10% unless your pliers absolutely terrible.

So. I dunno.

Abe Granoff: I think this card, I think this card industry talk was actually the last thing I needed because I was quarantined hit. I stopped

Jack: bedding. Exactly.

Abe Granoff: It's so weird going on to paychecks that

Jack: I'm receiving and

Abe Granoff: not sending them right to FanDuel. Um. But now I [00:41:00] see another outlet. So it's a little dangerous.

But I mean, this is very, I mean, I've definitely been curious going into it, which, why I'm very excited that we had this conversation. I mean, just looking over your social, how did this start. Like, what made you be like, all right, let's

Jack: do it. Like we're joking about it, but VIN or chocolate, whether you like them or not.

And I've seen funny ass memes about him. Like he repeats himself like he, yeah, it's unbelieve. It's the same.

Abe Granoff: I've seen so many like parody accounts the people make,

Jack: they're hysterical. The one thing about Gary V is like, love him or hate him. He nails this shit. And then when he nails this shit. When he makes his arguments to me, whatever it is, they just always make so much sense.

It's like thinking about all the things I've told

Abe Granoff: you because you want them to make sense

Jack: maybe because you want them to make sense. But I would love for someone to play devil's advocate. I mean, you might not be able to necessarily, cause

Abe Granoff: I think about it in this way. This is good. This isn't the hottest.

No one's really going to like what I'm about [00:42:00] to say. I think a lot of what Nick writes says is wise and educated, just because I know he has that LeBron fan thing like me where I'm just buying into what he's saying because I know that he's on the same total

Jack: and there's no way anyone would agree with anyone.

Anything everyone said specifically in terms of money and business like it is. Risky to do this. I'm not saying dump a hundred percent of your assets into this. I might be, but I'm not saying you necessarily shove me, but I'm just a huge believer in everything. Like when I talked about the sports card stock market thing, you got excited visibly.

You get it as a sports fan and it's like gambling has become legal. It's become less taboo. This is an a better way for some people to gamble. It makes it more interesting that market's only gonna. Continue to evolve. It's, it's just, I think it's where it's headed. If you don't, that's perfectly fine.

There's a time

[00:43:00] Abe Granoff: I'm like, can you like put a card on Amazon if you want it? Or eBay? Really, the only way,

Jack: so

Abe Granoff: Ebates

Jack: is a bit E-bay forbidding. If you're going to sell cards, Instagram is going to become, I mean, it's already becoming, if you follow cart accounts, they'll sell stuff. You'll know who are the reputable people.

There's Facebook groups. Stock X is doing their thing. Star stops doing their thing. There's, there's options and that's what's going to happen. As the market grows, there's only going to be a ton of different options.

Abe Granoff: All right. Before we, before we do ranked in and close out the show, I want you to give your three things.

To most be aware of and mindful of of somebody new entering the card

Jack: industry. Okay, good question one. I would say always do your research and do eBay sold less than that way. You at least know the price of what they. So even if you pay a bad price as a beginner, and that'll happen because you're not always going to get the best deal.

Abe Granoff: Have you got any stories about that? [00:44:00] A sale yet?

Jack: I mean, I'll give you an example. Messi. Ronaldo. I got super excited because they're at 50 bucks and then they dropped to like 40 I think they're going to a hundred so I'm not taking that personally, but that is 20% higher than they are today. So sometimes if you're listening to this and you're like, I gotta go buy cards.

Yes. Breathe. Take your time.

Abe Granoff: Call gamblers anonymous,

Jack: like the cards will still be there tomorrow. Most likely, even though it feels like there is this anxiety and pressure to get them before they go up 10% the Mark 10% the next day. So number one, check your prices, do your research, et cetera, to always, if you're, if you're working on Instagram, Facebook, any of those platforms that aren't like, not legit, but verified sellers send.

As like where you have backups. So on PayPal, send goods and services. Don't just Venmo or cash app someone the market, or they call it a hobby. Like people are very friendly in this hobby. But you just can't trust people like that. And then number three, I would [00:45:00] say, understand, I'm not going to make any investment advice.

If you think mr Missy is a good investment, go do it. But understand there are floors to these guys. Like if he's not, there's a Florida, Lamar Jackson. If Lamar does tear his ACL tomorrow practicing, he's going to drop in half. So. There are risks involved. Basketball tends to be safer than football.

Obviously there's a higher injury risk, but like think about Paul George, think about Russell Westbrook and Paul. George got hurt rusted, but Russ MVP, triple double guy, never got to cheat like that would have been in 2016 where you're probably buying a lot of Russ thinking he is the Yana subs today. So.

Just understand what you're getting into.

Abe Granoff: This is cool cause it's like, all right, Jack and I, every week we have takes like skip and Steven ed takes, you have a takeout there

Jack: and you believe in your take proven how

Abe Granoff: much you believe in your take. Go buy the card.

Jack: Exactly right. I can't sit here any longer and say, I would rather [00:46:00] have Lamar Jackson than Patrick from the homes is my franchise quarterback.

Unless I own zero Patrick, my home scars and I don't know, a hundred

Abe Granoff: blenders still do. You're still just stupid. Right? Right,

Jack: exactly. And. What I think is exciting about this is yes, you've texted your friend, say this kid's a study, he's going to be a stud and it pays off. And what do you get out of that?

You get that pride, which is fun. Now you would have

Abe Granoff: to half the time, half the time your friends don't even remember you saying that. So this time you can just go like this and pull it

Jack: out, pull it out.

Abe Granoff: Your other hand, you have a middle finger up

Jack: and then in your pocket you have three times the cash that it costs, which is fun.

Abe Granoff: Cards, cards,

Jack: cards, maybe cards, cards, cards. Alright. Snapback fam, if you guys have any questions, hit me on Instagram at Jack's sediment. Abe, we're going to get able to make his first investment in someone.

Abe Granoff: Well, I looked, I looked, uh,

Jack: yeah. Who would your first investment ban? Cause like

Abe Granoff: why it was just came to mind like a few minutes ago.


Jack: is John Wall. [00:47:00] Interesting.

Abe Granoff: He came to mind because I just imagined he's on the wizards, like the wizards have no direction. He's on this big contract. He's just came off a torn Achilles, but I still believe in John Wall as the player. So I mean, I can't imagine, maybe I'm totally off base that a John Wall card costs that much.

But I mean, his talent alone is something to get me to believe in whether or not he's able to bounce back or make anything from the wizard situation as a whole different story, but

Jack: high. That was, that was the first was interesting because like they actually have feel and they have ruined, like their organization isn't great, but they have a solid core.

And people have kind of forgotten about. And the reason why I actually liked that you picked John Wall is because he's not in a terrible market. DC's fine. Like we talked about deer and Fox, no one watch the Sacramento change teams, but you have jumbled and people love Giamo, his swag that whatever the funny means, like if you're getting means you have potential to be [00:48:00] liked, but by the general public.

The reason why I love Yannis is because I think he's going to win the title. But if he can escape Milwaukee, if he just plays a single game in LA, Miami, or New York. Or Brooklyn,

Abe Granoff: no stuff. Some diehard crazy beer drinking two X

Jack: two X tomorrow. They're they the only player really ever that it's ever happened to was LeBron.

They're calling it is 2018 cards. LeBron or LeBron rookie Lakers. They don't do this. Like if Katie goes to the nets, there's no rookie nets card. They don't talk about like, but that's how crazy the liquor market is. They think if he wins a title where LA. Not only will he have four, but he'll, those LA rookie cards will be massive.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I mean, other than that, things that come to mind, I know you said you're not high on the running back and wide receiver market right now in football, but I look at, I look at something this past year and how deep the wide receiver class was. So that makes me interested to maybe take a shot on a Michael [00:49:00] Pittman or a Jew or a Denzel Mim, someone that wasn't drafted as high in the second round, but that class was so deep, so.

Take a shot.

Jack: Yeah. I would not suggest going running back wide Shiva for now, but I think there is Hill.

Abe Granoff: It's funny, the adverse relationship between running backs in real life that you have and the card market for running backs.

Jack: Well, yeah, because you

Abe Granoff: think running backs is go this way, but you are so anti running back when it comes to

Jack: the foot.

I'm anti running back in the car market for now, for sure. I think my prediction, I'm not actually investing in this prediction, but I think. That's going to open up the markets. More

Abe Granoff: peace. Think it. Prove it.

Jack: Exactly. All right, let's do rank. So we are ranking because cause we gotta get out of here. Um. You got time, you got time for the

Abe Granoff: Snapchat.

Jack: Let's turn the world ranked on this episode. We are ranking the best stadium atmospheres of all time. So whether that is, [00:50:00] uh, that we've been to Paris that we've been to, either that's most hostile, best vibes, best game, and it happened to be in the best stadium. Whatever it is, we're going to rank that. So, Abe, uh, let's go.

You're number three.

Abe Granoff: My number three, and this is pretty much applicable, applicable to anybody. Um, it's whenever you're at a game in a hostile environment, right? Like a couple of years ago, Jack Jack didn't have any affiliation the game, but Penn state was at Ohio state. It was the game or say con return, the opening kick.

I think we all know how that game ended, but

Jack: I was drawn to it. Most people remember, but.

Abe Granoff: Uh, Penn state Blueleaf just like we do every time I had a lot of beer, I was confident. Like there's nothing better than when you don't have any worry in the world. And you can say whatever you want to any fans because the game hasn't started yet.

Right? Right. Like foreign territory running your mouth. And I think we all know how much I enjoy doing that. And that to me is one of the most fun atmospheres. Is everybody around you.

Jack: Hey. [00:51:00] Everyone around you hating you. The caveat is there are some fan bases that will take it too far and I'm choking.

Abe Granoff: Well, lead into my number two.

Jack: I'm talking like, like when I went to the Eagle scheme with you, I wear the Lamar, Jackson Jersey and a big, not even a Raven's game. Right, right. Just a completely arrogant, like the Eagles fans picking on me was funny. It was creative. It was good. They can attack me personally.

But at no point did I ever feel in danger if I had been wearing a cowboy Jersey and in that Eagle stadium, like there's times where they can make people see on dangers. So. The hostile. It depends. Stadium, the stadium, you give a good example, the horseshoe Midwestern people who talk shit, but at the end of the day, they're not like, I went to a

Abe Granoff: call.

So also, yeah, they're from the Midwest, but by the end of the game. They weren't that nice.

Jack: Right? But they would never cross that line. Like I went to a Colts playoff game for the Ravens and I'm like 10 [00:52:00] and my brother's eight and my cousin's 11 and this chick is like magic pixie dust. They're like messing with ten-year-olds, which is like hilarious.

And. You know my throws off, but we're not worried that they're spraying magic pixie dust on us cause they got paid Manning's foreheads. So there's definitely a line so that, but I liked that figure. I, my number three is very personal. Benedictine prep in Virginia. I played a basketball sort of it there in like a high school gym.

While there is a high school game. And there's something different, and I'm going to pair this actually with Kansas, their basketball reading, same field, basketball, high school gym. There is nothing crazier than the, the benches, the loud atmosphere. We call it a time out. The other team went on like an eight hour run.

We called time out. We didn't say a single word. That's how loud it was. You could not hear the person next to you. I'm not even talking about like, I can't

Abe Granoff: hear

Jack: you. I can't hear in the huddle. I'm talking, you can't hear like there was no point of the coach saying anything [00:53:00] cause you couldn't hear himself.

That was crazy. Kansas, similar atmosphere for college. It was pretty much,

Abe Granoff: I think that we can find by tomorrow a Benedictine grad or someone that goes there.

Jack: Ooh, let's drop through. The game was McDonna Eagles. It was probably twenties

Abe Granoff: so you have to be from books. Let's see if we can find someone. You have to be from Maryland.

Jack: Is there anyone out there down in Virginia for a tournament?

Abe Granoff: Is there anyone out there that goes to Benedictine or went to Benedictine or goes to the middle school that's got to go to bed. DM Jack or I, I want to talk

Jack: 2013 McDonald ever spandexy now give you a player who was on the team. If this house, Robert Johnson, not you.

For the people that are seeing Robert Johnson, he went to Indiana, but he played there and um, yeah, that, that was not

Abe Granoff: number two for you.

Jack: Number two for me. I know this is going to be a weird one. I've literally, I mean, I've been to hundreds of Ravens games and haven't see bank really strong homes. Jet advantage.

But by not the [00:54:00] upper

Abe Granoff: echelon of the league, like

Jack: exactly. Not the upper echelon of the league, but

Abe Granoff: when you're talking, putting M and T in the category where you hear like Seattle or Orlando or Lincoln financial,

Jack: Lincoln financial, but okay, late, I would say Seattle. Seattle was one in terms of volume and noise in the NFL, and then everyone's kind of below them.

I think then it's like the link and Lambo and you guys are more hostile. But Seattle is known to be the Laos, which by the way, when we went in there and smacked them, they weren't so loud. So, but. And we lost the game, but this year's playoff game, like I said, I've been to a hundred Ravens games

Abe Granoff: the game, or there was a 0.0 chance you guys lost.

Jack: That posts is directly correlated to the noise that was coming to the stadium. I have never in my life heard that at a football

Abe Granoff: stadium in zone for you.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Maybe this is the Ravens year. No fans.

Jack: Quiet. No fans. Maybe. Maybe the noise threw us off. That was like the, I mean, [00:55:00] there's something special about a home playoff game.

The pregame Ray Lewis, the black. It was awesome.

Abe Granoff: I'm sure any, I'm sure anyone out there will say their teams playoff atmosphere, but

Jack: hold on. So then. We Titans get the ball. We force that. Please

Abe Granoff: tell, please tell me what happened that game.

Jack: Third down, we're going crazy and complete on third. I mean, the stadium is roaring.

We're rolling down the field. Mark. Andrew shop's a pass and it was never the same, but those first four minutes were unbelievable. Like a high that you can't even

Abe Granoff: mess. So when we post this graphic on snapback or on a post Ravens, playoff parentheses, first four minutes,

Jack: first four minutes. I'm pregame. I'm pretty right.

Abe Granoff: Firsthand. Um, it's any time just them. Well yeah, I don't care if its week four, I don't care if its week 16 and you need to win to get in. There's something different in the air in Philadelphia

Jack: when it's Dallas week.

Abe Granoff: You, [00:56:00] you know, just by talking to me, I wake up on Tuesday morning and I'm amped for Sunday.

Like I feel like it's a playoff week. The animosity that this city has for the Dallas Cowboys. Is number one. The only word I I put to it is childish because you have to take a step back and realize that it's a game. That being said, the amount that this city hates the Dallas Cowboys makes the atmosphere when you're there that much better.

I don't care if the game is irrelevant. If it's Dallas week. Sunday at the link. There's no place like it. And Jack, you were there and it's, I mean, it's not as easy to enjoy when you're not an Eagles fan, obviously, because you're not as amped up and you were watching us a third party fan. But like, I mean, you saw me that entire day.

I was, I woke

Jack: up, I woke up

Abe Granoff: ready to go, like dancing in the way we to drive to. Like fan duel and God knows where I was bumping meek mill at eight 30 in the [00:57:00] morning. There's nothing like an Eagle's Cowboys game, and I really believe that except my number one. You also experienced it. The Penn state whiteout game happens once a year.

Whether or not they women as a different story, like you can trash me about that, but 106,000 fans all on their feet in all white, especially at night. I've never seen

Jack: anybody do white outs. Not at night. Probably

Abe Granoff: not terribly sad, but, um, when they play like all of the lights by Kanye and everyone puts up their phone lights, like I think

Jack: Rob zombie nation, isn't that your jam?

Abe Granoff: But like that's,

Jack: that's like the hype thing.

Abe Granoff: No, it is. It is. It is. And like you can see like we sat in the hands and you could see like different sides going up and down. Just having that many people in one area that loud in like a Bleacher setting where there aren't individual seats. It's like more of a mosque,

Jack: middle, middle of Pennsylvania that no one even wouldn't

Abe Granoff: know.

It turns [00:58:00] out

Jack: 180,000 people. So two things on that one. If you're listening to this, you're probably like, okay, these are even jacks and we're doing a hundred percent general stuff. We want to hear like what is your, what's the environment you've been to? But it also made me think about that. And I've been listening to like a Mani and some other Penn state players grant, and they, all of them are obsessed.

They're like, they say that's their favorite, but the toughest place to play is Iowa. They got the wave, the Nike

Abe Granoff: bottles in hospitals. That's not fair.

Jack: Right. But which is funny because I thought, yes, I was a agreed environment, but I can tell that you guys lost the game in Iowa and. And your guys were just like shook or something.

The crowd

Abe Granoff: opposite. It was the year

Jack: that I didn't win that crazy combat

Abe Granoff: was, that was the year we went to, that was the year after the Rose fall, so we ended up probably blowing a game to Ohio state

Jack: that that would [00:59:00] make sense on the schedule.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, no, I was always a tough place to play, but going off what you said about everybody else, like I asked Jack before this started, I was like.

What about cap new, like you've been there like I'm sure a million people have been to crazy soccer places or like God knows much

Jack: about it. Camp knew it was a definitely a touristy, they're less touristy than we are Madrid, but when I went to Tottenham and in old white Hart lane, that was pretty cool to English.

Abe Granoff: I actually have a one Bay and this'll be just for a few listeners that are on the. On the pod, I'm going to go, I'm going to go Loomer hall. There's nothing like Llumar.

Jack: There's nothing like a summer

Abe Granoff: to those who don't know. And we used to play basketball and we'd go to this place called Loomer hall, and I don't even think they had, they didn't even have baseline threes, but like the crowd would sit literally on the court essentially.

And as, as 11 year old kids playing basketball, getting a heckled like it was, it felt like I was literally in [01:00:00] the garden.

Jack: Yeah. Like, uh, like what's it called, Mike Cameron. Crazy. Yeah. I need to go to, that's

Abe Granoff: a bucket list thing, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah. Let's build a bucket list off of this. So if you guys have crazy, because I think sometimes it's more fun to go to like the bucket list places for the crazy environments than it is to go see like.

Patrick Bahamas, even though the chiefs have a crazy home watch from you. Yeah. My number one to close this out is super bowl this year. Miami Hardrock stadium was great. The weather was great. The vibes were high. It was great week in Miami, but like just sitting there six 30. 80 degrees. You have the best two teams in the world besides the Ravens bouts of face offs.

The lights are on. Everyone in the world is watching. It was just so cool. You've never been to school right.

Abe Granoff: The chiefs and the Niners got to play at Miami. Of course, the one super bowl, the Eagles, when is in fucking Minnesota.

Jack: That's how it [01:01:00] works.

Abe Granoff: The only, the only positive was like me and my friends all said this, like, watch what wouldn't the Superbowl?

But like it'll be because the Jags beat the Patriots and we beat like Jackson Nell and the super bowl on the Phillies won in Oh eight we beat the rays. Who cares?

Jack: Like you got

Abe Granoff: a buddy. It was cool beating the Patriots, but like in Minnesota. Come on.

Jack: Yeah. Eagles versus Jackson, Minnesota, the least against the mic falls within an Epic.

What a dice them up. Alright. Snapback fam, appreciate you guys listening. We got a lot of exciting stuff coming through. We're working hard on this podcast, so be subscribed. Let us know. We're going to get some more engaged when going on Instagram talking to you guys like you deserve, so we will talk to you again on Monday and so that much love.