Hakeem Butler

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Jack: What up snapback fan. Welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we talked to her Kim Butler wide receiver from the Arizona Cardinals. You guys know what's about to go down in Arizona. Hakim was out all last year with an injury, but he is ready to roll. We talked about D hop, we talked about Fitz, Kyla, that whole offense.

We talked about cliff Kingsbury's home that we all saw on draft night, and then we did ranked, Hakim is a big fashionista. He's also from BMR, which is my town, but we talked about the top three worst fashion trends. It was an absolute riot. [00:01:00] Hilarious throughout. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let's get

Hakeem Butler: it.

Jack: Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson

Abe Granoff: through the Philadelphia drought.

Hakeem Butler: Brian put the jumper

Jack: snapback Sam, welcome back. To another episode on this episode. We welcome our guests and team Butler from the Arizona Cardinals. Jim, how's it going, man?

Hakeem Butler: I'm good. How are y'all doing? Oh,

Jack: we're doing all right. It's, I mean, what are we in almost month three of quarantine? I feel like.

[00:02:00] Jack.

Abe Granoff: I told Jack before, when we hopped on, we were waiting for you. I told Jack, I was like, dude, I was looking at him like my memories today, and it's actually been two months since I've put on a pair of jeans. Like I've just been showing in my house and like shorts and sweat pants. I haven't gotten dressed up for anything in two months.

It's wild.

Hakeem Butler: I don't think I want to put on jeans again. I know it

Jack: kind of changed the way we live some, I mean most things I prefer not, but some, it's taught me a little. Where are you a hold up right now?

Hakeem Butler: I'm in Arizona right now, so jeans won't be getting put on for at least another eight to nine months cause there's like 110 degrees right now.

Jack: That's true.

Abe Granoff: So, so let's get right into it. Have you guys, what's the deal? Are you guys doing a virtual off season? How's that working?

Hakeem Butler: Uh, I mean, I think all the teams in the league right now just doing virtual meetings and things like that. Uh, so I [00:03:00] mean, everybody's kind of just on the same playing field.

We should have some news coming soon. I mean, we're not doing virtual workouts. I know some teams are, but uh, yeah, we're just doing the virtual meetings and then go work out after that.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. We talked to lane Johnson. He was right after he hopped off the call with us, he was going to do a workout with the Eagles and I was like, how the hell do you do a virtual workout?

He said, there's literally just a guy on the other end of the call watching you work out, just counting your reps. Essentially. It's just like a rough counter and that's what the virtual world, I'm sorry, but have you, have you noticed that in these, like in these zoom meetings, these virtual workouts, that it's harder to pay attention than if you were actually at the facility?

Like in the meeting rooms.

Hakeem Butler: I paid for me, I think it's a lot easier, honestly, uh, just cause like, you know, being so young, I guess, you know, just use it staring at a screen anyways. So I guess it was kinda just like, it just kinda made sense, I guess. [00:04:00] Yeah.

Jack: Versus like, I think people forget because you know, we're young, we're about the same age.

We're used to growing up in this era, but there's players on your team, there's players even wider Seavers on your team that are much older who might not have as much experience with social media or setting up a zoom call. Like it's not as easy as it is for us. Like is that a huge problem with all those guys?

Like they're just like Larry Fitzgerald. It's just like, how does this even work.

Hakeem Butler: He's all, but he's not.

Jack: But I know he's not that old, but a 10 year difference. They didn't even have like iPhones growing up,

Hakeem Butler: you know? But, but you gotta think about it. I mean, he like, we can't, like we grew up and we were young when iPhone was came out, but I mean, shit, he was like, he was.

20 something maybe when I came up. I mean, you know, he's like, you know, he, he came up with it too, technically. So, I mean, I think he's very like proficient and he got all kinds of assistance and [00:05:00] stuff. So, I mean, even if he wasn't, you know, he'll, he'll fake

Jack: it. Totally. So you grew up a large part of your life in Texas, and you always talk about Texas football and then you go to Iowa state, and you know, since I went to Texas and Texas is, football is a big deal, but we're just not very good at it somehow anymore.

Um, what, what like is the deal, what's the deal with Texas football? Why can we never recruit a good player anymore? And then why'd you go to Iowa

Hakeem Butler: state? Oh, man. Um, I'm trying to think, like, you know, the right thing to say here about Texas.

Abe Granoff: No filter, no filter. Trust me. I said, whatever you're going to say.

I've said worse.

Hakeem Butler: Um, well, I mean, Texas, like Texas football. Honestly, I wanted to go to Texas just cause of the lore, you know, growing up in Texas. I mean, even before I moved to [00:06:00] Texas, like Vince young was just a man and, and everybody saw that Rose bowl game like Baltimore. Angela, I just, I've just always just been a fan of like Texas, you know, just so long horns and I honestly wanted to go to Texas really bad.

I wouldn't have minded to like, don't play for the long horns and just have that fan base burnt orange. I would look good in and everything. But anyway, that's beside the point. Uh, I think. I don't know. I just feel like people, young kids, don't really care about history anymore. I feel like, and at the same time, maybe the guy, you know, that's leading the charge there in Texas is not the right guy.

I feel like, um, you know, I just, I just don't know if he's the guy that should be running the show.

Jack: Interesting. I think you know what? That's better. That's a better response than most people. You know, most people are just like, yeah. You know, it'll come around or they're historic. They just had some struggles, but not a lot of people actually point to the coach.

So that's an interesting point. [00:07:00] But what about at Iowa state? What was your success like there? Why'd you end up there?

Hakeem Butler: Oh, well, I went to Iowa state. I mean, I moved from Baltimore. I had all kinds of like great issues and everything just cause like everything I was going through in life at the time. But, uh, I kinda like.

I had a bunch of coaches come in late. I didn't get any offers during my senior year of football. I was prepared to like commit and play basketball somewhere because you know, I just wanted to get to college really. But I mean, football was like going to the NFL was always my dream. And so. I just remember basketball season started and my basketball coach, he just was like, yeah, like some coaches in the hallway want to talk to you.

And I'm like, Oh, like some basketball coaches or something. And I remember it was a coach in Indiana and he's like, I want you to play defensive end. And I was like, shit, coach. Like I'm ready. Like, I'll play whatever. Like I just want to play football. Wow. And then, uh, all these other [00:08:00] coaches start coming in.

And then. Just one short black dude from Iowa state cause Louie came in and he was like, you a big fucker.

Abe Granoff: I was

Hakeem Butler: like, I mean, most kids like lie about their height and stuff. So I mean, it's like, it's hard to get recruiting when you're actually like six, six but uh, yeah. He came in, told me I was big and he thought I was a freak.

He watched me dunk a couple of times and he was like, you're gonna be a monster. Like you need to come to Iowa state. I didn't even know Iowa was a state. That's it. It was, it was definitely, it was, it was a little wild, a little crazy. But I didn't know I was a state at the time, but I didn't know they were in the big 12.

It was just so much I didn't know. And then, uh. You know, he told me he had to fight for me to get a scholarship there because they were kind of full and a kid he committed. I visited, fell in love, and the rest is history.

Abe Granoff: There you go. So [00:09:00] in that story, you said that you were getting recruited to play basket.

Well, one thing Jack and I do for every, whether it's a basket, whether we ever, we have a non basketball player that plays basketball on the podcast because I think Jack was at our first episode. We did this,

Jack: we came up with

Abe Granoff: our first episode ever. Jack and I gave us each other, our player comparisons in the NBA.

Jack said he was Russell Westbrook. I said, I will.

Jack: What's funny about

Hakeem Butler: that. Good for you.

Jack: I'm the white Russell Westbrook. I play below the rim, but I play at his speed in terms of, I guess playing the cat

Hakeem Butler: can be.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, no, we've, we've squashed that, but my point is, my point is I came, who with your MBA comparison be with your style play.

Hakeem Butler: Uh, it just depends on the day. Like, you know, like some days I might be Jordan, some days just depends on the day. Honestly.

[00:10:00] Abe Granoff: That's what I agree with him because some days I'm like, I wake up thinking, damn, I woke up in Bron mode and the

Jack: other day. At best.

Abe Granoff: I mean, Brawny is tough and can dunk salts,

Jack: right?

Abe Granoff: But all right, back to football because you obviously you ended up at Iowa state, but you were red. You redshirted your freshman year, and I'm always curious about the red shirt process because these guys that come to these big name schools like Iowa state and the big 12 they're used to being the best.

At football their entire lives. Like in Peewee, middle school, high school. That's why you are where you are. But suddenly you get to a program like Iowa state who's in the big 12 who is a respected program, and you have to take a step back. And you did also do this in your rookie year with Arizona, um, where you have to take sort of a red shirt year, obviously under different circumstances.

But what does that do for you mentally knowing that like, you might be totally fine and you can go out there and play, but you're just like not allowed.

[00:11:00] Hakeem Butler: Um, I mean, at Iowa state it was definitely a lot different than in Arizona. But, uh, I would say that I would state they kind of Richard everybody in my class, except for maybe like one or two people.

Um, no, but I mean, at the time I would say was honestly like, we had a lot of talent, right? I would probably want to Motown teams in the country, the coaching just wasn't aware of. It was supposed to be. Um, I mean, and that's why they were gone. It wasn't our head code's fault, but yeah, it was some people on the staff whose fault it was.

We're not gonna talk about that one right now, but no, like at first, you know, being young, you know, teams make promises. People say things when you're getting recruited, like, Oh, you know, you can do this and that. It's, it's tough. You know, when they first, like, when you realize that, like, you're not gonna play at all.

Like there's no way you're playing. I think that's why [00:12:00] it definitely like hurt everybody that I came in with and kids being kids nowadays, you know, everybody wants to be that freshman starter that that freshmen rookie Dieter type guy. And it just, you know, it's realistic, but at the same time, you know, stuff happens for a reason.

And I truly believe that like registration was the best thing for me. But, uh, I mean, yeah, I know. I wasn't really like college football. I weighed 170 pounds and I got to school and, and I remember the very first day I got there, I saw kids hitting and seven or seven with no pads. I was like, I'm not ready for this.

So I, I had to take a year off, but when I got to the league, I think the circumstances were definitely completely different for me, just because. No, I didn't like where I got drafted, uh, fourth round. I thought I was a better than that. And, uh, when I had like a chip on my shoulder, I felt like I had a lot to prove to [00:13:00] myself and a lot of people out there.

And I feel like I didn't get that chance because I got hurt. And it's nobody's fault. I mean, but my own, uh, and I mean. There was no way I was going to play with the way my finger was at the receiver position. It just wasn't going to happen.

Abe Granoff: Right. I mean, I think that, I mean, injuries are part of football.

Everyone knows how dangerous of a game it is. So obviously

Hakeem Butler: it was different. Ah, I've never been hurt until this year. Wow.

Abe Granoff: Wow. Obviously it's different circumstances getting red shirted when you're hurt versus when you're not. Um, because at one point you're being told you're able to play right now, we're just not gonna play you.

But in the end, like there was a point last year where you were physically, physically couldn't play, and that's being that you never been injured before. That's probably takes a toll on you. But do you feel as if sitting out all of last year and, and watching Kyler and the offense go to work and watching coach Kingsbury and him implemented system is actually beneficial for [00:14:00] you and your, I guess, your official rookie year

Hakeem Butler: now?

Absolutely. Um. Absolutely. I just, I saw, I saw a lot of, I saw ways to do things and ways not to do things last year and I definitely took mental note of, of everything. Um, I got to just be in the offense, I would say, and just, you know, understand why we were doing things. I learned defenses a little more. I learned why we run certain plays when we run them.

I just think, I just think I'm more. I think I'm ready to like just jump in the office now, I would say, and just make a difference. I mean, I'm unconfident and I'm ready to get back out there. I think that's probably the biggest thing for me too, just a year to really get my confidence up and, and know that I can compete on this level.

We played a lot of guys that I feel like really shouldn't even be in his league, and so I know that I definitely have a chance to. Make a difference and make a name for myself.

Jack: Now I feel like you have the [00:15:00] dog mentality. You got the chip on your shoulder and you have a full year of like experiencing the NFL and learning from the grades.

It's like all goes now. That's like the most exciting part when you're an athlete is you're not just being thrown in there and have to figure this out. Like you know what you have to do. You just got to put in the work now, which is the easiest part when you're built like the way you

Hakeem Butler: are. Yeah, absolutely.

Well, yeah, that's exactly like perfect. I couldn't say no better

Jack: than we got. Um, so co, have you been a coach? Uh, cliff Kingsbury's house because we saw it on TV and that thing looks nice. Are all the houses in Arizona like that or

Hakeem Butler: what. I mean, you get a pay like him. Yeah. They all live,

but not like his house. I've never been, but I mean, you know, I'm, I'm definitely waiting for the invite a while with a lot of other people I resolved. Uh, I saw the house on TV and I couldn't believe it. I'm trying to figure out what to do. Lives that too.

Jack: Yeah. They're like, [00:16:00] blacks.

Abe Granoff: The house is almost too nice.

Like it gave, it gave me the vibe, like, this is a house that like you could probably cover up a crime mat or something. I don't know. They're just like, I don't know what was going on there, but like with the open thing and everything, it just,

Jack: you're not an open living room guy.

Abe Granoff: Uh, you know, we're working on taking down a wall here, but as of now.

Jack: A key

Hakeem Butler: thing was beautiful.

Jack: So the league, you were asking me about Hollywood. Oh, also do people not call them Hollywood? So I'm a Ravens fan. I mean, I grew up in Baltimore and I like, we just call him Hollywood Brown. That's his nickname. That's almost like someone asked me what his name was and I was like, Hollywood.

And they're like, no, what's his real name? I'm like. I don't know. I forget. Obviously it's Markey's new car

Abe Granoff: tomorrow. He said keys. I actually thought my first thought went to Keith Lee. I was

Jack: like, yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's become just Hollywood Brown. But it's funny because also in the league is Kyler and.

[00:17:00] In the group chat that we're all in to organize playing our games. I sent a message and I was like, yeah, I play Hollywood later tonight, and Kyler literally wrote, he's like, it's my keys. Like you won't give him the nickname Hollywood. He hates it. Do play.

Hakeem Butler: Do I play Madden?

Jack: Have you played

Hakeem Butler: Kyla?

Jack: Have you played against Alex.

Hakeem Butler: I play FIFA and I play with them. That's about it. Okay.

Jack: Ooh, really? He's, he's like 10 and three in our league. Like he's,

Abe Granoff: you're also trash.

Jack: Okay. But that has nothing to do with me. I'm talking, but it's funny because I discovered, I mean, this is my first league with a lot of pros and like Hollywood mixing.

Darwin, Kyler, they're all at the top of the league, so I don't understand. Someone asks me this. All right, you guys play in the NFL. You're obviously super [00:18:00] athlete, super talented, but Madden, it's not like you're reading defense better than us. Maybe you are, but

Abe Granoff: that's not true.

Hakeem Butler: What you are, what you are though,

Jack: really,

Hakeem Butler: it's easier.

I mean, it's definitely easier to read than it is an elite because there's no disguising it on that and like you can try.

Jack: If you were sitting next to me actually sitting six feet from me and we're staring at a game of Madden, you would, you think you'd be able to identify the defensive sets and like who is going to be open before the ball was

Hakeem Butler: snapped? Absolutely I do. I do it all the time versus my friends who they get mad at me.

Jack: That's nuts. So that would then explain why, you know, maybe you guys crush all of us when you play video. Cause I was like, maybe it's because their hand eye coordination is so much more elite. And the average person like the gamers do, but

Hakeem Butler: maybe I watched a little bit of, I watched a little bit of like, what you're running and like, don't run cover too, like ever.

[00:19:00] Jack: That's all my brother said to Ron

Hakeem Butler: Hollywood. I've seen Hollywood like just running post after post. Like it'll continuously be open. Just keep running cover too. I

Jack: know. Alright. So then so then answer this question if you guys are so good at Madden but then I would imagine you're pretty good at FIFA and Fortnite and all those games. Is that just cause you guys play a lot of video games?

Hakeem Butler: Yeah, peoples are different. Like cause.

Sometimes, and it ain't nothing I should really do about it. It's just why in other countries people is like other people's matters. So I play those other dudes and I just get destroyed. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: I mean, we saw the, the E, I don't know if you watch it, it was absolutely painful to watch the NBA two K ESPN torment that went on.

Like I play, I used to play a lot of to Canada. I used to think I was really

Jack: good. You were trash. You're always trash. That's

[00:20:00] Abe Granoff: not the point. Not not the point, but I'm watching these guys play like Devin Booker or som Whiteside, and they're legitimately playing like real basketball on two K like you'd, the stuff you see, they're running stats

Jack: that you're not the best way to do it, I feel like.

Abe Granoff: But like you can tell that they have that. You can tell that they have a. It may not be the best way to do it, but you can tell that they have superior knowledge on basketball in general. The way they play, similar to how Hakim and other NFL players can sit back. Look at what a defense is mad at and know who's going to be open.

Like you just know where certain guys stand, what that means.

Jack: We play, what's the score.

Hakeem Butler: Bro. I mean, I told you about the cover to cover to Virginia. I would have definitely a hundred points.

Jack: There's not enough games.

I'm not letting them behind

Abe Granoff: 70 you gave up 72

Jack: 72 to mix and he had like 12 carries for [00:21:00] seven touchdowns. You can't really, you think you would put up a hundred on me? What a boxer. PlayStation.

Hakeem Butler: PlayStation but I don't do the X-Box, man. I'll do, I might, I might buy the next Xbox just because other people have it.

Hmm. What they

Abe Granoff: gotta do like cry? Do they do cry? I, I'm kinda out of the

Jack: video game. They do cross platform for like Fortnite and stuff, but they don't really do it for two K or FIFA or any of that, which

Abe Granoff: that's stupid.

Jack: I don't know if it's smart or dumb.

Abe Granoff: I mean, now I

Hakeem Butler: think there's, um, but I mean, it's like, is there a way to like.

It makes money somehow. Money. Yours

Jack: is all about the bread. Um, alright, so outside of video games, off the field, you also are into fashion, correct? For

Hakeem Butler: sure.

Jack: Um, so did you walk during, were you in New York?

Hakeem Butler: I was in New York. Uh, but I didn't like walk. A good friend of mine, you know, tossed [00:22:00] Todd Snyder. He had a brand that he wanted me to come out for his fashion show, which I mean was definitely like, was mind blowing that, you know, I've been missing that my whole life and you know, just to see a different side of New York and really of like the world and everything.

I think it's just, it wasn't, it was a great thing for me.

Abe Granoff: How'd you get into fashion.

Hakeem Butler: How did I get into obsession? Um, I would definitely say my mom, my mom likes, she, like she wouldn't leave the house without looking good. She used to always say, you never know what you'll run into your future life. So you need to look good.

And I mean, I've always, you know, stoked by that. You know, I don't want it. Beyonce or like Halle Berry or some see me and just be like, nah, you know,

Jack: Beyonce has got a, I think a boyfriend or husband or something. Right.

Hakeem Butler: He got a little bit more money than me, but I mean, that's all he got.

Jack: I mean, the looks have gone on JC, that's damaged

[00:23:00] Abe Granoff: Jaycee's running cover too.

Jack: Um, so do you know, uh, do you know Dale Moss.

Hakeem Butler: Dale

Jack: Dale played for the Packers, and he's actually huge into fashion. Uh, he was, no,

Hakeem Butler: he's a wide receiver. Oh no,

Jack: I'll, I'll send you his profile. He's interesting because he was kind of doing stuff similar to you. He's out of the league now. He's more focused on like fashion and modeling and stuff like that.

But it made me think, cause I saw him all over. He kind of was one of those guys who bridges the gap from the athlete world. You kind of, you never know about it. Yeah. Like a lot of athletes will buy designer stuff, but they're not, they're not ingrained in the culture. That is like a New York fashion week.

So it's cool to like see something.

Hakeem Butler: I feel like that's a, that's another problem with fashion. People feel like if it costs more, it look better. And that's not true at [00:24:00] all.

Jack: Exactly. Exactly. So what, so what's that mean for the game day fits this year? Like have he come in or what's the deal.

Hakeem Butler: I mean, I mean, I'm gonna do my best for sure.

For sure. I've got, I'm working on a lot of things. I haven't really put much thought into it because I don't even imagine they're being sent there at this time,

Jack: bro. Bro.

Hakeem Butler: Jack,

Abe Granoff: get over it. No shot.

Jack: No, no, no. I'm not saying about the fan. First of all, one, it's all about the picture for the gram and two, I'm talking to a dude.

I'm talking to a dude who had a photo shoot at Dave and busters. Can't even get me dressed for a national football league game. I'm getting the index.

Abe Granoff: Let's talk about that. For those who don't know, we looked at Hakim's Instagram before you hopped on and there was a very improv. [00:25:00] Background. I know that location, that's a Dave and busters.

What? What possessed you to do the impromptu photo shoot at Dave and busters? Okay,

Hakeem Butler: let's, let's discuss with dialysis. We want to discuss your, let's discuss. Okay. Now, first of all, that wasn't David buses. That was a perfect game,

perfect game. And, uh, it was a part of a lifestyle shoe. Uh, that might guide. They're expensive. He thought he was like our team photographer, but he's like one of the best. What's already presented. Uh. It was a lifestyle shoe and he just thought it was a good idea with the colors and everything. And I mean, I definitely agree.

I think it, it made everything pop and it was just a good background that nobody's expected. I'd never seen anybody do it. So, you know.

Abe Granoff: Doesn't love Dave and busters.

Jack: I agree. It did look dope. I'm just saying, how do we not already have every outfit picked out for all 16 of [00:26:00] next season if we're going to be doing shoots at a little video Plex, that's all.

I'm sad because you know you can go viral all that

Hakeem Butler: a hundred percent but I can't preplan you know what I'm saying? Like, I mean, I'll preplan but like months in advance, that's just not it. Because like I said, you know, before everything just determines on the mood. Like that's, that's how everything works at this point, I feel.


Jack: All right, well that's a good segue into ranked. So on this episode of ranked, we're going to rank our third, our top three least favorite or worst fashion trends. So. Abe, I will kick it off. Then we'll go to Abe, then we'll go to chemo. It's a snake. So you're going to do your third and second, and then we're going to save your number one for last.

All right, let's

Hakeem Butler: do it.

Jack: Alright. My number three. I'm going to go with holes in the shirts, [00:27:00] so like ripped jeans. That's cool with me, all that good stuff, but like, why am I staring at like your abdomen or your nipple if you're just going to, you know, going out to eat. I don't get the ripped shirt vibe.

That's just me. That's number three.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, don't hate it. I want to preface my three wins,

Jack: hold on it. And we even are very aware that there's a high chance that you pull off. Many of these trends may offend you. So that's kind of what we're going

Hakeem Butler: for.


Abe Granoff: Yes. I a lot. My three might be because they stink, which they do, but also, um. So my number three fashion trends, it's become a new thing. The Fanny pack across the chest. I just,

Jack: I like fatty pack. I was in disagreement with Dave on this one.

[00:28:00] Abe Granoff: You can't cross your chest.

Jack: Yeah, I would love to. What do you think about the Fanny pack?


Hakeem Butler: I mean, I had a, I had like something like that, the little cross body, and I gave it to my brother. It just wasn't my thing.

Abe Granoff: Okay. All right. Because it's stupid.

Jack: All right. Give us your, give us your third and your second. Uh,

Hakeem Butler: third and second. Um, one thing I really hated with, uh, the Balenciaga, you know, it's only them talking about

Abe Granoff: what you're talking about.

Hakeem Butler: Yeah. I was not a big fan of those. They look very, very cheap, even though I know they're definitely expensive. I've seen how much they cost. I know they're expensive, but I'm definitely something I hate. Uh, I don't like when brands do their logo like all over their shirt or like the sock

Abe Granoff: or whatever.

Champion champion does that.

[00:29:00] Jack: Who else

Hakeem Butler: knows that repeatedly over the thing like Balenciaga does. You're like 10 1215 a hundred times on their jackets and stuff. It's just like, it's too much.

Abe Granoff: Something tells me that there was a little fallout between a potential Hakim Butler and Balenciaga deal

Hakeem Butler: the first day.


Abe Granoff: pretty indicative of that. Sounds like you'd maybe get. A deal you wanted with them, but no, I re I respect

Hakeem Butler: that.

Jack: Yeah. What's your, uh, what's your number

Abe Granoff: two for me, you know, I don't know if they're still as much a thing, but they were a year, year and a half ago, the clear see-through aviator sunglasses, girls wear them along.

Jack: I don't, I don't, I'm not familiar with those. Do you know, he's talking about.

Hakeem Butler: Not really familiar, but I feel like I'm kinda getting it in my,

Abe Granoff: like yellow, the yellow sunglasses or whatever. You know what I'm talking about? You can see there,

[00:30:00] Hakeem Butler: I know lizards type thing,

Abe Granoff: the worst where you can see their eyes.

Oh my God. So you know exactly what I'm talking

Jack: about.

Hakeem Butler: Yeah, I got you down.

Abe Granoff: Brutal.

Jack: Um, if you have to dig up a picture for us and left out to take a look at those. Um, all right. My number two,

Abe Granoff: just know they saw

Jack: my number two are the ugly Yeezy, so not like you're just over-designed ones. I'm talking about like the ones that come out and it's like.

How do people even purchase these? I know it's Connie West and easy, but like that looks like someone's wearing the foot of an alligator. Like what? How did

Abe Granoff: they talk to you about the new, like croc sandals? They got the cracks.

Jack: One they've had, I mean, he's done a bunch of terrible ones that just, I see pictures on Twitter.

I'm like, how do people think those are cool in the slightest? I don't understand.

Hakeem Butler: I'm not agreeing with that. That's, that's where I said like, [00:31:00] you gotta, you gotta get the, I

Abe Granoff: don't hate the easiest

Jack: timeouts for every pair of Yeezys. I'm talking like the.

Hakeem Butler: Every pair I'm with like kind of my guy friends, like just like fashion, music, everything.

Like I'm a Kanye.

Jack: I'm going to pull up so many ugly Yeezys and just tag you on my Instagram. Sorry. It's just going to be a slideshow of ugly Yeezys at Hickey Butler. All right. Fair enough.

Hakeem Butler: I'm number one.

Jack: Listen, we do the rank so that we can get, you know, we have the expert in the room and you know, you gotta tell me when I'm off.

That's, that's your opinion. That's my opinion. My number one. Is Coachella. It's just like

what are you? Uh, yeah. I don't know. Cam Newton definitely went crazy at Coachella. I guess if I had to pick a specific trend within Coachella, it was

Abe Granoff: like every [00:32:00] Sunday is Coachella for camp.

Jack: Well, that's also true. It's like the man dress. I don't know. Yeah. Coachella. Uh, I'm kind of happy. That's, I would say that's the one positive from Corona viruses we had.

We got to avoid all the Coachella outfits. That's mine.

Abe Granoff: Okay. But in the same

Hakeem Butler: breath. Coachella burning man for like teenagers. Exactly.

Jack: For like teen teen. I don't even want to describe them. I feel like I'll just say something off, so I'm going to let it go. I'm going to

Abe Granoff: let, I totally loved the pick. I'm agreeing with the pick.

I'm just playing devil's advocate here. Every year Coachella comes around. There were some pretty girls posting some nice photos. I'm just saying, so

Hakeem Butler: I will 1000% agree with that.

Jack: Yeah, I'm in on that. I'm in on that. Maybe it's men's fashion that Coachella. I

Abe Granoff: like. You can't hate it. All right. Okay. My number one, which nobody looks good in.

I don't care what you look like. I don't know if even pronounced raise it up or is it Fila?

[00:33:00] Jack: Those like big white shoes

Abe Granoff: that are coming back feeling. Those feel a big white shoes that are coming back.

Jack: I can feel it.

Hakeem Butler: I should have used that as my number two.

Abe Granoff: Got it. Hi. Yeah, it looks like if nurse Jackie wa wanted to make a shoe with Kevin Duran for a basketball shoe, like those big white clunky pieces of shit, get them out of there too.

Hakeem Butler: I think those are the worst shoes, one of the worst pair of shoes that are being mentored.

Jack: Hey, there you go. We both got good picks. We got it. Team's approval for our ones. All right, let's hear your number one. Let's hear your number one.

Hakeem Butler: Uh, my number one. I feel like I'm very vocal about this. Everybody that knows me knows that I, I really, truly hate this, this look.

Um, well, last year, my last year of school, [00:34:00] I think the big fashion trend with all the girls was like, uh, what you like dad games are mom jeans? I'm not, I'm not sure of. You guys look like

Abe Granoff: baggy, like I know they're called, what are they called? They're called bell bell something. Jeans, I think bell bottoms.

Hakeem Butler: Not bell bottoms up. I know you're talking about bell bottoms, but they're like dad jeans or mom jeans or something like that. Their girls have like tried to bring back and it's just like

Abe Granoff: a baggy, baggy jeans. Just never look good on a girl.

Hakeem Butler: Yeah, and they just. And then there are normally like high, and then girls try to put heels on with them.

Just because you put heels on with it does not make good

Jack: wait. So your number one is a female trend.

Hakeem Butler: So like every time I see a girl, where's that? I get like a headache.

Jack: I mean, I respect it. I like it. You want the girls if you're gonna, if you're gonna look good and every time you leave the house and their expectations should be the same for the [00:35:00] ladies.

Abe Granoff: I have a question for the group. How do we feel about, how do we feel about sunglasses inside?

Hakeem Butler: Depends on location.

Abe Granoff: I feel like it depends on the person.

Jack: Sunglasses inside, like you saw the pictures on Twitter, like all the last four, the big time MVPs have been rocking sunglasses inside. That's how fashion trends start. You know? You got MJ and then Mars, you know? Yeah.

Abe Granoff: I feel like you have to have stature.

Hakeem Butler: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. You got to be somebody to do that. Like, and I mean, if you're competent enough and you carry yourself where you feel like you can do that and becomes to you, but you gotta you gotta be somebody to do that.

Jack: Well, I think that's the fine line of fashion is like to pull off a lot of these tier, you know, fashion and trends.

You've got to have a crazy amount of confidence.

Abe Granoff: But yeah, you just have to. Give a shit. Right. But then

Jack: some people, I feel like they just don't have that stature and they show up and you're [00:36:00] just like, what are you wearing?

Hakeem Butler: Cause you can feel it.

Jack: Yeah, absolutely. For sure. Like Odell, I feel like Odell, like no one can talk.

Like he wears some crazy stuff, but he kind of has, he's gotten to that point. He killed in New York for a couple of years and it was just like, all right, Adele has that pass. He can rock whatever he wants and that's

Hakeem Butler: cool. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Like Ross. Absolutely. Awesome. The MBA.

Jack: Well, that's what I said. That's my number three Rossi is wearing shirts that look like the part I would just wasn't about that.

Hakeem Butler: It was more than just a shirt. It was like it was a lot of stuff he was wearing.

Jack: Who's got outside of you? Who's got the best fashion on the team?

Hakeem Butler: Well, I mean, we just got Deandre Hopkins. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: I'll just say some crazy things.

Hakeem Butler: Yeah. I'm a big fan of D hop, so you know, we're going to see for sure,

Jack: that's gotta [00:37:00] be like the best wide receiver room to be in this year.

Right? Like you guys are going to be just absolutely disturbingly bad. I mean, good for opposing defenses.

Hakeem Butler: Yeah, that's the plan, you know? What do you think? Right.

Abe Granoff: What do you think that you can, I mean, obviously you already had a year with Fitz. He's coming back, but now you have debatably the best receiver in football coming.

Uh, um, uh, obviously you're going to have to take a step back because that's just how it works. If you get the best player at that position, you're gonna to take a step back. But what do you think that you'll be able to learn the most from that

Jack: receiving room.

Hakeem Butler: Um, well, I mean, I, I definitely just learned a lot when it comes to like work ethic and the way that you come to work and, you know, you, you handle things every day from fits.

But as a receiver, I mean, in college I would say D hop, Mike Evans and, uh, [00:38:00] like a couple of older guys, you know, I've definitely like watched a lot of their films. And so I believe like, just to. Just to get up close and personal and see how the hoplite does things. I think I'm very excited. Have you guys gotten away for that first one Oh one.

Abe Granoff: Have you guys got the chance to speak yet?

Hakeem Butler: Oh yeah. I mean, I've met him. Uh, I think I've met him once at a friend's house and I mean, he was, he's a very cool dude. Um, I really. I'm really excited to get to work with them. Honestly.

Abe Granoff: I mean, the Cardinals are one of those teams that everyone's like very, very intrigued with this year.

It's like them, the Buccaneers, uh, the Browns obviously, like they're just one of those teams. Um, what, what is a realistic expectation for yourself for your, I guess we'll call it your rookie year, as well as the team as

Hakeem Butler: a whole? Uh, for myself, I just want to. I have [00:39:00] a couple of goals with Emmy that I definitely want to accomplish, but I mean, once I, I'll tell you, I mean, I just want to just want to make a couple plays here and there just to, just to get back in the group.

I just want to catch that first pass so I can break that first tackle and just, you know, do what I do best with the ball in my hands. That's probably the biggest thing for me. But, uh, as a team, I mean, we're just gonna, we're gonna go as far as, you know, we decided to go as a team. I think. I think there's, in the past, you know, on paper a lot of people have looked good and that's on paper.

I mean last year the Brown, there were a couple of things really good on paper and it just stayed on paper. You said that he goes,

I really, I like to eat. Y'all, y'all just didn't have any receivers at the end of the year. And that was kinda crazy to me. Like that one game when y'all [00:40:00] have like Titans playing receiver, that was, that was a crazy game to watch.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I've been telling Jack that for X amount of months, but um, I, we play you guys week 15 so we're going to have to, I mean, I will definitely, I'm definitely going to talk shit leading up to that game.

I'm just warning


Jack: now. Where's the game? Where's

Hakeem Butler: the game games in Arizona.

Jack: He games and

Abe Granoff: games in Arizona. If

Jack: it was in Philly, you could get all, you could get all the Eagles cheerleader, so just wear those ugly jeans and it came a be completely off his game.

Abe Granoff: Oh, that would be

Hakeem Butler: throwing up the whole game.

Abe Granoff: Everyone's in everyone's head to tell him Balenciaga in baggy jeans.

Jack: Uh, um. All right. Hey, Keith, we appreciate the time a lot, a lot, a lot. I'm excited for this season whenever it may come, hopefully sooner rather [00:41:00] than later. We're excited for the breakout year. Um, but we appreciate it. Where can everyone find you on social media?

Hakeem Butler: You can find me on Twitter. Instagram, you know, for one Oh team and a, yeah.

Do you sell it? You

Jack: don't have the 4.0 anymore.

Hakeem Butler: What do you mean by my phone number? I had to change, uh, you know, somebody else was paying the bill, so yeah. One of the changes,

Jack: I'm a four for three, so I never, my whole, yeah, I never got the four one, but. For everyone listening. That is, that is where the number comes from.

It's Baltimore,

Hakeem Butler: definitely Baltimore right there. What high school did you go to?

Jack: I went to McDonogh.

Hakeem Butler: Oh, I wanted to go there actually.

Jack: Oh, really? We didn't recruit, you

Hakeem Butler: know,

Abe Granoff: they didn't pay you enough.

[00:42:00] Hakeem Butler: I

Jack: played, I played for McDonogh football in eighth grade. I had my first career, Kerry went for 10 yards and then I finished the season with like negative 22 rushing yards. It was tough. It was tough. Sorry. That was the end of my career.

Hakeem Butler: You finished the season with

Abe Granoff: negative .

Jack: I was a soccer player. Play me, play me and FIFA.

All you've heard from me is I'm below the rim. Russell Westbrook. I got smacked by Hollywood and Joe Mixon. I wanted to ask y'all championship my senior in soccer, and I'll be on FIFA, so

Hakeem Butler: there you go. I don't think you'll be me.

Jack: Who's your squad? Who's your squad? Well,

Hakeem Butler: hi.

Jack: The best FIFA player. Oh, yeah.

Hakeem Butler: No, I mean,

Jack: yeah, I guess not anymore.

[00:43:00] Hakeem Butler: Yeah. But it seems Liverpool and it's not even close.

Jack: Yeah. That's who I am, and that's definitely who I use

Abe Granoff: a lot.

I'm not, I'm not really a soccer fan that heavy, but Jack isn't Liverpool and Tottenham like rivals.

Jack: They're not technically so. So you're a Tottenham fan. They're not. Actually terrible in

Abe Granoff: Tottenham and arsenal, right?

Jack: Yeah. Tottenham and arsenal are London rivals, but all right, we appreciate the time. We'll, we'll let you go, but thank you.

We do. We do appreciate

Abe Granoff: it. Best of luck,

Jack: man.

Hakeem Butler: Thank you for having me, man.

Abe Granoff: Let me get you back on down the line.

Hakeem Butler: Oh, please, please do.

Jack: Sounds good, man. We'll talk to you later.

Hakeem Butler: Alright. [00:44:00]