Last Dance Recap-Monday Mailbag

[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we recap the last dance. And we have a little Monday mail back, so let's get it

what up, fam? I'm your host Jack settlement from snapback sports. Joining me today, as always, is my cohost and longtime best friend and LeBron James supporter. If grand off April, it's going on.

Abe Granoff: Not much. A little tired, a little tired, but we're making it. Girl.

Jack: I just had an alarm. Bedtime.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. No, I said an alarm should we could record.

I texted you. The bullets. The bullets, when they do it at the end,

Jack: they've pulled it off. Oh, great. Four. Oh, run by Michael Jordan to close game six of the NBA finals. I'm curious as a LeBron is the goat. LeBron's Stan. You'll admit that. I don't think that's calling you anything that isn't factual. Correct.

What was the experience [00:01:00] like.

Abe Granoff: I mean like are you going to make, are you just, am I supposed to sit here and say that that changed my mind?

Jack: No, not, no. That's the last thing I would expect, but

Abe Granoff: I'm curious because it was dope. Like, yeah, I love LeBron James, but I love the NBA and I love basketball. Like that was an awesome documentary.

They way they put it together. Um, were there certain points that I made jokes about? Like. Like, did I really need to know how much of, Oh, Jordan was the greatest competitor ever? Like, come on, dude.

Jack: We know. Alright.

Abe Granoff: Um, but

Jack: I mean, it was,

Abe Granoff: how could you, how could you not enjoy that documentary?

Jack: You know what I mean?

Totally. I think you're a bit over the top obsessed with the, he's the greatest competitor because what the documentary

Abe Granoff: just, no, I just, it's just a shtick that's going on.

Jack: I know, but, but the thing is, what the documentary did do was kind of show like actually how we knew he was the greatest competitor of all time, but he actually [00:02:00] had a sickness.

And you know what?

Abe Granoff: You know what this documentary did for me? It was powerful. You know what? It's making me read a book. How about that? I started, I started, um, yesterday morning, the book that was, it was talked about briefly, um, in the document, a little bit last episode with Sam Smith, but the Jordan rules, you've read it, right?

Jack: Yes. I suggested the book too.

Abe Granoff: I've been trying to suggested years ago

Jack: for a year. So this is a big win.

Abe Granoff: So yeah, it kind of sparked that. Okay. Like it's, I've got nothing else to do during quarantine. Like it's already on my mind with. Um, the documentary, why don't I just. Why don't I just get fully educated as you like to call it, right?

Cause you don't, you don't consider me educated until I read these books. Um, well I'm 50 pages in and just got to the prologue. That's where I'm at with books these days. Who knew? Who knew? They put four chapters before chapter one

Jack: and you have said, and I've told you, like the Jordan rules book actually isn't [00:03:00] propaganda.

Like a lot of people are saying the documentaries, it's actually an issue. Bowser of Michael Jordan to a degree. So there's a bunch of, I got a homeless for you. We'll have a book club monthly. We'll go over all the Jordan books that you've read

Abe Granoff: now. But I mean like, look, he was a psycho competitor. We know that.

Like we saw it more. So we saw it with Coby, like growing up, like we didn't watch Jordan growing up, but we saw him in this light through these 10 episodes. And I mean, I thought these last two episodes, especially these last two, they did a great. Way to end it, in my opinion,

Jack: the sequencing that in the beginning everyone was like, what is going

Abe Granoff: on?

It was a thing throughout.

Jack: Okay. No, no, no. It can't. It came together. It made more sense, but it was a little

Abe Granoff: tense throughout it, just like there were points where it's like. I

Jack: felt like I was in 19

Abe Granoff: said, no idea where the hell I was. You're in three decades in 45 seconds,

Jack: and you're also like playing game five of the Eastern [00:04:00] conference finals while also game two of the NBA finals of a different year.

That was probably the most

Abe Granoff: confusing. You know what came to my mind, the first part about tonight, because it started with the, with the Pacers in 98 and the Eastern conference finals. And Reggie Miller's getting interviewed like as ever. A lot of people were like Obama and everything. Reggie Miller has not aged it.


Jack: Yeah, it's pretty wild. It's nuts.

Abe Granoff: Absolutely wild.

Jack: Also, while while it's on the top of my head, I feel like we got to get Charlie to put in the bull's music as the intro for this pod. What is it. But like the intro music like that, I can't sing it, but you know what it is.

so my one takeaway,

Abe Granoff: Oh, speaking of which, we gotta get the last line out of the way. The whole last line of the documentary, the 10 part, Jordan documentary culminates with Michael Jordan, a young rookie, Michael Jordan sitting there saying, one day, I hope to turn, one day, I hope to turn the Chicago [00:05:00] bulls.

Into a program like the Philadelphia 76 years with the Boston Celtics word for word verbatim. I didn't say it. Michael Jordan. I'm glad that they're Ted episodes of the Jordan documentary. We had to end with Michael Jordan successfully became a miss status of the Philadelphia 76

Jack: and then we discussed what, uh, that's success was, and it was a single title for the Sixers in the eighties, which is not, my takeaway from tonight episodes specifically was whenever the Jordan LeBron argument comes up.

LeBron, LeBron ciders like to say, well, what did Jordan have outside of the six titles? And the titles are definitely a team thing. There's no doubt about it. Like so many things had to come. Together just to win one title, but it really made me like, just like winning six titles is in sand.

Abe Granoff: I had that. I had that realization too, like, like towards the end of it I got, I was like in my head, I was just like trying to compare what was more, we [00:06:00] can talk about this.

I was in my head trying to talk about what was more impressive, really the six titles or the six Superbowls. Inevitably, I obviously landed on Brady and the six Superbowls, just like. It crossed my head for like a split second. I was like, wait a second. What? No. Um, but yeah, I ha I had that moment towards the end of it too.

It was, it was part of the way they scored it with the music in the background. I'm

Jack: telling you, they did a good job. Yeah, they crushed, but it's just like to win six T because everything has to go right at the right time. Like. Any of those shots don't fall or caramel on, makes a free throwing game one or like so many things have to fall in place that some people would say, well, they got lucky, but you could only get lucky.

So many times it had to end. It's not only Michael Jordan, but it just made me appreciate like winning six fricking titles. Speaking of when you're an Eagles fan, you know, I'm a Ravens fan. Like it just doesn't, you don't just win six titles in eight years.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, I guess we're not [00:07:00] on pace for that anymore.

Um, but you know what? It made me realize, and I, I do not like the rep and it's, it's happening in the book early on too, that Jerry Kraus is getting my man. Not only is he no longer with us, rest in peace to stand up for himself, because I'm sure he would, he would have a side of the story that, that probably needs to be heard.

I'm sure. I'm sure there's things we aren't hearing from Jerry Krause's aside, but you would think that Michael Jordan. Would have a little bit more empathy for the job that Jerry Kraus did and keeping that team together for as long as he did. Given that Michael Jordan is probably the Michael Jordan of bad executives today.

Jack: Hang it on GM though, but yes,

Abe Granoff: pay Nicholas . God knows what Terry

Jack: Rucius died.

Abe Granoff: Terry Rozier backup the Brinks truck. Like you would think he would have a little bit more empathy. I mean, he got Scotty Pippin for. I mean a couple of a couple nickels. Yeah, [00:08:00] it was wild.

Jack: He, yeah, and, and with that being said, to your point, he still seemed bitter at Jerry Kraus at the end, like, yeah.

Oh, a hundred percent when that seventh and he's just never gotten over it.

Abe Granoff: I think it was very, it's very easy to say that obviously after like, yeah, what do you usually love to go get a seven. And I'm sure Jordan stands. We'll pencil them in for seven rings after that episode. I don't want, because he just, cause he said that he would, but like they, like they said, they all knew going in.

Yeah, it was the end and, yeah, and it was just that conversation with Phil at the end, even though, you know what, uh, what's his name, rice and Dorff or something. Yeah. He was trying to snake Phil into getting stuck in a shitty situation with a bad team. Feels like, nah, I'm going to go to woods five with Kobe and Shaq.

Jack: I, I mean, I, I'm not penciling them in, but it does make you think, not about the titles, but just about. Wow. Like he really did. He only played a half season when he came back from baseball. He really [00:09:00] missed three years in his prime coming off three straight titles. Like it's unheard of to not play in that game again, to not bring back that seat.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean, it just, it comes to a point where you become too much in, like, it just shows how much of a business it is. They said, like Scotty Pippin, Dennis Robbins, Steve Kerr, even though everyone knew they weren't shit in the NBA and they wouldn't be anything elsewhere. They have been on this team for so long that that's just what happens to your market value.

Ally Dre fricking green

Jack: Trey mom was a pivotal piece and that's it. I mean, it's true. Like people are like. The, the one biggest misconception because of how unreal Dennis Rodman and Robin is as a person.

Abe Granoff: Oh my God,

Jack: I think we need to spend a, let me just make this clear for everyone listening in that NBA finals, he guarded Karl Malone Malone one 25 and 11 which is, and they only average 88 [00:10:00] games.

So he scored over a third, almost a third of their points, which in today's game would be like 33 and 15 regardless. Robin average three points, eight boards. Like it's not like Robin was actually when they talk about the trio of that team by the, by the 98 season, like this wasn't the Dennis Rodman, not nowhere near an all star.

Nothing along those lines.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. Uh, I mean, that is Robin really his dream on green. Like you take them off that team and he's really not anything, he was obviously a little bit better earlier in his career with Detroit, but I mean, the 98 season. Yeah. I mean, the way they did him at the end, like. He was gone for so many episodes.

I was really thinking like Dennis. Robyn hasn't really popped up, and then boom, he's smacking someone over the head with a chair after game three of the NBA finals. Like, okay, this is what I really thought about throughout a lot of the documentary is all the things that occurred with Jordan, how he treated his teammates with Dennis Rodman going to Vegas in between a Tuesday, Thursday game

Jack: in [00:11:00] February

Abe Granoff: or whatever it was.

With Dennis Rodman doing the dub w

Jack: gambling,

Abe Granoff: gambling down two hour. If that occurred in the social media era with the spotlight that there is, like they set it at the end. Jordan didn't have the advantage that these guys do today of posting these Instagrams and making himself into a bigger mobile like LeBron James is taking advantage of.

But it w. The social media era comes with as many negatives as it does positive. So it's, it's hard to think that a lot of the stuff that we saw on this documentary would get away with, in today's era with social media and with how the media

Jack: spends,

Abe Granoff: they can spend four words and it'll be the first segment on first take on Monday morning.

Jack: Yeah. Um, another thing that I noticed was. Like, did you ever watch the way people looked at Michael Jordan? Even people closest to him, like he was like, God,

Abe Granoff: like people. I mean, if it's the same thing with LeBron James,

Jack: but, so that's the funny thing is. I don't know what it is, but it seemed like [00:12:00] Jordan couldn't even have like close friends because I don't know what the situation was like.

It seems like LeBron is like happy and out there and has a bunch of friends around the league and you know his family's great.

Abe Granoff: Oh wait. Speaking of which, sorry, I have to cut you off. This made this day. This made my blood boil. All you hear about from shack, Charles Barkley, all these guys that, that that call the MBA and then analyze the MBA.

Oh, today's MBA soft.

Jack: We weren't

Abe Granoff: friends with guys around the league. We were pushing each other around, yada, yada, yada. We weren't teaming up. Carl Malone got on the bulls team bus after he lost

Jack: series

Okay, come on. I could not disagree more on that.

Abe Granoff: LeBron is going to get on the warriors team bus.

Jack: No, he's going to,

Abe Granoff: if that happened. If that happened,

Jack: if he ever played a competitive series against a Warrior's team that he lost to maybe, [00:13:00] but I don't know. Oh my God,

Abe Granoff: he wouldn't sex with them.

Jack: He did go six of those scrubs.

He's a great player. I, I'm excited. I'm super excited for his documentary because he's going to have like, Jordan's

Abe Granoff: translate not, you know why

Jack: my,

Abe Granoff: because of people like you.

Jack: Not really. I don't know, but so does

Abe Granoff: this, I know, the second

Jack: we get you nervous.

Abe Granoff: I just know the second that the 2011 series starts, I'm just getting a text that says like Ella Mayo with like nine Oh

Jack: eight points and crazy, but seriously like does it make you nervous protecting his legacy?


Abe Granoff: Do you know what Reggie Miller did tonight? I caught a few words that I wrote down in my notes.

Jack: What he said,

Abe Granoff: quote, word for word. You go down three one. It's a death

Jack: sentence, right? Is it Reggie? It was to anyone facing Michael Jordan. No, he's,

Abe Granoff: you think

[00:14:00] Jack: you're, you're becoming mainstream media. He literally said, you go down three one, I have to go back to Chicago to death sentence

Abe Granoff: spun that so quick.

I knew it the second I wrote it down. I was hoping that when I said it, you wouldn't have heard the Chicago

Jack: four, but you did. Um, I don't know. I'm excited for his doc. I think he obviously

Abe Granoff: seems like everyone, you kind of, everyone gets, you go, you get a hall of fame. Jackie, you get a doc.

Jack: No, this is a new, a new thing and I don't know.

Abe Granoff: I think it's a quarantine thing.

Jack: LeBron's LeBron's legacy and his playing days aren't over yet, which makes his more interesting.

Abe Granoff: We were watching a Jordan documentary about him being a Dick. Meanwhile, LeBron was hosting a high school graduation last night for all of America.

Jack: Great guy. Like what a God.

That guy is winners and losers of the documentary.

Abe Granoff: Uh, Jerry crops. Sorry dude.

Jack: Jerry Kraus is the loser.

Abe Granoff: Um, I mean, what did he win other than six rings?

Jack: Yeah. He did [00:15:00] not have the best rapper. Your winner.

Abe Granoff: I have, I have plenty winners. Winter number one, easily. Oh, this made me so mad. They did a whole thing on Jordan's security, but they did it on the other guy.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Like I understand he had the good story. He was sick. Yeah. Like all that. But come on the guy that was mean like that. He was betting with that guy's a winner in the documentary. I wonder if that guy's still alive nowadays.

Jack: Ah, yeah. I don't

Abe Granoff: know. I feel like if he was, he would've got interviewed.

Jack: Uh, I'm not sure.

He's definitely a legend. He's definitely a lot. Um,

Abe Granoff: Hm. You got new winners and loser. I'm still thinking

Jack: there's winners and losers. Um. Winners, Dennis Rodman, like, yeah, you come out of the

Abe Granoff: last 10 minutes of the documentary, it was him, Carmen, Electra, and the, and the NBA final stroke. What

Jack: happened that he can't speak English anymore?

Too many trips to North Korea. Dude, he,

Abe Granoff: he's just the man. Don't question Dennis.

Jack: Um, [00:16:00] losers. I would say.

Abe Granoff: Oh, Byron Russell lost tonight.

Jack: Oh my God. He,

Abe Granoff: Brian wrote whatever his name

Jack: is, Ryan Bryan with a Y Y O N M losers, which is crazy. Pretty much anyone from his era cause they just didn't get rings, which is nuts.

Abe Granoff: Um, what's the, I mean, you can think of, I mean, Hm. I mean, Steve Kirwan tonight. Did you know about this? Even

Jack: about his dad? Yeah. I had no idea. I didn't know it was

Abe Granoff: the craziest thing. I

Jack: didn't know how it happened. I did know about the father thing.

Abe Granoff: Okay. Someone wrote in my, in my group tonight, uh, actually it was swollen.

Uh, you know, swole. He wrote just randomly during this whole Steve curve. It was like, wow, Steve, her's the man. And he wrote, I wish he was our coach as in the Philadelphia 76 years.

Jack: And I said, okay, fair,

Abe Granoff: Steve Kerr's a great guy, but can we pump the brakes that we're sure he's a fantastic coach?

Jack: Oh my God, you're not doing [00:17:00] this.

Abe Granoff: I'm just saying like, yeah, okay.

Jack: He's a good coach

Abe Granoff: for sure, but I mean, Mark Jackson walked so he could run.

Jack: Totally. But that's what makes a great coach in mind.

Abe Granoff: Same with Doug columns and I guess Phil Jackson.

Jack: Exactly. Is is that

Abe Granoff: Jackson's different? Because he just brought in this whole new, like made them all believe in Buddhism and

fire ceremony after the sick. What the hell was that last week

Jack: in a spiritual sense, but I, I do give full credit to occur as a, as a really good coach. Like. I think specifically in today's NBA where it's less about, I feel like X's and O's, because there's so much film, you have so many assistant coaches who are just geniuses that the head coaches tend to be figureheads who are just managing personalities.

And he's never,

Abe Granoff: that is more than 50% of the job, especially in the social [00:18:00] media era.

Jack: And you see like no coach has ever been able to do it with a LeBron James besides really Spoelstra Ty Lou kind of did it like he wasn't really the big deal. But think about. Kurt kept that team. There was so much mayhem and chaos last year in golden state, like that was their last day.

Abe Granoff: Sure. There'll be a doc about it.

Jack: Right. And if Katie doesn't go down, you probably give her a ton of credit for keeping all the outside noise, keeping them focused. No. I need to drain

Abe Granoff: you to having Steph play Katie. Like there's nothing Steve Kirk could have done last year if the warriors won the title where I would have given him credit.

Well, I mean, even Bob Meyer said it. You saw that quote by Myers came out this week and said, we really just, there wasn't much joy in it just felt like we went out to what we were supposed to doing. Great. Like that's what it was. I'm not giving Steve Kerr credit for what if the warriors would have won last year.

Obviously they did it because the clay, KD, yada, yada, yada. But I mean, listen, I'm not going to sit here and say a [00:19:00] Steve Kerr who has. Three championship rings that he's a bad coach.

Jack: Yeah.

Abe Granoff: But let's just pump the bricks. Okay.

Jack: Does he use three rings? Steph has three rings. That's crazy. So does Brian Brown.

Alright. Um, let's see some questions from the Monday mailbag in regards to the last answer and then we'll move on to more general, uh, in your eyes. Is there any way LeBron passes MJ as a goat? So this question obviously for me, I think, I think if he gets to five titles, um. It will be very difficult for me to say that he's not the greatest of all time, but what about for things?

Everything's circumstantial for his gut is once again, like is a D leading the team in every statistical category except for cyst and

Abe Granoff: you're already spinning it.

Jack: I just don't understand. Like who's the best player on the Lakers right now? I don't know what. Keep going well for a year. Who leads points and rebounds, blocks, [00:20:00] all that stuff.

Let's just get the MBA back from Garrett nine 17 the question is yes, there's totally away LeBron capacity. M J. He needs to overcome a couple more hurdles, but he's, he's, he's, there's number two for me. Yeah, he's already, yeah. Yeah. We know. A final verdict. This is a good one, actually. Underscore Kaylyn Clark fi and for anyone listening, you submit your questions on Sunday on snapback Pat on Instagram.

Abe always posts, uh, to submit your questions. So, final verdict, Kalem Clark, uh, and impressions on MJ supporting tasks more than just pipping Robin. So I already touched on Robin. Pippin. I think the doc actually

Abe Granoff: Pippin one PIP and one for the whole first five episodes. Really, for me, it really turned up on the second half of the documentary.

The first five were more of a snoozer. The first five I wasn't even really. Infatuated with anything really about Jordan. It was like, wow, I was not woke on how good Scotty Pippin actually [00:21:00] was to the point where, I mean, you look at LeBron and a D, Scotty and Jordan were probably the top three, the top two of the top three players in the NBA with keen being the second best when they first.

During the first three years when Jordan retired the 94 95

Jack: I don't think Scott, I don't know if Scotty was three, but he was in the conversation. He was amazing. I will say the doc, I don't know, you'll learn in your readings. Pippin went through a lot like he was a loser. He was up, I'm not going to curse, but he was soft like it took him years and even, you know, game six, that clinching game

Abe Granoff: made him, Jordan made them into.

Jack: No, I mean, it probably didn't hurt to play as Michael Jordan, but I think the doc gave Pippin a ton of love as a child. He's a great player, but it didn't actually talk about, I mean, it talked about when he set out for the cuckold shot, which was, I mean, imagine if that happened in today's NBA. That would be nuts.

Your star player sits [00:22:00] out by getting a ball.

Abe Granoff: I mean, it's just crazy that Scotty Pippin. Throughout this entire documentary. No one really realized how good he was, and he was really the Robin to everybody's goat. That is Michael Jordan. And Robin will say himself that LeBron James is the greatest player in the sense of himself.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Because he was bitter. So, yeah. Uh, other supporting cast, I think the, we're not going to break them down one by one. Um, but I will say, you know, every team, because it is a five man game, uh, needs like a supporting cast. You can't win titles one-on-one and Kerr Paxson that everyone seemed to hit a shot if you play enough basketball games like

Exactly, exactly. So I do think that is supporting cast. I think they were built. Like very well. Same thing with the warriors. I don't think they were loaded like other teams have been in the past, and I'm talking about warriors 73 when warriors know [00:23:00] Kayla,

Abe Granoff: they were pretty like the gap between them and the rest of the NBA was substantial.

And I think you saw it, you saw it in the, in the, in the, in the odds for the series going into the finals. Like we're seeing

Jack: this to do with how good Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippin more. I

Abe Granoff: mean, Jack, it had to do with how good the Chicago bulls were

Jack: and that I am going to disagree on that. And, um, uh, let's see what else we have.

What else do we have? We have a lot of NFL questions. People are obviously very excited for the NFL. Um, um, did you see any more questions on the Monday mailbag? But

Abe Granoff: I saw someone ask if, uh, pizza rolls or chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets.

Jack: Really? Yeah, for sure. Really? Yeah. Pepperoni, pizza rolls. Nicholas, Laura, uh, Lorez ass.

That one if you could have. All right, so let's go to more general Monday and

Abe Granoff: I want to address this one.

Jack: Okay. Before we finished. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Do you think the MBA will finish, Jack? I really don't. Listen to me. [00:24:00] Here we

Jack: go. Wait, hold on. I think there's like a 0%.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I know. But this last week and a half, like the Avengers of the MBA teamed up, not Kyrie, um, which is pretty funny.

And had this phone call and all put their hands in it and said, ye ha towards the season. And they're saying that it would have to be a campus like environment. They would have to get the testing. Hear me out because you know, as I've played doctor on this podcast plenty of times before, let me put my Fowchee hat on.

Um, so the MBA's going to need all these tests. You assume that they're going to congregate at one or two locations, Vegas or Orlando. You're going to have to give all these players tests, all these media tests, all yada, yada, yada. And the whole premise of the phone call that they said was Adam silver was emphasized.

The fact that. A positive test is obviously going to arise from somebody, but they would still have to play through it as a league as a whole. But obviously that player couldn't play. Like we saw it in [00:25:00] UFC the other weekend, the, I think it was the day of the fight, the guy got tested positive for Corona and he couldn't play, so they played through the virus.

Beautiful game on. Somebody has to sit out. Maybe it's how Horford maybe it's not, but. Let me now, let's fast forward. It's going great. No one's, nothing's really happened. Everyone's enjoying it. We're back. They get to the NBA finals and we'll, we'll just say bucks, Lakers and Jada's oughta to Kupo

Jack: Tesco.

Lakers get in there.

Abe Granoff: test positive for the Corona virus. When you're doing the MBA finals at universal studios or Las Vegas, then what do you do? Like it's just all thrown out the window. Everything. If someone.

Jack: But that's not a reason why they wouldn't try to have it, in my opinion.

Abe Granoff: I mean, just think about it logically.

If you have, if you're constantly having guys, because if one person is infected on that campus area, you gotta think it's going to spread, right? I [00:26:00] mean, I just do not see that it's a fee. It's feasible whatsoever. And I think that this phone call and this FaceTime graphic that even I posted on snap back, um.

The got everyone excited this week as it should because we've been deprived of sports and anything that floated in front of our face we'll nibble at. But I just think everyone's getting their hopes up a little too quickly about this MBA thing, and I think it's way too hard for them to come back. And that was wire Oh three

Jack: the MLB kind of released what would have to happen and it just, it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

Abe Granoff: What do you have? The MLB I think will definitely happen.

Jack: Well, what they said would have to happen seems very unrealistic. All the different stipulate, you can't even shower together, which, you know, 30 plus people have to take a shower. It's going to take eight hours to

Abe Granoff: shower. You can't just go weeks when we were little without showers.

[00:27:00] Jack: That's true. That's true. Um, all right. Next question that, yeah. Thank you for sharing out Sima Maguire. Um, should we do a little NBA draft? I mean, who's going number one? Alex Megi Megi a 10.

Abe Granoff: Is there going to be a draft? There

Jack: is. They've decided to move back to August from what I've heard.

Abe Granoff: Um, Oh, that's cool to look forward to.

Who is going to go number one? I mean, the NBA is really more of a, it's not necessarily best player of it. I mean, it should be, but this year especially, there's not really that one. One guy that's standing out like a Ben Simmons. I was just the first guy that comes to my head. Um, but I mean,

Jack: uh, well one complicated part is how to do the lottery.

Like if they cancel the

Abe Granoff: sale, no, then I don't know.

Jack: And then there's the 12th pair.

Abe Granoff: Well, there's rumors that like, if they would come back, maybe they, they don't play a regular season. They go right into a 12 team [00:28:00] playoff. And some of my, Nick's friends were freaking out because they're. The next are apparently the 12th seed right now, but I mean, you would take the playoff experience, right?

Are you kidding me?

Jack: That would be on believable.

Abe Granoff: This round one,

Jack: the funniest thing

Abe Granoff: in the garden in the playoffs around one

Jack: the Knicks,

Abe Granoff: you'd be there. Shirtless

Jack: are really bad.

Abe Granoff: And breaking news

Jack: would not probably win a series, but they would absolutely steal a game off any team. Like any team, they would definitely steal a game off of these

Abe Granoff: kinds of playoffs because there's not going to be really any momentum or home.

Jack: I'll Mitchell Robinson dribbling down, chucking threes like you've seen. You've

Abe Granoff: seen Ben Simmons doing the same thing in videos. I'm sure

Jack: Ryan made a three this year. I remember that. Remember, I think I tweeted that like, remember when

Abe Granoff: you made, we made t-shirts, you made two shirts. B3 ed against the Knicks.

It was against the Knicks

Jack: when, [00:29:00] when the worst thing was having to explain to people that Ben Simmons is really good and just because he can't shoot a three, like we shouldn't just make fun of him. That was the toughest thing about. Having sports. I miss those. This,

Abe Granoff: what do you think is going first?

Because I'm going to go, ain't no stopping Opie topping cause that's my guy.

Jack: That's a great line. Uh, I'm going to go Wiseman. I think it seems like he's the consensus.

Abe Granoff: I don't know. I, I

Jack: talked to him, but he's not

Abe Granoff: for me. It's like, I feel like these guys actually get spooked out when these kids don't go to college.

It gets a little too early. I think we're seeing this to college

Jack: though. This is the Kyrie treatment. Wiseman went to college. He used the Memphis.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I know who he is, but Kyrie played 11 games, right? James Washington

Jack: did it and he played one.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. Oops.

Jack: Um, I can tell you is the best fighter in the draft.


Abe Granoff: you're going to tell me it's a mellow and he's going to love this

Jack: ball first three, if you're [00:30:00] a Knicks fan, you don't want the lamella ball at Madison square garden. You're out of your mind. Also, major, major, shout out. To the New York Knicks ticket office who sent me a beautiful email that they'll be refunding my season tickets.

Abe Granoff: Does that mean you're a fan free agent?

Jack: No, I'm not a fan free agent. I did not. Uh, there was an option between getting all my money back, which I took. Uh, or pushing it to whenever the next season is. And then if you chose that, you have the option between the $150 to the team store, $150 to the concession stand or an RJ Barrett swing man Jersey.

So I took my money back only because it seems like people aren't confident that even

Abe Granoff: if they're not confident in the direction of your organization,

Jack: Oh my God, are you kidding me? We, I need to pull up tweets also. I did listen back. To the, uh, our first ever episode and the opening line is this, I'm going to pull it up for us real quick, uh, because it's just, it's, [00:31:00] it's kind of funny.

Um, it's not that funny. Listen,

Abe Granoff: I don't, I don't really want to have to talk to this. No, I don't, but I really don't want to have to talk about the draft right now because usually it's, it's may and I usually don't have to think about the draft.

Jack: Kevin Durant. Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving will be New York Knicks.

Next season you'll be 20 bucks for that.

Abe Granoff: You all a lot of you, all a lot of people,

Jack: $20 fair. 80 comes the summer. Kyrie AZ has played like six games and is out of his mind and Kevin Duran hasn't even played a game. So did we avoid the debacle that would have been imagined if what happened in Brooklyn this year happened in New York?

It would have been like it. I don't even know.

Abe Granoff: It's 1140 on a Sunday night. I'm not talking about the next.

Jack: We are the New York Knicks. Also. Everyone makes sure to tune into my two K YouTube series has been electric. I lose like every game at the buzzer, but it's straight comedy. All right, next question.

Let's go to some football for the people, and [00:32:00] I'm starting with this question from Evan Greenfield. Evan is hundred percent snapback. Family's all over the snapback stuff, so thank you having appreciate you. Thoughts on Deondra Baker and Quintin Dunbar.

Abe Granoff: I'm innocent until proven guilty.

Jack: Fair enough. I think one of them actually did, uh, concede to the local police, but we will see what happens at their trial.

See if the glove fits.

Abe Granoff: I mean,

Jack: I,

Abe Granoff: I've got to, I've got one little interesting nugget.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: So I'm just, this is, I just read Twitter guys. All right. I'm reading what you're reading. Like, I don't know anything. But apparently they were stealing some stuff. It amounted to 37,000 I think that's what it was. You want to Google Deandre Baker's signing bonus?

Jack: It doesn't add up,

Abe Granoff: doesn't

Jack: it?

Abe Granoff: Four year contract [00:33:00] is worth 10.5 $2 million with just over 9 million guaranteed, including a 5.67, $5 million signing bonus

Jack: taxes though.

Abe Granoff: Taxes. Yes. And New York, New Jersey, New Jersey. Um,

Jack: also they get tax out in New Jersey instead of New York.

Abe Granoff: I mean,

Jack: I know they play in New Jersey, they're whatever, enough,

Abe Granoff: I don't, I don't know how taxes work.

Um, but

Jack: so you pay them?

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I pay taxes for sure. Tax day. Paid it for even before it got extended. Um, taxes are cool.

Jack: Okay. The feds aren't listed. That's the only thousands of listeners.

Abe Granoff: The only thing that stood out for me in this, and, um, there was. Some funny memes, obviously.

Jack: Yeah, definitely a good

Abe Granoff: manner.

I don't do it's dance on any good on any good story

Jack: for sure. Um, okay. Next question. I'm not answering that one. Who, when the first game of that, Oh, you know, we can absolutely talk [00:34:00] about were my ridiculous NFL standings I posted,

Abe Granoff: but let's just talk about right off the bat, you had the Eagles and the giants at six and 10.

Jack: That's correct. So before we get into that, let me clear up what happened. Someone sent me a link that said, predict the winner of every game of the season, including the playoffs.

Abe Granoff: It's like give them, I wasn't, it's like giving a spoon to a crack addict.

Jack: Exactly. So I wasn't like. Actually looking how teams were doing throughout.

I was just picking week by week and I kind of like, I'm basing off of, okay, are they playing our short week and it's all on the site. I forget what the site's called, or it's called playoff so if people want to go and actually do it and they can tag us on snapback pod play off it's, it's a really cool tool because it's simple, click and go, whatever.

So I go through and I'll read off the funniest ones. We can start.

Abe Granoff: You had the Cowboys in the NFC championship game.

Jack: Yeah, well, the NSC is Cowboys 11 and five and then [00:35:00] Eagles and giants six and 10 Redskins, five 11. That one was up there as pretty cute. Uh, the, a, uh, NFC West. I had the Rams at 13 and three.

I th I've been saying, I think the Rams make a resurgence to a degree.

Abe Granoff: The bucks winning 15 games.

Jack: That's correct. I had a box of 15 and one

Abe Granoff: wait for this whole thing. Did you go through every team. And clicks.

Jack: It puts it week by week, which is, that's why I'm saying I wasn't tracking. So like if I were going week by week, it wouldn't add up.

Abe Granoff: Oh, so you were just going off. This was one game for all the marbles

Jack: ever. Exactly.

Abe Granoff: That's exactly, that's pretty funny.

Jack: So,

Abe Granoff: so much bias played into this.

Jack: No, not a lot of, yeah. I mean it's, it's how I think teams are gonna do keep going. Um, but the funniest one was, without a doubt, 13 and three for the Chicago bears.

Abe Granoff: False baby.

Jack: I mean, that's, and I prefaced it, I said, if he's the quarterback,

Abe Granoff: I don't actually think that they're going 13 and three to

Jack: four. No, [00:36:00] not at all. But I do think they will being contention for the playoffs. I'm a big believer in the bears this year.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean, half the fricking league gets to the playoffs.

Jack: Right. That's also true. Uh, I have the cold, so I'm pretty excited about their chances to win the division. I've, I had the Browns at 10 and six, which is interesting. I think the Browns and Steelers are going to be really good this year.

Abe Granoff: That's bad news for your Ravens.

Jack: That is bad news. And then I had the bills winning their division at eight and eight Patriots, six and 10 jets, four and 12 dolphins.

Four on top. And then I had the FC West as being the toughest. I really think I need to get off the chargers. Bam. I can put 'em all in. It's our boy Austin Eckler's birthday. Happy birthday.

Abe Granoff: Well, when this comes out,

Jack: you, by the way, for once he got his guaranteed money. I didn't get mine yet. No,

Abe Granoff: he did not.

That's crazy. That's a CIM right now, but Hey, happy birthday Jon. Gruden.

Jack: It's John's birthday

Abe Granoff: in 15 minutes. John Gruden's birthday. Let's release. This is John Gruden's birthday.

[00:37:00] Jack: Speaking of John grit, and I had the Raiders going to him 14 as the AFC West. Like I was about to say. . Yeah, chief's 13 and three Broncos.

Ten six charges ten six but do I have to get off the charger's bandwagon right now?

Abe Granoff: Um, I mean, now they're not going to be good. Now. They're,

Jack: they're so stacked. It's just like, can tie rod Taylor or Justin Herbert actually win double digit games? Probably

Abe Granoff: not. How many games you think Justin hurt? When do you think just, I don't think he'll win the job.

Jack: I don't. I think there's a good chance if Tyra doesn't get hurt, I think there's a good chance he doesn't play this year.

Abe Granoff: Yes. I just, I don't see a situation where. Whenever. When's the last time? Was it really Aaron Rogers where your top five pick doesn't play a game? I mean,

Jack: Dan, I think you went six.

Abe Granoff: So to Daniel Jones.

Jack: Yeah, I dunno.

Abe Granoff: I don't know what he went, but, um,

Jack: I would like to pull up a [00:38:00] tweet and then we'll continue with Monday mailbag top QBR, verse man coverage in 2019 the Mar Jackson 91.0 next closest to Sean Watson.


Abe Granoff: you can find a tweet, a stat, a tweet.

Jack: I don't know. That's pretty good. Lamar is really good at throwing the ball. All right, next.

Abe Granoff: You know what? I was just going to go to my likes to find a tweet, and the first tweet I found was a seven. It was LeBron's. AKA miss streak in the 2018 playoffs where it's like 40.

I'm not even going to read it. It's absurd.

Jack: He's really good. Yeah. Um,

Abe Granoff: Oh, my second, like was the next banner. Technically we didn't miss the playoffs. That's

Jack: better. We didn't, which is exciting. We're building something special. You bring it.

Abe Granoff: I mean, you're the one that failed.

Jack: You're the one that paid. No. Oh, so I didn't get to finish my statement.

The reason why I'm not renewing is because it sounds like, and correct me if I'm wrong, there won't even be fans in the States for next season, regardless of what happens this year. So I didn't want to have my money [00:39:00] locked up because I got to get some sports cards. You know, the. Um, all right. Noah Thompson, who's going number one pick in the 2020 or 2021 NFL draft, I think like Trevor Lawrence is best quarterback ever already.

Abe Granoff: I mean, he's going to go one Justin Fields will probably be up there and named to watch Mika Parson's linebacker out of Penn state, or

Jack: like, he's just really good.

Abe Granoff: No, he's going to be like a top five pick. Really top 10. Yeah, he's unbelievable.

Jack: Isaiah Simmons shot.

Abe Granoff: It's a shame that college football probably won't happen because we were going to be really good.

Jack: Oh my God. We were going to the playoff.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I'm sure you were. You bet me a hundred dollars at Alinger Ellinger would win the Heisman. What?

Jack: I don't know. I

Abe Granoff: have it in my notes

Jack: for this upcoming year. Yeah,

Abe Granoff: I know. You've got me. He'd be in New York.

Jack: Oh, that's all


Abe Granoff: now. Um, but there was no [00:40:00] virtual Heisman ceremony clause, so he better be in New York,

Jack: literally in New York. Ah, alright. Last question of the night from J underscore holds zero five. And I think his avatar is Michael Jordan Dunkin. That's dope. If you could have one live sport back right now, what would it be?

Soccer came back. The Buddhist Liga was back. Erling Halon does a start. Are you, I know you're a big England fan when it's coming home, but do you watch any of that stuff?

Abe Granoff: No. I actually, uh, I approached my group in my, with my home friends, say they've got a few footies in there and they. I said, I'm not watching for obvious reasons, um, given that soccer, but is it weird that there are no fans?

Because the night before, I was watching UFC again second weekend in a row. And I had the same feeling that, wow, it's really weird with [00:41:00] no fan. This will never not be weird. Like this guy was pumped up after he won his fight. He's literally yelling into a microphone at the top of his lungs to absolutely nobody like a jackass, and it's just making me turn the volume down on my television.

It does nothing for anybody. It's just weird with no fans. And, um, I heard they were pumping noise into these soccer matches. Is that true? And then they cut it out like 20 minutes in or something. That's what I heard because it was so weird. Um, but no, you will not catch me watching much Buddhist league, but when the world cup comes,

Jack: I'm there.

Okay. So what sport, if you could bring one back right now, would you pick. I think I can assume,

Abe Granoff: I mean the op, no, I, I, you know what I, I'd rather the Sixers not break my heart. You know what, just to sleep with that, let's just put in the same breath. If the season doesn't happen, I'm afraid [00:42:00] that this stupid organization will keep rep rap.

They'll spin it like he didn't get the chance he's coming back for sure. So I'm a little torn on that end, but. Jay Williams posted this on his Instagram. Not what I want to come back, but a good point. If the MLB was the first sport to come back. Given how baseball has tried to popularize so much throughout the years, and amidst all of this, the first like legit us sport of the big four that's back.

It would be huge for the sport. Obviously it wouldn't last once football and basketball started, it would go back to being localized, but I think having the MLB in that spotlight in that limelight, I agree, would be huge for them. That being said, I hope football's back

Jack: so we,

Abe Granoff: but like this, but like.

Football doesn't start until September anyway, so like, obviously I would take baseball in June.

Jack: Hey, let me ask you. Alright, baseball's back. [00:43:00] Right. Great. For the sport. Theoretically,

Abe Granoff: and I watching Sunday night baseball every week, probably not.

Jack: Tuesday night.

Abe Granoff: The Phillies are on our

Jack: watch Tuesday night.


Abe Granoff: pie. No, no, no, because you still don't watch, I mean, you'll watch some national tower

Jack: Friday night, Friday night, Yankees, red Sox. Are you even tuning in?

Abe Granoff: Um, if one of my friends texted me, yo, I really liked the rankings tonight. Right. Then maybe for a few weddings.

Jack: I don't know. It's interesting.

Abe Granoff: I mean, I do watch Phillies games, so like that wouldn't change.

I would be excited

Jack: that this is, I know it's not a call out. It's more of just like a, an exercise I do when people said they're big baseball fans or the casual, I'm more inclined to do this with a casual fan. Alright. You watch Phillies games? Sure. How many games a year do you think, and obviously this is a guesstimate, how many would you say?

Abe Granoff: Over a hundred?

Jack: Over a hundred games? Yeah. Okay.

Abe Granoff: Okay. Okay. I'll have it [00:44:00] on every night.

Jack: Well, that's what I was

Abe Granoff: about. That it's background sometimes, but like what to what television is, I mean, I'm locked into 75 70 ish of 82 NBA games, like locked in, and that's not even true. If the Sixers were playing the Hornets on Wednesday night in January.

It becomes background stuff. If it gets closer and then I start yelling at the TV,

Jack: Bunnings, one through six of a Philly's game, how much of that

Abe Granoff: usually five through eight is my sweet spot because I go to bed early.

Jack: You really are like an old man. It's

Abe Granoff: kinda June one June one baby.

Jack: Well, we appreciate you saying up until almost midnight,

Abe Granoff: I got two hours of sleep from nine to 10

Jack: 55.

We might have a fun guest on Thursday. That's a teaser. No promise. Lead speed, this guy. Um, and then two more weeks until the official way in. Are you excited? Aren't you there? [00:45:00] I'm close. I'm at, I post breakfast. I'm at one 70, which is kind of cheating. I should be

Abe Granoff: actually eating that much more.

Jack: Oh my God, the

Abe Granoff: worst was struggling.

Jack: No. Uh, one day I was, I had five pieces of fried chicken in two portfolios for lunch, and I like,

Abe Granoff: Oh, I meant to text you. I was like, you and Casey, and you're just like

Jack: flushing. So I know I eat all of that. And then I eat a peanut butter sandwich like an hour late. I

Abe Granoff: told you, bro, PB and J's are, they

Jack: had a full dinner and a protein shake before bed because someone said that's the best thing to do is sleep on those carbs in that protein.

And I woke up. And it was the lightest. I was after a week and I had lifted heavy weights in the morning. I was so sad, but we've got it all figured out. It took a day to calculate it. Alright, so we're feeling good. We're feeling good. We're feeling, um, alright. Snapback fam, we appreciate you guys listening as always.

Uh, let us know what you think about the last dance. [00:46:00] Let us know if you have any questions that you have followups on. Other than that be gov. We'll talk to you guys on Thursday. Abe, any last words?

Abe Granoff: LeBron's and go

Jack: snap back fam much love.