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[00:00:00] What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of snapback sports pod. On this episode, we are talking to the fam. The snapback fam is live with us on zoom. We're going to promote them one by one into our lives. Zoom. They're going to bring a question or a debate and we're going to battle it out with them.

And this could be me. And a fam member, verse Abe. It could be Abe and I versus a fam member with that. He's going to be the fuck and we just should all over the line, and the best part is if they start like winning the argument, we can just kick them out. That's also the first time AIDS ever talked during the intro, which can show how hypey is this snapback fam.

Let's get it.

The Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson, his own all you

to the [00:01:00] Philadelphia Eagles drought. Brian put the jumper.

What up, fam. I'm your host Jack sediment from snapback sports. Joining me today and as always, my cohost and longtime best friend, a grant off Abe, are you ready? I don't even think we don't need any intro. I don't need anything. I'm just like, I see some names in here that I recognize from the comments.

Yeah. If you see names, throw them in there, but we're going to promote Jonathan. Go Ray without Jonathan going, bam. What's going on? You lie from work right now. You know, it absolutely does. The stop. Where are you from? I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We got a,

Oh, that's not where we're going. I want to get there. Okay. Alright. [00:02:00] My question, I'm gonna let you guys go at it first before I put in my one set, cause I don't have 2 cents right now. My question is why? Yes, Steve Kerr. You get more credit for the warriors dynasty that Mark Jackson. I'll start. Okay. All right.

Jonathan, have you been listening to the pod as of recently? Um, I've missed a couple, but not a problem. So during the last dance it was, did you watch. The documentary. Yeah. Yeah. So during the last dance, I think it was episode nine or 10, there was this big Steve curse segment and, um, it was very sad and talked about his father and losing his father and, and how that helped him in his MBA and like throughout his life and as a coach, um, one of my friends wrote in my, in my group me at the time, like, damn Steve curves the man.

I wish he was the Sixers coach. Cause you know, I'm a Sixers fan. And I said at the time. Can we pump the [00:03:00] brakes like, yes, Steve curves a great guy. He's a great coach, but what are we sitting here and giving him all this credit for when he's had the best teams? Pretty much ever one of the best dynasties ever just handed to him.

Mark Jackson built that, right? He was the original person that called Stephan clay, the greatest backcourt shooting of all time, and everyone thought he was nuts. And now it's a no brainer that that's the question. And I mean, I understand there's a time and a place where you have to go and move on from the coaching decision.

But I'm totally with you that Steve Kerr is maybe getting a little too much credit, like how do we do Mark Jackson? Is that, is that because the box coach doesn't get credit or what's the distaste for you on that? Jonathan, like always gotten credit for when he had, was it for all stars 2016 I think it was.

How Horford. I mean, that's never been done. Even on the spurs. If you think about it, there's [00:04:00] never been a war. We can be it all stars and there's never been a four way tie for players of the month, which the Hawk's starting, well, four out of the five have. Right. What's really crazy, and I think it was very interesting, is that the main cock that makes the worst different.

Even though Steph and clay are perfect. I mean it's amazing, but it makes them really different. Is the edge that Dre Mon brains? Anybody who here, here's the thing, I'm giving all the credit in the world for clay and stuff. I'm giving them 90% no problem. They'd be in the Western conference finals every year.

No problem. The thing that makes them different is the fact that Mark Jackson said, I know you guys can shoot. See the second rounder and Dre Mon green. Let's see if he can be a middle person. And by doing that it has changed everything. So it [00:05:00] makes them go, Dre makes them go, without a doubt. If you remove dry and put them on the magic, he's probably out of the league.

But on the warriors, he is an all star caliber player, which is crazy, that disparity. But for me, Steve Kerr is a really good coach. The difference, answer your question, he kind of unlocked everything. Mark Jackson had the talent. He kind of got lucky and they were good with him. But Steve, but Steve took him to another level.

So that's, that's my reason. And because in today's NBA, you know how hard it is to manage personalities. And Curt is a player's coach and is really good at that. So Jack loves that personality. But Jonathan, I'm kind of with you. For me it was a little bit of a, for me it was a little bit of a, I'm not taking anything away from Steve Carr, right?

Like there's not, it's something to say when you win three championships, it's a little bit of a right place, right time, situation. You know what I mean? You don't just get Kevin Duran and effortlessly implement, cause look, you can take one of the greatest coaches of all time, [00:06:00] Phil Jackson, and he got. Yeah.

Kobe yet shack. And they go, Oh, in 2004 let's take Gary Payton, even though he was older and Carmen alone, even though he was older, still great for the position, great for the time, great basketball players, but cut it and make it work. That is crazy to think of. So it sounds like you're kind of on curse side, but you also brought.

But I think Mark Jackson should have an MBA job and it's not even close. It's just not mine. Not mine. Speaking of your next, Jonathan, your next, it'd be in thing. I know. I know. We appreciate you starting the nice job. Great. First I'll be watching guys and appreciate the light in the box, the box. Oh, I'll come back for that.

Appreciate it, Jonathan. Take it easy. Right. Great. That's a great start, right? Cause we've really talked about that like three episodes ago we were on. Totally. Um, I'm gonna just go from the top of the list [00:07:00] for what I see. But if you see a specific name, who's been one snapback pod, who's been in your DMS, just shout them out, uh, from the attendee list and then I'll pump them in here.

But for now, let's see if we can get Daniel Choi Daniel to start the show. I kinda liked that and I'll promote Nate Pieper. Yo, what is up? Okay, so I'm a big time Cowboys. Hi, thanks for coming on the show. That's all. That's all the time we have. I'm a Baker on the, you're live on the pod. Introduce yourself where you're from and from Texas and I'm about to go get a snapback because I'm a big TCU fan.

I'm just hoping GCU can go to Texas and beat them. Did you have a question. Yeah, I did. Okay. Do you [00:08:00] think the Cowboys should trade? Zeke? First off, first off, you didn't even tell me your name before you told me that you're a cow. Oh, that's number one. Second off, you're lucky you've spent this amount of time on this show being that you're a capitalist.

Third off, you know our feelings on it, and you know damn well that the Cowboys and Jerry Jones should trade Zeke, but Hey, do you like Zeke? Wait, wait, hold on. Say that question again. Do you like Zeke? I do like Zeke. I think he too. Let's pay him more. Let's pay him more money. Alright, Nate, sorry. Nate. Nate, Nate, Scott, snapback.

Sam. For everyone watching. That's what happens when you're a Cowboys fan. If you're a Callison or you're not focused on the question, alright, well you got Daniel in here, so he'll be able to. Um, tell me [00:09:00] how you doing? What up Detroit? Alright. Heartache. Our laws are going to go far in themselves will next year farther than who?

Just in general. Honestly. Chimichurri Brown. So you are putting the Arizona Cardinals in the ENA. Yeah, I think it happened. Okay. How do you expect to do that when you're giving up 70 points a game on defense. I see. Okay. That's a fair point. But we, we did, I think we still have a young core that has a lot to learn on defense.

We still have some players who aren't quite there yet to pitch speeches kind of. She was at his best last year, but the thing that is going to be over the cornerback with Dasko Erin Murphy, we got a pretty good deal on as well. So I think secondary wise. You know how [00:10:00] much I taught, not trash on the Cardinals, but we have the same beliefs.

I've talked to a lot of Cardinal stands cause they're very adamant they're not, I'm not really a Cardinal. No, not a hater, but we're under the belief they're going to let up a ton. They're their biggest problem is actually the offensive line, which is interesting because the type of offense they play. If you get that ball out of your hand quickly, you can kind of defeat that offensive line.

They got the best player in the draft. You know how I feel about Isaiah Simmons? He can play every position on the field. Um, but for me, Daniel, I think the division they're in is too tough. And the conference, making that an issue, make an NFC championship run. I think Kyler makes that next step. You can be the top five, definitely a top five fantasy quarterback quarterback by the end of the year.

But I don't, it feels like. They want to do. They want to make that Brown's leap this year that the Browns didn't make. They want to go from a five one team to a nine or 10 when team get a playoff game under Kyler belt. [00:11:00] And then the year after cliff is in his third year, Kyler third year, and they build that young core.

That's the year. You probably look for the Cardinals. That's what the bears were thinking to buy third year naggy. Kyler Murray in the same conversation. Again, we're going to have to be fair though, last year we did take Sanford total, Tony ABD, Halloween lost one position, and then obviously let's engage.

It would be lost on a kind of. Yeah, because that's put, John's ends on when it's longer, it's like, nah, that's not what I would do. But yeah, we should've asked you about. We can for with the big boys we played with, I suitable finalists. I think that kind of shows that we don't mess it not evil with to what the Ray young teens understand that's come back.

She's very experienced. Very good. I think she'll be a good metaphor. The other serious kind of long flourish on a calibrated question. Final thing. Daniel, before, before you go, I would just say my, my series reservation is about cliff Kingsbury and winning games. [00:12:00] He's always had exciting teams and offenses.

He's always been kind of that mini quarterback whisper and he's goddamn good-looking. But for whatever reason, he cannot win. He just doesn't, he's never on the right side, which I think there's something to that for me. Daniel, you brought up a lot of good points, but there's one major point you didn't bring up about the Arizona Cardinals this year, and that is Hakim Butler, who's our boy snapback fan member, and so he's.

He's going to go for about 1200 yards this year. So he wasn't injured last year. He was

Drake, Benjamin and Detroit guys. We appreciate it, brother. Peace brother for sure. All right, so we, you know, it's my favorite thing that sports fans do, and Daniel was just so guilty of it. You're guilty of the two. I'm guilty of it. Is when you want to explain while you're to why your [00:13:00] team is good, you just go, we got him, we got, and you start.

Yeah, he just fires. Who's on the team? Well, sometimes you forget because if you're talking about the defense, it's like just me going, bro. Like we, you know, we got Fletcher cops. That's what you do. I asked you, why are the Eagles good? You start to name players on the team. Thank you. You still haven't given me a good, that's not true.

That's not true. I told you we improved out of the ball. This part isn't about me and you today. I am promoting Dylan Graham and Justin Vieira. All right, yo boys. Alright, so I got two questions. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Everyone comes in here. Guns hot with a question. I know that, but I just, I want to know you first.

Like where are you calling from? Like what's good? What are you up to? Right? I'm actually at work right now, but I just told him I needed the Moines, Iowa. Never been to Iowa. It sucks. [00:14:00] I'm never called, but what's your question? Or the first one? My first take, I don't know if you guys know a whole lot about the UFC, but I think Conor McGregor is pound for pound, the best fighter of all time.

Wait, you said you have two takes and then my second one is, I think kind of going back on the Cardinals thing. I think that when the NFC West this year, wow. A lot of Cardinals fans, hold on. I'm not a Cardinal fan. I'm gonna keep saying always have been, always will be. But my reasoning for that is Kyler Murray has been throwing to a very washed up, used to be good team.

And now he has one of the best offensive weapons in football. Listen, the Cardinals are an exciting team right there. That team that everyone thinks is going to make a leap, but like a fam is going to make, even I hate the car, knows I can be one of those. I can already sense that we're going to be rooting against Jack.

Jack. [00:15:00] You talk about that division, how you think it's going to be good, but you're very low on Seattle. I'm very low in Seattle, but entered that high on the Rams. I'm high on the rims. I think the car knows him and was in Seattle. Just means they're out in the playoffs. You know, was pretty low for your first take.

Conor McGregor's the best pound for pound fighter ever. Uh, what, what weight is Khabib? Cause he, okay. I will like I'm a Conner fan, so I'm proud we all are. I'm probably a little biased on this one. But I think Connor Connor came out and admitted he had a really bad camp. He didn't prepare himself like he should have, and if Connor can keep competing on his feet, we all saw the striking numbers could be, you can't strike with Connor, but when anyone on the ground, they're done quite over.

Right? I mean, Connor came back and took that Serone fight just as like a [00:16:00] tuneup, but we all knew that Serone stunk, and Connor was going to dominate him at that time. I mean, he got absolutely demolished by cubby, but it wasn't a close family ophthalmologist. It was, I mean, his ring has, I don't know if I'm taking Connor in.

And another could be burry match, but, or even in a, in another Nate Diaz fight, I'll tell you how I'm telling you the UFC needs Connor and done. There's no doubt about that. He's the best promoter of this sport, Dylan. But I know one thing it will bet on Conor McGregor. No matter what, no matter what, probably you probably bet on him when he fought Floyd in a boxing ring.

I would imagine. Probably hold on, Dylan. I don't even think Abe would bet McGregor. Yes. Could be. That's how big of a down it was. No matter what the odds are. I don't think that, I mean, it was a beat down, but I mean, I'm an asshole, so I'm probably not. I'm Connor. All [00:17:00] right, Dylan, we appreciate it, brother.

Good question. If I got one last thing before I go. Giga, Maggie's horn style chords, their babies. All right. Justin got, wait. We got Kansas city chiefs that Iowa. The horns down. Who's that? Texas a and M or is that just the whole big 12 at? Other than that, everyone just hates us because they're jealous.

They're jealous. Yeah. Yeah. That's the crazy thing. I don't know. Justin, I made you a post, so you should be able to turn on your video right now.

I got the merits, I rocket. I can't really say, Oh, it's it. MJ and PIP. Best player ever. Cool. Cool. I got, I got the LeBron and go. Cool. Yeah, so I'm Justin. I'm from Gardena, California, but January, I'll just say LA because it's not many people know everybody in it is like a little city. [00:18:00] Oh yeah. Big time since I was little and grew up watching them.

So love that. Colby was my guy. He was my goat growing up. So he was like the first guy we saw. Yeah, until I saw MJ. But yeah, so I had a couple, the first one I wanted to add, I know you guys already covered it, but I missed the pod. So it was about, um, M D like, who's the real goat? Who's the goal in your guys' opinion?

I mean, I think it's, I think it's MJ, but like LeBron is very close, like in my opinion, so Abe and I are gonna give you, we're going to limit ourselves to. Let's do two sentences, but first, I don't know if we'll be able to do it, but since you said we're going to give you 30 seconds as to why, make a good point as to why Michael Jordan is the best firewall.

Well, I [00:19:00] think.

One, the rings, I mean rings like it speaks for itself, but the way he loves his teammates, like I know everybody thinks he's a jerk because of like the last laugh and all that stuff, but when you're six rings, I mean you can't beat that. He wants to know in the finals I get, he lost in the playoffs, but they're doing it seems like what he did to those players.

I think he could play in here, but he could play now. If he played now, he would be. Dominant dominant because nobody could touch him, but I just think like he's like, he's just the best just because of his IQ, like the way he carried himself, like that mentality, like, I'm going to do anything it takes to win.

There's only two players I've ever seen with that. And then Colby, I think. All right. I just think he's great. Alright, Dave, two sentences. I mean, that was the one that's a good argument. I like it. And whose sentence? Two sentences. And you can [00:20:00] either use your tooth to make your point or to rebut and just attack Justin for something.

I mean, I'm not, I'm not sticking to this two sentence shit. You're not my mom. But Justin. What do you, what are your thoughts on this is what I'm worried about. It's going to turn into an hour conversation. No. Listen, why do I think LeBron James is the goat? Because I think, I think people, I'm not going to say they overvalue rings, right?

Because it brings a huge car and LeBron has his share. He. He went to nine straight fire, nine finals so far, eight straight in a row. And I asked this to Jack a few weeks ago. I said, if you switched LeBron James and Michael Jordan, um, and just switch them and put Michael, I mean, LeBron's position in every finals.

How many rings would he have? Maybe four, probably four. I'll give him 2011 because as a LeBron fan, there's nothing I can do to make an excuse for what happened in that series against the Mavs in 2011 but he's not beating, he's not beating the [00:21:00] warriors with deli Del Dova and the funky bunch. It's probably not coming back.

Three one, two. Does he fall behind three one I don't know. It's tough to say, but, uh, yes, but I don't know if that necessarily elevates, but for me it's like LeBron James, in my opinion, is. If you were just looking at their basketball skill and the NBA, there weren't nothing that, as a basketball player, I truly believe LeBron James is on another level, not only of what he can do himself and how he's been able to adapt his game throughout his career and to, and to become a better shooter throughout his career and even still be one of the best passers and in year 17.

Jack hates those two words, but, um, but his ability to make his teammates better right. To make everyone around him better, to make the right play. People are always saying, you have to. Jordan had that killer mentality. He did. Jordan had a different mentality than LeBron James has. I just, for me, it's, it's a no brainer.

It's LeBron James. [00:22:00] My answer in two sentences, the greatest basketball player of all time in my head. Means if I need to win a basketball game, I'm going to start at number one and pick that player. Then I'll go to number two. I pick LeBron James, and if you say that, but if it's one game and I want to win, I now have the best score of all time.

And I have, uh, one of the greatest defenders of all time with a mentality of I'm not going to lose this. And a mentality that never lost on the biggest stage. So that's that I could go on for years and we can get into the industry. Intricacies, but in my two sentences, that's my answer. So Justin, we appreciate the question.

Keep rocking the Mark. Definitely appreciate you guys. Take it easy. All right, so we have, we have tax lift. If it took the fifth question or sign up no more. If you're sitting waiting no more. MJ, LeBron, you guys have heard us talk about it enough. [00:23:00] We've talked Arizona Cardinals like one too many times randomly is Steve Kerr question, but these are interests.

That was dope. Yeah, that was dope. Uh, alright. I'm going, wait, I have someone I wanted. Who do you have if it's dope name, dope name. So cash, cash. Valencia cash. Valencia Valencia cash. I'm promoting you to panelist. Yo,

what's up cash? So always your real name. Cash. Yeah. For anything. Not short for anything. Where are you calling from? A fat Missouri chief said, yeah. Oh my God. How many cheese fans can we get on one podcast? Yeah, that's your question.

[00:24:00] Okay. First off cash. How do you have a second favorite team? Cause my dad's firm's name. So how, I guess you grew up in as, okay, that makes sense. But why do you need a second team when your quarterback is Patrick Mahoney and some say your dad's a full blown Cowboys fan. So at least you're smarter than at cash.

What's your question? Or your debate? I saw your podcast you guys are talking about like Zeke Elliot being traded

for him to be traded for, hold on. First of all, let's give credit to a great question. Shake it away. Football's a little different when it comes to trade. You don't really look to one person when it becomes a superstar, like when you have a superstar on the market, you don't point to trading a player for a player.

You look at those first round picks and I mean there is a team dumb enough out there. [00:25:00] I don't even think that if you're a good team and you're ready to go over the edge, I mean, I'm not a proponent of paying Zeke Elliott that much, but why not trade a late first round or for him like you look like Dallas did with I'm trading a first rounder for a Maury Cooper.

Everyone blew that up saying it wasn't a good idea because how could you treat a first rounder for a guy who's, who hasn't been that great, but if you're going to draft him a first round receiver anyway. You might as well get the proven guy in the league rather than the prospect. So I think you look to a lot of draft capitalization and.

Yeah. And if you want to go get a player, bolster up that defensive side of the ball because any more weapons counter argument to that is, you know, you're trading from our Cooper who is probably more talented than most first rounders, but then you do have to, you have to pay him a hundred million dollars.

But if you're, if you're achieving your goal and drafting a first round. Right receiver that you're going to have to pay them eventually, and the capital only go up and it'll be more money. So cash, I think like who would I [00:26:00] want the cow like I, if, if they traded Zeke, I want them to get Jamal Adams. I want them to get it.

That dynamic player, you can't trade them to the jets because they have levy on. So you kind of have to figure it out. It's the jets. Yeah. I know. You have to figure out a team that's like dumb enough. To trade for a really high price running back. And if you listen to the pod, you know how we feel about like, look at your chiefs.

The chiefs were successful with Damien Williams. He's an undrafted guy. That's how you win. Superbowl's running back pick from the chiefs though. Yeah, they did. But. And, and that's always my argument is if it's the last couple picks of the first round and your whole roster is built out, that's the one time you can take it back.

I'm totally fine with that. Yeah. And he's a versatile, he's not a, you know, he's receiving back what team? I don't know. Maybe the Rams would want someone like him. They have a little cafe. They lost girly. Uh, I don't know why it was more just the idea of, to, to better their team. They should get rid of C so.

Good question. [00:27:00] Do you think they should keep seek. I had a boy cast cast. We appreciate it. Shoot us a DM and we'll, uh, we'll hit you with a file back. Alright, bro. Alright. Alright. Nice question. I had moved a second. When you collect him that that money was going to be, that question was going to be cash. I hope Soren didn't leave.

I wanted to get Sorens always in idea and stuff. Guys, long time. This is a long time in the making. We've, we've talked in the DMS. You're all your avid snapback fam member. I'm happy that we got you on tonight. Hey, I've got the, I forgot the Ravens GATS timeout him. Did I assume that you were international?

Looks like you're from America. Yeah, no, I'm, I'm half German. I'm half my dad's from Germany, but I'm in the U S pretty ugly sweatshirt you got on and where, what's in the background? Duke? Yes sir. I'm from Durham. Just interesting. And what makes you a Ravens fan? [00:28:00] This is really weird story. So, you know, since my dad's German, like we don't care about American football at all, but when I was six, I love this show called CIMA and there's a tribe in it called the Ravens.

So I became a Ravens fan and then I became a huge NFL fan. So the Ravens have just been my team since like age five. So, yeah, we've been pretty good since then. So we have, yeah, well you could have picked like, I don't know if there are, I'm just glad I didn't hold the phone. Alright, so what's your, what do you mean you're glad you didn't pick deals?

We were one of the more successful teams in the early part of the two thousands and we got a super bowl at the end of the. The next decade. Yeah, I know, man. It's just noxious fan base and like, I don't know, you guys are always yelling. That's facts. Facts. Alright, so on what do you got? All right, so I have a bit of a hot take and I want to see where you guys like, you know, on the scales of it.

So I'm a Duke fan and I personally believe that coach [00:29:00] Mike Shashefski is not only the greatest college basketball coach. In the modern era of college basketball, but the greatest coach in any sport ever of all time. I have a question. Oh, okay. Wait. Okay. I thought you were gonna say the greatest basketball coach of all time.

So you, you think you said all, okay. So that's, that's fair. But I thought he was at modern era. So like what are we defining that, cause coach has been coaching, not modern era and he hasn't been that successful in the modern era. What, what do you, what do you mean he hasn't been that successful in the modern era?

What has he done in the past decade? What did he do from 20th there was a national champion. He's won two 11 2011 to 2015 Oh, okay. Okay. Then he's only won one national championship. He's won, let's see. He's won. Like he couldn't even take Zion RJ cam radish. Jones to a final four. He's kind of washed up.

That's my hat. No, he's not washed up. He's not washed up. No, no, no. The thing, what happened, explain [00:30:00] the thing about that scene is when you have that much talent, you have to put the power in the players. You can't, like, you can't, you know, like this year's team, he coached this team. He was more involved in like.

Right? How the team played this team, he put them in like a five outset and he just had those guys run, play ball. And that's what you do with a team like that. You don't try to like over coach them or anything. Not what happened. What happened when you put, when you put the power in the hands of the players, sometimes shit happens and maybe he's not good for the era.

Maybe he can't coach this new star led team. Yes, that's yes. Because in 2015 he coached a team of, of of four very highly touted freshmen. To a national championship. I saw her and I have a question and there's no doubt that coach K is going to answer his question. He said, no, he's wrong. He's wrong. Are you going to come back with a coach?

Yeah. Why? it won't be okay, but he's up there, but it's not there. It's him. [00:31:00] Nevermind. Why is coach K a better coach in his sport then? Greg Popovich is in the NBA because. The NBA is, is not NBA coaching. You know, and this is not to take away from any yet. You know, Popovich, incredible. I love Popovich. But, um, but Popovich, um, an NBA coaches, they don't coach teams.

As much as the team's coach, then you know, it's the same thing. It's like that Zaylon team college is so much more like personal. There's recruiting. There's like in that one year an NBA coach, that talent comes to you. It's a question of the market and your front office. It's like, so, so in college basketball, there's recruiting.

When you're saying he's the greatest coach of all time, you're including all those things. You're not just talking Xs the nose. No, I think that, I think that since, you know, part of like the greatest coach of all time, like some of that comes from the rigor. Of like the sport that he asks. Can I ask you one more argument?

I have a follow up question and I want you to answer this very truthfully. Do you [00:32:00] think coach K pays kids? I think, I think every, he definitely pays kids. How are you, so how can him being able to recruit. Cause he pays better than everyone else. Clearly I guarantee you there's no code, there's no team in college basketball.

If that's your argument. And I don't necessarily believe that that's how you measure a coach. Cause then it's kind of hard to go sport to sport, to college coaches and other sports and professional. They act as GMC they're in, they're in the know on every movie. Spell O'Brien is a great coach, but if that's, if that's what we're taking in recruiting, like growing up, I'm going to go Nick Saban just because they just, he has done it to universities.

It's football. I think it's actually tougher because there's, you know, if you don't have a quarterback for a year, like you can't really cover that up. And he's one with Adam. I would go save it. I don't think he's the greatest coach of all time, but just my counterargument [00:33:00] would be, think of Nick Saban. I have an interesting argument, and it depends on how you're looking at this, because when you take college kids.

The goal is to win a national championship, but in the back of their head, the kids that are playing the goal is the NBA and John Calipari has shown time and time again that he's able to FoST out these first rounders and get guys ready for the NBA, but maybe he's not winning the national championships and getting as far as.

Coach is, so what do you value more? Is it the college basketball season or is it doing what's best for your, for your, for your team and getting them to the next level and they're opening. That's what the player values. But when we're grading coaches, I would rather know, I like these kids are picking coaches based off of, I can get them to the next level, put in, why is everyone picking coach K right now?

They're not. They're picking, they're picking the Duke brand. The Duke built the Duke brand. I mean, in 1980 when coach K came to Durham, Duke was nothing. He built it, you know, a hundred percent did. But [00:34:00] I other name other great coaches. Top of your head aide, Bella, check pop for F Brown. I mean, what about Phil Jackson?

Like. I'm the tall put fill in there. He went from Michael Jacoby and Chad. I'm just, I don't know. It's, it's very hard to do, but I don't care. I'm not giving him, but that's the point is that like when I said to Soren, how do you not win with RJ XY and cam and Jones. He actually did win 11 rings. So I love the idea of the triangle with Kobe and Shaq.

It's just Coby ISO or check postop. That's their system to mine. So we appreciate it. Thanks for, thanks for being a huge snapback fan member. You're always in the D abs. You might have some shitty takes, but that's, we'll work on those. Yeah, keep chirping him about the Eagles. All right, brother. We'll talk to in a bit, you know, chirps the most.

Is he in here? Kiki. Keegan does talk a lot. Alright. [00:35:00] Um, we have still 79 people in here. Thank you everyone who's in here. I mean, I'm having a ton of fun. I think we're definitely going to do this again. This is specifically during, um. Quarantine where there's not as much to talk about where they have to do with this.

We need a third. We need a fourth panel member. We got to get a, we got to get a guest on here. Maybe Nate comes back on that. Be cool if we could get people in here. All right. Uh, I'm going to try will hands, man, it's kind of a cool name. Uh, let's see. I bet you we play soccer. You think I do play soccer

fans, man

from Pittsburgh, so I don't like the Ravens and I hate Penn state.

Here's the thing, here's the thing. Here's the thing. I love the security.

[00:36:00] It's, it's a love hate. It's a love hate, but it will be better than PSU. This year might not happen. Why do you say that? Because we got our trash receiver out of the way. You guys have no good talent anymore. Like our quarterback's finally doing decent now. Okay. Let me stop you there. Um, we were a top five team.

Yeah. That was two years ago. That was the last year. We were a top five team in the country. That was the biggest top five team of volts. Nonetheless, nonetheless, we have our quarterback back. We have a Pat fryer. Maurice, one of the best tight ends in college football back. We're just an all around better football team.

One of the best defenses in college football. Sure. We lost KJ hammer. I mean, I don't even know enough about ball football there. That irrelevant to say that. We have the best [00:37:00] defense. I'm putting a little reminder in my phone. I'll just say it as the top five defense in college. So we had the most shocking culture.

What'd you do? Budget. Do a Jack Jack, you talk a little bit, I gotta do a little research. Well, what did it do last year was the record. They lost the house.

That was what, I'm not the best coaching, not the greatest recruits. Touch only like one receiver and he only through horrendous. You lost your best

Jackson, but he, we still have Paris. Hold on, hold on. Well, I need to know what. Who is this wide receiver Mark Murray front. And why do you hate him so much? Because I could, they only throw a wide receiver screen. It only go for negative two yards. [00:38:00] What's that? I love, I love the passion behind being a Pitt fan.

Let's do a side bet right now. I'll just spend literally beads, Penn state this season. Oh, you don't buy? No, we already played her. The contractor. Right? So we'll do this. Whoever is a better record, if Pitt is a better record, we'll replace his Abe is my cohost on the pot. I'll also, what happens if, what happens if Penn state wins?

You get to pick. Yeah. I like those led lights in your room. It's kind of creepy. You take the lights down, you ship them to me. Then I get the lights post. Do you have Instagram? Well, I post that post tag snapback pod, and then we have a, we have an official bet.

[00:39:00] Well, thanks man. Oh, that's, that's quality. That is quality. All right. Food should be next. Um, whoops. What am I doing? Wait, is he, was that serious? Well, those lights are mine, right? Uh, yeah. That's going to be like a legit bat. Oh yeah. We can Sue him if he doesn't send the lights. Uh, yeah. Well, if you post on Instagram, that said, legally binding Instagram stories.

All right, you should have said that. What? Shouldn't have said that now? He might not post it now he's, he'll post it. Alright, let's get a Trevor stall. I'm promoting you to panelist. There we go. Good

stuff. Good. Hey, I'm going to get in trouble. I ask you a quick question. Alright. So as you can tell my profile picture, huge U of H [00:40:00] fan. Uh, my heartache U of H makes the final four this year.

No, this coming season. This next season. Yeah, I'm going to be straight up honest with you, Trevor. I don't know much about the university of Houston basketball programs, but I do know at Oliver's and a lot of shit right now, so the university of Houston is not doing too hot in the news, the basketball program for it.

The fun thing about having you on is in 30 seconds you can tell us why they're gonna make it and names look for. So let's hear it. Hello, ma'am. How are you?

That's great. Um, we lost our big man T here. How are y'all doing? Uh, Chris Harris. And then you also lost, uh, Nate to the draft. Uh, we got a great young team coming back. We've got like three or four, uh, uh, incoming freshmen coming in, and one of them, [00:41:00] I forget his name, that you think of Trayvon Mark. Uh, TaskUs I think, and I'm from Houston, obviously.

Um. But just look into them. Final four bounds. What Trevor just did is we asked them why they're going, where are you working right now? By the way? I'm at HEB big grocery store. How is it down in Texas with everyone quarantining? So I mean. Yeah, it's, yeah, we're open. I mean, I didn't work in the virus.

Really started, I sanitize carts, so I keep, I try to keep people safe as best I can. I appreciate that. I try to keep the people safe and we'll get you of age to the final four. Hi, Trevor. Get back to you. Yes, sir. Oh, that's Epic. All right, next. Uh, pers, the first time he goes, Hey, how are you? He's fully working during this job.

Um, I liked the [00:42:00] name Kim. Oh, use a camera. It's just to get here, NA camera. And now I feel like I said his name. It's kind of unfair if I don't get them in here, so I'm going to put them in here. But I know we have a bunch of snapback fam heavy members' greens in here, but peer pot. Ralph Shockey is like the sick.

His name. Like I said, you got to reward people for being like huge snapbacks. Then we've got a Lakers fan. We're going to start with camera cam. Yeah. What up cam? Where are you calling from the house practically, practically. It's like a trap. No, I'm from Kentucky, so like right below Louisville area. Okay.

Alright. What's your question? Hot take debate for us. Well, I want to go back to the deck. Prescott. I know you all talked a lot about this. Oh wait, let me start. Are you a capitalist then? Sounds like you know, let me, let me, okay. I go by non-biased sports [00:43:00] fan, but I am a Patriots fan, but I'm not one of those pretty convenient.

I'm not one of those like, uh, ignorant Patriots fans that you see all across, and I'm not one of those. I knew that the Eagles fans, they're not annoying. They're, I'll describe them as passionate. Thank you. Let's look. They are very nice way of describing them because they're annoying. Hi, what's your Dak Prescott statement?

Nevermind. Like you've all said, the leverage and everything. Are you all talked about on your last podcast? Like the calculus I've leveraged over deck, I kinda just feel like, cause he just turned down so much money. I feel like what you all said could happen, but like my thing here is they'd probably have to trade deck.

And I say this because. There's a lot of teams that can use them, like the chargers, the chargers, I feel like have a complete roster, but they're just missing the quarterback. They could love that idea, but they just spent a first round pick on Justin Herbert. You know what I mean? [00:44:00] That's, that's could be the deal though.

You could throw a Herbert in a first round pick in there and have Dalton for a year and half and maybe sit Herbert back. It's like worst idea. I've heard worse. I mean, I wouldn't mind going. I'd much rather as an Eagles fan play against Justin Herbert for the next 10 years and play against Dak Prescott.

I really do think Dak is a good quarterback. Good enough. He's not one of those franchise changing quarterbacks. He's one of those, if you put everything around him. Exactly right. It'll think that's the argument kind of. You have the best running back in the NFL in Austin. Eckler as you know, and accountable, and you have a lot of pieces.

So in theory it works. I think the chargers they want to build for the future. I don't know if they want to give DAC the money that he's looking for, and I, I genuinely don't know how much they value deck over tie rod Taylor and having to give up Justin Herbert and the first when you have to pay deck, I'll tell you this cam.

[00:45:00] In Madden. I love that trade. I do that trade cause I agree with you. I think that kind of could get them over the top, make them a consent in the AFC West, whatever happened. Or the NFL is like boring when it comes to all the people love to discuss. What if this would have like no big splash is ever really theoretical.

That's why. That's why I said if DAC actually hits the market, it'll be one of the biggest, I mean Tom, yeah. But in terms of how many people could use his services, it would be one of the biggest, given his age, what he's accomplished. I mean, you have to pay him, but hopefully Jerry gives him 50 a question cam.

Thank you. Alright, one more comment and this for you, I know it's a little off the hair because no barber shops are open, but your, your body language, your voice. The flash. Barry Allen, have you ever watched the flash? Literally are [00:46:00] just like him, the way you act. What's his name? What's his name? The actress grant Gustin.

But just look up the flash. So you're saying I'm Hollywood. Yeah. You're Hollywood. Nothing like that. Uh, thanks to cam, you now have to refer to me as Hollywood. Thank you, cam. No problem. Um, maybe he was saying just the way you go about like your, your antics, but like you said, that's what he's saying. Well, he didn't say the hair or the barbershop.

I dunno. Um, alright, let's get, let's get, um, I'm going to close my eyes and pick someone right. Let's see who we land on. All right, Andrew Eagleson cause I don't want it to be unfair cause I know the names and stuff. Hey, what's going on? What's going on? Andrew, where are you? He's not at work. He's now off the phone in my room here.

Where are you gaming? I was playing some war [00:47:00] zone. What Jersey is that a jets Jersey.

Then this year because did you hear the episode where we had the dolphins beat reporter calling? No, I didn't catch that one. It was really good. His name's Dean care. Uh, he called in after the Eagles lost the dolphins. You from Miami? No, I'm actually from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Are you still there? You still live in Canada?

Yeah. Yeah. Nice. All right. Okay. All right. In the most Canadian accent, because we'd like to tell sponsors that we have an international audience. All right. Do you think the dolphins. Or a super bowl contender in the next two to four years. Okay. Right. I thought you were gonna say this year and then we're going to know on, on, on in the next two to four years are the Miami super bowl?

Can, can I, can I, can I throw some stats at you? Sure. Talk [00:48:00] about that. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the oldest player on the roster. They have 10 selections in next year's draft after making 11 this year. You know, picking up a curve is Curtis Weaver and your guy.

That's all I got there. You guys, um, that all sounds great. But in the NFL, when you have all that available to you. You have to make the right decision with all these assets that you have available to you with all these draft picks, like 10 draft picks means nothing. If you take the wrong guys, and we've seen organizations time and time again mess up and take the wrong guys.

We're yet, it's very easy to sit here and say they have 10 picks next year, but I mean, they took two of this year and Jack's biggest thing is your Superbowl window is, and correct me if I'm wrong, it's when you're on your rookie contract. Yes, I agree with the word or you have [00:49:00] to add everything perfect around you.

So I mean, if two was the real deal within the next four years, that's when his first contract is up. Why not Pat? My home's won a Superbowl within his first four years. Carson Wentz was going to win one before he went down the next four years. Why not? But I'm sure Jack can tell us why not. No, I, I, in the next episode, in the next two to four years, I mean, it's very tough to predict four years, like diners in four years, I'm pretty sure went to an NFC championship.

We're the worst team in the league, and then went back to a super bowl like four years, a very long time in terms of the NFL. So can I say no because. I mean, technically I could say no because the dolphins franchise historically, I mean, they haven't won a playoff game in your lifetime. Put it this way.

Four years ago, the Broncos and Panthers were in the super bowl and this year they were both in the top 10 in the draft. That's how [00:50:00] much things change. That's not accurate. Is it? Yeah. The brow, the Bravo was like 14 and chill on drew lock. You know about drew lock. So could they in the next four years? Um, yes.

In the next, let's talk next two years. You believe in Brian Flores. 100% and they're building the new England desk culture there, and I trust everything is, they're doing everything right. They're building the old line, they're building the D line. You're not worrying about not worrying about all the fancy stuff, paying big money for running backs, receivers, none of that stuff.

They're building the trenches and that's, that's where you need to go first. If you're going to be Jordan Howard, not big money and to your com. You, you have to overate and corners locked up. The highest rated overrated. Come on, I feel like. Yeah. Jack, have you ever watched Scooby doo? Uh, the episode where the monster on zips, like, I feel like, I feel like Andrew's about to unzip and Dean's not a pop out.

Well, [00:51:00] Oh no. We have our, we have our dolphins beat reporter coming to us live on the pod being care. Andrew Eagleson is a diehard dolphins fan. He's actually from Canada. His question was. Could the dolphins, or do we think the dolphins will win a Sue law in the next two to four years? Two to four, eight.

I'd like to think so. Yes. I think getting a sure fire day of the draft. I think you were telling me that you guys are going have content for one this year. No, we're totally off pension this year. I can pull up those texts right off contention this year. Absolutely. Super bowl contention the following year.

No doubt. Nothing is for certain in the NFL, but you'd like to think with the coaching staff that Florida has put together and Flores alone. Along with the talent along with still the fifth most available tap space going into next year's free [00:52:00] agency with the talent already on the roster, they'll be one of the most formidable teams and we'll be competing year in and year out as a top contender in the AFC and probably the best team in the AFC East after this year.

Jack, Jack. It kept faces nice and all, but you've got to spend it the right way. And Jack says, has this point that you guys overpaid for two, two of the most overpaid corners in the league right now. So it's nice to have capture base and all, but are you trusting your general manager to use it the right way?

Overpaid, I think is, I mean, what are you considering overpaid Byron Jones? Numbers over the last is the best corner in the league. Uh huh. He, he, I mean, obviously you have stuff right now, so I can put it on social media. Stephon Gilmore, obviously. We know the way it works with contracts, when there's the, when there's a top, top available player, the same way a guy like Carson Wentz gets paid, even though he's not the best quarterback in the league, he was the highest paid quarterback for the [00:53:00] time being for st Paul about timing exactly the same way.

Obviously not well flack was coming off the super bowl, but you nervous about Joe Flacco and the jets. The jets aren't shit. That's the one clip. So why can't you guys win the division this year? I fully think we can win the division this year.

I don't know. I'm not sure I'm ready to say that yet. It sounds like we have a rational dolphins fan and an irrational doc. I mean, the thing is, it really just depends on if you buy into Georgetown. I'm not worried about Adam Gates and the jets. No, not at all. I really think not even as much as the Tom Bray.

Yeah. I still think Belle checks an unbelievable coach and Bellacheck will somehow find a way to win those games. But I think for sure your roster itself was, you know, they had the names on them, but their roster itself isn't very, like, they lack loss and [00:54:00] check. Is it nice when we have two dolphins fans on right now and they're talking about how they could have, they could make the playoffs next year and that's cool.

And, and it's like. That's exciting for them because it's something that they've probably never experienced and like relax. You act like you really know in their lifetime and written their life is nuts. That right now really the only way is up. Like you'll get to Andrew have never actually watched the dolphins win a playoff game, which is insane to think about.

It's not like this is, I'm excited for you guys. Welcome, welcome to the NFL. Yeah. You saw the Tannehill got hurt game or before Matt, Matt more against the Steelers in like 2016 or something. They've been riddled in mediocrity and the sack that gone from, you know, when we tore down the roster. And I pulled a lot of power ranging, still say like, I know the FPI rankings came out today and they had dolphins at 27 I'd be, you know, I don't care about that.

Those [00:55:00] guys aren't, I don't care about nerds. Look, they haven't, they have an unpaid, have a very, very difficult schedule. We get the ASU West and the NFC West, which are probably the two toughest division. So everyone in the division. Exactly. So there's everybody individually. It's just a matter of like, like everyone's saying, okay, like a lot of the dolphins fan base is saying, okay, they won five games with one of the least talent strapped rosters in the NFL, and I, I do think that team was so talented, pleaded, and now they actually have a ton of talent everywhere on the ball.

Like there really isn't, I guess you could say. The depth. That linebacker isn't great, but they're secondary is stack a ton of noise. Andrew, what weak does to attack my lowest start for the dolphins? So I think it's later in the season. It depends on, it depends on it really, to me, at least in everything I've read, it goes into the team doctors floor as we know.

Is that we saw it last year as well [00:56:00] when he decided to play Fitzpatrick over Josh Rosen playing Josh Rosen this season and letting him learn and building him up. Would it be, would have been technically for growing your franchise, the smarter move, but he knew that Fitzpatrick gave his team the best chance to win even in a season when like.

Technically they were trying to lose. It's going to play is to, it is a hundred percent that the team doctor said, we've ran every test two is a hundred percent and there's no way by playing him this year and he gets hurt that that same like that same chance isn't going to exist. Just start up next year, it's a hundred percent it's like two is technically the best quarterback.

That's the question though. In his rookie year, you think two is better than fits man? Like, I don't know. I don't know. If it was up to me, I would, I would let Fitzpatrick play the whole season. Maybe give to a game right at the end, because if you look at the guys who sit for the whole year more than that, like moms or you know, Roger's sat.

All those guys [00:57:00] seem to be successful, but the league, he also said he goes to is the fact,

but the way I look at it is people forget how unpolished of a product, Patrick, my home's was coming out of tech. He had no idea how much Stravinsky went. Second, you're telling me, Pat, my homes was not anywhere near the Polish product. That tool was coming out the way to a Reid's defensive and his IQ level on the football field is already that have like a very, very talented NFL quarterback.

Whereas Mahone's needed time to learn, understand the playbook to is coming from a pro ready scheme straight into Chan Gailey scheme, which is the same type of spread off and see ran at Alabama. So I think a lot like, I definitely do see the benefits of sitting and letting him learn, but that also goes to show more.

So for those guys who are. Not as pro ready to come in like it's too as injury we've got to, it wasn't [00:58:00] injured this year. There is a serious, serious debate as to who's going one overall between him and Joe burrow. And it's like undoubted that burrows obviously going to go into Cincinnati and start that one.

I don't know. I wouldn't want to throw them right into the fire right off the bat. Like the old line. Sure. They improve a little bit lacking that is subpar, so I'm not sure. I want to throw this kid right out in there and he's going to be getting smacked. For the entire season. Just, you know, let them, let them develop.

I think I just talked to myself into the dolphins under this year. I really, yeah, I'm hot. I mean, I listened to Dean a lot. He's a great beat reporter. That was great. But to me, what's over under Dean? What's their projected window. Six and a half. Six and a half. It's in the house. That's alright. Alright.

Alright. We appreciate our dolphin stands. Last thing Andrew, thoughts on Juki Grant's contract with the Miami dolphins? Aye. [00:59:00] I'll go into education because Twitter recently with some worst contract in NFL history, a returner like second string wide receiver Mark Brett, real quick, I've ranted off right now.

So there's been these, he's been posting some workout videos and we all know workout videos, whatever you're talking to, Ben Simmons and Mitchell Robinson, they've been going to the tape and. Greg really is on pressable at the line of scrimmage. He's too small for physical corners to get their hand on and he's too fast for even the smaller corners to touch.

So release is untouchable at the line of scrimmage. And they're saying with a guy like who can make that read in a split second, those slants that he threw to Judy that he threw to Henry rugs all season at Alabama. That is going to keen grant is going to slide straight into that role, but what about your team grant slant, and then he gets hit once and he's out for the season, like the last [01:00:00] two years.

No, dude, you didn't, you didn't hear Danny's Tyree kill. Well, we know that that's what he was getting that, but what about Tyree kale? So it's not a proper opportunity. But wasn't injured from getting like shit. He tore his Achilles one year off of cut, which like, you know, plus and fell off. The dolphins are a fun team to, to stick with.

Um, is this the year? I don't think so. I think once you get to a really engulfed, and it's his team in the next two or three years that, and that's when we start having serious talks, but to throw two in the fire right there and to expect much of that dolphins team, I think it's a little too much to ask this year.

Fair. Fair enough. Alright. Too much stuff in stock where your voice fins up fins.

They do have the, is it a T Payne song? Oh yeah, it's fire. We just spent 13 minutes on the mind. [01:01:00] Do you think Dean would put his fins up faster than he would put his horns? Nah. Um, but you can only put bids or hearts. We should ask them on air because it's this or that. We do always talk about, well, you could tactically do both.

Name one animal that has horns and defense. Horns and the fin. Uh, I'm sure, uh, like, um, there's animals, you know that animal. Whoever I call and tell me what animal. Alex. Tobias, please. You're only coming on if you can tell me an animal. It has fins. Like seals, seals, probably have, dude, what? Deals don't have horns.

Many horns. Could you just say, Alex, do seals have horns? No. To Google a seal, grow up dope. Last name, Google. I Google seal and it's a singer. Yeah. Very cool. [01:02:00] Last name. Walrus is walrus. Walrus is kind of, that's what I was thinking. You guys get to Tobias, introduce yourself, and then let's see what you got to say.

I am from Maryland. Oh, hold on, hold up, hold up. Jack just called it. I'm saying it's like a horn dude. You just called that. That's essentially a horn. That's a tooth. That's a tooth. And where do you see a fin on their head? What's a fin? Just from a fish fan and horn. Google search. Alright, the horn shark, the horse, no way.

A horn shark fins. It has a short venomous horn and you know, they have, I don't see a horse, I don't see a horn. Literally call it a horn chart. Oh, come on. What you think [01:03:00] they call it a horn chart game doesn't have a horn. I don't see one. All I know is I'm building a Madam franchise tonight, relocating them to Maryland and making them the orange sharks.

All right, Alex, what is going on from Maryland? What's your question? Um, this is a more of a personal question for you guys, but, uh, like that we should have, how did you guys like become best friends? Because like, Jack, you live in Maryland. I live in Philly, so I'm wondering how you guys became friends.

Jack. Yeah. Well, I hate it. So you know that if you listen to podcasts, but we went to summer camp together, so we grew up, we went to a champ called camp green lane. Can't believe we just gave them free advertising, but it's a camp in outside of Philly. Uh, my family was third generation there. So my mom went, my grandmother went.

So that's, we were like, the only, my family was like the only people who really went from Maryland. So it's mostly like New York, Jersey, and PA kids. [01:04:00] But I grew up going to camp since I was eight with a sports scam. Um, and then coincidentally, we're also always on the same team, always on the same size, on the same team, which was.

Because Abe wasn't the athlete. That's not true. That's not right. Yeah. I mean that was a different athlete. I was different. Different than the Prince fielder type of athlete. Right. Who's your player comp? I can pretty much do anything. So your dream on Alex Sue's, your player comp in whatever your favorite sport is.

My favorite sport is, bless you. But it was never who's ever in the room.

I'm not really sure your mind player competence, it's your player comes, just make it out. Wait, where are we? Oh, he's from Maryland or you had to be go over that. Oh, Ravens. Oriels fan, man. I heard Ravens hate the Eagles. Eagles. Did you hate the Eagles before you listened to [01:05:00] the pod? Uh, no, but it's fine.

What we want though. Abe's Abe's literally like, I got one on my list right now. It's good question. We appreciate it. Go Ravens. Hit us on the DMR. Let me, I'll tell you the story about when Jack shit, his pants,

it did happen. It did the story. Um, and you can ask him about his time at. Abe grant off underscore at understand ad it, you change it. It's just he may have grabbed off. She made me take out the underscore. Yeah. Alright. Adam Grant off DMA, and he'll tell you the story of when I pulled my pants. There's, there's more than one occurrence so we can pick, yeah.

Each time I was a grown adult, maybe not. It was like a couple months ago. It actually didn't make the blog. Maybe it's all right. So the, we still have 70 people in here, which is, Eddie showed emotion here. [01:06:00] Each? Yeah, he's in here. Oh, I think he just left today. Why? Why is it, he just added me on Snapchat like gotcha.

So everyone who's watching, first of all shout out, cause we're, we've gone over an hour, which is really sick. I got to pee. We're definitely going to do this again. Uh, our second to last person, I'm going with Kotter Duffy. Because it's an all caps, all caps stuck out and it's a sick name. Next time we do this, I feel like people are just going to make their names now.

Now. Like the sickest shit. Everyone's adding me on snap and that's all good. You're going to be famous. All right, here we go. Pull it up.

I'm not here to talk about the birds. You're not here to talk about the Eagles. I'm here to talk about. Villanova, Villanova. Hold on. I think Avon to get something and I'm not sure where he went. I'm just [01:07:00] staring at his ceiling right now cause he's got to see this. Like I'll whip out some other stuff. He, Oh, he saw it.

He got up to run and get something. It looks, Oh he is the same. So I shared this. Yeah, most likely. And I got are you from, where are you drove back? Uh, Philadelphia suburbs. Now we're in Pennsylvania. Main line. Yes, sir. Oh, sort of. We're not technically, but like the main line's always expanding, so sort of like my mom is a teacher.

She teaches on fully in Eagles Jersey it to the mic season tickets. Hey, I've come to a game with me. I'll hit you up. I don't think he heard you. Hey, did you hear, did you hear his offer? Well, first of all. You suck at technology. No one could hear the song cause you didn't put it at the mic cause second of all he caught her invite.

I'm going to throw it on. Throw that shit on. Did you hear what I [01:08:00] said? He invited you to a game. What game? Let's get it. God, I'm not sure yet. We always end up so we, we have four tickets. So whenever my sister can't go to a game, let's do it. We'll make a blog. We'll tell him I'll hit you up. What about re, you know, Ravens Eagles is this year.

Oh, yes, sir. Wait a second. I missed all the, I missed all the audio socks. He actually said that he wasn't going to talk about the Eagles, so I'm, it's fine. I just want to know where out where outside of Malvern. Malvern. Did you go to Malvern prep? No, I go to great Valley, which is like the public school near there.

I have friends that go to Malvern, go birds maybe. What do you want to know about Nova? Okay, so all I have to say, uh, my take is that Villanova could win two national championships in the next three years. They did it a couple of years ago, but now, last year there, they only graduated one dude and they're sending [01:09:00] one dude that's supposed to be a lottery pick who a very good player in Siddique Bay, but last year's recruiting class, so like not the ones coming in this year, but like the sophomores had four top 100 recruits, one of two of them being in the top 15 at 14 and 15 Jeremiah Robinson or on Brian Antwon.

We didn't get to see what their transfer. Yeah. He's at Washington quintile. He's gone. He wants to Bama. Everyone. Every Nova fan hates Quinerly. It's so funny. When he came in high school, man, I was like, Holy shit, we got your mom. Exactly. And I like texted my group chat right away. And then he was just terrible.

I was like, what the hell? Right. So my response is. If these guys are so good, what makes you think they stick around? Cause it was very lucky that to win two championships with the same set of guys is pretty, yeah. Yeah. So well number one, I would have to say the main thing is that Collin Gillespie is a lot like.

RGB timeouts. I'm out [01:10:00] Gillespie's not in his eighth years. It's like Perry as well. He's one of those guys not Gillespie's senior year is next year, so I'm counting next year, chip, and then maybe two years from now. I love that from a known event. Next year, the chip and then we'll go. Yeah, exactly. So I'd like to say the guy earlier was talking about how Shashefski is like still one of the best coaches and kind of how chefs do you build Duke Duke the same way that.

Like Jay Wright built current Villanova, and I think Jay Wright is one of the greatest basketball minds in the nation. Um. I also think that the guys will stick around because two of them were like, one was the 50th recruit Justin Moore, and the other one was Eric Dickson, who's from a Philadelphia suburb.

He goes to Abington Abe, if you've ever heard of that. Well, he went to Abington mountains, so Eric Dickson should end up being good. I just think. We didn't get to see him play this year, and we also didn't get to see a lot of Anton because then Sean was hurt most of the [01:11:00] time. So I think that Jeremiah Robinson, Earl and Justin Moore will stick around because they're both like Jeremiah Robinson or all would have been a very, very late second round pick.

So unless he becomes an absolute God, he's supposed to be the next. Eric Paskel pretty much as he develops his outside shot, like when Pascoe came in, he was the. You know, super athletic guy that couldn't shoot as well, but then he built his shot and you know, I think that those guys are gonna help us win two championships the next three years.

I think that Jack, you asked the question, you said, if they're so good, why are they going to stay? But you look at Villanova throughout the years, and it's kind of the program where Jay Wright has his success with the teams where the guy stayed the longest and these guys are staying longer at Villanova.

Stuff is done. Back to 2009 with the Scotty Reynolds, the Randy Ford teams, like when they were good back then. That's because these guys were sticking you around all these times when they had Kyle Lowry and then you did the same thing when they had Jalen Brunson. They had [01:12:00] all these guys that were staying around.

If these guys can stay around and they pan out, and yet, why not? Jay Wright has built a system there where he's shown that he's able to take talent and develop it. Into their greater years and have success, but I mean, this is why we're just like the third person that said that they're changing. I want to final for college basketball.

Just the way it's formatted is impossible to tell because it's a, it's a one and done every year. I mean, I understand what you're saying. You think they're, they're going to be a team to look out for and that our championship contenders going into tournament Jay Wright can develop his talent than, yeah, I agree.

Fair enough. So up red, white, blue prism, black cards, or was that your first one? I have a bunch in my drawer. I am looking to move some of them, but I love buyer and seller. Right. Hotter Cotter. What do you know about Phil booth? Um, what do I know? What do you mean? Well, like, you know, I played [01:13:00] against them in high school.

Did you actually video? I took a video when I went to a game this year. I was like Jersey retirement and Phil booth and Chris Jenkins were there and I have a video of Chris Jenkins, like giving those up to me. But Phil booth did it earlier, but I just didn't get it on video. All right, so my ties to Nova.

Weird. I'll tell you. So in high school, Phil booth was in my conference. My team McDonogh when Owen 18 in conference, we didn't win a conference game. I was just starting point guard. Phil was on Mount st Joe and they won the state title. The conference settled. They won everything. He was nasty. The first time we played at Mount st Joe.

Phil booth had. 30 points and like four breakaway reversed arms back in time. We played a main conference. It was at home on my senior night and he tripled, doubled on us. And, but my favorite story to tell is we are down literally 30 points of the half. [01:14:00] And we go on like a four O run and they move Phil from guardian, our shooting guard.

Some guard me as if that was like what was running the offense. No one affecting the game. So that's my funny felt. This story. And then Chris Jenkins, I was actually at the game when he hits the shot. Phil booth is the leading score for like 90% I think Bronson or someone passed them at the end. But then have you ever seen Chris Jenkin phone cases like from a shot.

No, I'll send you a picture I made. Chris Jenkins is like celebrate Tori phone case with the design of him hitting the shot. And that was like our biggest seller is the one where it's like Kim kind of like animated and the apples, the basketball, you made that, that's crazy. But if you know Miquel bridges from watching those games, McKell went to my high school.

Gotcha. He's not going to be another fun. They'll know the story tie that we have. I. I grew up with [01:15:00] Jaylen Bronson. He was from cherry Hill, New Jersey or more. He is New Jersey. He was like in our immediate friend group and then his dad at a very young age. Fire his dad at a very young age, and that's when he moved out to Illinois and, uh, went to Springfield spring side and he was like the Illinois player of the year.

But yeah, I saw him this summer at a bar. He was actually supposed to come on the pod. We'll work on it, work on that. Hi, I'm Donna Kotter. I'm a big investor in McKell. I like bridges. I think the problem is everyone keeps getting trapped in Phoenix, like they're just not a good organization. But we traded, you know, we traded for, for Zaire, right?

Yeah. Good trade. No, we got a, we should have kept, we got a future first round or that got us Tobias. Keep your mouth shut. Jury is out on that. All right. Connor. Connor, go. Birds. [01:16:00] All right. I will definitely see Cotter at Ravens Eagles. Yeah, that's for sure. I will definitely, you might as well just, what was his last name?

Duffy. Call me. I'm part of the coffee family now. All right. We're closing with two snapback fam members. This is what you do when you are the number one fan members. You get rewarded so. Pure pod and green Greenfield. It's nice to finally put a face, the same name. This is what happens. Ah, that's what Greenfield

Oh my God. What is happening with us? Go it was that Pierpont? Yeah. Carson above his bed. Ridiculous. That's what we're talking about. Who's your team? Oh my gosh. Oh, right. Okay.

Yeah, very loud. You know how it is. Um, alright. I got [01:17:00] both of you guys in here. You guys are the OGE snapback fam. But let's hear, what are your questions? You can both ask where you can get on on a debate, whatever you want. I just wanted to know winter's first Pierpont go ahead. Why are you such an Eagle?

Tater. I mean on my screen. He's over there on your screen is probably over there. It's, it's my cohost Abe. That's why I'm an Eagle Seder. I just despise everything and every one about them to to

why? What about you and the maker? I thought I heard you like, Hey, there's no hating the pic. The conversation about rigor was one. You could've gotten just in Jefferson, right? They, they took Gregor first, so my theory was, okay, you could have at least traded back. Or you were so close to getting CD lamb, why not make that move if [01:18:00] the draft capital, I just didn't like where they made the pig, I didn't think they got the maximum value.

Even though rigger was their guy, there wasn't any, at least public indication that he was going to be taken off the board and they had to take them there. If you don't have to defend the pic, that's not defending the pig, but you're saying, you're saying there was no public defense like that Jaylin rager was going to be there and the guy we don't know leading up to the draft.

That's all it was coming out at Eagle's campus. How much they liked this rager kid. Right. But the league. Right. And now you got our sort of state. Yeah. And uh, but the thing with Jefferson is. She was the second receiver. So we use guardian. This is classic fucking, I didn't mean to curse, but it just is. So Philly, if you guys had drafted Justin, this guy, she was in Ellis national.

Talk to me about how fire the Jalen hurts you. Talk yourself into that one. Oh no, that's horrible. [01:19:00] There we go. There we go. Hi Greenfield. What do you got for me? My question, you want to know why? I think the Seahawks, because I personally think we approved, I mean, we drafted some pass rushers and I think. A lot of it depends on if we resigned Clowney and we upward our offensive line is what we drafted Damien Lewis.

We signed some decent offensive Wyman, like thinning and chill. So I want to know why you think like this off. You're gonna miss the playoffs, especially since now there's seven teams. You can make the point. That's a fair point. Um, why are the Seahawks not gonna make the class? I think the Rams are going to be better this year.

I think the car knows they're going to be better this year. I think the Niners are still going to be good. So what did they go on the division last year? Do you know? Off the top of your head? Well, I think we split with the Cardinals. I think we spoke with all three. Okay, so you go three and three in the division.

Last year, you got to a fairly easy division in the AFC North. We obviously smacked you guys in Seattle. I mean, that was a demolition, but. You barely [01:20:00] beat the bangles, you beat the Steelers, right? Ben was out and there was a Peck six. Yeah, that was closed. Uh, you played the Browns, you beat the Browns who weren't very good last year.

So, and then you went third. You won like 11 games by one score. So close game regression, close them regression. And there is a hundred percent an argument to be set. Russell Wilson wins more close dams than the rest of the league. Because he is clutch and he's a, he's a prime time performer. But to win, like if they flipped one score games, I think the Seahawks were three and 13 which is nuts to think about.

So I just think even if the, even if you get a better ramp, maybe they go to him for in the division, maybe you then have, what divisions are you playing on your schedule? We have AFC and I think we have the NFC East. Okay. Well, I mean if that's the case, then you do have theoretically eight games. That shouldn't be insanely tough cause those are the [01:21:00] two y'all.

We do. We do. We do. Yeah. Those are the two worst divisions in the NFL. The FCC is on the NFCS, maybe IFC South, but two of the three worst submitted is without a doubt, and that's not even dissing. It doesn't have to be a dishonor. It's just a fact. We should be able to win all eight of those games, but I think we'll drop maybe to the Cowboys.

We have the potential to win our way. I don't think we will. No chance you went to the Eagles.

That's a good pick. I think we lose that one and then I think we'll drop the Bill's game. Definitely. Greenfield. I have a question for you. How on a scale of one to lock them up in prison, how dirty was that your Davion Clowney hit? It was pretty dirty. I'm not going to be biased against that. It was pretty dirty, like he was right on the helmet.

I think. I know. What do you think about, do you think they're going to resign? Clowning. [01:22:00] Um, I don't know. We have like a tight cash based situation right now. I think we're a little like, our caspase is a little under than what he wants for you. Speaking of Judea and Clowney, I saw a report today. I'm pulling it up right now.

I think he's going to Baltimore. I saw repetitive thoughts, but I know the Brown's putting like a very, and that was it. The Browns have put in the biggest offer by far, and if he wanted to be in Cleveland, he would have been in Cleveland a month ago. This is perfect explanation for our belief of you can't pay a quarterback like the Browns have actually signed everyone under the sun for a max deal and they can still afford the highest paid free agent on the market.

Because Baker's on a rookie contract, like it's actually insane that how can the brat, they signed Austin Hooper to a fake contract. Like what? How do they have so much cap space and when are you going to realize the salary cap is a myth? It's literally a myth. It is going to reconstruct this to get that in guaranteed and assigning.

[01:23:00] I think we might need a Greenfield Pierpont side bet. For Eagles Seahawks this season? Are they playing in Philly? It's a Monday night because we all know the egos. We all know the Eagles in Seattle, and, and you guys suck. Again, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna lie. Yeah.

That being said, we do suck against Seattle, but there's no shot. We lose. I down the road in Philly. I think we lose that one. I always say we, there's no shot. We lose against dude pier pot. There's no shot. We lose ever. Who has a better record? This question, Eagles. I mean, the egos have a mediocre schedule.

So maybe 11 and five. Hi, I'm going to take us based off what Jackson and the division. We have an easy [01:24:00] seven to nine. I agree. I'm saying Seattle 11 it was a very interesting situation this year because they want so many games last year, just on the back of Russell Wilson, whereas their defense was giving up over 23 points per game nearly weekend and week out, and Russell Wilson was having absurd success.

Still at that level, it was an MVP candidate. So if things go right and Russ isn't carrying the team, sure, why not? But you won't win in Philly. I don't think we win that game. I think we definitely dropped that game. It will be closed, but I think we do lose that again, will probably be true. 30 I got a question for you.

What's up my brother? I'm going to st Joe's next year. Oh, let's go. And I was just like, what's the best places to eat around there?

Get into my DMS and we'll talk. I'll give you a lot. I'll give you one suggestion on the air for a place in Philly. I mean, there's a million restaurants in the Philadelphia. [01:25:00] My favorite low key cheese steak place I'll give you that. No Cleaver. It's in center city. Um, I think it's on like 13th or 16th and locust or something.

Five or good Abe can't even, he doesn't even know where it is. You don't need to know where it is. You got to live 2020. We will see you. What week is that? Uh, egos. Hos. I'm not sure. I think it's maybe later in the year. Later in the year. Alright. We'll talk to you then. Okay.

Facts upon is a big buzzer. I forgot here. Paul was a dire birds fan. Yeah. He's still here. Alright. We had a, we had a nice audience drop off because, you know, they didn't get a chance to ask the question, but I think it's cool to be able to see the podcast, how it's done behind the scenes. So this was a lot of fun.

There's so, it's actually [01:26:00] funny because we probably had our least amount of technical difficulty on this episode. Yeah, I mean, your audio does go out from time to time, but dude, what baby? We're getting a new computer for ABB want baby? I do think it's a sick idea. We're going to get someone big in here and I mean, they might not be that big, but there'll be huge, there'll be bigger than eight.

We'll get my homes and then we'll, we'll give him a horse and then we'll get people in and this candidate. Are you looking at the participants right now? This is not the way to get chosen. Oh, he sees that. No, no. There he is. Please pick me. Number one. Steelers fan. I'm down. It worked. I'm down. Let's go.

Please pick me number one stealer peach. I know I'm giving him two seconds, but we've had a lot of Steelers on the pod. Please pick me better on mute. Oh, my job. What is that?

All right. Tell me real quick. You're actually preaching to the choir. Jeff's big. I'm [01:27:00] thinking the sealer is a third best thing that I've seen, but I want to hear why they're going to be better than, than the rape. All right, so there's, so first the Ravens have a way harder schedule. They have to play the chiefs.

That's like there. I think they're gonna definitely them last year. And the Patriots is our other first place game, so it's not harder, but continue all you have to play the bills. We don't worry about the bills, but isn't theoretically the bills harder matchup than the Steelers? Theoretically, I mean, then the Patriots.

Yeah, but I can draw out the window next time. Oh, what's your name? Nick, right there. No, it says, please pick me one. Alright, come on. Next week, five when the Steelers played the Ravens when they had, so Ben was out, we had nice hundred off playing and we had you guys beat and then Earl, Tom, and this happened.

Decided to take up Mason Rudolph. We had our third string [01:28:00] quarterback in, and the defense held the mortar to only 19 out of 28 passing 161 yards and three interceptions. The defense shut them down. And this year we play you on Thanksgiving night. And when you know, he's not known for his good performance in big games.

Oh, time out. Time out. Because in prime time he is actually, he destroyed the Patriots and destroyed the Rams. I was there now in the playoffs. Different story, but continue. Okay. I, and Nick, just to be clear, I actually have, that is a schedule loss for me. I think we will lose in Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving.

No doubt. That's a luck. But yeah, realistically that's, that's a schedule loss, so, all right. So we lose one game to the sealers. You're definitely losing to the chiefs facts. I don't know if you can say that

is going to pick apart your defense. Well, we have the best secondary in [01:29:00] football.

We now have linebackers for the first time the game is involved and where the last two times we played in Kansas city, the first time we played, we lose a OT because Eric Weddle can't track a fly ball the second time. What happened to your team having the best secondary? What? What happened in the Ravens having a good defense when?

When they lost. Yeah. We did have a good defense. We didn't have we, I said we had the best secondary. This is so fun. On my end, I said we had the best secondary. The Titans killed us, but Danielle had like 40 yards. So I'm just, I'm just concerned that he just named why the Steelers are going to be so good.

And I didn't hear James Washington or Benny Snells name once. Yeah, that was crazy. The backup running back. Camacho mouth pod bending Stel James Carter's games. [01:30:00] Kotter's better. Alright, Abe, you're right with your prediction. We should have never let them on, but then, Hey state. So there we go. We are baby Nick.

If you want to make a bet on the AFC North, you know my Instagram handle at Jackson Ottoman. Alright, I'll post it. A snapback pot, so it's official. Thanks for coming on right. Alright, peace snack. Yeah. These kids should have, or adults or whoever in here. I kind of liked the idea of putting your allegiance as your name or like your take.

We should do that. Like sign up as like, yeah, somebody wrote like, someone just wrote double hot, say double hot. Like if I saw that, like someone wrote. Something about like the calc chance stuff. I think I'm addicted to this Jack I to go to the bathroom soda and Dumbo hot takes. I just want to hear them.

We don't even have to debate them and then we're done. Alright. [01:31:00] Double hot takes what are the hot teaks and if they're not hot kid, I went to high school. All right, man. So first one, we got no sports on right now, so, and college basketball got cut short, but Duke Carolina is the best rivalry in sports, period.

Hot. Take your podcast. That is a room temperature take at best is a freezing cold day. Okay. Number two. Okay, dude. I mean, I get gate red Sox, shiny keys and all those others. There are, there are other ones, but that's not hot like Duke has always at the top. High tech would be like someone coming on set like Nebraska, Iowa, Penn state, who was that earlier, but also Steph Curry, Steph Curry, I think will also go down as a top nine or eight player all time.

Okay. Now we're talking. It doesn't like stuff. No, I, I used to hate them, but I don't think that's definitely a hot take. That's pretty high for [01:32:00] stuff. For a lot of people like to say, Steph Curry isn't good at basketball, is it? Is it, people think that maybe Tim Duncan's a top 10 player of all time and.

Steph Curry is two MVPs, the Tim Duncan's one. He's got three rings to Tim Dunkin's five and PISA. Yeah. I think stuff revolutionize the game. That's the thing. If you look at the impact of the game, like you had MJ that made the game go, you know, towards the athletic and stuff. Kind of brought it back towards you had to be skilled and you can, you know, I'm going back to where smaller people now and stuff like that, but I think that stuff.

If he, especially if he gets another ring without JD, which they can do, cause they're going to get a high draft pick this year, they can, you flip that or they can get a prospect and you know, who knows what they'll turn out to be. I think that the words do have a chance, you know, in the coming years to get at least one more time.

And I think then Steph would have a much better case. I honestly think that if clay Thompson didn't get hurt last year, they have beat [01:33:00] Toronto no doubt. Not knowing now clay Thompson, if I was thinking the K did alright, well, double hot tea. My response, it was like a fraction of the hot take. Not that hot.

Definitely not a double. And I think that. If Steph Curry can carry Andrew Wiggins to a title that probably places on top of Fox. That is funny to think that if the MBA doesn't come back, which all signs are pointing to, it is the Warrior's finals streak is going to continue. Yeah. Well, what do you mean?

There'll be no final this year and then they'll go back, right again next year, right? Yeah. No, I mean, I think stuff I've gone on record probably incorrectly and said stuff was the best sweater in the league. I think stuff gets a really bad rap because the way, when you look at a lot of his finals. Except for 2016 excuse that he does Steph as a terrible, right.

[01:34:00] True. That is malarkey. No, it's a bad rap. Why? Because he didn't want finals. MVP a joke. Well, Hey players, I don't feel like respect them as much as they do. Others like MEP is horse shit, but okay. Well, he shouldn't have been the first one, but he deserved it that year. That's what I'm saying. Like Shaq in 2000 should have been the first unanimous or Jordan in 96 I mean LeBron and just like any year, I double had to take, your tastes weren't hot enough for me.

I appreciate the insight, but are you calling from. Yeah. Where are you? I like to know what people are from a small town in Northeast, North Carolina. Dude, diehard Carolina sand. I don't really pull that Hartford sheet, so there's nothing around here, but diehard Carolina sands. Jack and I have been Jack if I've been meaning to do a snap, but we've been talking about, we got to go down to a Carolina Duke game, so we'll hit you up again.

Huh? Uh, I got tickets to the, um, [01:35:00] Yale game this year when it came down. So you can keep it. Yeah, you can keep those. I also went to the homecoming game against Duke, the football game. Very cool. So, yeah, man. Hi brother. Um, alright, we're going to add the pod here. Snapback fam, if you listen to all thing. All you have to do to get on the pot when we do this again is shoot me a text, send a text message to (917) 905-9069 with the word pod or podcasts.

Uh, that'll then I'll be able to send you the link for when we do the cm as a ton of fun. We're hopefully going to have some social clubs out there. I don't think I'm going to post the whole thing to YouTube, but I'm not sure. Um, but this was, this was fun. Alright. Abe's audio is just at this point, so I'll just close it out and say the Eagles suck and he can't really respond.

He can just sit there. I sat back, fan much love. [01:36:00]