[00:00:00] Jack: What up snapback fam. Welcome back to another episode of the snapback sports pod. On this episode, we're talking MBA. Resuming question Mark. Exclamation point. Sports are back.

Abe Granoff: Question Mark. Question Mark.

Jack: Dak Prescott turns down an offer that is very questionable, and we'll talk about golf. A little snack fam.

Let's get it.

The Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson

Abe Granoff: the long drought.

Jack: Brian put the jumper.

What about fam? I'm your [00:01:00] host Jack sediment. Joining me today as always, my cohost and longtime best friend, a grant off Abe. What's going on at be Memorial day? Is it Memorial day weekend? Yeah. Wow. All right. Thank

Abe Granoff: you. At the time this comes out. Memorial day. Uh, sad to see it's almost over. Don't cry because it happened.

W what? How does that thing go? Don't cry. Don't cry because it's almost over smile because it's happened Memorial day 20, 20. Uh, I'll be grilling tomorrow or today when the episode drops. So I feel like that's like the only way really to celebrate Memorial day.

Jack: I mean, based off my reaction, you can kind of tell I it does not feel like a holiday weekend.

Abe Granoff: You're not gonna throw a little shrimp on the Bob a tomorrow

Jack: on the Bobby, some shrimp on the Barbie. Uh, you know, it would make it feel like a holiday if we could get sports in our life.

Abe Granoff: But is it on behind? Oh, I didn't turn my TV on behind me. There's sports on right now.

Jack: There's [00:02:00] some golf between two amateurs and two watch professional players

Abe Granoff: who's who.

Jack: How's it going?

Abe Granoff: But I, speaking of the golf tournament, so it's Tom and Phil, verse Peyton and tiger. I think I need to add betting against Tom Brady on like my interest for my resume.

Jack: You bet. Against Tom Brady,

Abe Granoff: dude. And I think this is only the start of something special with this upcoming year with the bucks, because when he was on the Patriots, I always said, you can't bet against the Patriots and.

I stick with that. You can't bet against the Patriots. There was never such thing as you can't bet against Tom. Well, at least there wasn't for me.

Jack: You're obsessed with Bella. Check over. Brady obsessed of SAS, sick time. That's going to be a great narrative during the season cause I'm

Abe Granoff: sorry, you're all in on what?

Jack: Oh, I'm Brady. I'm saying narrative for our podcast.

Abe Granoff: No, but. Oh, so you [00:03:00] think it was more Brady than Bella check?

Jack: Yeah. Oh, you idiot. Just based on the fact that bell checkout fired him was a terrible coach without Tom Brady. Yeah. Oh, you're one season with Matt Casell. He went 10 and six. Alright.

Abe Granoff: Do you know his last name is castle?

You just said Casell.

Jack: It's Casell.

Abe Granoff: No, you're thinking of Sam Casell

Jack: Mac. They're cousins now. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Yes, you're spinning, you're rolling out of control, right?

Jack: Doesn't matter. Point is there's four. There's three seasons on bell check's a bad coach, and there's one where he's go without Brady. That's 25% success.

I know you're a LeBron fan. You know you're going to lose.

Abe Granoff: You know you're going to lose this narrative

Jack: regardless. Right? Wait, so

Abe Granoff: when the, because of Brady outperforms Belicheck well, the check was tacking.

Jack: Right, exactly. So I'm good to go. Okay. And what about when Brady's 12 and four and in the playoffs?

Abe Granoff: Well, you had him at 15 and one

Jack: that was, uh, okay. So what happens when you saw them

[00:04:00] Abe Granoff: talk about narratives? The biggest narrative is how you spent four months last year calling this man a washing machine and now you're back.

Jack: I watched the playoff game and lost. That he lost because of his lack of weapons and lack of offensive line and really bad head coach.

Actually guy should be fired, but. He still can have, he still has some zip on it. Plus a Tom Brady revenge tour is literally not what I want. How are

Abe Granoff: you saying that? Because he torched you two days ago and Madden in your super mad

Jack: at Mosley. No, that's not what I'm

Abe Granoff: saying. Because he did

Jack: torch you since they lost the wild card game.

I've actually been back on Brady, but I did

Abe Granoff: cause it have anything to do with the fact that he doesn't play in the AFC anymore.

Jack: No. I called when I said he's washed and trash. It was because he is not the elite quarterback that he was obviously during his prime, but with the right weapons and pieces around him, he can still be a top 10 quarterback in the league.

Abe Granoff: Let's play a game. [00:05:00] Sean Watson or Tom Brady? No, cause you flipped. So now I'm curious

Jack: where, Oh, shut up. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm saying in

Abe Granoff: Tampa. Sure.

Jack: Ooh. I'm going to Tom Brady this year. Why? Because I want

Abe Granoff: to, Watson's not that good

Jack: because Tom Brady with weapons. Randy Moss set the seasons a record for touchdowns in a season.

His only other good weapon was ground Koski and he was the best side animal,

Abe Granoff: basically because Tom Bree knows what

Jack: to do. What do you mean?

Abe Granoff: He just knows what to do. I know. I'm agreeing with you. He just, when you give him good players, he knows what to do.

Jack: Like that's what people don't understand is yes, they've always had a great roster and coaches around him, but he's actually never had a weapon.

He made Dion branch. It's a rule on the P. He makes Wes Welker.

Abe Granoff: We're not going to continue this game, but this is a great, um, what are they called? [00:06:00] Intro into our next discussion. I have a question. Are we sure? To strong Watson's that much better than Dak Prescott

Jack: we've talked to. Oh, wow. Uh, no. Are we sure?

But you're low on both. Like both of them are better than Carson wants, you know? So that's the thing

Abe Granoff: as an Eagles fan.

Jack: I'm pretty high

Abe Granoff: on deck. Are you? I think that's really

Jack: good. He is. I feel like I've never heard that come out of your mouth though. You like to hate on him?

Abe Granoff: No, I like to root against him,

Jack: but I feel like you talk about him like he's not very good.


Abe Granoff: I have to,

Jack: but he is one of the winningest quarterback since he's come into the league, which I think is, and everyone's always like, Oh, but he went eight and eight last year. Okay. He didn't have a good

Abe Granoff: reason. I, I endorsed Dallas to pay deck. All this money isn't because I think he's bad. Right. It's because I think no matter what, they're going to pay him.

So I hope he gets as much money as possible just to fuck over their salary cap.

Jack: Right. So. [00:07:00] That is the first time. I'm kind of hearing it from that angle. Normally you're saying it because you're like, give Dak Prescott a lot of money.

Abe Granoff: I really think Dak is good.

Jack: He, he is good. I don't know what's going on right now.

You're kind of bugging me out. Um, should we talk about Dak Prescott contracts? Let's do it. So Shafter or more, or one of the big dogs, one of those, you know, ESPN personality,

Abe Granoff: this is very gray right now.

Jack: They, they're denying any report, but Chris Sims is sticking to it. So I, we can only

Abe Granoff: kind of hold this.

Chris Sims haven't,

Jack: I don't know. We can only react to what we hear, but. Dak Prescott got, what, 45 million? No,

Abe Granoff: no. He wants, he wants 45 but then what do you get? 35 45 in the last year of his contract.

Jack: Okay. Why is that? Why is that like such a bugaboo?

Abe Granoff: Because I think that has to do more with the guaranteed money at the end of the contract, but I'm not a math guy, but he turned down a five for one 75.

Jack, you're supposed to be typing that into a calculator [00:08:00] for annual value.

Jack: A one 75 divided by five $35

Abe Granoff: a year annually. But obviously all that matters is guaranteed money. And that was the weird thing about this deal is that this, the overall contract, it was announced, but the guaranteed money wasn't an announced.

Jack: Um, because it's fake news contract. Chris M's, Chris Sims is fake news, isn't, it?

Abe Granoff: Could be fake news or Mr. Jerry Jones living in his rocket ship. Put this out there to make DEC look bad because the leverage is already on Dallas. The side a little bit, right? They brought in Andy Dolan,

Jack: you

Abe Granoff: are high on Andy Dalton for whatever reason.

Jack: Am I high on Andy Dawn or am

Abe Granoff: I just think he gets a bad rap.

Jack: I think the whole bangles, Dalton, everyone gets a bad rap. That team was like a playoff team for three years. It just was. Marvin Lewis is the biggest loser in the world, so they didn't want to play off game, and I think Don got hurt for a game or something.

Abe Granoff: Like I, I really. I'm not going to sit here and let [00:09:00] you just justify the bangles, like there are notoriously one of the worst franchises in

Jack: sports. More games than the Eagles this year

Abe Granoff: though. That'd be right now. How much? Anything?

Jack: How much?

Abe Granoff: $500.

Jack: $500 I get straight up. Straight up. No hands. Oh, here it goes.

Abe Granoff: You, you just said that. Not knowing I would throw that out, but now that

Jack: I'm saying it's not a fair bet to do a trade up.

Abe Granoff: Right, but you believe it. No,

Jack: I think that their office is going to be serious this year.

Abe Granoff: Cincy

Jack: yeah. Seriously. What? Seriously good. Excuse me. Do you know their offensive weapons?

Educate me. Joseph borough. The third. Okay. Joseph Mixon done. Joe burrow. He won a national championship. He's going to be rookie of the year. Joe, you have the rookie of the year.

Abe Granoff: A lot of them have won national championships,

Jack: not as quarterback. Joe Mixon, Joe Mixon over the past four [00:10:00] years has been a

Abe Granoff: very, well, unfortunately, NFL defense has know how to stop.

A stretch. I have

Jack: mixing is good. And geo Bernard's a good receiving back.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, he's 40 continue

Jack: 40 do you ever Bernard's 26 years old.

Abe Granoff: You're just pulling that 26

Jack: how old do you think he is? 30 okay. You want about 500 on that? Gio? Bernard is 26 years old, maybe younger, maybe 25 how old is it? 28 no, he's not.

I mean

Abe Granoff: you want to

Jack: call them? Yes, I do. I'll call mixing right now. Ivani Bernard

Abe Granoff: born November 22nd, 1991.

Jack: Damn geos getting, Oh

Abe Granoff: dude, he's been there for like 15 years now. He had, he was like, he's always there. Do you go Bernard spoon there for 20 years as far as I'm concerned. All right.

Jack: Do you ever know mixing borough [00:11:00] Tyler Boyd is serious.

Abe Granoff: Oh, he's cool.

Jack: He's, he's very good as a number two. A J green

Abe Granoff: been placed also 30 and can't stay healthy.

Jack: Yeah. But if he does, Oh, and they have another kid who I'm blanking on right now. If you're a bangles listener, you're probably screaming through your headphones and the tight end. No, it's not tifert although he is

Abe Granoff: nasty.

So there's a different guy,

Jack: jr three is back with speed. Speed kills. Don't forget that.

Abe Granoff: I'm pretty sure like the fastest

Jack: guy,

Abe Granoff: so, okay.

Jack: Oh, I've heard it's gone. They got CJ uzomah.

Abe Granoff: How many games are the bangles going to win this year?

Jack: Probably not many. They're in the best division in football. What's

Abe Granoff: what? They're gonna win more than Eagles.

Jack: What's funny, all of this, you don't think the Ravens are the best division in football.

AMC, Nora Ravens, you have the number [00:12:00] ones, even the FC Steelers. So I think it would be a third best thing. An IFC Browns who I know you're in on nine to 10 wins

Abe Granoff: and on the Browns may be,

Jack: and that would make us the best division.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, no, I mean, I think you're a little higher on the Steelers than I am, and you're definitely a lot higher on the bangles than I am.

And you're honestly definitely a lot higher on the Ravens than I am.

Jack: So their argument would be NFC West, but I think the Seahawks fall through the, you know what.

Abe Granoff: Um, I mean, it's all about opinion, obviously, and you hate, but like the NFC North, Oh wait, no. NFC South.

Jack: No Panthers and Falcon stink. And you just said the Fox aren't going to be good.

No, the only Fox are going to be three dimensions. AFC North FC West should be good. I think they'll, I think that division would be good, but the chief's stealing the race. You're just,

Abe Granoff: you're, you're. Yeah. You're saying you're just taking who you think is [00:13:00] going to come out of nowhere. That

Jack: vision and if see North,

Abe Granoff: the NFC South has the best division in

Jack: football.

The Panthers and Falcons are

Abe Granoff: horrible. Why? Every other year

Jack: I'm reaching the Falcon

Abe Granoff: sneakily won seven games last year. I feel like they

Jack: so did the jets.

Abe Granoff: Well, the jets, they were supposed to make the playoffs.

Jack: You remember when the Raiders? Yeah, them in the room

Abe Granoff: were on the, in the hunt graphic for a little

Jack: while while everyone was in the hunt and dude, how long are they in the hunt graphics going to be this year?

Abe Granoff: Oh cause there's seven

Jack: or 17

Abe Granoff: as long as you're not a top five pick, you're probably in the hunt.

Jack: You're a hundred percent week 16 with two games to play. If you're out of the hunt, you're, you're a top five in the draft like you have. No, that's crazy. All right. I don't even remember what the point of Dak Prescott contract yet sign the deal.

Like that's it. It's as simple as that.

Abe Granoff: Like, do [00:14:00] you think. Okay, so he's asking me for this crazy deal. Do you think he'd actually walk? Because in my

Jack: talking to dude,

Abe Granoff: anywhere. Well,

Jack: getting them to that deal.

Abe Granoff: Teams that are desperate

Jack: factory, despite the Cowboys. Thoughts.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I mean, always cue some workers in the factory. I kind of just got to back that up now, you know, get behind that. But if Dak Prescott hits free agency, he will be the biggest name in free agency in. I don't know, a lot. A long time.

Jack: Literally Tom Brady this year would be bigger than Dak Prescott in terms of names

Abe Granoff: and of names, but let me change it up.

Not as big as highly coveted.

Jack: It's highly coveted. I [00:15:00] disagree.

Abe Granoff: What Flaca


Jack: on the market last year. Dude.

Abe Granoff: Speaking of which

controversy brewing in New York, but my point is with Dak Prescott that any team with what he's done in the NFL so far, you're saying he's the most winningest quarterback,

Jack: which he may be. He's not. He's one of one of

Abe Granoff: one of cool. I'm one of, you know, probably

Jack: you're not really one of much.

Abe Granoff: Yeah.

Where was I going with

Jack: that? I don't know. You're trying to say Dax. Really good and people.

Abe Granoff: Oh, so he hasn't, he hasn't missed a game for Dallas. He started every single game. He's shown. He's reliable. He showed me he can win sort of, I guess. Um, why wouldn't any team in the NFL want him?

Jack: Um, because they all have quarterbacks and they know, and they listened to this podcast, and they know if you pay a quarterback 40 million a year, you can't win [00:16:00] a super bowl.

Abe Granoff: If you pay a running back anything a year, you can't want to.

Jack: That's also true. Just take your rookies.

Abe Granoff: She's awesome. Eckler

Jack: that's how I read them. Backs three down backs. All right, so the NBA, we got, you got another point. You can make a point.

Abe Granoff: I think that was, should trade sneak.

Jack: No

Abe Granoff: dude

Jack: in a few years, so sorry.

And by no, I meant to say no shit

Abe Granoff: in a few years. If he's like 26 years,

Jack: they need to trade him today because

Abe Granoff: that bolster up that defense.

Jack: I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why they need a pan today. The cowboy, not Pam. I'll tell you why the Dallas Cowboys need to trade Ezekiel Elliott today, making trade Ezekiel Elliott and clear 20 million in cap to use for that defense, because Tony Pollard can be 90% as effective as Ezekiel Elliott.

That's just facts. And then you can [00:17:00] pay your quarterback. You have a Mark Cooper CD lamp and need to replace the center. Travis Frederick. But that old line is nasty

Abe Granoff: Saturn. Travis Frederick retired.

Jack: That's what I said. You need to replace Travis Rodrick, but then no, no, no. But the rest of the line is nasty, and then you need to get defensive pliers on the side of the ball.

The division is a cakewalk. If you're half competent and can win 10 games. I mean, do you disagree? If the Eagles win 10 games, how would you feel about that division? You feel pretty good, you feel pretty good.

Abe Granoff: I feel like we underachieved

Jack: but you would feel like you won the division if I told you next year the Eagles win 10 games, you don't think you went for a walk, right.

Abe Granoff: Cause I think Dallas can win 10 games and then it might come down to a tiebreaker. Whoever wins Eagles equals endows could win 10 games.

Jack: Well they won't, but anyways, they need to trade as Eagle Elliott because you can't pay Zeke's not even a three down back. How. Oh, you're a

Abe Granoff: GM. [00:18:00] It's not a three down back.

Jack: He's not a receiving back. He's a very average. Every week. I see. Every week I see his props for receiving 22 and a half yards, 2.5 catches. That's not a receiving back. Christian McCaffrey is a three down back, say Guam. Barkley is a three down back pull up as he could. Elliott says, you can have Austin Eckler.

I'd rather have Tony Pollard on a rookie deal, have DAC on her contract, coupe paid and more help on defense. That's what I would do if I were the Dallas Cowboys. Dude,

Abe Granoff: my phone is soap. Jacked up

Jack: I. D.

Abe Granoff: I hate technology.

Jack: You are so bad at tech. No,

Abe Granoff: I'm really good, dude. I also majored in something that was sort of technology related.

Jack: What was your major

Abe Granoff: management information systems.

Jack: Uh, puzzles. Part of that is that, I don't know. Is that, I don't know. I look up receiving it. Alright, here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

Abe Granoff: What are perceptions?

Jack: Uh, ready? Let's see [00:19:00] when we get to, as you kill Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, 62 a game. Austin echo, shadow Austin.


Abe Granoff: not talking about yards. Talk to me about reception.

Jack: I'm talking about yards. What do you mean? What do you want to talk about?

Abe Granoff: Because the three down back, you get a guy like C Kelly at in there on third and two, and you have the. The option of running or throwing, and he picks up like four yards. He's still receiving back.

He can catch the ball

Jack: with my book. That's my point is you're not getting the receiving production that you get out of a third down back when you have someone like Austin Eckler 62 a game. James Blake

Abe Granoff: down back.

Jack: No time out. Time out. I'm talking to three down, back down, back.

Abe Granoff: Three down, back has to play third down.


Jack: And I'll name you three down backs, McCaffrey 62 a game receiving Eckler 62 a game receiving Camara 38 a game. Not someone out of typically say, but I, I mean, this is why you go to the numbers. Dalvin cook 37 a game receiving that actually shocks me. Uh, Kareem hunt, like that's a perfect example of a three down back, 40 plus

Abe Granoff: 50 [00:20:00] plus receptions last year.

Set up, hold

Jack: on, hold on. Come on down the list. 34 for four nights. That shocked me. Say Quan right there. 34 levy on another three down back. Still shouldn't have paid him Aaron Jones. And that's just cause the pack. You have to get to number 16 second half, 26 a game, 26 yards a game. That's not worth it.

Abe Granoff: I like the reception stat a little bit more, but teach their own nonetheless.

Trade Zeke,

Jack: Zeke yell, Elliot pay Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott. Just sign the damn contract. All right, so the association we go

Abe Granoff: or think he doesn't sign. Bad

Jack: dog. That's why I don't know if the offers real. So are we going to Disney. Am I going to be in Orlando? Like how do I get some passes? You know, when you go to Disney and you can sign up for like, that skipped a line pass thing that gets you courtside.

Abe Granoff: Well, another strategy that you could go for, and I have practice with this strategy, went there to Disney senior trip in high school. [00:21:00] Uh, me and all my buddies and we wrote in the group before, we're like, yo, you got in the old braces, old cash. Bring them on the trip. Bring them on. You put those bad boys on and you cut any line.

Jack: Really? Yep. So you think that'll get you into an NBA game in Orlando?

Abe Granoff: Well, it worked in Disney wants. Why

Jack: not? I actually, I'm on pace. Are you a Disney or universal studios fan?

Abe Granoff: So I've only recently gotten into roller coasters.

Jack: We're gonna

Abe Granoff: last few years. Not a big height sky.

Jack: You're not amine either. But I love roller coasters.

Abe Granoff: I don't know if I did them all on senior trip, just so I didn't seem like a little bitch in front of my friends, even though I made it very clear that I was petrified, but I did them. I just haven't been back to an amusement park in so many years, so I haven't put my fear to the test, but I think it depends on the coaster.

Jack: Okay. All right. Well anyways, this would be in Orlando. I just asked, cause I, my family lost me [00:22:00] in universal studios growing up. Yeah. Which scarred me for life, but

Abe Granoff: my family lost me on the ocean city, Maryland boardwalk. I lost my family.

Jack: I shouldn't say ocean city, Maryland boardwalk. I saw some pictures, ton of great Corona virus spreading right now.

It's absolutely

Abe Granoff: petting. The nicer the weather gets, it's only going to continue.

Jack: All right. We're not selling correct by MBA for options were proposed that the GMs MBA serving surveying GMs on how to restart the season doesn't really make sense why GM would get to make this pick. I feel like that's owner or precedent or team or something, but here are the four options and we're going to talk.

Which option would you select? The MBA has 16 teams that are currently in the playoffs go straight to the playoffs. Playoff plus featuring 18, 20, 22 or 24 teams.

Abe Granoff: Oh, wait, let me stop you there. Let's just do a little math. Nine seeds, 10 11, 12 [00:23:00] in each conference. Continue.

Jack: There you go. Uh, resuming regular season with all teams so that, I think they're probably worried about getting into NFL season if they're going to finish out the regular season.

30 team play in tournament. I choose option number four. I figured,

Abe Granoff: correct me if I'm wrong.

Jack: We lost out on March madness. Like, who

Abe Granoff: wouldn't want this? Yeah, but

Jack: wow.

Abe Granoff: Because the Sixers always have those teams that they just like, you can't, we've, we haven't won in Washington since, I mean, this is in Orlando, not Washington, but we haven't won.

But why don't you take the, uh. Let's take the 2014 thing. You're the 12th seed right now. Honest in the garden round. Why don't you

Jack: by

Abe Granoff: the garden,

Jack: Disney world

Abe Granoff: realm. One

Jack: hat? Well, first of all, half our team is like probably loves amusement parks because they're like 17 [00:24:00] years old. Kevin Knox coming straight off a duty.

Ditto straight onto the court. Or what's a duty? Dental, you know, a Luna

Abe Granoff: what team? What do I want.

Jack: Um,

Abe Granoff: probably the least fun one. Regular season resumed

Jack: really

Abe Granoff: all teams.

Jack: Um,

Abe Granoff: I don't know. I think going straight to the playoffs is asking too much, um, with how intense playoff basketball is. Not that you would know.

Um, but I've supported my team throughout the years and playoff basketball, but it gets intense. We know that game. The game. What's your McCall? It slows down. Bring it into the half court. I want my guys ready. I don't want to go straight into a series. That being said. I think if the MBA resumes and when the MBA resume is apparently, but I still don't think it will.

Mmm. You can throw every narrative that happened before coronavirus out the window. I don't care how dominant the bucks were. I don't care about [00:25:00] Pascal breaking into his superstardom and his first year and taking the Raptors back to the promised land. I don't care about

Jack: wanted to be free season NBA where the Sixers favorite.

Abe Granoff: Well, I'm glad you brought that up because Jalen Rose was on getup the other day and said if there's one team to look out for. Going into the new NBA season, who would that be? And Mike Kati said the Philadelphia 76 years, and you sit him down. I happen to agree. I happen to agree healthy Ben Simmons, he's been playing

Jack: video games.

You said a name, you gave him healthy Ben Simmons.

Abe Granoff: This is the list of why the Sixers are,

Jack: are you saying a healthy Ben Simmons or everyone's healthy and you have Ben Simmons. I didn't have Ben Simmons for the first 50 years. We

Abe Granoff: didn't have him. He was, his back was hurt.

Jack: So helping him out for the first 50 games, he wasn't hurt.

Abe Granoff: Uh, no. [00:26:00] I think he got hurt like the 40th or something.

Jack: Oh, okay. So you guys were first in the East before he got hurt. Honestly, I don't want

Abe Granoff: this NBA season to happen. I don't want heartbreak. I don't want heartbreak. I

Jack: feel like it will be less heartbreak though.

Abe Granoff: Nonetheless. I think. What do you mean? Less heartbreak?

Just because like you're not really expecting much. It's just, yeah. This is extracurricular.

Jack: It's gravy. It's gravy.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. Until we went to first round juice, stop ready to go.

Jack: Um, but I do agree with you. You can't go straight into the playoffs, but what? Making it 22 teams and letting the bucks walk through the next help with that.

You know, like does it make it feel less like playoffs or is the fact that the three seed in the West who, I don't know who it is, it's Lakers, Clippers probably like Matt Stenberg or the jazz. Then playing the pelicans round one like is that is getting dunked on by Zion really easing back into it. I don't really know

Abe Granoff: probably what the fans want, but right now the three feet [00:27:00] in the

Jack: West is.

Abe Granoff: The Denver nuggets.

Jack: I forgot they existed.

Abe Granoff: Honestly,

Jack: I'm a fan of cutting off. Everyone who's not in right now, no one's going to make a push in the playoffs. I'm sorry for all the plugins fans out there. The pelicans weren't making the playoffs on the math guy on the podcast. Here's how it works. Let me actually pull this up.

All right. Here's why the pelicans are not making the playoffs. They're three and a half games back. With about 17 games to play. The Grizzlies are 500 teams. So assuming Karen Jackson was hurt a little before the break, but he would be back. So assuming the Grizzlies finished out 41 and 41 that would mean that the pelicans would have to finish out the season.

13 and five they actually do have an easy schedule down the stretch, but you don't get a team that won 44% of their games going to win 60 plus percent of their games. So pelicans are making the playoffs. I hate to say it, our boys season will come. You're not making the playoffs. The [00:28:00] top eight in both conferences are pretty much locked.

I think even more so in these, yeah, the Easter, the magic five. I have an idea.

Abe Granoff: Just came to mind. So a little like mini season, eight games or seven each team. The only teams that play are the 16 that are in right now. When you do a little pre season amongst the conferences.

Jack: That's what I was about to say.

Abe Granoff: You think over that

Jack: yet? Inner conference. For seating because there is,

Abe Granoff: Woah,

Jack: you liked this idea. I mean Swain. Let me explain and I'm coming out with this on the spot cause I'm smart. Well, let me

Abe Granoff: explain this idea. So dumb.

Jack: Why?

Abe Granoff: Cause tell me and then I'll tell you why.

Jack: Alright. Enter conference for seating box.

We're going to play. Well, let's say we play 10 games because your boy, Jared Dudley said he probably needs about a 10 gauge arm up to get back to his rhythm of 1.3 points per game. So we're going [00:29:00] to play 10 regular season game of only inner conference, or what about, this is even easier. Eight games, you're going to seven games.

You're going to play each team in the conference. Got it. Seven games, and it's just going to affect seating with the current standing. So, for example, the Pacers and Sixers. Are tied up at 14 game, 14 games back. This is going to help separate those because where it landed, you know, especially in the West where Dallas is 11 games back of LA, but the four seat jazz are only two and a half games.

So seven games. You play every team once, which will give you a nice look at all those teams and you get to play for seating. How about that idea? Hate it. Hate it. Why? Why? That's amazing idea.

Abe Granoff: Because you know you're in the, okay, so what if. Orlando upsets Milwaukee. Wow. How does that affect the seating?

Jack: No, no, no, no, dude, dude, it's, it would just move them up.

You're taking them.

Abe Granoff: So you're saying if Orlando [00:30:00] goes. Six and two and these games, five and two in these games,

Jack: they could pass.

Abe Granoff: They could be the three seat.

Jack: No, no. They would pass Brooklyn. I'm using the current standings.

Abe Granoff: Oh,

Jack: magic or 23 back then. That's her 22 and a half.

Abe Granoff: But hypothetically, the only teams that can move are the ones that are within

Jack: the play.

Abe Granoff: I think it's doing too much at that block. Also,

Jack: I've also the greatest idea I've ever come up with.

Abe Granoff: Also, I think that if we do this one game. Snapback season that we just made up on this podcast. Within the conferences, you'll have teams like Sixers and Boston. It's one game and they know they're going to be in the playoffs anyway.

They're not going to show anything. Try anything. Do any game plans. It won't. I don't think it incentivizes winning.

Jack: You can say that, but the Sixers are currently the sixth seat. They get to play, they get to play Boston, and then Toronto, the Pacers are the five seats. You probably want to avoid the five cause then you got to play the [00:31:00] heat and then Milwaukee.


Abe Granoff: how much do teams care about the seating? Without their fans at the games. Probably not that much.

Jack: A ton. I'm not talking about moving up. I'm talking about,

Abe Granoff: I said,

Jack: that is a fair point. That is a very good

Abe Granoff: point. I think seeding thrown out

Jack: home court doesn't matter as much.

Abe Granoff: Are we talking about value in the magic.

Jack: Oh, we have to do it.

Abe Granoff: Listen, I'm not a gambler. I'm an opportunist. I see an opportunity and I see value. The age seat, Orlando magic playing at home.

Jack: I don't know. The only team who I, that I'm aware of that's taken ahead over quarantine and confirmed is the jazz. They lost Bogdanovich for the season. And Joe Ingles kind of said he would never play a basketball well beside the, that

Abe Granoff: happened

Jack: to the love of the game and go bear is [00:32:00] hated by his entire team.


Abe Granoff: the jazz were never anything.

Jack: Well, you know how high I was on the jazz, so that's kind of a bummer. But yeah, I guess Chris Paul would finally get a first round victory. That'd be fun. I like my idea.

Abe Granoff: Chris. Paul's won in the first round before.

Jack: No, I know. I know. Snapback fam. Let us know what you think.

The best option was. 16 teams in resume regular season, 1820 2224 or 30 team plan. You don't think for the most fun 30 team play in March. Madness is the most fun.

Abe Granoff: I'm not trying to have fun. I'm trying to let championship.

Jack: Okay, well you're not going to do that, so you might as well love.

Abe Granoff: You're doing 30 30 teams.

You're, you're telling me legitimately March madness.

Jack: No. No, no, no, no.

Abe Granoff: When, when I go home every game,

Jack: that would be a lecturer

Abe Granoff: that would be so sick.

Jack: The MBA, they would never agree to it.

Abe Granoff: Could you imagine? [00:33:00] Could you imagine a a magic box must watch appointment television winter?

Jack: Well, think about

Abe Granoff: how crazy this is.

Jack: It's funny you bring that up. The magic beat Raptors game one. Last year. Yeah. Imagine if they just knocked him out of the playoffs.


Abe Granoff: can't believe the NBA actually might

Jack: come back. They were saying that, yeah, you're very negative.

Abe Granoff: It doesn't make sense to

Jack: them, which is fine, but you were, you said, no chance NFL fans in the stands.

Then there's a report that NFL might have full stands by week one.

Abe Granoff: Let's just see where I am. Memorial day, 2020 negative chance, thirsty fans and the stadiums a week. One

Jack: negative,

Abe Granoff: negative, negative, and. I don't think the MBA comes back.

Jack: I'm starting to feel, I don't

Abe Granoff: get it. I do not get it. If a player has to sit for two weeks when they test positive for their [00:34:00] on God.

Why on God's earth would you risk that happening to a LeBron James to have Ben Simmons then getting Corona in the NBA finals on that stage and having to sit out the finals. If you're saying, okay, this season has an asterix to it, but a lot of people are. Shaq is saying that. Charles is saying that the only way it'll have an asterix is if you get to the NBA finals and one of these superstars is sitting.

Because they have Corona virus.

Jack: I think you're like very worried about that. Also.

Abe Granoff: I just think

Jack: this is gonna. You think they're not just going to be like, Oh yeah, this is Corona. We'll let it slide like

Abe Granoff: that's a fair point. Okay. That's a fair argument. I'm all for it. I'm all for commissioners doing things

Jack: like concussion.

Remember the first round of concussion tests were doctors. Oh yeah, that dude's fine. Do the literally got his hand

Abe Granoff: rolling on the field. Y'all just don't apply. I just don't [00:35:00] understand how it happens if you just, because if one person, it's inevitable that somebody tests positive inside that bubble, it's inevitable.

You know how many people they're coming into contact with, like let's just think logically. I'm not sure I want the MBA back, but what if

Jack: you had, yeah, it's, it's going to be tough. It's definitely, you're telling me is amazing. My plan

Abe Granoff: for what, the only way it might be feasible that the NBA happens. March madness.

Fuck it. Let's do it.

Jack: Right. That's what I was about to say. Then you don't need two weeks. Let's just fly. So 30 32

Abe Granoff: screw it. Let's do a, yo,

Jack: how's it work?

Abe Granoff: Let's do like every, each team play seven games a day. Let's just do a two day tournament. Let's figure this thing out.

Jack: Third, I liked the two day. That could be

Abe Granoff: an AAU style tournament.

Speaking of which though, the,

Jack: the significant of which, uh, if they did an a tournament, it would be, Oh, I needed just for LeBron [00:36:00] excuses and part is,

Abe Granoff: well, Ron's already won the yellow Lake simulation,

Jack: but Lakers win a title under this. Oh my God, LeBron the Brahma, Brian

Abe Granoff: vice versa, the Lakers won a title under this.

LeBron haters like you. I'm not, I think he's

Jack: the second best of all time.

Abe Granoff: They put an asterix to it. They're going to, they're going to say, Oh, it was the crony, or I'm telling you, he either wins it and people put an asterix to it, or he loses and.

Jack: Yeah. But if, but you know, if he wins it, nothing, it's all good.

If he loses, Oh acres were first in the West and now is leaving him to go to the Knicks and it's,

Abe Granoff: you realize that what we're doing right now, I'm talking about the two sides of the argument. If LeBron wins and how, how it'll make him into a negative person. You're talking about, if you lose people send these positive, this is what LeBron.


Jack: in life. Once he

Abe Granoff: crossed, he separates these two people, [00:37:00] me and you, and every situation he's under there. Some way to spin it for both of us. Every stat you can spend,

Jack: there's nothing really to spin if you want it. I've already gone on the route thing

Abe Granoff: to spin.

Jack: I'm going on the record and said, any title this year is legit.

And I, and you won't

Abe Granoff: stop. You're right, because what if

Jack: I mess one of the six? There's a LeBron. No, when, what are you going to do? Imagine though? Bullshit. Then

Abe Granoff: I mean, I have a question. No asterix at all. Right? We got to the finals and it's Lakers box and Yonis goes down with Corona.

Jack: None.

Abe Granoff: Bang. Let's do it.

Let's run the season.

Jack: It's getting all right.

Abe Granoff: It's not that confident. I'm that confident.

Jack: What is your obsession with the honest getting coronavirus

Abe Granoff: uh, something about Greek ancestors and immune system. Notoriously weak immune systems

Jack: based off what?

Abe Granoff: Pulling it out of my ass.

Jack: Yeah. You're kind of freaking me out.

It seems like you're scheming.

Abe Granoff: Well, it doesn't matter because the MBA's not [00:38:00] happening.

Jack: Alright, Monday mailbag. Be underscored. Skip. Vicky, need to get Abe on the YouTube. Maybe a one V one series against him, like the one with Casey. So if you're listening to this on Monday,

Abe Granoff: she has to be two K though.

Jack: Check the YouTube.

I played my brother in the super bowl. One of us has blonde.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. Why do you have a hat on?

Jack: Uh, um, are you ever see you in two K? I'd wash you. I've told you so many times how bad you are.

Abe Granoff: When's the last time you play me?

Jack: It doesn't matter. Um, uh, Garrett, now you have, you're

Abe Granoff: nice and take that hat off.

Jack: Garrett night's 17. Have you tried to get someone like LeBron or Steph Curry on the pod? If not,

Abe Granoff: why? I've DMD them all.

Jack: Yeah. Um, can I call staff? See what he's up to right now?

Abe Granoff: You know what his number, I think I have. Let's do it. Let's see if I still, if this still works. He knows number I have in my phone.

That used to work. Shane

Jack: Victorino. Alright, let's give it a spin. Let's give him a call. Put it on speaker up to the mic. Of

Abe Granoff: course. Seven. Okay.

Jack: What are we [00:39:00] saying? What are we saying? If he picks up, I'll have, I'll

Abe Granoff: cross that bridge when it

Jack: comes. Right, right.

I can hear it ringing.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. Cause I just caught him on Microsoft teams by accident.

Jack: You have his microphone. Hold on. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it's phones then is phones, then his phone,

his phone's dead. Don't, don't take that one to heart.

Abe Granoff: Should we call a.

Jack: Nah, we'll call. I like this game though. We'll call random athletes in the future. All right, last question, and this is a good one. This is a good one. Jason. Dot. W 73 I think the nets are going to trade for Beale and what pieces would they give up.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. I have to imagine it's Dinwoody and lover. Right?

Jack: That's what, and that's what everyone's been saying [00:40:00] to me, but then he's expiring deal

Abe Granoff: the deal. He just signed a new deal.

Jack: No, he didn't. Then what? He's literally doing a Bitcoin fundraiser. Oh, see that? Did you see what happened already? Cut it off. Did you see what happened?

Abe Granoff: He stopped it. I saw that.

Jack: Yeah.

He was trying to raise 24 million and he got 1100 bucks. I mean, it's going to charity. So bless your heart, Spencer. Dinwiddie but that didn't go exactly. Didn't go how you thought it was. Um, I've heard Dinwiddie Lavert. Jared Allen to first, and my response was Dinwiddie's on an expiring deal, Lavert can only have what, two years max?

Jared Allen, uh, has potential. He's blocked some shots to first, but if you're getting into first from the nuts, theoretically those are going to be essentially second round picks. So I don't see why the wizards would do that

Abe Granoff: position or the wizards in to say no to any deal for Bradley bill. Like if they read at some point in Jamal

Jack: returning.

And I have a lot of [00:41:00] sports cards. I've really hashing more

Abe Granoff: Meritas.

Jack: They had some good, like in theory, John Wall. Brad Beal really isn't the worst. Like it's a hundred times

Abe Granoff: better than I stop you. Can I, can you stop throwing Rui into a core just because you have this card?

Jack: No, really. He's good. Okay. People don't understand how good he is

Abe Granoff: speaking into existence.


Jack: you don't, well, this is, I forget, you don't actually watch sports. You just watch Twitter. Yeah. Have you ever seen really had to more of a play basketball game?

Abe Granoff: Yeah, it can just cause I didn't watch any fricking wizards.

Jack: Exactly. So you haven't, you didn't see he was top

Abe Granoff: five. But Jack, there's no way to pull him into a core.

Like this team's ready to win now with John Wall and Brad Beal.

Jack: No, that's a core because they've wall MBO locked up for four more years, and you have a rookie who's going to develop into a good player. You

Abe Granoff: better hope. He's a hall of Famer.

Jack: He's a hall of Famer. Um, so I don't think that trade happens. I think that it's


[00:42:00] Abe Granoff: like Bradley Beal's name has been floated around for years and the wizards every time, or just like we've told you 50 times, we're not trading

Jack: like crap deal says he doesn't want to be traded.

The wizard said they don't want to shave.


Abe Granoff: feels weird because he like goes out, gets 50 bitches about losing and gets 50 again bitches about losing and then he wants to be in Washington.

Jack: They were good with Laura was healthy.

Abe Granoff: Yeah. They made the

Jack: playoffs. Now they went to the second game. Seven. Yeah.


Abe Granoff: So that makes a good team now.

Jack: Good. That's good. That's a good team. Second round game seven.

Abe Granoff: Not a great team.

Jack: No, not a great team. Okay, got it. Alright, so that back fam, that wraps up our podcast. Let us know what you guys think. Should deck sign. How should the NBA resume March madness? And. Uh, check out the YouTube good stuff and we'll get one the one game versus if you don't have an Xbox or anything though the works, we'll work that into the contract.

Trying to

Abe Granoff: get output

Jack: from that baby. [00:43:00] Alright, we'll catch you on Thursday. Much love.SCRIPT HERE