America Needs Change

[00:00:00] Jack: What I've sat back, fam. Welcome back to another episode of snapback sports pod. On this episode, we're talking about what's going on in the world. It's crazy times out there. Hopefully everyone's standing safe. Abe and I are going to. Have a quick conversation about all of that. We're going to talk about the MLB owner's offered to the players, how wild it was, how we think about it, and then we're going to do some ranks.

We missed ranked on Thursday because we did the live pop at the fan, but ranked. We're going to talk sports, video games. A might have some non sports video games, but overall just video game rankings. Snapback fam. Let's get it.

The Baltimore Ravens select. Lamar Jackson, his own all you ever year

to the [00:01:00] Philadelphia Eagles drought. Brian put the jumper.


What up, fam. I'm your host Jack settlement from snapbacks sports. Joining me today, and this is always my cohost and longtime best friend Abe grant off what's going on?

Abe Granoff: How much? I mean,

Jack: literally it's the same thing every time.

Abe Granoff: Nope. Even in my life too. Not really much going on. I should guess. I should move my on.

Jack: There's a lot going on in the world for sure.

Abe Granoff: They should have straight out of a movie.

Jack: Yeah. It is straight out of a movie. It's kind of bizarre. Um, so we wanted to tackle this upfront early in the podcast because one. And now people are saying to use our platform, which I agree with. Um, I'm not afraid of speaking out [00:02:00] against anything and like losing ad sponsors or dollars, like I know a bunch of celebrities or influencers have like kind of.

Then reserved in doing that. Um, I don't feel that way, but we also comment on, uh, you know, sports and a big part of sports is African American. So we totally have, um, a duty to kind of address the situation. But Abe, I'll kick it off to you. Uh, just feel free to,

Abe Granoff: I mean. It's kind of hard on like on this show, talking about this because you and I take so much pride in not being like those mainstream media and like staying really out of politics and because that's not really what people come here to hear about.

They come here to hear you. And I talk about sports, whether we're biased, whether our takes are ridiculous or not. Um, but I mean, when something is going on in the world that . [00:03:00] Excuse me. Our kids will have that. We'll read in their history books or I guess history, iPads, because there won't be history books when we have kids.

Um, but this is some real shit. Obviously. What went down in Minnesota was not cool. Um, the cop. Uh, has been arrested, and then the other three cops are still out there, I believe,

Jack: but it's just

Abe Granoff: what we're seeing now with the writing for me is hard to swallow because it's a whole different situation. I think that.

While the riders are there to send a message I, there's a right and wrong way to do it right? Two wrongs don't make a right. What is burning cities to the ground, burning businesses and people's livelihoods to the ground and looting these businesses doing for the overall message other than causing more tension that that's needed in our country.

Um, you're seeing a lot of people all over the country, peaceful protest. [00:04:00] And it's crazy because we saw that with Kaepernick and Eric Reid, and they were scolded for it by many people, um, saying they were dishonoring the troops, but they were doing exactly what, um, political heads in high up places in the government want them to do right now.

And that is peacefully protest. Um, there's a, there's a difference between protesting and writing. A riot causes harm, causes injury. Uh, it's like we're watching, uh, CNN or Fox or whatever you watch, and they're literally commentating, like it's game play by play as if Mike brings on the call, like a standoff between cops and riders.

And that's just. That's not cool because like a lot of people are going to these riots. I saw something the other night that most of the arrests made in Minneapolis, maybe on Friday night where. From out of state people. And to me that says, that doesn't [00:05:00] indicate a bunch of people coming together in support of one cause.

That to me is saying a bunch of people see what's going on, but they want to be a part of history, so they're just going to come and, and break shit and, and, and wreak havoc and riot. And that's not the right way to go about it. Um, there's no doubt that there needs to be some change in this country, and I think that.

I think that sports in particular is the best, I guess we could say industry platform to really take this head on just because when you play a sport, when you're with your team, you don't give a shit if the person next to you is purple or green, like literally all you want to do is win. Um, and that's the beauty behind sports is people all coming together no matter what they are for one common goal, and that's to win a game or, or to win an event or something like that.

So I think sports really has the, the ability to. [00:06:00] Send a message in this world. We've seen it in the past with when Derek Rose started the, I can't breathe movement and add the Donald Sterling thing when people protested and took their shirts off, and that's the right way to do it. You send a message by doing something and not by breaking something.

And I think sports, it's the one place where we can really tackle this head on and hopefully send a message to the rest of the country. Um. Unfortunately, there's a bigger problem at issue, but I don't think that. What's going on? I don't think, I know. I'm not gonna say, I don't think, I know you cannot categorize all cops as, as being these types of people.

Right? That's not fair. There's a few bad eggs in the bunch. There should not be a few bad eggs. And in a profession that has to carry guns and make impulse decisions, that's a whole different story. But to pin this on, cops as a whole, I think is a little bit unfair. And that's, that's where. [00:07:00] The country is getting a little twisted and these riots arising about,

Jack: I'm not in like total disagreement with everything you said.

I think there's a few pieces that I'm pretty far off on. I think number one, the cops. Of course, it's not everyone, but I think the system is broken in general. The unions are way too powerful. They, there's no incentive, and I did my research because I don't want to just like speak out on this thing.

Abe Granoff: Let me just add that I've been jacket.

I have both been glued to this situation like we literally were trying to decide what to talk about on today's episode. Obviously, cause nothing's going on. And there's only one thing going on in this world right now. And it's crazy that there's a pandemic going on. And that's an afterthought right

Jack: now.

Yeah. So the unions are too strong. Uh, there's, they're in most States, like if you wanted to come. Forward, there's no protection for you. You have to give it 24 hours. [00:08:00] The system just broken. The union is one of the strongest in the, in the entire world. Um, which it's, yes, there are a few bad actors, but there's also a system.

No act, no actors. That's, that's a thing that matters. It's like someone who acts badly. That's like a say,

Abe Granoff: never heard that one.

Jack: I promise you it's a thing. Um, there's a few bad actors within the system, but the system is broken in general, but I'm not really interviewing with you on the rioting. I think we got to draw a line between rioting and looting, so people are going to point and say, well, Kaepernick did.

Protest peacefully and then no one kind of like, they called him a, what the NFL owners call them. They called them like assholes or, or bitches, whatever. Sons of bitches, Trump and Pence left a game that players were kneeling that like, we can't just act like that works so. Can [00:09:00] you, can you riot? And the looting now is become like, like you're saying, like 80% of people come from out of state and they're just doing it to actually steal stuff.

And that's wrong. The rioting is not ideally, but it's not an ideal situation. Like, yes, I think everyone would agree if peaceful protests worked a hundred percent of the times, that's the right way to do it. My, this is where I stand now. The riots worked because now everyone's voice is heard and everyone's attention has had, and now I beg people to kind of flip the switch and say, okay, I hear you.

I am white and I can't, and I don't go through what you go through. But now I finally am hearing you to the fullest extent. How can I help? And this is one of those weird situations where I kind of feel helpless and lost, and I, and I hope people can help us out. You can DM Abe and I can tweet at us, do whatever.

But normally it's like, okay, this black man was [00:10:00] killed. Let's help pay for his funeral. Here's the link. Okay, we'll make a donation. And then here the Australian fires are happening. Okay, here's how you can support that. Cause there's a couple of things going around, but I don't know where that money's going.

I don't know how that's going to impact these things when the overall, it's just like a systematic oppression. So what I'm wondering is like. Alright, now I need LeBron James. I know you can't breathe and I hear you, but I now need LeBron James to tell me, here's how we can fix it, because I'm not a racist, but I know that there are racist people out there, and I know there's a broken system, so I'm just asking like.

Someone tell me, how can we all fix this together? Cause I genuinely don't know. I don't know how to solve this.

Abe Granoff: Let me, let me rephrase what I was saying. What I totally, I like your point about the writing, right? Because at some point, what does it need do? Like people just kind of talked about it and forgot about it and we see [00:11:00] no change.

I just have a hard time swallowing the pill of riding when it involves all these. Illegal acts that are, that are destroying people. Like small businesses are already struggling enough in this country with the economy and everything. To go and throw some bricks at a bunch of windows and destroy where people make money and where they're putting food on the table.

That's not something I can really get behind. Um, I understand. I understand you have to do something to send a message, but like you said, it's a systematic thing. It's not going to start with one riot, one act, but when it gets to a certain level and tear gas is involved with cops and these standoffs, it's just, it's something that I, I find troubling because people that.

People that are oppressed or feel oppressed are now having to deal with other things because of this overall problem. And you're right, you and I, we don't, we, we [00:12:00] acknowledge our privilege, right? But we don't really know the best way to utilize it. And I think this is the best way. Is to actually not be afraid to talk about things because one of my friends told me when we were discussing politics one times, and I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I'm very educated in politics, and I said to him, I said, listen, like I would love to have a serious conversation in depth conversation, even if we might not agree on certain things, but I don't feel educated enough to, to speak on certain things.

And he said to me.

Jack: The

Abe Granoff: you not being educated to speak on certain things, just goes to show how certain things have effected you. And that's why you can't speak on them because you're privileged enough to where these things didn't affect you. And that's something that stood out to me. Um, but like you said, you and I are like, w what's going on in America is absolutely terrible.

It's just. What, [00:13:00] what can we do? You know what I mean? and acknowledging that there is a problem and there needs to be a change as a star, but like it's going to be actions. And fortunately, um, I feel as if you're not going to be able to change everyone. Some people are just born the way they're born. It's fucked up and it sucks, but I mean, there has to be a change and what's going on in America, it's, it's escalated quickly.

Um. But there needs to be something. It's absurd.

Jack: Yeah. So to reiterate, if anyone has any way we can help out, I'm totally open to it. I just am not in a position to say, this is where my money needs to go. I signed a petition this morning, but like. How much of an impact is that going to make? I just

Abe Granoff: sent a, I sent a group, like someone shared something on Instagram like everyone is right now, but it was like send a text to text Floyd to a certain number.

I put it in my group mate and I said, [00:14:00] listen, I don't know what this does, but I'm sure it can't hurt. Right,

Jack: right, right. That's the difference. I don't want it to be this,

Abe Granoff: I want to eat this

Jack: and this house and I want it to be. Like, I just, I know we're not going to fix it in a day or probably in 10 years and there's too many issues and because it's systematic, like you gotta plug holes, but like, let's start plugging holes.

If we got to donate a hundred bucks to this organization and that's going to help with gun violence in my County, then that's a win and maybe someone's life is saved. So

Abe Granoff: one thing we can agree on, it's hopefully this is the last time that we have to have this kind of episode.

Jack: Yeah. I mean, realistically it won't be, which is, but that's just how it is.

And that's why it's so disturbing. And that's why you see generations of African Americans yelling at each other on the streets saying, I'm 46 I'm 31 and he's 16 and we're all going to go through the [00:15:00] same thing. But how can that 16 year old in 10 years be in a better spot? Like, I don't know, but I would love to at least try to figure it out.

All right. On to the MLB. So the owners

Abe Granoff: proposed their fucking mind.

Jack: The owners made an offer to the MLB PPI. Um. All right. You're heavily against it. Most people are. I,

Abe Granoff: of course, you're not against it.

Jack: No, it's not that I'm against it. I don't know, like the financial situation, um, enough to really speak on it.

I think the, and there's a union for a reason in the MLB PAI, but. I wish there was a situation where I can appreciate the fact that Gary Cole and Mike trout don't want to play this year. Because their value to society is $40 million and they have worked their entire life building up value. I totally appreciate that, [00:16:00] and if they don't want to play under their value, that's fair.

Same levy on bell did it. Athletes do it all the time. People in the war in business do it all the time. They say, I'm not going to work here. I think I'm worth X. But I do wish in a, in a situation like we're in today where there's younger kids and there's minor leaguers and all that, where they could be like, alright, I am willing to take the health risks and the pay cut because $200,000 to play baseball.

It means a lot to me. I love the game. I wish there was an opportunity that that like you could pick and choose because some, some players might not feel that way and while union is supposed to help the greater good, which it is, I think on an individual basis, maybe it, it could be a choice and I think there would be enough flyer supply.

And MLB is like, it just sucks for the sport of baseball because this is really their chance. And now they're, they're just, somehow they're coming out of this in a worse [00:17:00] light when they could have been the only sport on scene.

Abe Granoff: Right. Uh, yeah. And I'll be really dropped the ball. They had a chance to, to be the sport.

I mean, granted, they're kind of the only sport every summer at a certain point. And. They're still not the sport, but when you have a bunch of sports junkies deprived of, it's like taking a heroin away from an addict, right? Like when it comes back, we're going to get that rush, whether it's baseball or whether it's or Russian ping pong that I may or may not have been betting on these

Jack: past couple of

Abe Granoff: months.

Um, but yeah, so the top guys like they, the, the coal, the Harpers, the trouts, they're all being asked to take in this initial, it's just a. A plan. So it's a negotiation. This was just the offer that they put out. They were supposed to take around like a 70% pay cut. If I asked you Jack, to do your job first, 70%.

Less than what you're worth, and I'm adding in way bigger health risks and I'm [00:18:00] adding in way bigger restrictions. Maybe in terms of how long you can see your family for how long, how long you can be with them, where you can travel, where you can't. It's kind of hard to have the love of the game Trump that, you know what I mean?

So people need it. This money because they're trying to make a name for themselves in the career.

Jack: That's

Abe Granoff: the split, but here's the harsh reality. The owners don't give a shit about those guys. They don't get nailed. Those guys don't sell jerseys. Those guys don't put butts in seats and tickets, and the reason that these owners are putting out these.

These ridiculous offers to the players and asking them to take such a pay cut is because they've lost so much money since the Corona pandemic happen. They're losing ticket sales. They're losing food revenue from the ballpark. They're losing Jersey sales and they're in, they're in recoup mode right now.

They're saying, okay, how can we recoup all this money? We lost as fast as we can? And they immediately don't want to pull it out of their pockets. Right. I think they're like, they want to, they want it, try and [00:19:00] make it a little bit of a 50 50 but this isn't a 50 50 me what I do, what I think the MLB needs to do.

This is the most fair way, however many games you're going to come back. Prorated salary. Like that's the only way, in my opinion,

Jack: but okay, so let me offer a counter, and that was one thing I wanted to mention was you said they're asking me for 70% cut to do their jobs. I think in this format they've said half a season, like have they specified.

The salary cut is for what, whether they played in a full

Abe Granoff: season, I think. I think the owners had the offer. The owners put it out, and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong in the DMS like you always

Jack: do.

Abe Granoff: Um. And they put out an 82 game season, and I believe today the MLB PA is going to counter with prorated salary for at least a hundred games.

Jack: Got it. Got it. Um,

Abe Granoff: at what point, at what point does it become, do you lean on screw the billionaire owners that. And go to, we just want to play [00:20:00] ball

Jack: and yeah, I'm not advocating for love of the game. I'm saying, you asked me if

Abe Granoff: that's what I need. That's what, that's what it needs to be though. In order for it to come back.

Jack: I mean, you asked me a question of what I take a 70% pay cut to do my job and put my family and health and risk. I maybe wouldn't because I'm in a financially stable situation, but there's how fare workers out there, there's, uh, emergency services out there that like, they need the salary, they live paycheck to paycheck.

And I think that's kind of what might be happening in the lower level of the MLB. So.

Abe Granoff: Not to mention that the MLP has to renegotiate its CBI next year, so if they can't agree on a deal now, then we might look. You're looking at a two year lockout, but the thing is interesting to me is it's fine if you're going to do this pay cut thing.

But how do you not offer a contingency plan that say, okay, Mike trout will pay you that $40 million over the course of the [00:21:00] next six or seven years. They're just stripping his one year site.

Jack: That's an interesting one. I mean, they, people have done that around the U S like your favorite barber. You might be like, look, I don't feel comfortable coming to get a haircut, but I'm going to come give you, you know.

A $20 tip for the next hundred haircuts I get from you. Like I'm still saving that money, but I'm just not gonna pay you to that. So one thing I will propose, this devil's advocate is the players, right? You're saying the owners don't want to lose money. The players don't want to take a salary cut. And there's obviously because the health risk involved and all the stipulations that you mentioned, but when we talk about the women's, us national soccer team.

We say, all right, they, they're the best team in the world, are way better than the men's in comparison to their sport. And then the flip side is the men's make a lot more money, so they need to be paid for what they're driving in terms of revenue. Is [00:22:00] there a mathematical situation where you could say to the players, like, look, we're only gonna make X amount of dollars because, you know, we're not making in.

In stadium ticket sales, we're not selling as much merchandise, et cetera. From what I've heard from my cousin was that the estimation is like just off of TV, TV money and advertising and stuff and losing in stadium stuff, they only lose about 20 to 30% of revenue. I genuinely don't know how accurate that

Abe Granoff: is.

Not going to try and do any math

Jack: on my part, but my, my thing would be, okay, so. Let's say they do lose 30% then that's a 30% pay cut. And that to me, would make the most sense. If you're going to make a hundred dollars on a TV ad, then you made a hundred dollars because these players are playing. If you're gonna make 50 and then just pay it out like that.

So that's how I think about it.

[00:23:00] Abe Granoff: Overall, will the MLB season happen this year?

Jack: And the funny

Abe Granoff: thing, it would be different. It would be different if it started, but it didn't, they didn't even get going. The incentive to, to get it going is way less than that of,

Jack: the funny thing is these owners, while they're.

There Uber wealthy and they don't need the money and they can lose, you know, an entire season. And yeah, it is a ton of money that they're losing, but it wouldn't actually affect their bottom line for the most part. But there do seem so shortsighted, like if you want your organization to be worth a lot of money.

Why not sacrifice one year for the longterm, like this is baseball's chance. Why not suck it up? And I mean, you could say the same thing about the pliers, but it just doesn't, it's not the same. Like

Abe Granoff: is it, is it baseball's chance?

Jack: It is. I'm not saying it's going to work, but it is. You can't deny it's their chance.

Abe Granoff: If. How would

Jack: it work? How would,

Abe Granoff: like in what in the perfect [00:24:00] situation for the sport of baseball, if they were going to come back and be the first sport back, how would that benefit the few towns? Because to me, because to me it may help it in the short term, but in two or three years, in the middle of July.

When your teams 30 games under 500 or

Jack: whatever, you're not

Abe Granoff: actually, but like it's still going to return more to that localized sport. That's not going to put, I'm saying in three years from now, Corona will not

Jack: agreed. So the reason why is right now, like you said, it's super, it's hyperlocalized. But they've been making a push to make it more about the players.

They did the whole playoff campaign, which was like let the players have fun. That was like a massive slipped playoff

Abe Granoff: campaign.

Jack: MLB did a playoff campaign last year. I don't know if it wasn't like overt saying like we're doing this to market players over teams, but like that was their whole campaign was like bias is

Abe Granoff: all [00:25:00] commercial and everything, and they put fricking Hoskins next to

Jack: trout, so they're making that push.

And one. If every sport highlight on my Snapchat account and on Bleacher and on ESPN is baseball-related. That's only going to help if the only thing to watch is baseball related, and then you do actually have the potential. So almost test new things. They go to an 82 game season. What a fans are like, alright, I'm not watching one 61.

82 I watched 20 of them

Abe Granoff: play off. Baseball is still electric. It's, it's might be my favorite play because every pitch means that much more, but for me, it's not. Like you said, that they did that player's thing. That's what the MLB needs to do. You can. Mike trout is debatably the Michael Jordan of baseball, and you know how many people can walk past them on the street in America and not know who the hell he is.

It starts to players and building out their own personal brands, [00:26:00] and I just don't think Corona helps that. I think that, yeah, it would be very nice. It would be very nice in the short term, but Jack, if MLB came back and the MBA didn't, yeah. Next Sunday. Are you tuning in for Cubs Cardinals Sunday night baseball?

I'm not,

Jack: and we discussed that, but I'm watching on social media and how many games, how many times have you sat down and watched Jeren Jackson jr play a basketball game? Genuinely.

Abe Granoff: I could probably count

Jack: zero times. Have I watched, we went to a Memphis Grizzlies game. We didn't even watch the whole game.

Abe Granoff: Well, that doesn't, that doesn't count.

Jack: We had free food. We were just touring the stadium, trying everything.

Abe Granoff: We actually, it was Brooklyn, Memphis. But they lost by like 42

Jack: yeah, but we'd bet on Memphis. It was lik so. But my point is like, you know a decent bit about Jeren Jackson jr you know all about John Moran.

And I will tell you to your face, I have never once sat through an [00:27:00] entire Memphis Grizzlies game because of the power of social media. And I always joke that you don't watch sports. I don't watch sports. We just watched sweater. But it's true. All I'm saying is

Abe Granoff: you don't have to watch sports to

Jack: know.

Exactly. Now you don't. And you, now

Abe Granoff: let me rephrase that. You don't have to watch sports

Jack: to sound like you know what you're talking because you consume it. And these buddy

Abe Granoff: cousins, cause you can not watch sports and know. How many games out the Sixers are the Celtics. You don't know how to beat a two.


Jack: exactly. But then you do have the issue of like, people think Ben Simmons bad at basketball because of memes. Then you see

Abe Granoff: the two and then you see the tweets that are comparing Ben Simmons to Brett Negro.

Jack: I didn't see those

Abe Granoff: dude

Jack: got off track. Point is what have you been seeing on social media pre obviously everything that's going on.

You see players playing video games, you see them making Jordan carts and making tick tasks. Like if there was a real live sports, the base and their fun electric personalities, they would be [00:28:00] on social media and people would be consuming it. So I do think it actually could. It can't hurt. We know that. And like I was saying, they could test stuff out.

Could you play seven and end games. Twice in a day, and that's really not fair. Right, exactly. You could do that. The 82 game season, like I was saying, okay. I sat through 20 of the 80 games because I was bored and I actually liked baseball and I watched the quarter of the season and then you go back and next season 160 games and it's like.

I have to watch 20 games to watch an eighth of the season, like that kind of things. And then maybe the mov is like, you know what? We don't need one 61 or two whatever it is. We need a hundred games season. We need, because we want to put more pressure on every game. Make it mean more so. I think they're

Abe Granoff: right.

But then then if, if this whole thing with all the owners are losing money, they're only going to lose more when you shorten the season. Baseball should do. But I'm telling you what this Cole Corona thing, like these owners are like, you're [00:29:00] only a billionaire, so you're a billionaire for a reason. Save your money.

Jack: Yeah. There's no doubt about it. So I think the MLB is blowing it. That's kind of the takeaway. But the MLB in general, like, yes, the owners made a bad offer, but now the MLB PM needs to come back with. A good offer and be like, we want to make this work. It sounds like the two sides are nowhere close. I'm not advocating love of the game.

I'm just saying there needs to be, you got to stop being so shortsighted. You're an owner. You're smart for a reason. You don't end up. Most people don't end up with billing dollars. Right?

Abe Granoff: This is a building year for your owes, right.

Jack: Every years of building it, I don't know. Alright. On to wrong. We are, ranking is wrong.

I don't know. We have a, we have a Canadian producer. I'm trying out accent, so I wanted to fit in with the squat. Um,

Abe Granoff: maybe, maybe cut this part out.

Jack: So we are ranking video [00:30:00] games. My three are sports video games. Abe might have a an outlier on the list, but who's sports? I feel like I start, I, I'm going to start my number three favorite.

The sport video game is MLB slugfest. Do you know what that is?

Abe Granoff: Oh, great

Jack: game dude. So we're, we're 96 born in 96 so, you know, in our twenties mob slug Fest I think stopped in like, Oh four Oh five ish. So this was really a game I played when I was pretty young. I wouldn't even say like growing up, we play this.

It was really when we were younger, MLB slug Fest. I just have one memory of playing this game. I'm playing. My dad. Yes. Let me finish. So play my dad tied up. Bottom nine obviously walk off opportunity pool hosts comes to the plate, the best flyer.

Abe Granoff: So you like that it's this battle on

Jack: fire and turn the [00:31:00] battle on fire.

He smacks one to the gap. And pool host on fire apparently as fast. So he gets a triple and then in the game you can physically hit, not punches. The third baseman, the guy drops the ball and I run home and it was like an inside the park, but like whoever made that is just hysterical. So that's fine.

Number three

Abe Granoff: wishes.

Jack: Find that game.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, I'm sure

Jack: I'm making a change to my number, so.

Abe Granoff: Alright. Yeah. So I'm making a change to my number three. It's not my third favorite. It's probably my first or second, but I just, I want to take it so you don't NFL street.

Jack: Okay.

Abe Granoff: NFL street. Honestly, honestly, any, any of the street games.

Any of the street games, but like NFL in particular was just my personal favorite. You got Vic knocking everyone out. Ricky Williams hurdling, beating the shit out of [00:32:00] people when the brick wall is just one of those games where you just see a bunch of Jack dude show up in wife beaters and just beat the shit out of each other.

Like football should be played.

Jack: Yeah, it was, uh, it wasn't on my list actually. But it's one

Abe Granoff: of those thought it was when you said the slot fast, I was like,

Jack: Oh my God. It's one of those games that like get it. It just, it's the legacy is carried on through Twitter and through social media for sure. Alright.

You're numbered so.

Abe Granoff: I'm going to, I'm going to cheat real hard with this one. I'm taking every backyard game I'm taking. I've taken

Jack: out by number one.

Abe Granoff: Um, I'm not going to specify a sport. I'm just going to take the whole broad band

Jack: sports franchise

Abe Granoff: CDs into your computer as you

Jack: remember what those things look like. What's your best backyard sports memory?

Cause I have mine. Off the off the noggin, like with baseball can ranked number three [00:33:00] in the, in the franchise, like that's insane. That's one of the best video games of all time.

Abe Granoff: And I like even backyard hockey with like Mike Madano, Dallas scars. Basketball was the worst one. How'd,

Jack: yeah, I don't even remember ever playing basketball.

Silent. like

Abe Granoff: I vividly remember running up the score and a football game in the snow like 74 50. Oh, it's not, it's not my biggest memory, but it's just one of those where I can literally remember my desktop in my old house and just like looking right there

Jack: out. Like I swear to God, I'll give up everything I do in my life and own.

If they gave me the rights to work on backyard sports franchise and create it into a mobile game or on the expectation that like,

Abe Granoff: how did they not remastered it? How have they not remastered it?

Jack: Like that's insanity.

Abe Granoff: This is an honorable mention for me, but they're remastering the old Tony Hawk pro skater games.

I used to love that. Speaking of wedge, let's do a little halftime

Jack: halftime of Ray.

[00:34:00] Abe Granoff: What was your, um, your console in order that you, Oh, as a kid,

Jack: right. This is a good one. Strictly non-mobile, because PSP is and Gameboys and all that. They get involved, but we're gone. Just console hooked up to a television.

Yeah. Um, I,

Abe Granoff: I started, I started with N 64 I never did GameCube.

Jack: I never had an 64. I had GameCube,

Abe Granoff: but it was like a one or the other type thing.

Jack: I went P S two. Xbox three 60 try the PS three like,

Abe Granoff: wow, you went from a PS two to a three 60 it's like learning a new language.

Jack: Try the PS three and like gave it back to GameStop and they gave me like a Pat on the back and then.

You know, James stops trade in values are crazy. Uh, and then I

Abe Granoff: 15 games or leave with 27

Jack: Xbox one and then I have both now. Um, cause I wanted to play, I'm going to be the show, but on the [00:35:00] mobile, like it went from a, Oh my God, a game boy. PSP was too early for its time is the greatest invention of all time playing those

Abe Granoff: eight try to remaster it like PS Vita or

Jack: whatever, but like it was kind of fire.

I have one of them, it was like this lack of this and

Abe Granoff: they'll be the show on PSP.

Jack: GTA on real,

Abe Granoff: like unbelievable. I went,

Jack: were you a DS guy?

Abe Granoff: I had a DSC

Jack: and a huge DSG.

Abe Granoff: Um, so I went Nintendo 64

Jack: probably my favorite

Abe Granoff: council of all time. I actually bought one in high school off like a kid, just go, you can rehab it.

I think I played it like twice. I don't have it anymore, but, and 64 and then I started X-Box and I never cheated on it. The OGX box before the three

Jack: 60 Xbox or for sure.

Abe Granoff: Got it. Got three 60. Um, and then I got to a point where I was at college and all my friends had [00:36:00] Xbox ones, so I'm like, I don't need to buy an Xbox one, but I think I'm going to end up getting one soon, because that new PGA tour game,

Jack: yeah.

Abe Granoff: PGA two K is coming out on in September, November, and I love golf video games

Jack: there. Golf video games are fun. And then for me, like after

Abe Granoff: I can make it, it's you're my player, but then you get to good and you're shooting

Jack: right. You're like wanting six off

Abe Granoff: on.

Jack: Um, alright, back to back to ground. Second half of a wrong.

Abe Granoff: Uh, your number two.

Jack: My number two. So I had FIFA down because I love playing. I love playing FIFA because I think in person it's the best game to play. One Oh one Madden in person is tough because of screen launching screen, uh, other games in person two K's, just like, I'm not speaking on two K cause we might be in the

Abe Granoff: clubs.

I used to have a big. I used to be a big NHL fan. I love the child one on one

Jack: now, and FIFA in person. I personally [00:37:00] picked FIFA because a NHL,

Abe Granoff: by the way, I apologize for calling in NHL. Oh, it's, it's chill.

Jack: I need to tell one view. One is just like. People aren't that good and they just pass it across the goal and like slapshot at the end.

So FIFA, you can be more,

Abe Granoff: I'd love to see what I can. E-sports, e-sports, shell player plays hockey. Like

Jack: they don't just go to old ones and pass it across the side. So goodbye. I changed my number two from FIFA. So, and you mentioned a game cube, super Mario

Abe Granoff: strikers

Jack: game. That's a great game, ever. That's a great game.

Like you would have, you pick your character. So I would be like Mario or Luigi, and then you have like many toads or a little dudes, but yeah. Electric game. Mmm. You're

Abe Granoff: number one.

Jack: You took mine, it was backyard sports, but you did cut me off. I will

Abe Granoff: talk about it now. So you got to take a new one. You got to take a new

Jack: one.

I'll talk about my greatest backyard sports moment cause I didn't get to, and I'll never forget it. [00:38:00] I'm sitting in my grandparents' house. The super bowl of

Abe Granoff: Pete Wheeler throws a 70 yard bomb out.

Jack: So just heartbreak hotel. I'm playing in the super bowl, grinding all year. Oh, other team comes down scores with like three seconds left to take the lead.

It's just like,

Abe Granoff: yeah, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they program those games. So you literally couldn't lose.

Jack: That's what I mean. You would think so because it's for kids for the most part, heartbreak, like probably my first ever sports moment that was like truly heartbreaking. And then. Pablo Sanchez returns the kickoff to win the silver wall.

Abe Granoff: And, um, that's

Jack: what I'm saying, like running around the house going absolutely insane. The game's probably like falling apart. I don't know, but that's

Abe Granoff: why you need a new number one. Since I told him

Jack: on the spot, my number one sports video game

Abe Granoff: doesn't have to be sports.

Jack: Any video game? Yeah, I [00:39:00] feel like I just have one that popped in my head.

Um, I mean, I'll give a shout out to the week console just for trying.

Abe Granoff: Like favorite, favorite, we sport

Jack: bowling's a common one. Golf was brutal. Not

Abe Granoff: tennis.

Jack: Tennis was, tennis was bun. Tennis is prowess. I mean, look. I'm only giving me a shout out. I'm not saying it's my number one because I don't think they actually did a great job, but the concept was there.

I just don't think that the technology to do

Abe Granoff: it, like two weeks ago went on Amazon and checked how much a week was because during quarantine I considered getting one because I loved, I loved we sports,

Jack: but it's fun and cons in concept and then like for an hour, right? And then you got to stand up for two hours.

Like you can't game for four. Like is there anyone on Twitch? Like, you know, the Twitch streamers who was stream for like eight hours and it's their job like Ninja, like are there we streamers or you can't, it's like a full,

Abe Granoff: I don't think the game is in depth enough for

Jack: that and it's too [00:40:00] full of a workout.


Abe Granoff: my favorite video game all time. It goes hand in hand with that in 64 you could play on GameCube too. Super smash for us.

Jack: Super smash for

Abe Granoff: the best. The best.

Jack: Like a map

Abe Granoff: or whatever. Friend would say, Oh

Jack: no, being Kirby

Abe Granoff: or I guess that would

Jack: live as Kirby. Oop. Like that. Correct.

Abe Granoff: His special move or like

Jack: he can fly this dude.

Yeah. He can just, yeah,

Abe Granoff: fucking air. And he's like, and then he turns into a

Jack: brick

Abe Granoff: and just slams on the ground so you can just smack your opponent. So like Kirby was like the unfair, but like you get Zelda, super smash bros melee. Just the goat. I have some honorable mentions. You want to hear them? Yeah, sure.

I'll tell them. You fight night round. Three

Jack: boxing guys were jamming on for a while at school. That's fun.

Abe Granoff: UFC is fun. If you know how to play,

Jack: there's never really been a good boxing game.

Abe Granoff: Fight night round three, the goat. When the McDonald's or the burger King Scott King is your trainer. [00:41:00] The fight night series were amazing.

Um, topspin tennis

Jack: friends box.

Abe Granoff: Every, every Mario Mario cart,

Jack: we're going to be my number one. We're like,

Abe Granoff: it's hops, man. I

Jack: felt like the tall tops fan. Okay.

Abe Granoff: Mmm. Some of the worst games ever Forza that game, that would always come with your X-Box when you bought it at one race car.

Jack: Play geometry, Wars on Xbox.

Abe Granoff: I would never, ever play any video game that has to do with

Jack: Matt. The reason I got an Xbox was because of how fun geometry Wars is, that which is pretty nuts. Um. Apparently people love that one. It was 20 years ago, a super buyer played

Abe Granoff: computer games. I see tower number that . Oh my God. You can run up and down the walls and I'm

Jack: NBA jam.

Abe Granoff: Yeah, that's a little bit before our time.

Jack: Yeah. That's a little bit before our time. I'm reading a Bleacher article.

Abe Granoff: Oh, Mario tennis with, [00:42:00] with BU

Jack: bird one-on-one release in 1988. Imagine. Imagine, imagine just like a LeBron versus K D video game.

Abe Granoff: LeBron would win. Um, what other games? All the MLB, this shows, which is so annoying.

They don't make those for Xbox.

Jack: I there next year they're gone cross. Oh, how do we forget? I mean, we didn't really forget, but how has it not in the list? NCAA football, NCAA basketball. Yeah.

Abe Granoff: Um, let's just say it how it is so you guys can shut up in the comments when we post the image. Yeah. The two K game is fun because they have pliers, but it's the worst video game ever.

Like I don't need to be dribbling out of bounds. I can't make a full court pass. It is the most poorly made video game ever. That being said, if anyone wants this work. They can have it.

Jack: I don't know if you're nice at two K like that.

Abe Granoff: It's like riding a bike,

Jack: but you were never good at [00:43:00] riding that bike

Abe Granoff: dude, when they had the one 31 zone in and I learned how to perfect that, I literally would force 25 turnovers.

Jack: Just proves my point that you're not good because whoever plays zone into K is not good at you. If you cancel on ball guard, you're you.

Abe Granoff: I can hear you on bulk guard. You're trash. All right. So, well,

Jack: I took them, I took the next to the playoffs. I did. So it's fire. Do you see the heartbreak hotel at the end of that?

Abe Granoff: Uh, try to watch as minimal next basketballs.

Jack: God in the two case subscribed release. So game one, I got absolutely Schloss. I mean, just dominated. So game two in the garden, I fall behind, fall behind early. Make a nice comeback as I am the comeback kid. It was like actually an insane game. I was down eight, like 50 seconds of Brogdon has three, three years.

I'm getting stops. Game goes to over time and in overtime it's back and forth, back and forth. I'm down one with like [00:44:00] six seconds left inbound to Brogdon top. The key drives the left probably like the left wing mid range. His spot that I like cash from be whoever who's big man was off the dribble like Capella or something and wide open jumper.

I hold X and a double tapped. So it did like a pivot spin fadeaway directly into the defender. And it went back guy and I lost our buddy. I was like actually depressed after. Um, I, it's not like fam, let us, uh, once again, let us know how we can help. If you guys have good ideas, how we can kind of keep this momentum, this loud voice going, push it through.

Let us know what you think about the MLB and let us know. Well, your favorite, I

Abe Granoff: really miss a ton of video games.

Jack: Oh yeah. We missed the time. We missed the time. Free to chirp bus and uh, let us know. Snapback fam. I'm

Abe Granoff: trying

Jack: to think about for people who like might [00:45:00] be new to the pot. We record on Sundays and Wednesdays, but pods posts every Monday and Thursday.

That's our schedule. Mondays and Thursdays. Always free Apple podcasts at iTunes. Spotify. Your favorite podcasts, et cetera. So check us out. Does that make them much love.